This is a one shot songfic based on the song "Blanket" by Urban Species. If you have seen the movie Powder Blue with Jessica Biel you may know it :)

Olivia and Elliot are wondering around Manhattan one night... Will their feelings be strong enough to lead them to each other's arms?

Music is my sanctuary

Music is my blanket

She closed her eyes and concentrated on the sounds that surrounded her. Cars were running down the big streets of Manhattan, people were walking past her, talking, laughing, yelling, life was going on but she was just standing still with her eyes shut, listening to the sounds of the city as if they were the most calming melody.

Emotionless the city lies

Cruel it is, it clouds my eyes

She felt no emotions at the moment, she was just trying to fill her mind, her body and her soul with the sounds of the city. She wanted and needed to become one with it. It was the only way… the only way for her to stop being so alone

The dull the dark shades on my day

I live inside this place

She lived in Manhattan her entire life and it seemed that sometimes, becoming one with the city was the only thing that could comfort her. It was this way her entire life, just she and the city

Locked up inside my metal cage

Always tense and filled with rage

No one was ever there for her, no one was there when her mother's hand would came down to her cheek and slap her, when she would chase her around the house with a broken bottle

'I'll never let anyone else have you.' Her mother had screamed one night and that's exactly what happened. She had built a wall around her, too strong for anyone to bring it down. She had walked through life always careful not to let anybody go near her, she had made herself not caring for anybody really, anybody except for…him. And she hated herself for that

Above the concrete fields below

With you i wanna go, wanna go

He was the only one that had been able to bring down the wall, he made her feel things that she would never thought she'll be able to feel. All those feelings, emotions, thoughts that she had suppressed deep down, were out now and she was terrified and vulnerable. More than anything, she craved to surrender to them, let them lead her through, but this could not happen, only hell could come out from something like that, the hell she knew was lying inside her

Music is my sanctuary

Music is my blanket

Her blanket had flown away now, she was standing naked, exposed, unable to move. Everything was flying around her, yelling at her. She couldn't hear the sounds of the city anymore.

I see only what i wanna see

I'll be only what i wanna be

My blanket covers me, yes

He was her blanket, he was her cover, he always had been, she just didn't allow herself to see it. But now there were no more excuses, no more hiding. For once she needed, craved to be whatever, whoever she really was. He had done this to her, he was responsible for this need.

"Yeah, check it Now as a yout man I was body poppin breakin on the lino

Traded in my lino for a pad and a biro

Used to stand in line just so as I could sign my giro

But now my ends meet in the best way that I know

He was walking alone and he hated that. He wasn't used on being by himself, there was always someone there, his now ex-wife, his kids, his co-workers… and her. He praised every single second he would spend with her, every look she would give him with her big chocolate eyes, every time she would talk to him, with this calm and soft voice that echoed like melody to his ears. The emotion that rushed through his body every time he laid his eyes on her, it couldn't be described otherwise, it was love, pure love

And the beats that go boom

See the music I consume to escape the doom and gloom

All the beats and melodies keep realities at bay

But what happens when the records done and starts to fade away

The sounds of the busy Manhattan were echoing through his ears. He wished that everything would just go quiet for a moment and then he would be able to hear her breathing, a low and long breathe, full of passion and need, like she did just hours ago when he kissed her. He had leaned towards her and without any warning his lips had brushed hers. For a second she didn't react but then she had responded to the kiss, opening her mouth slightly so as to let his tongue slip inside. He had placed one hand on the small of her back, bringing her closer to him and the other had caressed her soft cheek. After a few seconds they had pulled apart and he had heard her breathe to his ear, this soft sexy breathe. But then without even looking at him she had turned and left. Like that. And he didn't go after her, he couldn't, he knew that she needed time but right now as he was walking alone he wished more than anything else that she would be here with him.

Alone within myself again

I try to veil away my pain

She opened her eyes. The image of him kissing her was playing again and again on her mind. She brought her hand to her lips like she was trying to find traces of him, evidence that he was there. And then, the thought came to her mind, a thought that was there, deep buried along with all those feelings. The realization startled her

The dirty grey surrounding me 'round

And now I hear no sound...

She started walking again without having the slightest idea of where she was going, she just had to keep walking. After some minutes she found herself on a more quiet street. All the shops were closed this late at night but the sounds of the busy avenues were still audible from distance. Suddenly she saw a man walking towards her slowly. She could not see his face clearly but suddenly her heart started pounding like crazy. She froze as Elliot took a few more steps and the light of a street lamp cleared his figure. And then, just like that, the city went quiet.

I feel like Melle Mel from way back in the days

As i wonder how i keep from going under

I got trouble on my mind like my name is chuck d

And like marvin gaye it makes me wanna holler

He felt lost, he felt alone. All he wanted was her. He thought, and it made him shiver, that all he needed to be happy for the rest of his life, was her.

When the music hits me I feel no pain

That's why i gotta put you on again and again

I take the needle off the technics and put it in my vein All my troubles get crushed as the rush hits my brain

And away goes trouble down the drain

The street he was walking was more peaceful and he liked it. Out of the blue, he spotted a woman walking. She was approaching him. And then he knew. He knew, as soon as he set eyes on Olivia's face that this was the night that everything would fall into place.

I see only what I wanna see

I be only who I wanna be

My blanket covers me

They stood in silence for some moments, just gazing at each other

"Hello stranger" she said finally

"Hey" he responded

"Manhattan is beautiful at night"

"It truly is"

"All the lights, the sounds… I could just stand there, hearing them all night"

" I know another sound that I would like to hear all night"

Music is my sanctuary

Music is my blanket

She exhaled softly and he felt intoxicated hearing the sound.

"You know that the blanket is pulled now right?" he asked

A calm smile was drawn to her face

" No it hadn't, it is still there, always has and always will" she reached for his hand

I see only what I wanna see

I be only who I wanna be

My blanket covers me

Blue eyes met chocolate ones, one more time. He led her hand towards his face and let it touch his burning cheek. He closed his eyes but she whispered

"No, look at me" His eyes opened immediately

"Say it" her voice was barely a whisper now but he read her lips

Music is my sanctuary

Music is my blanket

She saw his lips moving, forming the words.

"I love you"

And suddenly something twinkled inside her. The last pieces of the wall were falling, the wind was blowing them away. And before she knew it, the words were coming out of her, like they had been waiting down there her whole life to come out at this exact moment.

"I love you"

You are my living world

You are my living world

You are you are you are my

My only living world...

And just like that, they left that street together, without saying anything else, without knowing where they headed to. But the truth is, it didn't matter. Those words they had just said to each other would guide them, they would be the only thing that mattered from now on. Their love would be their blanket

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