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Loki sighed and settled back in his chair with a content smile. He had nothing urgent to attend to, Thor was keeping himself busy with the other Avengers, and his father hadn't spoken to him in a week. Life was good. Of course, there was the small matter of the boredom that quickly encompassed him, but that could be easily dealt with once it became unbearable. Loki was used to being bored whenever he sat still for more than a moment. Lately, though, he'd been attempting to vanquish said boredom by thinking, rather than actually doing anything. After all, there was only so much chaos he could cause without being thrown in jail again. Sighing again, Loki closed his eyes and allowed his mind to wander. For some reason, the first thing he thought of was Thor.

He wasn't a horrible brother, really. He just…tended to get angry at Loki rather than listening to him. And if Loki didn't try to get his attention, chances were that Thor would ignore him. Which, again, wasn't horrible, but it depended on the circumstances. That was why Loki had devised his (genius) plan to use sex to keep Thor from ignoring him. Thor had, surprisingly, been very willing, and Loki was quite pleased with the success of the endeavor. The only problem was, well, Stark. Tony Stark (or Anthony, as Loki insisted on calling him)-better known as Iron Man…and occasionally known as Loki's other bedmate. Loki hadn't meant to cheat on Thor, but Tony had been drunk and, well, Loki could never resist taking advantage of drunk mortals. And Tony Stark was often drunk. So what had begun as a one-night stand turned into a regular occurrence.

Not that Loki was complaining, but it was troublesome that both Stark and Thor wanted everything to be a complete secret from the other Avengers. But even that was okay until Captain America decided that Loki was definitely manipulating one or more of the Avengers, and threatened to tell Fury. Answering to Fury-especially about his sex life-was not something Loki placed high on his list of priorities. So he ended up bribing Steve with sex in exchange for his silence. Basically, when Loki wasn't with Thor or Stark, he was with Steve. And he was somehow able to keep all of them secret from the others. Any mortal would have been confused by the amount of lies he had had to tell to accomplish that. But then, Loki wasn't mortal. As the god of chaos, he had no trouble keeping every lie he had told in place. The others, of course, were a different matter.

Thor seemed to have a knack for visiting just as Loki finished with Steve-and Steve was a horrible liar. Stark liked it when Loki stayed all night and made breakfast the next morning whether or not the other Avengers were coming over the next day. And Thor always wanted to know what Loki was doing and who he was doing it with. But it wasn't horrible-just tiring. A mortal would never have been able to keep it up. And for all his confidence, Loki knew that this wouldn't go on forever. Sooner or later Thor would discover that it was usually Loki's fault when Stark was late to a meeting, and Steve would figure out that when Loki left early it was to go be with Thor. But Loki refused to break it off with any of them-partly because he liked all the attention, and partly because he cared more about all of them than he would ever admit.

A/N: This was based off a roleplay my friend and I are currently in the middle of. Sorry if Loki seems OOC, this was my first time writing him and I did try… So no flames, please. Feel free to leave constructive criticism though, I do appreciate it. :)