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Frowning slightly, Takeo waved his hand in front of his friend's eyes. He had a feeling the other man hadn't been paying the least bit of attention to what he had been saying since he had finally arrived at the reunion half an hour ago.

"Hey…hey!…M-21?" He said; trying to snap his friend out of whatever daydream he was in.

"I'd spare myself the trouble if I were you." Regis stated with a knowing look, as he walked past them with an empty food tray. "He only has eyes and ears for one person tonight."

M-21 nevertheless managed to snap back to his senses in time to shoot the young Noble a dry look, which ended up causing Takeo's curiosity to heighten even more.

"…Is something wrong?" He quietly asked his comrade, as soon as Regis was out of hearing range. Truth be told, Takeo did find M-21 uncharacteristically tense for some reason. He wouldn't stop glancing across the living room as if he were searching for something, although what that "something" was, Takeo hadn't been able to figure out yet.

M-21 however quickly shook his head to dispel any traces of concern on his friend's part. "It's nothing..." He assured him; his lips curling up in an apologetic smile. "I'm tired from the business trip that's all." He pulled a hand up to rub the back of his neck. "I think I should be heading home. I have to get up early in the morning to finish some reports for Tao…"

"Oh no, you don't!" A voice quickly reached them from behind.

M-21 and Takeo turned around to face a not so amused looking Tao. "Those reports can very well wait and you know it pal, so don't even try coming up with some work related excuse to get out of here." Tao threatened, finishing the beer in his hand in one go. "We´re all finally here! We can all have fun together. No one's leaving." He added proudly, as if the success of the reunion had somehow been all his doing.

M-21 sighed. Sometimes he wished he would just act on his thoughts and hit Tao across the head like he deserved. "…I spent 15 hours trapped on an airplane today, Tao. I'm tired." He said, hoping nonetheless to instill some compassion in the other man.

No such luck though, as the only response he got was a head shake from his friend. "Hey boss!" Tao called his former employer who was passing close by, in an attempt to gather troops to his side. "Please tell this young man he cannot leave the party until the host says so." He asked of Frankenstein, while pointing an accusing finger directly at M-21.

Looking at the trio, Frankenstein raised an eyebrow in surprise. "Leaving already M-21? It hasn't been that long since you've arrived..." He asked in a seemingly casual tone, as he stopped to speak to them.

M-21 knew very well though that Frankenstein could see right through his desire to leave and suddenly felt extremely uncomfortable with his presence.

He shook his head trying to sound casual as well as he replied to the older man. "It's been a long day, that's all... I wasn't even planning on coming in the first place... I just thought I'd stop by for a while to ask how everyone was doing."

Frankenstein ignored the upset grunt that came out of Tao's mouth as he heard his friend's words, opting instead to eye M-21 carefully. He had to admit that the younger man's strange demeanor that night was only helping to feed the suspicion he had been carrying with him from some time now. "And have you…asked how everyone was doing, that is?" Frankenstein couldn't help but ask him.

The sudden compromising look that came over M-21 spoke volumes to the older man. He discreetly glanced towards the balcony, to where Yuna and Suyi had retreated some time ago and couldn't help but feel the urge to shake M-21 out of his gloomy stubbornness right then and there.

Frankenstein wasn't exactly an idiot after all, and while the looks Yuna and M-21 had been casting each other's way throughout the evening when they thought the other wasn't looking might had escaped the rest of the party, they sure hadn't escaped him.

"Well, if the two of them need a push, so be it." Frankenstein mused to himself.

"It is a wonderful night, don't you all think?" He asked the trio, before Tao had the opportunity to start scolding M-21 again. "Why don't we all move to the balcony so we can enjoy the moonlight?"

"No!" M-21 quickly responded, before the other two even had the chance to open their mouths. "I mean…we're fine here… It's kind of cold outside tonight anyway… It's best if we stay indoors." He added, unable to face Frankenstein's eyes for a moment.

The older man frowned. It became clear to him that M-21 knew very well who was occupying the balcony at that moment.

"Are you sure?" He nevertheless asked the younger man again, in such a conspicuous tone that Tao and Takeo ended up exchanging curious glances with each other.

"…Yeah." M-21 answered after a moment of seeming hesitation; albeit concealing his eyes from the other man under his bangs. "…I'm sure."

