Waiting on Love

I sat in the Hospital Wing, silently mourning the continued coma of the love of my life. He was a fighter, they said. He would recover…..

I should have been there…. I could have saved him….

The thought drifts through my mind before I can stop it. I know that kind of thinking will send me into a depression spiral again, but I can't help it. I hold him so dear you see. He was the first one to show me love….true and unconditional love. He had brought me from eternal darkness and now I was spiraling back into it without him to save me. Without him to brace me when times are bad.

His father still visits sometimes. Both of us. I won't leave his side. Not for anything. Even after three weary years of waiting for him to wake, singing all the songs my heart could, still he does not wake. He's been in a coma all this time, fighting for his life. I wish I could help him but…. I am helpless.

I hate being helpless.

I know my body is a pitiful shadow of a woman, body thin and weak looking from long vigils without food at his side. I look like a shadow, verging upon death myself. I will die if he doesn't wake up. I've screamed, I've cried, I have pleaded, I have read to him, all the things the doctor says to do for a person in a coma. And yet he still does not wake up. I let out a soft sob in frustration. My pale worn hands smacked against the side table as my misery peaked.

Sobbing miserably I wailed into my mental link with Severus, "He didn't deserve this! He never did! All I did was love Albus and now he's in a coma! WHYYYYY!"

I hysterically sobbed into his long strong arms. He knew by now to just let me cry it out. It was better that way.

"I think I'm going crazy for want of him Severus! Is this how you felt? Then I'm so sorry you had to feel this…. For seventeen years….Ohhhhh I'm being a baby… sorry."

Soothingly he stroked my hair, so like his, "Relax. Sleep. You have been up far too long…"
I fell into a deep sleep almost in habit; I was used to obeying him. He loved me after all.

Back in reality…..

I woke to see Vivian next to me, her top half resting on the bed next to me. I wondered where I was and how long I had slept….

Then she wakened and saw me. Watery black eyes brightened as she cried out very uncharacteristically, "Albus! Thank God!" and hugged me in relief. Confusedly I petted her hair.

"How long have I been out?"

"Oh…. Al….three years….."