This is the end, and I couldn't help myself but to use the names I did for the new characters XD I hope you have enjoyed this story!

"What the hell are you doing? I thought I told you to never make any friends, you little brat!" The man roared at his child, who simply whimpered in reply and clung to himself more, curling up into a ball. Just as his father was about to drag him out from under the table by his hair, Sasori came up behind him and knocked him in the back of the head with his hand, hitting a pressure point in his neck. The man blacked out before he even hit the floor.

Deidara stared up in amazement at his boyfriend, who simply smiled at him and said "As if I'm the type of person to let the one I love come to any harm." As he hauled Deidara to his feet and pulled him into a hug, rubbing his back as he started to cry softly.

~3 Weeks Later~

School had ended and Sasori and Deidara spent every waking minute together and it pained them to be apart. They spent every day like they were on a date, possibly to make up for lost time that they had never dated anyone before and were still new to it, but enjoying every second. They even met up with Onyx and Rose from time to time.

The two boys got home from Starbucks one day, after finding out that Onyx had given birth to, fraternal, twin boys, which was unexpected. Rose had called the elder Craig, who had grey eyes and black hair, and Onyx wanted to be original with the younger, so she called him Tweek, he had blond hair and green eyes. What made the two women laugh was the fact that the boys, despite being so young, acted like Sasori and Deidara, in love- constantly pecking each other on the cheeks, blushing and cuddling together when they slept.

The teenagers had seen the twins in action and they understood the reason the girls were also a bit worried, if they did that when they were older, as well as having lesbian mothers, they would be boys in love, and even worse, brothers which would cause a lot of problems for them. They all decided what was for the best would happen so they decided that to worry now would be pointless.

As mentioned the boys had come home and they saw Chiyo smiling and doing an old-time dance. Sasori raised an eyebrow and asked "What in the name of puppeteers are you doing?" the woman turned to him and smiled, replying "The police just called; Deidara's dad has died in prison from previous alcohol abuse." Then she saw Deidara and her smile dropped and she told him "Oh, sweetheart, I didn't mean to sound so insensitive."

Deidara shook his head and smiled wanly. "It's OK, un. I'm glad he's dead." Sasori smiled himself and clung to the blond, who hugged the red-head back twice as hard as Chiyo came up and hugged them both.

It only goes to show, those who start out with the worst beginnings, end up having the best endings, or the start of a new beginning if you get my point.

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