The next thing they knew they were in the atrium of the Ministry. It was completely empty. Harry shrugged and dropped Voldemort's body then pulled his normal wand and sent a patronus message out. The stag split into three pieces before going off in different directions. The group waited quietly in the Lobby, Ron and Hermione kept hold of their ropes. It took some time but a series of pops announced the arrivals.

Kingsley was the first to approach the group. He had them at wand point, "Who is the secret backer for the twins?"

"I didn't want Mrs. Weasley to know that." Harry grumbled seeing the woman a few feet away, "I am."

"What money did you use?" Kingsley asked.

"The money from the Tri-Wizard Tournament." he stated, "I didn't want anything to do with it."

"Ron what did the twins turn your teddy bear into?" Molly asked.

"A spider." he replied.

"Hermione, I told you something after the shack incident." Remus stated.

"It's good to be the smart but I should have fun too. The world doesn't revolve around books." she said.

"Your turn." Arthur insisted.

"Actually there is no need." Harry said, "All of his supporters are dead."

"You have five living ones tied up." Kingsley pointed out.

"More for our protection than yours." Snape said, "We were already judged by magic and given another chance. You may view the memory of that from myself as well as any of the others I'm sure."

Harry stumbled a bit and Ron caught him, "Harry's exhausted can we do this someplace more comfortable."

"Getting some healers here would be a good idea." Hermione suggested, "You probably want to confirm the deaths."

An Auror they didn't know popped away at Kingsley's nod. Ron was holding most of Harry's weight by this time so Hermione conjured him a chair and they sat him in it. He close his eyes and was asleep in a few moments.

"What happened?" Arthur asked.

"Harry pulled us all to Avalon and then killed Voldemort." Draco shrugged, "Don't ask me how he did it though. I do want to know about that diamond he was holding."

"That was the One Stone." Hermione said.

"But that's just a legend." Arthur exclaimed.

"Well it's a legend that's real." Ron stated before Hermione could start in, "Merlin is dead but his portrait is rather lively."

"Do you think Harry can take us?" one of the other order members asked.

"No, everyone must find their own path to Avalon." Hermione said, "It's different for each person. Harry was their path to Avalon." she indicated the death eaters.

Healers and the Auror arrived by portkey a few minutes later. A few moved over to Harry's group while the rest moved over to the stack of bodies behind Ron.

"Who or what is this?" one healer asked pointing to the body on the ground by Harry's feet.

"That is You Know Who. I would swear to it under Veritserum." Severus confirmed then nodded at the young man asleep in the chair, "Harry defeated him earlier today."

"And you are?" the healer lifted an eyebrow.

"Severus Snape. Substitute headmaster for Hogwarts, ex-death eater and spy for the Order of the Phoenix." he replied, "I am also wanted for questioning about Albus Dumbledore's death. These four were made death eaters under duress."

"More like take the brand or die." Draco muttered sarcastically, "But I guess that qualifies as duress."

Ron tried to hide his chuckle as a cough. Hermione turned her face into Ron's chest to hide hers. She felt bad about laughing at his sarcasm. Harry shifted in his sleep and when the Healer when to check him he found his wrist held in a firm grip and green eyes open wide.

"Sorry I thought you were asleep." the man said.

"Sorry, I didn't know who was going to perform magic on me." Harry released his arm and allowed him to do the spells.

"You are fine just exhausted." the man said.

"Could have told you that." Harry closed his eyes again but another pop made Harry open them.

"Do you have him?" Remus was rushing up and saw Harry so he moved over to him, "Are you ok? I've been so worried."

"I'm fine." Harry muttered before closing his eyes again, "Just tired."

"He is fine." the healer who had checked him, "Not even a scratch."

"I wish I could stay but I have to get back." Remus said, "Dora's started labor."

"Congrats." Harry yawned, "Rooting for her."

"I'll tell her you said so." Remus hugged him before he stepped away and apparated.

"Kingsley!" an Auror shouted, "We have a lot of dead bodies down here. All of them supporters of the new regime. I guess I mean the old regime."

Smiles spread around the room. Harry opened one eye and asked, "Umbridge too?"

Kingsley yelled the question to the auror who yelled back, "Most definitely."

"Good." nearly the entire group replied.

"Can I take the kids home?" Molly asked.

"I'm sorry but not quite yet." Kingsley replied, "I need them here for a bit longer."

"Molly go on home and send Bill and Charlie if they've arrived." Arthur instructed, "You can let the others know they're safe."

She nodded but first gave hugs to Ron and Hermione then a kiss to the top of Harry's head so she wouldn't disturb him as he slept. She left and within a few moments Bill popped in. Kingsley sent him with the aurors to check for traps as they retrieved the dead throughout the ministry. As they moved through they gained more members as the living were also located. Many had hid fearing what was going on when so many around them died. Soon reporters were arriving at the ministry and Kingsley had to pull some aurors off the search to keep them back.

