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Yuri Lowell. Those who had known him have always seen him as a stubborn bastard. Is usually impatient, and would rather use his fists (and sword) to solve problems; whether they are big, small, it doesn't matter - yet he also proved that he can be quite cunning. But he also has a good heart within, unable to stand by when there are people suffering in front of him.

Though he also harbored some secrets from those he cares about; like not revealing that he was being a vigilante in order to exact justice upon the corrupt Council man, Ragou, and the just as corrupt Imperial Knight with a nobility status, Cumore until much later.

And yet there is one thing that makes him different from everyone else in the world of Terca Lumireis. Something that not even Yuri knows. And, at the time, no one would know what it is.

Until... Until IT happened.

And that discovery will turn his life – and many others – upside down…in more ways than one…

-Begin Prologue-


Everyone is fine where they were; Rita is trying to find a way to seal away Estelle's power for the time being (borrowing Dein Nomos for a while); Karol is helping some of the people from the Lower Quarter with some of their torn stuff; Judy is, well, brooding – he could never figure out what goes on in that woman's mind; the Old Man is taking a nap in the jail cell (complaining about the princess' punch hurting him - which served him right, by the way); and Repede is just lying down in the room where they'll be resting for a time. As for Flynn, the last he saw his blonde friend he is in his room along with his charming lieutenant, after the latter had informed the former that he had been promoted to Commandant.

He felt that all of them are nervous; even himself, considering that they had to confront Alexei tomorrow at Zaude. And he was too restless to try to fall asleep now. And when he is restless, his mind tends to wonder. Thinking of things that would usually make his head hurt…or unsettle him some more.

Such as… What would they do once they kicked Alexei's ass? They still needed to keep Phaeroh's promise to make sure Estelle's power doesn't go out of whack. They also needed to right some wrongs caused by the man, and Leviathan's Claw. Not to mention that they needed to dispose the Hermes Blastia before things get more out of hand…

And then what?

That was the question that plagued him. So far, that one thing unnerved him the most. But why?

Ugh, damn. If he continues to think like this, he won't get any sleep at all.

He needed some air.

Of course, he couldn't leave the castle. Not through the front doors. Nor through the window; he didn't want the knights to peg him for any more 'crimes' he could commit. Personally though, he had a feeling that the Imperial Knights just hated his guts.

Oh well. He's used to being hated. Besides, what reason do they – and the Nobles – give him for him to the nice to them?

He found a window after a few minutes of wondering around. The window sill is large enough for him to sit on. As he let his legs dangle, he considered leaning against the sill, like he would usually do, but… lately his back felt…funny. Whenever he tried to lean against the wall with his back, or simply lie down, he felt a spike of pain.

So, for now, he settled for just leaning against the window sill on his side. It was so damn weird, he thought. He never had a problem like this while growing up, so… why now? It only started to occur sometime after they arrived in Yormgen – well, the illusion town of it that is. After that, he felt some strange pangs of pain from his back; especially around aer. What the hell is up with that?

Ugh. What else could crap on his day?

He grimaced. Crap. He spoke too soon; he felt a pang on his back again. Well, not exactly a 'pang' or a twinge, or a stab; no it was kinda… prickly – that was the best he could describe it. A sort of sensation like… like being poked with something dull; dull enough to irritate it but not enough to hurt. Like before, he tried to ignore it.

He grunted when the prickling insisted on being an annoyance. Subconsciously, he brought his hand down the back of his shirt and slightly rubbed the spot with his fingers. When he first scratched it, it only made it feel… funny. And that prickle-like sensation is always where his hands couldn't reach.

The dark haired male just grunted, giving up trying to reach the spot and slouched a little. Defiantly not cool.


He looked down at his Blastia, as if it was the oddest thing in the world.

…Why is the skin under it… itchy?

…Great, first his back, and now this? He thought as he carefully took the Blastia off. Sure it seemed weird to take it off like that but-

Huh? The male looked over his left wrist in confusion. That's odd. His skin feels fine now… But just to be sure, he decided to scratch it a little. Nothing. No strange feeling at all.

"Huh…" He grunted, then looked out the window, onto the star filled sky. Ironic that the full moon is out – the words 'full moon' just brings a bad taste in his mouth – considering what will happen the following day. His eyes lingered on the barrier rings over Zaphias, and he sighed a little.

