Blood drips from her mouth, she drops the boy onto the dirty ground of a back alley. The sky above is cloudless but dark, no stars shine for her. The night is muggy and the wind is slight, but her long mahogany hair still quivers as she glides deeper into the darkness; licking the remaining droplets of blood from the corners of her full pale lips. Her short white sundress is torn and bloodied but she doesn't pay it any mind as she continues to glide down the alley. The body of a middle aged male drops out of a second story window with a muted thud and she merely steps over it and stops at the spot below the window; bright red eyes watch her from above and she looks up.

She smiles a half smile; crimson red slightly coating her ultra white teeth. Her companion rests their slender elbows on the window sill and smiles down with dark red lips; showing no teeth. Curly but slightly frizzy hair the color of fire cascades around naked shoulders. The two females gaze at each other in the night, not a sound is heard in or near the alley. The mahogany haired woman's half smile turns into a scowl as her red haired companion's lips twitch an inch higher.

The dark haired female addresses the red head with a slight sneer in her voice.

"What did I not do it right?"

The red head chuckles brightly; her crimson eyes dancing. The dark haired girl can't help but smile slightly at her companion's amusement but scowls only seconds later, remembering her cause for ire.

Feeling irked on emotions and high on fresh blood, the dark haired female curls her lips back from her teeth and snarls up at the red head. She begins shaking in an emotional overload and the previously clear sky above begins swirling with dark foreboding clouds. The red heads smile drops and within the blink of a human eye she springs out of the window and has the mahogany haired girl turned around and in a gentle but firm embrace.

"Shh, Bell, I'm sorry, I didn't mean it, I promise."

The red head whispers soothingly. Bell shakes her head back and forth, her long dark hair swinging with the motion. Her shaking begins to minimize and she finally wraps her pale arms tightly around the red heads middle. A few more deep breaths and Bell is able to speak.

"It isn't your fault, Victoria; I was just embarrassed because I saw my reflection in the glass."

Bell makes a face and hangs her head, her hair becoming curtains and hiding her face from Victoria. Victoria having none of that pulls away from Bell and places her hands on either side of Bell's face, forcing her to looks up. The red head makes a frustrated sound in her throat when the brunette refuses to connect eyes with her.

"Come on Bell, you're only three months old, you're still better than most, but you can't expect perfection. Hell, even I get messy once in a while and you know what an old lady I am."

There is half seriousness and half teasing in Victoria's voice when she addresses this to Bell. It works for Bell giggles the sound of bells and snorts, finally meeting Victoria's eyes with her own.

Victoria drops her hands from Bell's face and grabs her hand, interlacing their fingers. Bell places her free hand on Victoria's right cheek and leans in and up on the tips of her toes to kiss the corner of the red heads mouth. Victoria's eyes close and she moves her head to kiss the brunette fully on the lips.

Bell makes a growly purr sound in her chest and whispers against Victoria's red lips.

"You're pretty hot for being such an old lady."

Victoria growls half playfully and half lustfully and in a flash has Bell backed against a wall in the alley with Bell's legs around her waist. Bell grabs a fistful of red hair and smashes her lips against Victoria's; two cool tongues fighter for dominance, neither giving in.

Eventually both girls detangle themselves from each other and Bell slides down the wall back onto her own two feet. This time Bell grabs Victoria's hand and they both soundlessly walk back towards the mouth of the alley, leaving destruction in their rear.