The five live ex-death eaters were taken to a holding cell for their own safety. Kingsley directed everyone to the duties that were needed. Finally after several hours he was finished with Harry, Ron and Hermione and allowed Arthur, Bill and Charlie, who had shown up not long after Bill, to see them home. Harry was still asleep so Arthur helped Charlie pick him up in a fireman hold and they took a portkey to the Burrow. Charlie put him on the couch and Ginny went over and sat by him holding onto his hand.

"So tell me Ron." She stated quietly, "Why shouldn't I bat boogey hex you for not stopping and talking to me the other day?"

Ron looked a bit uncomfortable so Hermione saved him, "When the path opened we didn't know how long it would stay. We couldn't afford to miss it. Harry already yelled at him for it."

"Ok, you're off the hook." she sighed.

"You took that better than Harry did." Ron grumbled, "He took a good five minutes to calm down even after he knew we had a good reason and he told me I was going to have to explain it."

"Did you really go to Avalon?" Percy asked, he was still alive at the ministry and had apologized t the family.

Ron knew he had but it was still hard to talk civilly to him, "Yes."

"What was Merlin like?" Fred and George asked.

"He was cool." Ron said with a smile, "At least his portrait was. The castle was very grand, never thought I'd sleep even one night in a place like that."

"You can't lie there either." Hermione added, "Can't keep a secret if he wants to know it."

"Did you find any secrets?" Charlie asked.

"Several but the biggest were about Harry." Ron scratched his jaw as he talked, "I'll let him tell you if he wants. The One Stone is real. Avalon is real. Voldemort and his followers are dead. I can't think of anything else."

"Each person must find their own path to Avalon." she said, "And Merlin said no one had ever made it in less than two days before."

"That's Harry for you." Ginny said still holding his hand.

"Actually I wouldn't have made it without those two so don't discount them." Harry mumbled, he had woke during the story, "Did you tell them everything?"

"Not by a long shot." Ron replied from his spot near the fire.

Harry pushed himself up, "Any food?"

"Of course you all must be starving." Molly jumped up. Fleur went with her as did Arthur, Bill and Percy.

"Percy's back?" Harry asked as they left.

"Yes, he apologized to all of us." Ron grumbled, "I'm not quite ready to forgive him yet."

"Forgive him." Harry said, "Now is not the time for families to be split."

"Thank you." Percy had returned and heard Harry, "Harry I really am sorry for all the things I said about you. It was uncalled for and I knew better. I just wanted to prove myself and everyone kept shoving you in my face so I rebelled. Not that it's a valid excuse or anything."

"We all make mistakes." Ron said sheepishly thinking of his own time of rebelling on his friend, "I above all others should understand."

"Ron." Harry started as everyone came back with the sandwiches, Kingsley Shacklebolt was with them, "You don't have to."

"I do." Ron replied and told them what he had done to Harry and Hermione before Christmas and how he found them again, "It took Hermione a little longer to forgive me than Harry did."

"You did save my life." Harry said, "It pretty much cleared it up for me."

"Did for me too." Hermione admitted, "I just wanted to stay mad for a while."

"Get used to that." Bill laughed, "Women don't get over things as easily when their emotions are involved. Once you clear up the stupid thing you did then you need to give them time to get over it. Sometimes it's a few moments and other times it could take years. Just depends on how stupid you acted.

"He is right." Fleur smiled at her husband before turning to Ron, "You are lucky it only lasted a few months."

"It would have lasted longer had we not arrived at Avalon." Hermione admitted, "That place wouldn't let you fool yourself over anything. Lies were magically forbidden even the ones you tell yourself. Which reminds me." she turned to Harry, "How did you keep from telling us your secret?"

"You didn't ask directly." he shrugged. The looks he got made him explain the rest of the story. He started with sixth year and the lessons Dumbledore had given him right up through the time they were ported back to the ministry building by Merlin's house elf.

By this time Harry was ready to collapse again. Ginny stopped the questions, "He needs to rest now. Everything else can wait. Harry take my room, Hermione and I will sleep in the twins room tonight."

"Ginny." Molly warned.

"Mum I don't think he can make it any farther than that." She stated, "I'll stay in the twins room, I promise."

"Just for tonight." she gave in, "Are you two going back to the shop?"

"Yes, we'll be sleeping there anyway." Fred said, "We have another Potterwatch tonight."

"I want to listen." Harry mumbled trying to stay awake, "Ron was never able to find it on his radio."

"Remus will be meeting us there, Tonks had a boy." Kingsley stated, "We'll be breaking the news on this tonight. You have a few hours before it starts if you want a nap Harry."

"Ok." Harry's eyes were already closed there wasn't any way he would even make it to Ginny's room now, "Wake me in time to hear it."

Arthur followed Kingsley and the twins out to the kitchen, "Bring them here."


"Have Lee transmit from here. That way Harry can be here and people will believe." he said, "Otherwise they'll be afraid it's a death eater conspiracy."

"They may still think that." Fred pointed out.

A few hours later Harry woke to the commotion of the transmitter being set up in the kitchen, "What's going on?"

