All of you who reviewed/looked at/ smiled at my story, moments in the rain:


I wonder why Sankarea suddenly became so popular. Was it because of the anime?

OH YEAH! If you haven't seen the anime yet IT IS AWESOME!

Of course only seven episodes in, I can't really judge yet, but I like it. Some of the new animes coming out are /nice/.

(Magi Magi Magi I want a Magi anime plzzzzzzzz)


This was not supposed to happen, but two reviews on the same day and a 5 hour trip did this to my brain. And so, here goes:

The scents of the forest were much stronger than what they used to be. Babu sniffed once, and then moved on.

Life came easy for Babu, as it did for every self righteous tomcat. He ran when things got uncomfortable, purred when he was scratched around the ears, and yowled like no tomorrow whenever he felt like it. For a cat, life was simple.

And as Babu discovered, a car tire, a potion, and a jostling dark box later, life after death was simple too.

He still ran when things were scary, but he could run faster now. There didn't seem to be the usual tension in his muscles and effort in his back. If anything, running came easier, not that Babu cared.

Running was just that - running. And if he yowled several times louder than he had in his previous life, then that did not bother him. Life continued on.

Except for the few times he started eating his other cat friends. That was strange.

But it was something Babu /wanted/, and following his urges, he had gone ahead and done the deed.

When the remains of his friend lay before him in tatters and shreds, Babu yowled into the dark sky. No reason, he just wanted to. And the things he wanted were getting stranger and stranger by the day.

Perhaps...perhaps this second life wasn't as simple as he thought.