"…Very well then. I'll try my luck elsewhere." Frankenstein thought to himself, before walking away from the trio towards the balcony.

He had just crossed the balcony's threshold when Shinwoo's voice was heard loud and clear.

"Suyi!" The redhead called from inside the living room, still hovering over the War of Craft board game. "It's your turn to play."

"Hold on. I'll be there in a minute." Suyi answered back from the balcony, just loud enough so that her voice could reach him.

Sensing Yuna and Suyi hadn't noticed his presence yet, Frankenstein was about to address them when the later suddenly squeaked in delight.

"Look at him! He's gotten so big." She said staring at what looked to Frankenstein like a picture displayed on the screen of the cellphone she was holding up.

Beside her, Yuna smiled in earnest. "I know… I swear he's grown 2 inches in the last month alone." She confessed, also looking at the screen.

"Aw, why didn't you bring him with you? I haven't seen him in so long…Does he still remember me?"

Yuna laughed. " 'Aunty Suyi'? Of course he remembers you! You gave him his favorite teddy bear after all."

Suyi joined in on the laughs. "Really?... How cute!" She said looking back at the cellphone's screen. "I swear though Yuna, wait until Alex grows up. He'll have girls throwing themselves at his feet, for sure. He's going to be so incredibly handsome."

Suyi's comment ended up making them both laugh again.

"…Who's Alex?" Frankenstein asked, amused himself by their light spirits; and finally announcing his presence to them.

The unexpected question however, caused the two young women to jump up in fright, but while Suyi's scare was only due to the fact that she really hadn't been aware of another's presence in the balcony, Yuna's bordered more on the lines of a panic attack.

She suddenly became very pale, while Suyi began laughing again unaware of her friend's state.

"Principal Lee." The young actress said, holding a hand above her heart. "You scared us!"

"I'm sorry about that." Frankenstein apologized, also laughing. "I didn't mean to. But… mind if I ask who Alex is?... Is he perhaps someone I know?" He inquired intrigued, still looking at the cellphone Suyi was holding. Now that he thought about it, he had a faint idea of Yuna having a little brother with a foreign name.

"Oh, he's-"

"Suyi!" Yuna quickly interrupted her, with a somewhat agitated voice.

Her friend rolled her eyes at her though. "Oh come on, Yuna. It's Principal Lee. It's not like he's going to tell anyone."

Yuna looked at the older man in front of her for a few moments, before quickly averting her gaze; a deep blush tinting her cheeks. "I know, but…"

Suyi sighed. "It's already silly enough that you don't want any of the others to know."

Frankenstein looked from one girl to the other, clearly confused now. He was about to tell them to dismiss his question when Suyi spoke up, putting an end to the mystery.

"Alex is Yuna's son." She said, smiling.

"Suuuuyi!" Ikhan's voice reached them this time. "Come on, you're holding up the game!"

"I said I was going! Wait a minute, will you?" Suyi huffed impatiently.

"He's the cutest kid in the world, I swear." She quickly added looking at Frankenstein, who was still too surprised by the sudden piece of news to believe his ears. "Here, take a look for yourself." She said, handing him the cellphone.

"Suyi, no!" Yuna tried to protest.

But her friend only shook her shoulders, dismissing the words. "Over protective mother. Don't mind what she says." She whispered to Frankenstein, while placing Yuna's cellphone in his hands. "Look, isn't Alex adorable?"

Still bewildered by the sudden revelation, Frankenstein turned the cellphone's screen up to look at the picture himself and suddenly felt a knot form in his throat.

A little boy, no older than 5 years old, smiled at him from the screen sitting on the back of a riding pony. He was clearly Yuna's blood, no doubt about it. His petit nose and mouth seemed a perfect copy of hers, but his eyes… grey almost translucent orbs that Frankenstein had only ever seen on one other person in his entire life.

He couldn't help looking at Yuna then; his eyes concealing the question he dared not put into words in front of Suyi.

"SUYI! !" Shinwoo and Ikhan were heard shouting once again.

"I'M GOING ALREADY! !" She shouted back at them, storming out of the balcony while silently cursing every step of the way. "Excuse me for a few minutes." She still managed to say to the other two before disappearing from their sight.

"Please don't tell anyone..." Yuna pleaded with a trembling voice, as soon as she was sure Suyi couldn't hear her.