"They're transmitting Potterwatch from here." Ginny kissed his cheek, "It was Dad's idea."

He slowly sat up but he was smiling, "Brilliant."

Once it was all set up Lee started, "Hello and welcome to Potterwatch. We have some news tonight. I just can't believe this. I really can't believe this."

"Get on with it." Fred nudged his friend.

"Right sorry. Well we have our normal guests with us this evening. Royal, Romulus and Raptor." Lee said, "Royal you have the news so go ahead."

"I do have news." he agreed, "I received a message from Harry Potter today just after midday."

"Did you hear that?" Lee almost yelled, "We've heard from Harry Potter today. So what did his message say?"

"Nothing too big. Just that Voldemort is dead." he grinned, "Harry Potter has won the war."

"I had help." Harry grumbled quietly from across the room.

"Not really mate." Ron said, "You pretty much took them out by yourself. Merlin said you had to power the One Stone so it really was all you."

"I would have died long ago without you and Hermione." He replied.

"True but you won the war." Ron nudged him.

Lee was bouncing in his seat as he repeated what Kingsley had said, "Harry won. Harry won."

"He did." Remus was right beside Lee trying to hold him down, "And he is in good shape. The healers said he didn't have a scratch on him."

"So how did he do it?" Lee asked.

"He reflected the Killing curse again." Kingsley stated, "You would have thought the man would have tried something else by now. But that's not all the news."

"What could be better?" Lee asked.

"He, along with his two friends, Ron Weasley and Hermione Granger brought us the bodies of every marked death eater. Most of them were dead but the few that are alive are claiming they were marked under duress or they were spies." Kingsley said, "We are investigating their claims."

"Anyone we know?" Lee asked some of his enthusiasm was tempered.

"Two are very well known." Kingsley told him, "Severus Snape and Draco Malfoy. The senior Malfoy is dead as is the rest of the inner circle who had escaped Azkaban a few years ago. I almost forgot, many of the unmarked supporters are also dead, that includes Delores Umbridge."

"How did he do it?" Lee asked wonder filling his voice.

"I had help." Harry called out.

"That's right everyone we have the man with the scar here with us tonight." Lee was grinning so widely Harry was worried his teeth would fall out, "What happened? Tell us Harry?"

"Hermione led us to find Merlin's One Stone." Harry said, "We used it and defeated them all. Magic itself judged them, including the five remaining marked men. They were found innocent in its eyes, well at least worthy of a second chance. Magic also sought out those who were harming others in Voldemorts service and took them too."

"I didn't know magic could do something like that." Lee whispered.

"It was the stone that helped it. I was just the power source." Harry shrugged, "I used it against Voldemort. Through a link of some sort magic found everyone who supported him and those, like Snape, who didn't want to follow him were given a second chance."

"But Snape killed Dumbledore." Lee pointed out, "You told us yourself that he did."

"He did." Harry nodded, "But it was because Dumbledore asked him to not because he wanted to. Big difference."

"Are you sure he wasn't …" Lee started but was interrupted.

"He couldn't lie." Harry said, "Veritiserum doesn't allow lies."

Harry couldn't exactly say that Merlin's island of Avalon prevented anyone from telling a lie. He hadn't actually told Lee a lie either, both statements were true statements. They just didn't technically go together. No one in the room pointed out that fact because they knew they would all be locked up with Lockhart if they tried to tell the truth.

"So Snape really was a spy for the light?" Lee asked, "It's so hard to believe."

"Not really that hard." Harry said, "He hated me because my father. It had nothing do with Voldemort and everything to do with a prank war they had on each other in their Hogwarts days. He's not the only one that had trouble realizing I am not my father."

"I believe everything myself but I'm sure someone is out there saying the One Stone was just a myth." Lee looked at Harry questioningly.

"Like the Chamber of Secrets?" Hermione scoffed, "Its only a myth until someone finds it. Harry maybe you should end up being a treasure hunter for Gringotts. You've already found two things no one thought were real."

Harry and Ron laughed at her exasperation. After the broadcast Harry sat and chatted with the group until his yawning started again. He waved goodnight as Ginny drug him up the stairs. She opened the door to her room and pushed him in and over to the bed. He was yawning again so he had to wait until he finished to kiss her.

"You know I could probably make it to Ron's room."

"Don't argue." she ordered as she pushed him down until his head was on her pillow.

"Hmm… smells like you." he murmured.

"Glad it doesn't smell like someone else." she chuckled.

"It will tomorrow." He pulled her down for a kiss.

"I'm planning on that." she grinned, "My dreams tomorrow night should be very interesting."

"As mine will be tonight." he agreed with a sly grin.

"That was my idea." she grinned, "I don't want you dreaming about anyone but me."

"Before I forget, Sirius told me to tell you he told you so." Harry yawned once more his were closed and he was almost asleep, "I have no idea what he meant by that though."

Ginny smiled widely as Harry drifted off she whispered in reply, "I do Love. I do."