Who would've thought that all of this wouldn't have occurred, if the Aque Blastia Core hadn't been stolen? If it hadn't, he wouldn't have left the barrier, gone on an adventure much like Flynn in a way; and he wouldn't have known of a terrible plot made by Alexei in his mad desire to control the world. He wouldn't have known about the Aer Krene, the Hermes Blastia, the Entelexia, Apatheia, the Children of the Full Moon, and, most importantly, the Adephagoes.

…And he wouldn't have met all of these…'interesting' people in his travels… Some of those who he had gotten close to: Karol, Rita (to an extent), Raven (also to an extent), Judy…

Especially Estelle.

He had become proud of the girl during their adventure; she had grown from a naïve, indecisive girl – who was sheltered for most of her life – to a strong, confident young woman – yet she's still a bit naïve. But… in a way, he felt…sad. Like a parent who is proud of their child as they grow up, yet, is saddened when the time had come for said child to become independent.

For some reason though, he felt that he had to protect her. To look out for her. After he met her… that's what he basically did. Always lending a listening ear when she wanted to talk about something; nudged her into making her own choices… even going so far as to save her from Alexei – and, to an extent, from herself.

Now they got to go and stop Alexei from whatever the hell he's going to do at Zaude. But, when that place came to mind, he felt this… unease within his heart. What the hell is it about that place that made this... strange knot-like feeling in his chest? As if there's something at that place that gave him the creeps…

Or is it just him?

He sighed through his nose. Oh well, no point in worrying about that now. He better get some sleep himself. As he got off of the window sill, he idly thought that his thoughts earlier did took them off of-

"Huh-?" He let out when he suddenly felt… blank. His legs started to feel like jelly, making him stop in his tracks. Just as suddenly it appeared, it was gone, making him blink in surprise. "…The hell?" He let out as he placed his hand on his head. That was odd; for a moment, he just-

"AGH-!" Was all he could make, his breath hitched in his throat as he closed his eyes.

What the-? Why was he burning up! When did it get so hot? ? He knew he was breathing, but – to his horror – he couldn't feel any cool air enter his lungs. He clawed at his throat, trying to find a reason why he isn't breathing- why isn't he breathing? He felt as if something is… suffocating him; this strange warmth is- oh god, is it spreading? Is it a curse? A disease? A spell? He cracked an eye open as he struggled to move his head upwards-

His heart nearly stopped beating. 'What…?'

Wh- the hell- what the hell is going on? ?

Why couldn't he see? ?

The similar fear he had experienced back then clutched its cold hand around his heart at this horrifying turn of events. He rubbed his eyes violently, blinking to see if his vision is cleared, and when it didn't, repeated the process. What the hell is going on? ! Why couldn't he see? ?

His eyes were open, he could feel it, but… but all he saw is this strange blur- this blur is making everything hard to distinguish, like he had water in his eyes or something! Even the colors themselves have blurred!

The strange warmth didn't help matters – and his body continued to be on fire- no, it felt like his very blood is acid! It hurts- why did it hurt- why couldn't he-?

In all but a minute, before fear and panic took control of his very being, it just suddenly…stopped. The warmth disappeared. And he couldn't help but blink in bewilderment when his sight just…cleared. All of a sudden, he had his vision back! …But he couldn't help but notice how…sharper everything is; cleaner, more defined looking even. He looked over his hands, his eyes wide in shock, and feeling completely stunned at what just happened…to be honest, though, he wasn't quite sure what had just happened. But, right now, it didn't matter; he could see…

He allowed himself a moment to relax, slowly brining his hand up and placed it on his forehead, shaking his head. What in the hell had that all been about-?

And he cried out when he felt a sharp pain coming from his back.


Flynn – even though he was appointed as the new Commandant – was confused. He had checked the rooms where Yuri's companions are – along with where Lady Estellise is – yet he hadn't been able to locate his dark haired male friend. None of them, not even Repede, had seen him since he had checked up on them some time ago. Though he couldn't help but be unsettled when he had found the katana Yuri had with him in the room all of them will be staying in for the night, leaning against the table in the room.

He looked around in the empty hall of the castle, devoid of any knights – which he shouldn't be concerned about. He did dismiss the knights to turn in for the night, assuring them that nothing would happen to any one of them – yet there isn't a sign of his dark haired friend. "Where could he have gone?" He asked himself.