Her eyes kept darting from Frankenstein to the balcony's opened doors, through which she had a view of the others inside the living room. Her anxiety was plainly visible to him now, as he was sure she knew he'd figured out her secret.

He looked down once again at the picture of the little boy in the cellphone; his familiar grey eyes beaming back at him with delight through the screen. With every new look, the likeness of features seemed more evident to him. The resemblance was remarkable.

"He doesn't know a thing about the child, does he?" Frankenstein asked her softly, albeit already knowing the answer to the question.

Unable to face him, Yuna's eyes darted to the tiled floor in front of her. She stayed silent for so long that Frankenstein feared she would refuse to speak to him altogether. Just as he was about to address her again though, Yuna silently shook her head.

"…I only found out I was pregnant after he disappeared. H-He doesn't know anything." She finally confessed; her voice still trembling slightly.

Frankenstein sighed. He couldn't stop himself from feeling awfully sorry for the young woman. He could only imagine what she had to go through to raise a child all on her own in a foreign country, while juggling college at the same time.

"Is that the reason why you never came back home?" He tentatively asked. "Why you chose to remain in the US?"

Seeing her nod to his questions didn't surprise Frankenstein though. Somehow he figured Yuna would have wanted to put as much distance as possible between herself and the child's father, seeing as she seemed keen on keeping the truth from him.

He discreetly looked over his shoulder toward the living room. M-21 was still standing by the coffee table talking to Takeo and an increasingly merry Tao, although if asked, Frankenstein could have sworn that the enhanced human was still paying very little attention to the conversation, as he seemed more intent in directing his focus to the balcony. On more than one occasion Frankenstein had caught him looking straight at them; the concerned expression he'd bore earlier still marring his face.

Frankenstein looked back at Yuna. Although he knew he had no right to meddle in her life, he couldn't stop himself from asking. "Won't you tell him about the boy, Yuna?" He asked, seeing her tense up immediately. "Being the boy's father…He should have the right to kno-"

"No." She cut him off, completely resolved. "H-He made it plainly clear he didn't want me in his life when he disappeared." She added immediately after, albeit with what seemed to Frankenstein, a pained expression. "…Besides, I can take care of Alex perfectly well on my own."


"Alex and I are fine on our own, Principal Lee." She assured him, more calmly now. "And there is really no point in digging up the past now. It's been far too long… So please promise me you won't tell anyone about what you found out tonight."

Frankenstein looked at her pleading eyes and felt himself powerless to further reason with her. He knew from the start he had no right to after all.

He nodded quietly at her. "Very well. If that is what you wish, you can count on my discretion."

Yuna thanked him with a relieved smile.

Frankenstein looked at the boy's photo one last time before extending his arm so as to give her back the cellphone. "You have a very beautiful son, Yuna."

She was about to thank him for his words, when a painfully familiar voice cut through the air close to them, making her blood freeze.

"You have a son…?"

M-21 was standing by the balcony's entrance, clearly taken by surprise and shock.

With her heart suddenly racing inside her chest, Yuna made an effort to reply to him, but it seemed she had lost the ability to speak altogether at that time.

Sensing her discomfort though, M-21 quickly turned to Frankenstein. "I just came to tell you that Rai is asking for you." He quickly explained, turning around before the other man even had a chance to reply to his message.

Before crossing the balcony's threshold though, M-21 stopped and slowly turned around; a strange gleam suddenly appearing on his eyes as he looked back at Yuna. "…May I ask how old he is?...Your son?" He quietly asked her.

"Three… He's three." Yuna quickly lied, fighting as hard as she could a sudden urge to cry.

Frankenstein distinctively noticed the strange gleam vanishing from the younger man's eyes. M-21 stayed silent for a few moments as the implication of Yuna's words finished sinking in with him.

A pained smile appeared on his lips. "…What's his name?" He finally asked her.

Yuna felt the full intensity of his gaze on her, finding it hard to breathe. "A-Alexander…" She answered him almost in a whisper. "…But everyone calls him Alex."

"Alex…" M-21 nodded, while repeating the foreign name quietly to himself.

They stood staring at each other in silence for a few more seconds, before M-21 made a motion to turn back to the living room, leaving Frankenstein and Yuna alone again.

"I'm sure you're a wonderful mother Yuna." He said nevertheless, looking back over his shoulder, as he reached the balcony's threshold. "Alex is very lucky to have you."

