STORY: Soul-less

Chapter: Too Late to Turn Back Now

A drop of blood slid down his arm. He stared at it. Tom Marvolo Riddle's dairy lay across the frozen body of Hermione Granger. The shrieks of cold laughter echoed in the passages of the chamber of secrets. The haunting shadows of death and midnight already casted themselves on the raven-haired boy. Faint footsteps of the others came numb to the boy. He could only hear the ruthless voice of his enemy.

"No nothing can stop me now. History is going to rewrite itself from the boy-who-lived to the boy-who begged-for-death. I, the great one gave it to him. What do you think of it old coot."

It took Harry a moment to realize that Dumbledore followed by the other professors had entered the Chamber of Secrets and had their wands pointed at the Dark Lord.

"Tom you were a demon in disguise. I should have known the day you entered Hogwarts what you had in store for us" Dumbledore replied and was just about to step into the circle of fire that the Dark Lord had made when Harry felt a searing burst of pain and moaned. No words came out of the boy but blood ran free from his hand where the basilik fang dug deep into old wounds. Dumbledore who had not missed a movement that was happening in the room stopped dead in his tracks at the sight of the boy and stepped back.

"You will never learn that a wizard like me always knows a way to hurt his enemies." Voldemort laughed coldly at the sight of the boy and continued, "This circle of fire is an ancient dueling ring where no wizard can get out once inside and no wizard can get in. Until a duel has took place between the two wizards anyone who attempts to get in will hurt the wizard that they were going to fight for. It is considered unfair to fight for the other wizard." Voldemort laughed as he threw a careless crucio spell on the boy.

Harry bit his lips. No, he was not giving him the satisfaction of screaming. As the thought ran freely all of his body obeyed to his command despite the fact it was soaked in blood. He looked up to see Tom laughing. All the professors looked at him with sympathy and at Tom with horror. Snape tried to look indifferent but winced slightly. Dumbledore looked from Tom to him. He knew Dumbledore was going to be no use in this situation. I don't need their pity, Harry told himself. From the corner of his eye he could see Snape looking at him. Even he was frozen in his spot.

Harry turned his face back to the enemy that ruined his whole life. All he saw was the person that destroyed his every single dream. The person that killed everyone he ever loved. How much more damage can he do? He destroyed everything I already had. This is a joke! I am a joke! He can't cause me much more pain than what I already suffered. How can he kill someone who's already dead? Another painful crucio spell brought him out of his thoughts. Once again his body obeyed and no movement would show that he has given up. He looked at the face of his enemy who waited for him to beg for mercy. He smiled. The young man's face became from amused to a bit surprise but was quickly replaced by anger.

"Is that all you have Tom? Come on, give me your best." Harry spoke boldly. All the professors were in shock mode. The young lord was furious.

"How dare you?" Tom spoke; obviously enraged by the raven haired boy. He threw more crucio spells but Harry did not show any signs of weakness, instead he laughed outright.

"You call yourself the Dark Lord. I would have you renamed to coward. What do you think?" as soon as the words left his mouth he was slammed into the wall. He heard a couple of cracks and was sure his ribcage had definitely snapped into dust. Ignoring the pain he smiled at the dork lord. He looked at the professors who slowly seem to be recovering from their shock and watching the battle, hypnotized by the scene in front of them.

"You'll pay for what you said. I'll make sure I kill you in the slowest and most painful way" The young lord spoke slowly emphasizing each syllable with a glint in his eye. Harry smiled once again.

"Go ahead I would love for you to try!" Harry shot back.

"Harry this is unbelievable. Please just try to get out of the circle." Professor McGonagall yelled from the side. But to Harry he could only see his enemy. The young dark eye's scanned him. Suddenly a wave of searing pain made his way through his mind. He knew that Voldemort was going to do this. He was prepared for it. Using the remainder of his energy he put his barriers as high as he could. He put walls around his darkest memories. Using all is force he pushed Tom out of his mind. He opened his eyes just in time to see Tom stumble down and hit the ground. He looked around to see a shell-shocked Dumbledore with the other professors looking at him with their mouth hanging open.

Tom recovered from his fall and more furious than ever, he pushed his wand into Harry's neck. Harry just stood there and smiled at the Dark Lord who angrily pressed his wand deeper into his neck. Harry looked at him and only spoke 4 words that pushed the dark lord over the edge.

"Try and KILL me."

Before he knew it many unknown but painful curses hit him with full speed. He was slammed once again more painfully into walls. More cracks were accompanied by the begging voice of his bones which he ignored. He could feel the fresh drops of blood trailing down his right cheek. Before he could make a move a new burning sensation slowly started tearing him apart starting from his toe planning to reach his head. Despite the agony he was drowned in he could hear the voice of his enemy clear.

"I told you Potter I will kill you slowly and painfully. You're pathetic friend was no match for me," Tom spoke, pointing a pale finger at Hermione's frozen body before continuing. "Neither were you filthy mudblood mother and your cowardly father."

