A/N: This is a silly, little fic that originally started out as just a PWP. I wrote this several years ago and have decided to repost it. I've tried to clean up some of the writing mistakes I made the first time around but as always, I'm sure I didn't get them all. Please try to enjoy it despite them.

Her Choice

Chapter 1

Sesshoumaru looked at his young ward. After all of these years, he still found her traveling dutifully at his side, even if she had never done much more than break up the monotonous routine that had long ago become his life. It had been almost twelve summers since he brought her broken body back from the land of the dead. She had matured long ago and by human standards, she was well into the years when she should be baring young of her own. She was as clueless as to what that entailed as she had been the day her travels began with him. The only things she knew that indicated a change from her childhood were the less than subtle changes her now grown body had sustained. She no longer had the flat, unisex lines of a little girl but was now fully filled out with the body of a woman ready to begin the process of childbirth. The rest of her body was pleasing to the male eye as well. She was small and firm. Her muscles were nicely toned by the years of nearly constant travels. Her breasts were sized appropriately with her body though he had not seen them unclothed in quite some time.

He'd stopped his casual checks of her body when he noticed the effect it started to have on him. He was a male after all and she was female. The fact that he had once known her as a young child did nothing to alleviate such natural urges in youkai. It was not uncommon for beings with life spans as long as his to see many females grow from nothing more than pups at their mother's breast, to then mature and wind up rutting with them. The same could be said for the females. Age, as long as a partner was sexually mature, didn't matter when it came to matters of instinct and instinct dominated the lives of creatures like himself.

In the beginning it had been easy to ignore her quickly maturing body. She was still quite young when she began to bleed monthly and she still had not possessed all of the attributes that a fully mature female would but lately... she had become distracting. Her innocent movements did not seem as innocent anymore even though he knew for a fact that she was not trying to beguile him in any way. She had no idea what sex was and only had a rough understanding of the differences that separated males from females. He recalled the time she had inquired about her growing breasts.

"Lord Sesshoumaru, why aren't yours puffy like mine?"

"I am male Rin."

And that had been the extent of that conversation. Rin knew him well enough not to press any matter even if she didn't fully understand. She had seen what happened to Jaken when he became too bold and she had long ago endeavored to never be the annoying creature that he was. Rin knew that Jaken, while annoying, served his master well in a necessary capacity. She also knew that she didn't really have a role to play, so becoming annoying would not be something her master would allow her as he did Jaken. She was clueless and ignorant about many aspects of life but that didn't make her a fool, a matter that made him content to allow her to continue to follow them around on his travels.

He sat across the fire that Jaken had built against a tree in his usual sitting position. One leg stretched out, the other bend at the knee to provide his arm a place to rest. He watched as Rin busied herself with tending to Ahun. The animal really didn't need the attention but it did enjoy what she lavished on it daily. It would have served him faithfully without it but since it did no harm, he allowed the beast its luxury.

She was once again nearing her peak fertility and it was again becoming a distraction. Then her bleeding would immediately follow and that would attract unwanted attention to the little group. He'd be forced to stay closer than he normally would to ensure his retainers did not meet with an untimely demise as a result. He should have sent her away a long time ago. She not only presented a distraction to his all too male senses but she also was a liability to the group in general. Something had to be done. She could no longer be the pure drain on the company she kept. She needed to contribute in some way or he would have to leave her with her own kind.


"Yes my lord?" The little toad scurried over to his master's call.

"Leave the clearing for the evening; I do not want to see you again until the morning."

Jaken looked upset by the unexpected send off but dutifully turned to gather his things anyway. He turned to Rin who was still tending to Ahun even though she had heard what her master had said. She didn't become involved in any of the master's dealings unless she was spoken to directly.

"Come on Rin, you heard Lord Sesshoumaru, we're leaving."

Now she turned and moved to gather her things as well but was stopped by her lord's voice.

"No Jaken. I want only you to leave. Rin will stay here."

Jaken couldn't help but feel a bit put out by that information but he kept his thoughts to himself. He muttered something about stupid humans as he walked out of the camp. When Sesshoumaru knew he was well out of hearing range, he spoke again.

"Rin, come here." She immediately set down what she was doing and trotted over to her lord. She was suddenly nervous. This was not something that Sesshoumaru-sama had ever done before. It was unlike him do something new and unusual and this situation of Jaken being sent away and not her, was both.

"Yes my lord." She said once she reached him, rendering a polite bow at the same time.

"I am going to offer you a choice Rin. But first I will explain the situation." She nodded her head as she became even more nervous than she was before. `A choice, about what?' She thought to herself before he began again.

"You have become a distraction to this Sesshoumaru." He began, noticing the look of utter horror on the young woman's face. "You have changed from a pup into a mature female and that is what has caused this situation we now face."

Even though she knew she shouldn't, she tried to defend herself. "My lord, Rin did not want to change."

"I know."

"I will change back to the way I was."

"That is not possible Rin. You know this as well as I do. Do not insult this Sesshoumaru or yourself with such ridiculous notions."

