Albus watched Hermione and Severus go into the room of requirement. The door shut behind them and Albus took a deep breath. He hoped everything would go smoothly. A minute came to pass as the door opened again. Albus smiled when Severus and Hermione stepped out.

"What's the rest of your plan old man?" Severus asked.

"Miss Granger you will need this," Albus said and pulled a small mirror from the folds of his robe.

"What's this?" Hermione asked.

"A mirror that belonged to Sirius Black, Mundungus sold it to my brother whom forwarded it to me. Harry has what's left of the matching mirror. You can communicate with him through it," Albus explained and handed it over to Hermione. Hermione nodded and looked the mirror over.

"You can send Dobby should we ever need help in a pinch. Also there is a secret passage way in the northern east corner of the east wing dungeons behind the tapestry, tap the three red stones right to left. It leads to my brother's house in Hogsmeade. He will also give you any help you ask for. Tonks is ready to act should you need to get students out of the castle, especially the muggleborns." Albus said and began to lead them through the castle.

"Of course," Hermione answered.

"The ministry officials won't be too much longer. I need to get out of this castle and make Voldemort believe you've really run us out of here." Albus said.

"Which means Potter has to believe it as well," Severus replied. Hermione looked to Severus.

"Best put your costume on," Severus said over to Hermione. Hermione nodded and cast the spell.

"What are we going to do?" Hermione asked.

"Be ready to receive the Ministry official and the death eaters with them, I will take care of the rest." Albus said and stopped.

"So it is here I will say farewell and good luck," Albus said. Severus nodded and reached out to Hermione and took her arm.

"The entrance hall," Severus said and Albus watched in amazement as Severus led Hermione down the hall.

Hermione stood with Severus at the top of the stairs.

"What exactly are we supposed to say when someone asks who I am?" Hermione asked.

"Let them wonder," Severus answered her as the doors opened.

"Where is Professor Dumbledore? He is hereby removed from his post as headmaster!" The ministry official said as he came in with a death eater at each side. They came up the staircase and stopped in front of them.

"He has already fled the premises," Severus told him.

"Took a piece of you with him did he Snape?" One of the men next to the official asked and reached out to Severus. Severus reached up, grabbed his hand, and jerked him around.

"Amycus Carrow, learn to keep your hands to yourself," Severus growled and shoved him away. Carrow caught himself before going down the stairs and looked back at Severus in shock. He looked to his brother whom shrugged.

"The castle will have to be searched," The official said. Severus gestured around him.

"Search where you wish," Severus told him.

The search led them to the grounds where Albus had Harry and Ron.

"Before they get to the woods!" Carrow shouted and pursued Albus with his brother. Severus stood back with Hermione as they fought with Albus and the boys. They won easily and slipped into the forbidden forest. Harry stopped at the edge and looked up to them.

"You'll pay for this Snape!" Harry shouted before catching up with Albus and Ron.

Harry ran along side Albus through the trees.

"You're sure Hermione's safe?" Harry asked. Albus nodded.

"There's no place safer, though I am afraid you wont be seeing her for some time Harry," Albus answered as they came to a stop at the Threstrals hollow. Albus held a hand out and several of the creatures came to him. Harry reached a hand out to Albus' shoulder.

"I'm sorry I know you trusted him," harry said. Albus looked back to him.

"Now's not the time Harry, up quickly. You too Ron," Albus instructed and the boys did as he said. Once the boys were on Albus grabbed the withers of the threstral before him and froze when his hand couldn't grab it. The creature seemed to sense his difficulties and lowered himself. Albus shook his head and hoisted himself up. They really didn't have time for it.

Minerva and the rest of the staff couldn't bring themselves to speak. Fear and shock was written across each of their faces. Hermione looked at each of them and did feel guilty. She had to tell herself that it was all for the good in the long run.

"As of now Severus Snape is Headmaster of Hogwarts and to make sure the switch is as seamless as possible, there will be ministry approved guards to assist him," The ministry official said. The Carrows grinned to each other and fiddled with their wands.

"Where's Dumbledore!?" Professor Burbage asked, Hermione heard Severus draw in a breath.

"None of your business!" Alecto Carrow snarled and pointed his wand at her and stepped forward.

"Who are you anyway?" He asked.

"Professor Burbage, muggle studies," She answered.

"Muggle studies? What makes you think we need a muggle studies professor!?" He yelled and then cast the cruciatus curse on her. Hermione's mouth dropped and she was about to leap forward when Severus grabbed her arm and pulled her into his arms. Hermione took a shaky breath and composed herself as Professor Burbage screamed on the floor.

It went on for several minutes before Severus raised his wand and disarmed Carrow.

"Snape!" Carrow snapped.

"The screaming's giving me a headache!" He bellowed.

"Precisely, just toss her in the forest and forget about her! I'm the new muggle studies professor!" Hermione stepped forward.

"You gone soft in the head!?" Carrow asked.

"Come to think you have, Is the cruciatus curse the only curse you have? There are century's worth of spells, incantations, and potions that can be used to torture muggles and traitors. I can even show you how to destroy them without anyone thinking a wizard had anything to do with it. In my muggle studies class you will learn things you can actually use. So have I gone soft in the head?" Hermione asked walking up to him and stepping over Professor Burbage.

"Now that's muggle studies alright, the forest you said?" Carrow asked. Hermione looked down to Burbage.

"I'll take care of it, no need to let someone such as you get your hands dirty," Hermione told him.

"Hell of a woman you've got there Snape, what's your name?" Carrow asked.

"Call me Professor Thalion," Hermione said.

"Have a first name Thalion?" Carrow asked.

"Not that you get to know," Hermione smirked at him and turned back to Snape.

"For your own safety Carrow, I wouldn't touch the professor," Snape spoke up. Hermione looked back at him and indeed about to grab her ass.

"Oy! I thought you were blind!" Carrow snapped.

"I am, I'm just familiar with your particular brand of stupid," Severus replied. Carrow glared at Snape and leaned forward to pick up his wand while watching Hermione walk away.

"Now everyone back to work, I'll be imposing my new rules soon enough, My dear," Severus said and held out his arm. Hermione took it and used her wand to lift Professor Burbage from the ground.

"Oh what are we going to do with her?" Hermione giggled as she looked down at the professor.

"Whatever pleases you," Severus said and walked with her.

"That's got to be kinky!" He replied and his brother laughed.

"Alright, this schools under new management then aye!" Amycus cackled.

"Any Naughty students will be punished severely!" Alecto pipes up.

"A thousand points to Slytherin!" Amycus yelled. He used his wand to make the point counter obey his wish and as he released his magic the entire castle became darker, all banners changed to Slytherin. The sky in the entrance hall disappeared to only reveal the ceiling.

Minerva looked around to the other teachers.

"Alright then back to your classrooms!" Alecto shouted out.

They moved out to the hallway and looked to each other.

"Where's Albus gone?" Flitwick asked.

"He took Potter and Weasley and fled," McGonagal answered him as they made their way down the hall.

"Has Snape really betrayed him?" Sprout asked with a glance over her shoulder.

"It appears so…" McGongal tried to think, she really didn't know what to do, she had to stay to protect her students.

"Where's Hermione Granger? Wasn't she helping Snape? Has he done something to her?" Sprout asked.

"Isn't it possible she went with professor Dumbledore, wherever Potter goes she's usually right alongside them," Flitwick remarked.

"No, I saw them leaving, Miss Granger wasn't with them. I've no idea where she could be, but for now we should do as they say and protect the students especially the muggleborns," McGonagal said. They all agreed and quickly hurried back to their classrooms.