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Chapter One

Happy Birthday Son! We miss you! Dad!

Sam read the text message several more times before responding. This time last year he and his family were staying in a cramp motel room, with all their worldly possessions. He spent his birthday working overtime at his pizza delivery job so his parents didn't have to worry about how they were going to finance Stevie and Stacey's end of the school year fieldtrip to an amusement park along with the extra money needed for the stop at MacDonald's for lunch and what ever else they wanted to spend money on.

It was important to Sam that his younger siblings have as normal of a life as possible. He could go without material things; he was at an age where it didn't bother him as much, but for a couple of nine years old? It hurt his heart that their childhood innocence was being shattered by the harsh realities of life.

Sam's 18th Birthday May 3, 2011

"Wake up Sam!" His mother whispered, she sat on the edge of the bed, her eldest son shared with his younger brother and sister; A huge lump form in Mary Evans throat as she looked at her child and realized how in such a few short months he had grown from being a carefree teenager tossing the football around in the backyard with his father, talking about a girl he had a huge crush on name Mercedes Jones, to a grown man who put aside his childhood to find an after school job to help provide for his family.

"Sammy, wake up." She whispered once again, tickling his ribcage. Sam stirred and slowly opened his eyes. "Hey birthday boy!" she smiled, running her hand through his long hair.

A slow smile spread on his sleepy face. "Thanks mom," he yawned; looking into her blue eyes. "What time is it?"

"Don't worry, you have a little time before you have to get dressed for school." she whispered. "I thought we can spend some time together before we start our day." she explained. Mary gestured for her son to follow her as she opened the door to their motel room.

Sam carefully got out of bed; slipped his feet into his sneakers and joined his mother outside. He was surprised to find her holding a small gift wrapped box in her hands. "Mom?" he asked, staring at the gift. "I don't need…"

"It's your birthday, Sam." she said, cutting him off. "Your father and I would never let a birthday go by without buying our children a gift…now take it."

Sam reluctantly took the gift, although he was happy to know that his parents had gotten him a present, he felt guilty because they could have taken the money and put it to better use. "Where is dad?" he asked.

"He was able to get some extra hours…" Mary shrugged, sighing deeply. "He wanted you to know how proud he is to have a man like you for a son." Her blue eyes burned with tears. "We both are."

"I have great parents." Sam replied, as his heart swelled inside of his chest.

"Well yeah," she sniffed, with a small chuckled. "Now will you please open your gift?"

Sam nodded, brushing his too long blond hair out of his eyes. Mary focused on her son's face as she waited for his reaction; he tore off the wrapping and stared at the plain white box. He took a deep breath and lifted the lid, his eyes widened in surprise. "Oh wow!" he said, exhaling. "Mom, this is perfect."

The box was filled with personalized guitar picks.

"So you like it?" Mary asked for assurance.

"Yeah, this is great." Sam flung his arms around his mother's neck and kissed her on the forehead. "I couldn't have asked for a better birthday gift." Mary looked up into her son's green eyes that were glistering with tears. "I love you mom."

"And I love you too, Sam-I-Am." She chuckled, brushing his hair out of his face. "Would you mind singing me a song?"

"Anything for the best mom in the world…"


A year later, Sam was back in Lima without his parents. He was staying at the Hummel-Hudson's household, courtesy of Finn and Kurt's parents and had his own bedroom in the basement. He doubt if anyone would make a big deal out of his 19th birthday with all the drama going on, which was okay with him. As long as his family wished him a happy birthday everything else didn't matter.

Well almost…

His heart fluttered wildly in chest as he heard Mercedes' ringtone.

Sam quickly answered.

"Hello gorgeous." He greeted with a smile in his voice.

"Morning Sam," Mercedes greeted with the cute laugh he found so adorable.

"And what do I owe this pleasure to?" he asked.

"First of all happy birthday," she began.

"Thank you," he was happy that she remembered.

"You're welcome; and I was wondering what are you doing today?"

"Oh you know, washing my clothes, cleaning my room and helping out at the Hummel's garage… fun stuff…why?"

"I was hoping that you would want to hang out but since you're busy…"

"How soon can you get here...?" He jumped out of bed and looked through the pile of clothes for something to wear.

"Sam," she replied, laughing adorably again. "I can be there in twenty minutes and if you like I can help you with your chores."

"Are you sure you want to do that?" he grabbed a white tee shirt and sniffed it, satisfied it wouldn't offend Mercedes sense of smell, he tossed it on the bed.

"Of course I do," she assured him. "It's your birthday."

"Alright," he said, any time spent with the love of his life is a good thing.

"Have you eaten breakfast yet?"

"No, are you going to cook for me?" he said, teasingly.

"Do you want me to?"

"Yes please."

"Okay, just because it's your birthday." she replied. "Instead of twenty minutes because now I have to stop by the store, I will be there in forty… hopefully no more than an hour."

"Forty it is,"

"Are you sure you won't die of starvation in the meantime?"

"I promise," he said, holding up the Boy Scout salute that she couldn't see.

"Okay." She laughed. Gosh there she goes with that cute laugh again. "See you soon…bye." She disconnected the call.

"Yesssssss!" Sam said, dancing around the messy room as he fist pump the air. "Thank you, Jesus." He sang; Mercedes was on her way over to spend time with him…

With. Him.