"Hey, hey, hey!... Why the long faces people?" Tao asked, suddenly popping up in front of M-21. "This is a party you know?" He added, waving an empty beer can in his hand. "We should all be celebrating! *hiccup* So liven up you three… I order you to act happy *hiccup* …Huh, I think I need more beer. *hiccup*" He concluded, peeking through the can's open seal.

M-21 sighed as he watched the other man starting to struggle to maintain balance. He was so obviously drunk. "I think you've had enough beer for one night Tao."

"Whaa…? !" The computer whiz brushed him off with a wave of his hand. "You sure are no fun." He said, pointing yet another accusing finger at his friend. "And you still have to explain to me *hiccup* why you were so set-up against this reunion in the first place *hiccup* …You two should have seen him." Tao added, looking conspiratorially at Frankenstein and Yuna. "One word about the plans for the reunion and this guy would storm out of any room *hiccup*."

"Enough, Tao." M-21 warned.

"Why, it almost seemed like he wanted to avoid seeing someone."


"…Why is the world spinning around so much all of a sudden?" Tao asked in a daze, suddenly grabbing onto M-21's shoulder for support.

"You idiot." M-21 said, shaking his head. "Do you mind if I lay him down for a while in his old room?" He asked Frankenstein.

"No, please do." The older man nodded in agreement.

M-21 pulled Tao's arm over his shoulder for better balance and slowly dragged his half-conscious friend back inside the house.

As they went past the balcony's threshold though, Frankenstein saw M-21 looking back one last time at Yuna, who now had his back to him, leaning over the balcony's railing.

As she failed to see the sad, longing look in M-21's eyes, so did M-21 failed to see the silent tears running down Yuna's cheeks.

Frankenstein sighed in relief as the cheerful voices outside his closed front door started to diminish in volume, signaling the increasing distance of their happy owners from himself.

He had just bid his farewells to the kids, who for memory's sake, had decided to walk back home together just like in the old days.

They had promised to return very soon though, much to Frankenstein's desperation, as they claimed they didn't had the opportunity to finish the War of Craft game they had started that evening.

The older man suspected at least one of them had ulterior motives for returning so soon though. By the significant looks that Shinwoo kept casting Seira's way all throughout the evening (which were for the most part reciprocated), he wouldn't be too surprise if he were to learn that the War of Craft game was the least of the young footballer's concerns at the time.

He glanced to the kitchen area where Seira was currently helping out Takeo with the dirty dishes, while Regis tried to make some sense out of the messy living room. Even Rai was helping out, albeit the only thing he had done so far was pick up an empty soda can from the floor and stare at it in an intrigued way. Frankenstein made a mental note to later remind himself to thank them all for their much welcomed help.

Sensing one other guest missing from the room though, he quickly figured where his whereabouts might be and directing his steps towards the balcony, soon found M-21 with his back leaning against the balcony's wall, calmly indulging with his eyes closed, on the full moon's light shining down on him.

"…How's Tao?" Frankenstein asked, careful not to disturb the younger man too much.

The question made M-21 smile though. "He's in for quite a hangover in the morning." He answered with his eyes still closed.

Frankenstein nodded silently at his comment, looking at the bright full moon above them. They remained silent beside each other for a few moments, before, without really intending too in the first place, Frankenstein found himself asking:

"Why did you decide to come to the reunion after all?"

Hearing the question, M-21 slowly opened his eyes looking at the moon with that same sad expression that Frankenstein had perceived in him all throughout the evening. "I don't know…" He answered truthfully, seeming to struggle for the right words. "Maybe deep down I hoped that…" He shook his head; clearly wishing to dismiss whatever thought was in his head at the time. "…Never mind."

Frankenstein didn't need for him to finish the sentence though. He could very well guess his thoughts. "…You know, she'll be staying at her old apartment in town." He tentatively said.

M-21 quickly turned to look at him; confusion plainly visible on his features. "What?...Who are you talking about?"

"Yuna. She told me she'll be staying for the next few days at her old apart-"

"Why are you telling me this?" M-21 suddenly asked, somewhat agitated. He seemed to not see the point on being in on the detail.

Frankenstein sighed. He had anticipated that sort of reaction from the younger man. "I thought you might like to see her again, that's all."

M-21 chuckled, almost in disbelief. "And what good would that bring any of us?"

