"It seems like we, stay up and talk through the night, oh what do you say" Curt heard when he woke up, along with a gentle strumming of a guitar,

"Just say you'll stay" Curt half sang half said, in his sleepy haze,

"Morning" Riker chuckled; there was a thud as he put his guitar on the floor,

"What time is it?" Curt asked, sitting up and rubbing his eyes as he looked around the room. Riker was sat on his bed, his hair messed up from sleeping and it made him look really cute.

"Ten thirty" Riker said, "We are going to go shopping soon because Rocky needs new clothes, Rydel wants new clothes and I miss Hollister, do you want to come?"

"I don't know" Curt said, he hated shopping and Riker knew that,

"Oh please" Riker said, making puppy dog eyes at him "It will be fun, I promise"

"Oh okay, fine!" Curt said, getting out of bed, he couldn't say no to Riker.

Riker drove, Curt, Rydel, Rocky and Ryland to the nearest mall,

"I'm gonna go meet up with my friends" Ryland said when they entered the mall,

"Okay, I will text you when we need to leave" Riker said, as Ryland walked away,

"Should we just shop on our own and then meet up for lunch?" Rydel asked, "It will make things quicker"

"Yeah sure" Rocky said, Curt just shrugged,

"Okay, but Curt's coming with me" Riker said, "I don't trust him on his own in a mall"

"I'm not five, I can go around a mall on my own" Curt said,

"Oh so all the times you have sent me a text asking me where shops are or where the exit is because you are lost, that's considered being okay to be in a mall on your own?" Riker asked,

"I'm not good with directions" Curt said,

"That's exactly why you are coming with me" Riker said, "and you can't pick your own clothes very well"

"What's wrong with what I wear?" Curt asked,

"Nothing, they are just a bit normal and plain, that's all" Riker said shrugging. Curt looked down at what he was wearing and he had to admit he usually just put on whatever he could find and then he looked at Riker whose clothes were usually carefully picked out and put together. Rydel and Rocky went off on their own, while Riker dragged Curt to Hollister.

"It's so dark in here" Curt said, as they entered Hollister. The smell of the shop reminded him of Riker which wasn't surprising since most of his clothes were from here,

"I don't really need new clothes" Riker said, looking at some of the t-shirts,

"Why are we in here then?" Curt asked,

"I was going to pick you out some stuff" Riker said, pulling out a red t-shirt, "And I can't believe they are still selling this design" Riker opened it up showing it Curt. Curt started laughing when he saw it; the t-shirt was the same as Riker's pink one with the number 63 on.

"I'm gonna have to get this aren't I?" Curt asked, not waiting for an answer he took the t-shirt off Riker.

"Now we can match!" Riker said,

"We already have matching clothes" Curt said, rolling his eyes as Riker started to grab more clothes for him,

"Yeah but fans gave them to us" Riker said, he then started to look through the trousers, "What size are you?"

"Uhhh… medium I guess" Curt said, he wasn't really sure, he usually just brought the size that looked right, "Wait, how did you know what size I needed for the shirts?"

"I can just tell" Riker said, handing him a pair of skinny jeans,

"I'm not wearing skinny jeans!" Curt said, trying to give them back to Riker,

"Why not?" Riker asked, taking the trousers back from Curt,

"They look really uncomfortable" Curt said,

"Would I wear them if they were?" Riker asked, "Just try them on?"

"Fine" Curt sighed, taking the trousers and the rest of the clothes to the changing rooms. Riker waited outside the changing stall Curt was in,

"I want to see the jeans" Riker said, "You can't buy them if they look stupid"

"Brilliant so they might look stupid on me?" Curt asked, he was pulling the jeans on wondering why they had to be so tight,

"No, that's not what I meant" Riker said, "Just hurry up"

"Okay, how do they look?" Curt asked, walking out of the changing rooms in his jeans,

"Uhh" Riker said, staring slightly then shaking his head, which Curt thought was a bit weird, "Fine, they look fine"

"So should I get them?" Curt asked,

"Yeah, if you want" Riker said, "Oh and try that plaid shirt on", Curt went back into the changing rooms and tried on the red plaid shirt Riker had given him to try on.

"Have you decided what you are going to buy?" Riker asked, when Curt left the changing room,

"Yeah, the three six and the blue t-shirt, the jeans and the plaid shirt" Curt said, handing everything he wasn't getting to the worker in the changing room, "Are you sure you're not getting anything?"

"I'm sure" Riker said, he really didn't need any new clothes. Curt paid for his clothes and then complained about how much it cost when they came out of the shop. Riker text Rydel and Rocky to tell them to meet them too meet them for lunch, Riker and Curt didn't realise how long they were in Hollister for so they all decided to leave after lunch.

"Riker" Curt said, when Riker, Rydel and Rocky were in the car,

"Yeah?" Riker asked, about to start the car

"You've forgotten Ryland" Curt said,

"Oh shit, yeah!" Riker said, pulling out his phone, "He doesn't usually come with us shopping". Curt laughed as Riker dialled Ryland's number, telling him to meet them at the car. When Ryland arrived they drove back to the Lynch's house.

"Do you want to go to Get Shaved?" Mark asked when they all got back to the house,

"Sure" Riker said, "Curt, have you been to get shaved before?"

"No" Curt said, "It seems like everyone has except me"

"Well now you get to see how awesome it is" Rocky said,

"Yeah, it's so good" Riker added, "Wear what you brought at Hollister"

"Why can't I wear what I've got on?" Curt asked,

"Because I want everyone to see how awesome I am at picking out clothes from Hollister" Riker said,

"Fine" Curt said, walking to Riker's room to get changed. When he was ready they headed to Get Shaved. It was kind of busy there because it was the holidays so more people had time to go, when they were in the queue Curt just got extremely confused at what all the flavours were so Riker had to order them the same thing.

Curt sat next to Riker on one of the benches and with the other Lynch's,

"I'm really sorry to interrupt but can I please have a picture?" a girl asked Curt and Riker, she was about fourteen and was with her friend who looked to excited to talk, "We love you so much as Warblers"

"Of course you can and thanks" Riker said, Riker took a picture with the girls first and then sat back down while Curt took a picture with the two girls. As they left Curt went to sit back down but he stumbled backwards and half fell onto Riker's lap and half onto the bench,

"Sorry" Curt said, going bright red as he moved so he was no longer sitting on Riker,

"It's okay" Riker said rubbing the back of his neck, he had also gone bright red. Rydel laughed once they were sat properly again, "What?"

"Oh nothing" Rydel said, going back to her conversation with Rocky. The night passed fairly quickly, because some of the Lynch's friends had shown up and they were all quite funny and nice, the one thing Curt thought was off with the night was every time he and Riker brushed past each other they would both get pretty embarrassed. Curt knew why he got embarrassed and he hoped it was the same reason for Riker too, but he highly doubted that.