I got this prompt sent to me on Tumblr: 'Rikurt Prompt ~ Kim gives Curt a 'week away from marriage' and he spends it with Riker or something along that line~'. So I'm going to write it how I want and if anyone doesn't like Rikurt or they like Curt and Kim as a couple don't read this! :) Also this turned out longer than I planned because it touched on some sensitive stuff people could get pissed off about so I tried to write that stuff as carefully as I could! Wow this is a long fucking authors note… Oh I also noticed the lack of Rikurt/Criker fanfics… what the fuck is up with that? Curt and Riker where made to be together ;D


Curt sat in his car, which was parked in the parking lot of his apartment building. He was just staring out the window, trying to gather his thoughts. Curt had come home, when he did Kim had sat him down because they needed to talk; basically Kim told him she wanted a week away from the marriage. Curt had thought about it, then he realised he wanted the same thing, they both agreed it was the right thing to do, mainly to see if they would miss each other or even care about being apart from each other.

If Curt was honest with himself he and Kim had been drifting apart, every time they were together it didn't feel like it should even when they were dating or after they just got married, it just never felt the way he imagined it should. Then he joined Glee and hung out with the Warblers, they managed to make him feel happier than he did with Kim, and just thinking about it now he felt the same way towards his Warbler bros, than he did towards Kim. What if he had never really thought of Kim as more than a friend, but he had rushed into the marriage and he made himself believe that he loved her. All of this new information he was trying to process made him feel dizzy, he closed his eyes trying to make sense of it all. Curt simplified it all down in his head, Kim was never more than friend to him and he was pretty sure Kim felt the same way. But he was going to do the week away from the marriage to see how he felt after before he said or ended anything with Kim.

Curt started the ignition of the car, then he realised he had nowhere to go, it's not like he could go to his parents in Texas. He thought about the people he could stay with but they all had small apartments with roommates, then he thought of someone who might have room. Curt pulled out his phone and scrolled down his phone book, he reached the name he was looking for

Riker \o/

Curt pressed the call button and waited while it rang, then Riker answered,

"Hey, dude" Riker's voice said through the phone, there was some music and what sounded like fake gun noises in the background, Curt just figured Riker was playing a video game with his brothers or something,

"Hi" Curt said, he didn't know he was going to explain everything to Riker, "Kim asked for a week away from the marriage to see how things go and I was wondering if it would be possible for me to stay with you for the week because I don't know where else to go" Curt rushed it all out at once,

"Yeah of course" Riker said after a small pause where he was obviously processing what he had been told,

"I will explain more when I get to yours" Curt said, feeling relived he would have a place to stay,

"Is it okay if I tell my family what you just told me?" Riker asked,

"Yeah sure, they are gonna need to know" Curt said, "I will see you in a bit"

"See you in a bit" Riker said, hanging up the phone. Curt drove to Riker's house; it was only about 20 minutes away from his apartment when there wasn't any traffic. Curt new he would have to sleep on the couch considering the Lynch's house had four bedrooms and there was seven people living in it, obviously Riker's parents shared a room, so did Rocky and Riker, and Ross and Ryland, Rydel was the only girl so she got her own room. He knew their parents had offered to change one of the other rooms into a bedroom but all the Lynch kids were happy sharing so they didn't. When he arrived he parked on the curb because the Lynch's drive already had two cars on it, he got out of his car, grabbed his bag from the trunk and headed to the front door.

Curt knocked lightly on the door, which was opened in a matter of seconds,

"Dude, are you okay?" Riker said, once the door was open and he could see Curt,

"Yeah, I'm fine actually" Curt said, kind of shocked himself because he knew he should be taking everything that's happening a lot worse, than he is.

"Do you want to talk about it?" Riker said, letting Curt enter the house,

"Later" Curt said smiling at Riker's concern, he's so cute when he's worried, Curt thought to himself, and then scolded himself for what he had just thought. The two of them walked into the living room were, Ryland and Rocky were playing a video game, Rydel was drawing or writing in some sort of note book and Riker's parents didn't seem to be around.

"Sup" Rocky greeted Curt, looking up from his video game with a sympathetic look in his eyes,

"Hi!" Ryland said, smiling at Curt but he had the same look in his eyes as Rocky did, Rydel did the same as Ryland.

Curt and Riker sat on the sofa behind Rocky and Ryland, who were sat on the floor in front of the TV playing their video game,

"So where are Ross and your parents?" Curt asked, turning to look at Riker,

"My parents are shopping but they know you are going to stay here" Riker said, "And Ross is staying the week at the Austin and Ally set because they have loads to film and a lot of time gets wasted through travel"

"So you get to sleep in my bed" Rocky said, causing Curt to furrow his eyebrows in confusion, "So you will be in the same room as Riker, and I will share with Ryland for the week"

"If that's alright" Riker quickly added, "We figured you would rather share a room with me than Ryland"

"Yeah, thanks Rocky" Curt said, Rocky simply nodded his head because he was now to busy trying to win the game.

The four of them stayed in the living room, Curt, Riker, Ryland and Rocky took turns playing against each other on the game. Rydel went to her room and then went out somewhere, when Riker's parents got back to the house after shopping. They made sure Curt was okay and said he was welcome to stay at their house as long as he needed. Curt tried to insist on helping Stormie cook dinner but was practically pushed out of the kitchen and Riker just laughed at him. When they went to bed Curt knew he was going to have to explain to Riker what was going on with him and Kim, its not he didn't want to, he just didn't really know how to say it.

"So are you gonna tell me what happened?" Riker asked the moment he and Curt when in his room and the door was closed,

"Yes" Curt sighed, sitting on what he presumed was Rocky's bed since it had just been made but Riker's was pretty messed up, "I just don't know where to start"

"Well, what happened when you got home today?" Riker asked, Curt looked up at Riker, who had made him realise something. He never considered where he lived as his 'home', he just thought of it as 'his and Kim's apartment', home was supposed to be where your heart is and that apartment wasn't where his heart was.

"Well Kim sat me down and said she wanted a week away from the marriage" Curt said, and Riker nodded indicating he should continue as he sat next to Curt on Rocky's bed, so Curt did, he told Riker everything he had been feeling. When Curt was finished, Riker was silent for a moment trying to work out what to say,

"So do you love her?" Riker asked, Curt blinked slightly not realising that was going to be Riker's first question and he wasn't completely sure of the answer but he had a pretty good idea,

"No, I don't thing I do" Curt said, twiddling his thumbs,

"Did you ever love her?" Riker asked, looking down at his hands,

"I don't know" Curt said, rubbing the back of his neck, "I guess, our parents introduced us and she was nice, so back then I thought I had to love her and I guess that's why I got married because I thought I should do it"

"But surely you should want to marry someone" Riker said, "Not just get married because you should do it"

"Your right" Curt said nodding,

"Do you want to end your marriage?" Riker asked, he was trying to be blunt and put the basic pieces together,

"Yes" Curt said, "But I was going to do this week away from the marriage thing first, then tell her"

"Well you can stay here for the whole week and longer if you need a place to stay" Riker said, "You are always welcome"

"Thanks" Curt said, he liked it at the Lynch's, they were all really funny and kind. Riker hesitated slightly, but then wrapped his arms around Curt's shoulders; Curt was surprised at first but relaxed into it, resting his head on Riker's shoulder. Curt could of fallen asleep like that if they weren't sat up it just felt really nice.