The blonde knight turned his attention to the small box in his hands. To others, it didn't seem special; just an ordinary wooden box. However, the box is very special, for it was a gift from Yuri four years ago when the said male left the knights; well, not so much as a gift, but it was…'borrowed' in Yuri's term. He lent Flynn the box, saying it was a 'good luck charm' and asked him to keep it safe; though, it took Flynn a while to convince Yuri that. The blonde just can't take the box – after all, it was a memento of Yuri's mother. So, Flynn promised to return the box one day when they meet again.

He just happened to find it on accident when he was going through his things in his room – he hadn't been in there for quite a while – and found it in the chest sitting at the foot of his bed. Sodia was with him at the time (and helping him with some of the mess that was in his room) when he found it. It took him opening the box to remember his promise. He asked Sodia to also turn in for the night, assuring her that he will be alright and go to bed later.

So here he is, standing in the hall on the second floor – where his and Lady Estellise's rooms are – still looking around for the familiar dark violet hair that was his friend. However, he calmed himself; panicking – even at the slightest – is not a good thing. Panic always derails the mind, scatters thoughts and makes the person think irrational thoughts.

The castle has five floors (not counting the jail at the basement), so… Yuri must be at one of the higher floors. Nodding to himself at the logic, he proceeded to the where the stairs that lead to the upper floors are. As he got near the third floor, though, a cry made him stop in his tracks.

A cry of what sounds like pain.

He felt the blood drain from his face, his heart nearly stopped beating – he recognized that voice! "Yuri!" He shouted as he ran as fast as his legs could manage, to reach his friend. As he did, panic – the one that he tried to shove down earlier – was full blown, and made his thoughts go wild. Did something happen to Yuri? Was he attacked by those assassins? Oh damn, why did he dismiss the knights at a time like this? He honestly didn't expect anything to happen-

His thoughts came to a screeching halt when he found his friend, on the floor in one of the third floor halls, panting, curled up in a fetal position, holding himself; it was as if he couldn't get enough oxygen in his lungs. The Bodhi Blastia he had on his wrist is lying by him, abandoned. The blonde blinked in shock at this. What in the hell happened?

Flynn pushed the thoughts away as he ran over to his friend, putting the box down as he kneeled over his friend. "Yuri! Yuri what's wrong? ?" He exclaimed, at a loss of what is happening to his friend. It didn't seem the man heard him. "Yuri-!" He placed his hand over the dark haired male's upper-back-

A cry of agony from his friend made the blonde drew his hand back in shock. Flynn could only watch in horror at his friend, writhing on the floor and panting in quick gasps, as if he wasn't able to get any air in his lungs.

To the blonde, the sight of his friend – the tougher, impenetrable of the two – like this is more horrifying than anything else in his life. He didn't know what was happening to him; and he felt so useless that he was unable to help him.

But when Yuri stopped writhing, Flynn somehow managed to make his body move. He gripped the other male by the arms – not daring to touch anywhere near the back – and pulled him up so that he was on his knees. The dark haired male's head was bowed down, but that was fine – he didn't think he could find it in him to see what sort of state his friend was in. He quickly removed the belt that was around the male's waist – though Yuri's squirming didn't help much – and took off the vest and shirt. For some reason, Flynn felt that the cause of Yuri's discomfort is his back.

When the clothing is on the ground, the dark haired male fell forward and he caught himself, putting his weight onto his forearms – Flynn scooted up a bit to make room for his friend. Yuri's body shuddered as he took in deep breathes, his head cradled in his arms. After a few moments, Yuri slowly started to push himself up.

"Yuri, wait! You shouldn't move around right now!" Flynn exclaimed, worried about – and scared for – his friend. "J-Just lie down on your back; I'll go get a healer and-"

"Fly-" Yuri started weakly-

Then his breath hitched in his throat and he clenched his hands again, as if fighting against…something. But…what exactly, is the question. Flynn opened his mouth once more-

Before a scream of pure, horrible agony erupted from Yuri's mouth, gripping his back by his shoulder. That sound is the most horrifying one to ever reach the blonde's ears in his life.

"Yuri- Yuri what wrong? ?" He questioned as he reached out to grab his friend by the arms-

When his eyes caught something; specifically, between his shoulder blades and spine. At first, he thought his eyes were playing tricks on him…

…Yet the longer Flynn stared – feeling new levels of horror in his life than anything else – his eyes widened in shock when he saw that there's… something under the skin on Yuri's back; and it looked like something was trying to poke its way from there, like a sharp object pushing against a fabric. To the blonde, seeing that is a lot more unnerving than his friend screaming in pure agony-

Suddenly remembering his friend – and cursing himself for getting distracted – the blonde was at a loss of how he could help Yuri. He didn't know what to do without hurting the dark haired male…but what? Then, he did the only thing he could do for his friend. He reached out and held the dark haired man close.