Harry could feel his body burning but not by the burning sensation the dark lord was causing but by new sensation which entered him in a rapidly fast pace. He could feel his anger rising. He stood up from the near wall he had been slammed in. He ignored all the voices around him and the pain he was in. All he saw were the red eyes of his enemy. The new sensation raced through his veins. Everyone around him gasped. He looked at the shattered pieces of mirror which belonged to Hermione.


The name fueled his anger towards his enemy. Finally a broken shard caught his eye. He noticed that his eyes had turned into a very deep color of red. He finally understood what Salazar Slytherin had meant.

"The memory scars the body, like a silver blade cut deep."

Tom had pushed him too far. His mind could only think of destroying the demon in front of him. He closed his eyes and concentrated his mind on the magic running within his body. Before he knew it his whole body was on fire. Red flames angrily rose from the end of his fingertips. His face was only visible that held the red eyes. The Dark Lord who seemed to just notice what the boy was doing pointed his wand towards the lightening scar. To Harry only one thing ran through his mind. KILL!

The young lord sensing the power laughed and spoke loudly so everyone in the whole chamber could hear. "Say good-bye Harry Potter while you still have the chance."

With bold words he spoke the 2 words which started it all. "AVADA KEDAVRA"

A brilliant green light shot out from the Voldemort's wand hitting Harry with full speed. Harry caught the green light with his bare hands. Some of the professors had closed their eyes while Dumbledore and Snape were now trying to break the ring. Harry laughed. His voice echoed into the silent and tense moment. All the professors looked at him not sure what was happening to the-boy-who- lived. Harry could feel the pain spreading from his right hand where he grasped the spell tightly. He looked into Riddle's eyes and felt all the anger he locked behind all the fake smiles throughout the years come out all at once. He shot the spell back at the monster that destroyed his life. Voldemort's eyes widened as the spell hit him with full force. Harry looked at his right hand where a bad cut seared his hand. The words ran fresh.

Like a silver blade cut too deep….

Harry looked at the Dark Lord, who started shooting random spells at him. Harry conjured a shield so strong from his hands that the spells bounced off with ten times the force they were coming at. One spell accidentally hit Voldemort and he stumbled back. Before he could even get up Harry grabbed him by the neck and slammed him into the wall. The Dark Lord's wand fell from his hands and landed on the fire that encircled the 2 wizards. The young lord's wand burned into ashes. Tom was more than just furious. He punched Harry in the face and Harry landed backwards. Voldemort lifted a bronze sword from the metal soldiers and aimed it Harry who just in time rolled over to the side and the sword pierced the ground. Harry angrily grabbed the sorting hat, which Fawkes had left about half an hour ago. He saw something glint in the sorting hat. He pulled the object out realizing it was a sword. He looked at the sword carefully. GODRIC GRYFFINDOR was carved onto it. Harry was too angry to care why a sword was in the sorting hat. A sword cut deep into is left arm which brought him back to the battle. Harry blocked another thrust of the sword. He smartly added an identical wound like the one of his on his enemy's left arm. After a few thrusts from both wizards at each other the Dark Lord pushed Harry but was met by a fierce Harry who punched him into the shoulder as the Tom crashed into a metal soldier. Harry leaned down punching the young face of his enemy. Blood dripped from the face of is enemy. Harry's red eyes seem to return to their normal color. All the professors gaped at him. Some of them were frightened while the others looked at him with interest. Harry brought his attention to Hermione but stopped at the sight of the diary. He knew what to do. Tom was still recovering from the fall as Harry looked for the basilik fang. He did not even know when it fell out. Looking around he saw the basilik fang inches away from his wand. Harry quickly grabbed the fang and took the dairy from the frozen body. He pierced the book in and out with the fang. Blood spilled all over the floor.

The Dark Lord yelled from the other side of the circle. "Nooooo!"

Suddenly there was a searing white light. Harry put his arm over his eyes to shield himself from the light. The light died down and Harry removed his hand from his eyes. Instead of Voldemort only lie dust and ashes. The fire died down. He knew this was only a part of what he had to face. He sighed. The ring of fire was now black and smudged into an uneven circle. He felt a hand gently grab his shoulders. He turned around to see Dumbledore looking at him with concerned eyes. He pushed the hand away and made an attempt to get up. This time different but firm hands grabbed him as he fell. He looked around to see SNAPE holding on to him. He tried to push the hands away but they were too firm and his wounds were not much of a help. He finally pushed Snape and managed to stand up on his feet.

"I'm sorry," Dumbledore started but before he could continue Harry cut him off.

"Save your breath. I don't need your pity. I hate all of you." His words came in a much harsher tone then intended. He could already see a hurt expression come over all the professors. He decided to ignore it and started walking on when familiar hands grabbed him.

"Headmaster I would like to heal Mr. Potter in my quarters since there is no room in the Infirmary."

Author's Note: So in this story I made Harry a lot stronger. His age is 13 and he is about to turn 14. I did leave it kind of lingering. Next chapter is Harry with Snape in his quarters. I'll be updating every Friday.

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