Sam looked around his messy room and ran his fingers through his blond locks. Fuck! Mercedes is coming over! He ran upstairs to grab several trash bags and the vacuum.

Mercedes searched through the list of phone numbers on her cell phone until she found what she was looking for. She pressed the dial button and waited for the person on the other end to answer; she grabbed her car keys and headed out the door.

"Party Accessories, for all your party needs," the female greeted in a dry voice. "This is Trisha."

Mercedes roll her eyes. "Hey Trisha," she greet warmly. "This is Mercedes Jones, I'm throwing a surprise birthday tonight and I was calling to make sure that my order will be ready to pick up by one o'clock."

"Hold on a minute." Trisha placed her on hold. "Miss Jones?" she said, after several minutes. "Your order will be ready for pick up."

"Thank you." A huge smile spread on her lips. "I will have someone picking up the order at one." She disconnected the call and texted Finn, Puck, Blaine, Mike and Kurt to pick up the decorations at one.

Mercedes has been planning this party for Sam for over a month. She had sworn their friends to secrecy, threatening a slow and painful death if they breathe a syllable to Sam, especially Blaine who couldn't keep a secret if his life depended on it. Once she threatened to take away his bow ties and force him to wear socks and long pants for the rest of the school year, he gotten the message loud and clear.

Mercedes slid behind the wheel of her car and checked out her reflection in the rear view mirror. She tossed her bag on the passenger's seat, started the ignition and put on her favorite pair of purple sunglasses. Kurt's ringtone began to play.

"You got my text?" She greeted, backing out the parking lot.

"Yeah," he said, "We will pick up the decorations from Party Accessories at one."

"Great, have you heard from the rest of the guys?"

"Everyone is on board," Kurt assured her. "Finn might be a little late cause you know, Rachel is still crying about fucking up her audition to NYADA."

"Are you serious?" Mercedes huffed. "It's been almost three weeks; I'm surprised she hadn't died of dehydration by now."

"Mercedes you know how much of a drama queen she is," Kurt sighed, as he checked his face for blemishes. "Any who, I'm just checking in."

"Kurt thanks for doing this for me," she said. "I appreciate all the help, I really want Sam to have a great party; he deserves it after everything he's been through."

"Uh…Mercedes, Sam doesn't give a rat's ass about a party, he only wants you." He reminded her. "And from the all the eye fucking that's going on between the both of you, I can safely say that the feeling is mutual."


"Come on Mercedes, don't you think it's about time you put everyone out of their misery and give the poor boy some lovin'?" He said. "I'm tired of hearing your version of Disco Inferno whenever I pass his room on the way to do laundry." He continued. "I swear he's about to jerk himself raw."


Her silence spoke volumes…

"Ah-ha, I knew it!" he squealed, clapping his hands in glee. "You finally came to your senses, congrats; I always knew you were a smart girl."

"I know right?" She laughed. "Hey bestie if you're at home, I'll be seeing you in a few."

"You're coming over?"

"Yeah, I'm spending time with Sam."

"Oh, then that's explains it…"

"Explains what?"

"He's on a Mercedes' high," he said teasingly. "Sam floated into the kitchen a while ago, speaking incoherently, the only words I understood were Mercedes and food, then he did floated out doing a couple of body rolls." He smirked.

"Kurt, stop it," she giggled, happy to hear Sam's reaction to her coming over. "I'm sure you're exaggerating."

"Wait until you see him," Kurt laughed. "You have stolen his motherfucking mind."

Sam started a load of wash before starting on his room; at least it wouldn't look as bad when Mercedes gets there. He still couldn't believe that Mercedes wanted to hang out with him! Of course things between them were a lot better ever since Coach Sylvester called them out on the sexual tension between them and the kiss in the empty classroom after he showed her Mercedes Inferno on Youtube.

Things were definitely looking up between them.

The sound of Mercedes' ringtone tickled his ears; he quickly answered the phone on the fourth ring. "Oohhh, two phone calls in a row, and we're not even dating, yet." He answered, in a jovial mood.

"I can't get enough of your sexy southern drawl." She answered coyly. "I'm standing in the middle of Herbs and you know what?"

"What?" He chuckled.

"I had forgotten to ask the birthday boy what he wanted to eat,"

"What I want to eat?" he echoed. "Mercedes, that's a loaded question which can be taken in one or two ways."

"Samuel Evans," Mercedes giggled, feeling her cheeks growing warm. "I'm talking about breakfast, not…" she cleared her throat. "Oh you're being a bad boy maybe I have to give you a couple of licks."

"Don't tease me woman." Sam moaned, his dick twitching against his leg.

"Licks, as in a couple of smacks on that cute butt of yours."

"Like I said, don't tease me woman."

"You are incorrigible." She tucked several strands of hair behind her ears. "How does eggs, hot buttered grits, pan sausage and toast sound?"

"How about strawberry pancakes instead of toast?" he suggested, smacking his lips. Last summer, he fell in love with her strawberry pancakes and Mercedes would practically cook them for him everyday. "You know how much I love them."

"It's your birthday; you can have whatever you want." She whispered, emphasizing the word whatever.

"Mmmm is that so?"

"Mmmm, what do you think?"

He gasped audibly…

Fuck! Is she trying to kill him?

His dick twitched a little harder.

"Sam, are you still there?"

"Yeah, babe I'm still here." He assured her. "Just hurry up and get here, I'm starving…and not only for food…"


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