Pop a pill to escape this moment.

You can hear the pounding of his feet echoing through the halls below you. Despite your hiding spot in the closet at the end of the hall, you can hear the angry words being spat out, directed at you, in your hiding space above. Fingers shaking you rip the lid off the pill container, eyeing its contents anxiously. Four pills left.

Pop a pill to escape the demons.

They're flying through your mind, screaming at you. "THIS IS ALL YOUR FAULT" they shriek, laughing at your pain. Tears well in your eyes, and you swipe at them, but they're already spilling down your cheeks. You try to stop the flow, but the sound of boots pounding up the stairs sends you shaking, tremors rattling your core. Your wet fingers slip on the bottle's lid, but you open it in seconds flat.

Pop a pill to escape the nightmare headed your way.

You tuck into yourself, biting your knee to stop the sobs that so desperately want to come out. All you did was make him upset, you play this mantra on repeat in your mind until the situation seems less grim, until his footsteps and cuss words drift off into oblivion. You are no longer in a closet. You are in your room, by yourself, pill container in hand. You are safe.

Pop a pill to escape this reality.

The door is kicked down, and his foot collides with your face. Blood gushes from your mouth, nose, your darkened eyes. It doesn't stop there, of course. His fists punch you, bruise you. Ribs crack and your hope of survival shatters as he gives you one final blow to the head. He walks off, says nothing to you. He never looks back once as he storms off down the hall. Your vision weakens as the blood continues to pour. Death draws near as life ebbs farther away from the shore, and darkness overtakes you.

Pop a pill... you're finally gone.