Frankenstein narrowed his eyes at him. "Well for once it would get you to stop pining over her. If any doubts persisted in my mind that you still had any feelings for her, they were pretty much put to rest this evening. You are obviously still in love with her!"

"N-No, I'm not." M-21 quickly defended himself, albeit with a very unconvincing tone of voice.

Frankenstein huffed, about to lose his patience. "Listen M-21, you can very well have successfully fooled everyone all these years regarding your feelings for Yuna, but don't forget that I knew about the two of you from almost the very start. So please do not assume that you can fool me as we-."

"She has a child!" M-21 cut him off. The fact clearly painful to him. "What's the point of me admitting anything now? Everything's changed."

Frankenstein nodded in agreement. "You are right. Everything has changed now. But-"

"I have no business meddling in her life. She has her own family now."

"But M-21…"

The younger man sighed deeply, pulling a hand through his disheveled bangs. "I should never have left her in the first place…" He guiltily admitted, more to himself than to the other. "I could do nothing but think of her all the time I was away."


A bitter chuckle escaped his lips. "I do wonder who the father is… I really hope he makes her happy… She deserves to be happy."


"What? !"

"You're the father!"

Frankenstein's words were left lingering in the wind for a few seconds, with no reply.

Taken by the shock of the confession, M-21 slowly turned to look at the older man as if he had gone mad all of a sudden. "W-What? What did you just say?" He quietly asked, unable to register the other's words.

Frankenstein couldn't help smiling at him though. He placed a hand on M-21's shoulder, as if the gesture could somehow make his words more real. "I said, my friend, you are the boy's father… Little Alex is your son."

M-21 shook his head in disbelief. "T-That's not possible. He's only thre-"

"His four… By my calculations he must be almost five actually." This time it was Frankenstein's turn to interrupt him. "Yuna lied to you about his age you see. She was trying to hide the truth from you."

"A-Are you sure?" The younger man asked; his question filled with the unconcealed hope he did not dare show in his eyes.

Frankenstein nodded once again. "She told me so herself this evening, although frankly she didn't have too. One look at the boy's photo and I knew he had to be your son." He smiled again, sensing the other man's eager anticipation. "…Alex has your eyes."

Hearing these words, made M-21 sway until his back hit the wall behind him. He seemed unable to control his balance anymore as he felt his knees almost give in under his weight while he found it increasingly hard for him to breathe.

He didn't care for any of it though. For the first time in a long, long time he felt his heart invaded by a sense of peace. He felt the power of true happiness invading him.

"Go to her, M-21." Was Frankenstein's advice when the younger man finally looked back at him, clearly not knowing which step to take next. "Go to her and confess your feelings to her. You both deserve to be happy together."

M-21's slowly parted his lips in the brightest smile Frankenstein had ever seen him display. "Thank you." Were his last words to Frankenstein before darting out of the balcony.

"Hey, where do you think you're going? You're supposed to be helping out with the cleaning, you know?" The older man heard Regis ask inside in obvious disapproval, as M-21 ran past him. "…What the hell is up with him?" Regis asked the others, before they all heard the front door open and shut with a loud bang.

(Thirty minutes later)

Frankenstein had lived a long life so far, a very long life; longer than most Nobles and definitely longer than any human, enhanced or not.

And throughout the days, years and centuries that he had walked on this earth he had witnessed so many conflicts and seemingly never-ending wars, so much suffering and destruction, so much greed and evilness inside people's hearts that sometimes he found himself wondering how the world had managed to survive for as long as it had.

He could see the answer right in front of him at that moment though; personified in the two figures deeply embracing each other just a few hundred meters away from the balcony of his own home, where he silently stood watching them: Love.

Love was the glue that kept the world from falling apart most of the times, what brought hope in times of despair and courage in times of hardship.

And the love that he knew that M-21 and Yuna shared for each other was enough to move worlds, although he had to confess that for a minute that night he had feared the worse for the two lovers.

When M-21 had left his side to go after Yuna, Frankenstein had remained where he was, intent on following the young man's progress from the balcony with his eyes.

He had apparently misjudged the kids' distance to the house because on closer inspection he was able to detect the quartet in the horizon, calmly walking up a nearby street.

They were just about to turn the street's corner, disappearing from his sight, when M-21 finally caught up with them.