He gritted his teeth, trying to keep his hold on Yuri tight as the latter writhed in the former's arms. Flynn, quickly realizing where his arms are, shifted them so that his hand was behind his friend's head and the other on his lower back; yet kept them around his friend's arms so that he wouldn't try to fight. "Yuri, calm down!" He said sternly yet softly. "It'll be alright! Just…calm down!"

Yuri stopped squirming – as if on command – yet his whimper is muffled due to his face nearly buried onto his shoulder. Flynn was suddenly glad that he took off most of his armor. He ignored the suspicious wet stain on his shoulder and just held the dark haired male close in an effort to calm him. Suddenly, Yuri let out a strange sound in a mixture of a gasp/choked scream and Flynn tried to look down at his friend to try to see what was wrong-

And the something under the skin on Yuri's back burst forth. Blood scattered to the floor, becoming small flecks further away from them. Some of them found their way on Flynn's face. Yet he hardly paid attention to it. Hardly paid attention to his friend when his whole body twitched and he didn't make a sound except for the sound of him taking in deep, shaky breathes.

Because, honestly, how could he when he just saw what was out of his friend's back. "Oh my god…" He breathed out, not sure what to feel.

From Yuri's back… what in the name of the lord are they? They were shaped… kinda like a butterfly's wings, yet kinda isn't at the same time. The upper and lower parts of the 'wings' were… curved somewhat, like a- like a fang. A wolf's fang, perhaps? There are also long tendrils within the…'wings', somewhat giving them a sense of length.

They're also in the color of a bluish-purple color, though leaning more towards blue than purple. And they seemed… translucent, almost. Yet, they're idly flapping a little, twitching a little along the man they were out of-

Wait. Oh CRAP!

Cursing himself for neglecting his friend – again –, the blonde quickly (yet gently) lifted the dark haired male a little to look at his face. "Yuri…are-are you okay…?" He let out, worried about his friend now more than ever.

Especially when he saw Yuri's eyes looking…clouded, and not really looking at anything. And he saw small streaks going down his cheeks, looking suspiciously like tears. The dark haired male was still taking in deep, shaky breathes through his slightly agape mouth.

Finally, the dark haired man's grey eyes seemed to look directly into his own blue orbs. "… …Flynn…?" he asked in such a small voice.

The blonde nodded. "Yes Yuri," he said softly, "It's me."

The dark clad man groaned slightly, slowly shutting his eyes. "W-What happened…?" He let out as he palmed his temple.

At that, Flynn isn't sure if he should tell him. Again, honestly, how can he tell his friend that he just… suddenly sprouted wings (literally)? It's not like he can just say 'Oh don't worry Yuri, nothing bad really happened, except that you've just suddenly sprouted what looked like wings,'… yeah, like THAT will work out.

Of course, some things aren't simple. It seemed Yuri suddenly noticed something when he shifted out of focus for a moment. "…?"

Flynn blinked and looked at where his friend is looking at. Their merged shadows. And he could've sworn that his blood had run cold when he noticed a slightly bluish-purple glow at the floor, like a bit of color from a stained glass from sunlight.

His blue eyes went wide and he looked over at his friend – whose eyes had cleared up a little – who stared for a moment. Then his grey eyes started to shift to look behind him.

"Wait Yuri-!" Flynn tried to warn-

But Yuri looked over his shoulder anyway. And Flynn saw his grey eyes widening in shock as his whole body suddenly went still. He wasn't even breathing. The dark haired male seemed unable to turn away from the wings that are…from his back. The…spectral appendages just flapped mindlessly, perhaps as an indicator that their owner is still alive.