Rin fell silent, a sense of dread settling over her. She always feared that one day he would send her away. She could think of nothing that frightened her more, not even wolves scared her as much as the idea of him leaving her. She fought to hold the tears back.

"You're going to send me away?" She asked even though she knew she was once again speaking out of line. It didn't really seem to matter at the moment though. The worst thing she could imagine was about to happen, what did it matter if she didn't follow his unspoken rules a closely as she once did.

"Rin." He spoke her name a fraction louder than his normal tone of speech. That immediately got her attention. "You will listen to what I have to say before you speak again, do you understand?"

She nodded, not even daring to voice her response.

"Good. Now then, you have become a distraction because you are sexually mature." He ignored her confused gaze. He expected it and would explain in greater detail in a moment. "Actually you have been for some time now but I have decided that I cannot allow you to continue to travel with me without making some changes in the way that you serve me."

Rin suddenly felt some amount of hope. He could just change the way in which she served him and stay? That would be easy. She would cut off her own feet in order to stay. Anything he asked of her would be preferable to being left behind. She didn't speak since he had commanded her specifically not to but she eagerly nodded her head.

He couldn't help but feel an amount of pride in her response. She was so loyal to him that she would do anything he asked. However, that did not change the way he planned on handling this situation. Even though he was sure she would comply without complaint, he would not do this unless she understood exactly what it was he was going to ask of her. There could be no misunderstandings.

"In order for your distraction to this Sesshoumaru to cease, I will require you to sate my sexual desires upon." Again he knew she didn't understand but she was once again shaking her head in the affirmative. "Rin," She stopped shaking her head. "do not agree to what I am saying until you know what it is I am asking."

She didn't see much the point to that but remained still anyway. After all, she had already cemented in her own mind that she was willing to do anything he asked, no matter what it entailed.

"Do you know what I mean when I say that I will sate my sexual desires with you?" He knew very well that she did not.

"No, my lord." She blushed, not because of the subject matter, after all you can't be embarrassed about the content of the subject if you don't know what it entails but she blushed because he had made her admit that she had no idea what he was talking about. She didn't like admitting to ignorance in front of him. The very word `sexual' he was using was one she had never even heard before.

"I will show you. After I have explained, only then can you tell me if you agree to do this. If you do not, then I will find you a suitable human family to live the rest of your days with. Do you understand?"

"Yes my lord." The mention of being left with a human family, once again brought up the terrible sense of dread. It didn't matter what he showed her, she would do it. She knew that it must be difficult or painful in some way. If it wasn't, why would he make such a big deal out of making sure she understood before letting her say she would stay or leave? She was disappointed that he believed anything could make her want to leave his side. Even death was preferable.

"Come here and sit beside this Sesshoumaru." She dutifully and eagerly obeyed. Once she sat down, he did something that confused her. He began to untie the bindings that held his pants in place. Once he finished untying them, he removed something strange from inside. At first she didn't even realize that it was a part of him until he spoke.

"This is something that males have that females do not." Her eyes widened. She most certainly didn't have anything like that. She had a crack that started in the front and ended in the back. She didn't have the soft looking `thing' that he held in his hand right now. She was suddenly even more confused about what he was trying to explain. What did this part of him have to do with anything? Again, she didn't say anything as he was not finished in his explanation. She only hoped that at the end of this she would know what he was talking about.

"Even though females do not have this, they have a place were this goes." Her eyes widened once again. "And not when it looks like this." Now she was really confused, as if she hadn't been before. She hadn't noticed that he was stroking said strange piece of flesh until he mentioned it again. To her utter and complete astonishment, it looked as though it were getting bigger and... harder? That couldn't be the case. Nothing on her got bigger if she touched it, at least she didn't think there was.

"Where you bleed from each month; that is where this goes." Now she blushed a little. She didn't like talking about when she bled. She didn't know why but it had always embarrassed her. It did even though the first time it had happened, Lord Sesshoumaru had told her that it was natural and happened to all females. "That is what I want to do with you Rin, I want to put this there from time to time when I feel the desire to do so. Do you understand?"

She looked at the part of him that still seemed to be growing. It seemed so much bigger than it was when he first showed it to her. Unthinking, Rin pulled up her kimono and spread her legs. She wanted to see exactly where he wanted to put that thing. She just didn't remember a spot down there were anything that size would fit. She had no idea what her innocent action did to the youkai sitting next to her.

He had already worked himself into a mild state of arousal by stroking himself in full view of this female that he had already decided would serve nicely in such a capacity. Now she was exposing herself to his eyes and that served to fully engorge his already stiff member.

"Are you sure that there is a place that it can go in me?" She was still looking at herself, lightly prodding her folds in hopes of finding something that she just hadn't noticed before.

"I am sure." Her head popped up at the tone of his voice and not the words. She had never heard him speak like that before. His voice was deeper, almost strained sounding. It didn't frighten her but it did make her take notice. The other `thing' she couldn't help but notice was the flesh he had ceased stroking. It had gotten noticeably bigger since she first moved to inspect herself.

