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50 years later

Many things within the Volturi had changed and the vampire world was a much more peaceful place.

Exactly a year after the ball, Gianna was changed after a violent birth to a hybrid boy named Anthony, who Jane felt the soul-mate bond to immediately. As soon as Gianna opened her eyes to her new life it was learned she was a succubus and Felix was her soul-mate.

Five years later the rumors of Aro's death finally reached the Romanian coven and they suited up to attack Volterra. The Volturi however had Anthony who turned out to be a seer who saw the attack of the Romanian's and the Volturi met them half way with a surprise attack. With Marcus in the lead the Volturi did something they had not been able to do in the last 3000 years with Aro in the lead, they defeated the Romanian's and burned all but one. A newborn by the name of Bree who surrendered herself to them. Alec finally found his soul-mate in the sixteen year old newborn that the Romanian's didn't discover had the power to bend fire to her will.

Thirteen years after Aro's death Heidi and Demetri finally went to Marcus to ask about their bond. It didn't matter to them that they were only mates; they married six months later in a lavish Volturi wedding that Victoria and Bell put together. Esme met her soul-mate in one of the guests to the wedding, Rhandall, who chose to stay as part of the Volturi for the rest of her punishment.

Esme didn't change her diet of animals but she sure wasn't a Betty Crocker house-wife anymore either. She practiced everyday on her fighting abilities and soon became good enough to best Felix. She acted more her age of twenty six rather than early fifties and sometimes even played pranks on people with Felix and Emmett.

Twenty two years ago Victoria finally found out what happened to Laurant when he turned back up at the Volturi with the Amazon, Kachiri on his arm. He had found his soul-mate after leaving the Denali's and had been shacking up with her coven ever since.

Emmett and Rosalie changed to the human diet but mostly went for criminals. They bought a house in Tuscan, Italy to move into after their punishment is up to stay close to their 'sister' Esme and brother Jasper, and the friends they've made.

Jasper moved up the ranks within the Volturi quickly, going from lower guard in twenty nine years to leader of the guard, both lower and Elite. He too changed his diet but still feeds from animals once in a while.

Caius left the Volturi forty two years after Aro's death with his soul-mate Anthenodora and moved to his home country of Sweden.

One year and seven months ago Jasper finally found his soul-mate while leading the guard in finally taking out his sire Maria who was planning on over throwing the Volturi after Caius' leave. She was Maria's new second in command, a twenty four year old vampire, twenty one in human years named Luci with the power of mind control. Luci had planned on letting the Volturi take out the army and Maria while she fled but when she laid eyes on Jasper her reasons for ending Maria changed.

Now it has been fifty years and tonight Jasper is being crowned as third in power to the Volturi. Like Victoria planned on doing, she took second in command. This ball was to be more casual, per Bell's request and celebrating Rose and Em's release as well as Jasper's crowning.

Blood drips from the neck of a drained body onto the rusty looking marble floor of the feeding room. The woman's ice blue eyes glazed over, her mouth hanging open in a silent scream.

Victoria wraps her arms around Bell from behind and licks a trail of blood dripping from her chin down her neck.

"See, no mess this time-"Victoria starts pulling Bell out of the feeding room and to their chamber when she is stopped by Kachiri.

"I'm sorry Queen Victoria, Princess Bell but Marcus asked me to fetch you. He needs you in the throne room to greet the guests."

Bell pouts but both females nod and Kachiri scurries off back to the throne room.

"You ready for this?" Bell nods her head and walks with Victoria, their hands clasped and fingers intertwined.

"Always and Forever."