Everything was silent for a few moments…until Yuri closed his eyes and slumped forward. "Yuri-!" Flynn exclaimed as he caught his friend, who was apparently out of it-

"…!" He let out in shock as the 'wings' suddenly disintegrated in response to Yuri going unconscious; particles of…Aer(?) evaporating in the air. A lone piece of feather from the particles somehow managed to survive and gently floated down to the ground. Flynn held out his hand and let the…feather land onto his palm. Although the blonde was transfixed onto the 'feather', he quickly remembered his friend and looked over the unconscious man's back-

Only to see that the two… openings from the 'wings' have healed over. Completely; except for the blood that is now on Yuri's back. The blonde narrowed his eyes at this. Strange, he thought, something like this had never happened before…

He poked Yuri's back a little. The dark haired male didn't respond. Good. After pocketing the 'feather, the blonde gathered his friend's clothes and Bodhi Blastia and picked him up, somewhat in a bridal style (with Yuri's dark clothes pressed against the raw skin of his sealed wounds – for you can never be too careful); the dark haired male seemed a lot lighter than he looked. The box the Commandant had with him is on Yuri's abdomen.

As Flynn carried his friend towards his room, he looked over at the dark haired man, a small frown on his face. 'Yuri…what exactly are you…?'

The question plagued the Commadant - is his friend...not human? How? If Yuri knew about it- The rational part of his brain told him that not even the Vigilante knew about this. But if so, then-?

He mentally shook his head.

Flynn needed to help his friend.


Within his chambers, in the Castle of Vinhiem, Yggdrasill sat upon his throne, feeling his frustration growing. Not that long ago, those infernal Renegades took the Chosen of Sylvarant from the tower! She's now a suitable vessel for Martel, having completed the 'ritual'. With her were two half-elves (siblings by the color of their hair), a ninja from Mizuho – how did she get here? Damn Renegades – and… and that boy, 'Lloyd', the son of that woman from the Angelus Project. He didn't get why Kratos, his most trusted subordinate, hesitated on killing them – Yggdrasill had a feeling why – so he came in to finish the job. Yet the meddling Renegades came in and took them – the vessel as well!

Hmm… it matters little right now. He'll have the vessel returned in due time. For now though…

He gave a new mission for Pronyma: keep an eye on Kratos, in case that he might do something. After what the auburn haired man had down years previously, he doesn't want the man to go AWOL once more-

"Lord Yggdrasill."

The blonde man groaned inwardly. He turned to an angel who had flown in the room, narrowing his eyes in disdain. "What is it?" He asked him, quickly losing patience.

"Forgive me, my lord," the angel bowed, "But our radar has detected an anomaly on one of the neighboring worlds near here."

The Higher Seraphim raised a brow at this. "What sort of 'anomaly' is it?"

"It appears that there is an angel on one of those worlds."

The blonde froze. What? An angel? Impossible! How in Niflheim did-

He rounded on the angel who reported (who seemed to cringe a little). "What world is this angel on?"

"W-We're not sure my lord," the angel stammered, "We're still trying to locate it. It was as if it just… appeared all of a sudden."

Yggdrasill gritted his teeth in anger. "Is that all you came to report to me?"

"Y-Yes my lord."

Shit. The blonde man held in his anger, and spat, "Continue searching. I want that angel found!"

"Understood," the angel quickly bowed and quickly left the throne room.

Once the angel was gone, he blasted one of the pillars to nothing to vent his anger. His other hand was clenched tightly, much like his teeth. An angel. ANOTHER angel – how in the name of Niflheim did this one managed to stay out of their radar? And on one of the neighbor worlds that is around Sylvarant/Tethe'alla in fact.

He knew that he should've used the Eternal Sword to track down the angel faster… However, some of these worlds don't exactly have Mana around them. Begrudgingly, he forced himself to wait. If those angels valued their lives, they better find the angel, and fast.

'This is becoming troublesome…' the Seraphim thought scathingly.

He wanted to know who this angel is…and who had made them, and what kind they are.

For, if the angel is half-mortal and half-angel...he didn't want any more threats to his plans...


The actions made back then brought forth a new conflict upon the separate worlds, vastly different but also the same...

Two souls, bound by fate due to the actions of their fathers...

Their lives, and of those around them, will never be the same...

...as the wheel of fate started to turn; in an effort to save their worlds, from the threats looming over their worlds...and their struggle to restore them...begins...

Wanna stop there for a bit. Okay, here's a bit of a lowdown of what happened on both worlds:

In Terca Lumireis, this took place after the party saves Estelle but before heading towards Zaude; in Sylvarant/Tethe'alla, this took place after the first visit to the Tower of Salvation.

I have to warn you, there will be a lot of changes – some of them for obvious reasons and to add a few…things to the plot. You'll see what they are later on…hopefully.

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