When I close my eyes, I feel like I can see Heaven. I imagine a beautiful bright light as you enter. And the home itself is amazingly big. There's at least 10 stories, and it looks like a castle, a beautiful castle the matches the color of snow. It's extremely white, and bright. Everything just makes you feel...safe, comforted, calm. And above all of that pure, forever and ever pure. As you enter Heaven, you notice everyone smiling and enjoying themselves. You see people laughing, and hugging, and no one is sitting down by themselves. Everyone's a big happy family, and you immediately feel accepted. The Lord gives you a smile when he sees your name on the scroll, he hugs you, takes your hand, and shows you around your new home. You fall to your knees in awe, overjoyed with everything. You kiss the Lord's feet and smile. There's this sudden feeling inside your heart, a feeling where everything, all of the horrible things you've done in the past are suddenly wiped away from your memories. The past is the past, and you have forgotten that past, and started fresh, new, clean.

You feel so pure, so happy, like nothing can go wrong. It's beyond belief. It's too perfect, to amazingly beautiful. But yet, everything feels right. You smile, and you laugh, and you hug all of your lost loved ones. You see tons of people that you didn't expect to be there, and you greet them with a friendly tone. You can't believe that this is the place where you will spend an eternity. As you lay on puffy clouds, you close your eyes, and you try to dream. But how can you dream of anything other than your new home? There is nothing more amazing. Nothing you can even think of that your new home doesn't already have.

"Yeshua, this is like a dream that I never have to wake up from. How can one love someone so much to give them all this?" You ask him.

And he smiles, "The Lord is a loving being. He has created all humans, and he wants to see them happy, smiling, laughing."

I smile, because I know that I am forever loved. I know that I am never forgotten. I know that I will always be safe. And to top it all off, I am...forever pure.