"Will it fit? I don't see anyplace down there that could possibly fit that."

"It will fit. It will most likely hurt the first time few times but eventually it would cease to pain you."

Rin nodded. That was why he was explaining all this to her. She was right. It would be something that hurt but if it was only the first couple of times, that didn't seem like such a big deal if it allowed her to continue to stay with him.

"If we do that, you will let me stay?" It was his turn to nod, words were becoming more difficult. "Then I am willing. Did you want to do that now?" Again he just shook his head. "Is there anything I need to do?"

"Remove your clothing." His voice had the same strange tenor to it. She dutifully complied and he too began to remove his cloths. She stared at his body when they were both completely nude. They looked basically the same when clothed but nude, they were like night and day. He was all hard lines and muscle where she was soft and curvy. She decided that she liked the way he looked.

He stood and arranged his fur to create a makeshift bed. "Come here." She again complied. She had no idea what to expect except pain but it didn't deter her. Once she was by him, he gently turned her away from him and put pressure on her shoulders. She took it for what it was, a command to get down on her knees. Once she was there, she noticed that he had followed her down to the ground and that impossibly large organ was poking her in the buttocks. Next he urged her down onto her hands and she complied. Then he moved away from her. She just stayed there for a few moments, wondering what he was going to do next. She didn't know that he was simply admiring the view she had presented to him with no opposition what so ever.

She couldn't help the small squeak that escaped her lips at what she felt next. Instead of something hard, something hot and wet suddenly attacked the spot she had just been looking around in search of a hole that his organ would fit into. He was licking her down there! To her surprise, what he was doing now, another action she didn't understand, did not hurt at all and sometimes when he went to one specific spot, it actually felt really good. It caused a tingling warmth to flood her lower region.

He continued on with his licking for several more minutes and added what had to be a finger to the spot he must be planning to put his organ, causing her to feel things she never thought were possible. Suddenly, the coil snapped and her whole body exploded into a blinding pleasure that caused her to actually cry out. It took a few seconds but she finally came back to herself to find Sesshoumaru kneeling behind her and bending over her on his hand and knees just as she was but he was so much larger than she was, the position was easy for him to assume.

"This will hurt." He said as he positioned himself at her entrance. He saw her nod her head dumbly, still recovering from the orgasm he had given to her. He had debated the best approach and had decided that proceeding slowly would be the most prudent. He pushed his member against her opening but she naturally moved forward in response to his pressure.

"No, stay still." She nodded again but this time maintained her position as he pressed himself against her. For the longest time it seemed as though she might be right, he wasn't going to fit. Just as that thought passed through his mind, the head slipped passed the first set of muscles.

Rin whimpered as the pain of being stretched hit her. He was right, it did hurt! She tried not to cry out as he continued to press deeper into her but she just couldn't help it. She wasn't used to feeling pain. He kept her safe from that but now he was the one causing it. She didn't see how this wouldn't always hurt. He was shoving something so large into something that was obviously smaller. Still, to stay, she would endure it.

He stopped for a moment. Rin thought that maybe it was over but suddenly the pain became so much more. He suddenly thrust all the way into her and she was sure something inside of her had torn. This time she cried out loudly and tears ran down her cheeks at the pain. Then he stilled.

He was fully sheathed within her and he knew she was in pain. Unfortunately it was not something that could be avoided. He just repeated to himself that this was not something she would have to experience each time, only the first few encounters or so.

Now she was praying that he was done. She could feel his hips against her buttocks. He had to be all the way in the way in then. But the words he spoke next shattered that hope.

"I'm going to move inside of you now. I won't make it last long." She bit her lip for the impending pain.

He pulled nearly all of the way out before pushing himself back in. He heard her whimper and yet didn't. The feeling was too exquisite. After a few slow thrusts for her benefit, he lost himself in the feeling of her warm embrace and sped up. Soon he was rutting into her with abandon, completely unaware of the whimpering, pained human female beneath him.

Gods it hurt so badly. She just kneeled there, waiting, hoping that he would not want to do this for much longer. She heard his grunts and his unintelligible exclamations as he continued to pound into her. Fortunately for her, it wasn't much longer that she had to wait. She was so tight and he hadn't taken a female in so long that he simply wouldn't have lasted all that long even if he'd wanted to.

Rin felt him stiffen above her, let out a feral sounding growl and then shudder above her with very shallow thrusts.

Spent, he barely remembered to hold himself up to keep from crushing her under his weight. After a few moments, he pulled himself out of her and he didn't miss the shudder and whimper that fell from her lips at the action. She collapsed the moment he moved away, utterly exhausted by the evening's emotional and physical trials. He walked over to the packs on Ahun's back and pulled out a rag. He wet it with water that she had gathered from the nearby river earlier when they had first stopped for the night. With the wet cloth in hand, he moved over to her prone form. He carefully removed the blood and semen from their joining. She would heal.