"Mr. Jack, are you busy?" "No come in Josh. So what is it?" "I made my decision. I agree to the training." "Well everybody looks like y'all own me $50." (The team comes in the office) "Yeah, yeah, yeah anyway so are you really gonna join us?" "Yes I'm ready for whatever you have for me." "Ha-ha that's what's up!" "Ok I'll take you out of the system as a graduate and you'll start your training now. See you later Josh." "Ok today training it's about breathing. Let's start long walks." (Everybody jumps out the office windows) "Ok let's go Josh." "Umm I'll take the stairs." "Ok see you down here." "How come we're starting Earth's boy training?" "Because Joseph, you'll jump ahead to advanced training. He's not ready for that." "He said he could take it." "Come on Joseph, you have to crawl before you walk." "And you have to listen before you talk." "And you have to watch before you take action. Blah, blah, blah, blah, blah, and lecture, lecture, lecture. Y'all can never just say 'No Joe you can't train the kid until we tell you to'." "Joseph, that's not what we mean." "Whatever Caria, you're already cut off." "When did I get cut off?" "Yesterday." "Oh really?" (Caria gets close to Joseph face) "Girl you better back off. (Caria kisses him lightly on the lips) Girl that's not fair. You got some tasty lip gloss." (Caria and Joseph kiss for a long time. Josh comes outside then Kevin coughs real loudly. But Caria and Joseph are still kissing. Then Kevin yells) "Josh! Let's start your training!" (Caria and Joseph quickly stops kissing) "Josh! You took a long time didn't ya?!" "Are you ready to go?!" "Ok why is everybody screaming?!" "Sorry are you ready to start?" "Yes I'm ready." "Ok let's start walking." "Umm doesn't the team have a car?" "Yeah but we didn't bring with us." "So how did you get here?" "We walked, the same thing we're about to do now." "Umm where exactly are we walking to?" "Oh Fallon Station, Nevada." (Josh stops walking) "We're in Maine. And you expect me to walk all the way to Nevada." "Yes, let's go Josh." "Are you sure you guys are not on drugs?" "It depends on what kind you're talking about. (Caria hits Joseph in the stomach) I mean of course we're not drugs. This is the basics of your training. If you can walk through a couple of states without complaining, you can do anything." "That's right and very mature Joe." "Yeah, yeah, yeah, let's get back to walking please." "Do we at least rest?" "Now if you mean, eating and drinking yes. But actually going to sleep, you can count that out." (Josh stops walking again) "What now?" "I can't go to sleep?" "No sometimes fights can drag forever." "Yeah try fighting for a whole year." "You fought the fires for a whole year." "Nonstop, can we please continue?" "Do you have anymore questions?" "No not right now anyway." "Great he's gonna have more questions when we get there. I'm still trying to find the parent's joy in having children. (Caria slaps Joseph against the head) Ouch. And yet you wonder why you're always in trouble."