Although too far away to catch their voices, Frankenstein figured that M-21 must had called out Yuna's name, since she was the first one to turn around to face him.

He could only guess the others' surprise at the sight of him. Shinwoo, Suyi and Ikhan nevertheless immediately waved their hands in the air walking back down to greet him enthusiastically, while Yuna stayed perfectly still, her eyes glued on M-21 as if she was unable to move from where she stood.

Truth be told, M-21 was acting in much the same way, his own eyes seemingly glued on her; not showing any indication that he was acknowledging the others' presence at all.

Frankenstein assumed that eventually the trio caught on the strange vibe between Yuna and Ajussi, because they seemed to start exchanging curious glances between them.

It was only when, discreetly elbowing each other, they motioned to leave the two alone that Yuna suddenly woke up from her daze, quickly shaking her head as if to say no, while taking a step back away from M-21; which in turn caused the young man to take a step forward extending his hand to her, in a pleading motion.

Whatever came out of M-21's mouth at that moment caused them all to tense up, although none as much as Yuna.

From his spot on the balcony, Frankenstein could have sworn that he saw Ikhan and Shinwoo silently gasping in surprise; their heads turning from Yuna to M-21, and back to Yuna again, and although they looked like they were just about to speak up, they were swiftly prevented to do so by Suyi who, covering their mouths with her hands, pushed them both back up the street despite their protests, until the three of them disappeared behind a corner, leaving Yuna and M-21 finally alone, staring in silence at each other.

Not wasting anytime herself, Yuna was quick to turn her own back at M-21, and before he even had any chance to explain himself to her, she was already walking away from him in the same direction the trio had just taken.

M-21 was quick to act though, and before Yuna managed to put any significant distance between them, he caught up with her; his strong but gentle arms coming up to embrace her from behind, making her stop immediately in her tracks.

Still, she tried to free herself from his grasp, although it looked like to Frankenstein that the harder she fought him, the tighter M-21 held her in his arms.

Eventually she stopped fighting him back, and with tears running down her cheeks, slowly dropped to the ground on her knees, taking M-21 along with her.

Frankenstein saw Yuna clasping onto M-21's sleeves shortly after while the young man gently buried his face in her hair, pulling her back closer to his chest.

They stayed that way for a very long time, embracing each other in silence under the moonlight, until M-21 gently cupped her chin with one hand, turning her face sideways so it could meet his and tenderly brushed his lips against hers before locking them together in a passionate kiss that seemed to release all the longing he had kept locked inside his heart for the past 5 years.

Frankenstein had witnessed the scene with a content smile. He felt truly happy for them, albeit the challenges their relationship would surely put them through in the future. After all, M-21 still had the difficult task ahead of him of confessing to Yuna the whole truth about himself.

All things considered, M-21's background wasn't an easy one for a human to understand, and although Frankenstein did not have the slightest doubt of Yuna's feelings for the young man, deep down he was still a little reticent of how she would react to it all, particularly with a child in the mix.

"Alex…" Frankenstein said to himself while remembering the little boy's picture. He couldn't help but wonder for a minute how much of the father had actually passed on to the son...

"You don't need to worry about them." A calm voice interrupted his musings, making him turn around.

Rai was standing a few feet behind him, also looking at the couple under the moonlight.

"Master? !" Frankenstein asked, intrigued by his words.

Rai turned his gaze on Frankenstein; his lips parting in an almost imperceptible smile. "You don't need to worry. They'll find a way to make it work. Their feelings for each other are very strong."

Frankenstein's eyes widened in sudden realization. "Master, did you know about the two of them all along?"

Rai's smile turned perceptively wider. He seemed to be debating with his thoughts for a few seconds. "… I might perhaps have been the one to give Tao the idea for the reunion in the first place." He said in his characteristic calm tone.

"Master…" Frankenstein said, moved by the implication.

"…Frankenstein?" Rai asked, suddenly very serious.

"Yes, Master?"

"I seem to find myself still hungry… I think I would like some ramen, please."

Frankenstein smiled while bowing respectfully at him. "I believe Seira was just about to prepare a fresh bowl." He mentioned, leading his Master back inside the house; leaving the moon behind to silently stand witness to M-21 and Yuna's own reunion.

The End

Silly ending is silly lol but this wouldn't be a Noblesse fic if Rai didn't end up asking for his beloved ramen.

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