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The people in the small city continued to move about on the streets, wearing thick coats, scarves, gloves/mittens and ear muffs. There are children playing the snow, laughing without a care in the world, making snowmen, throwing snowballs at each other, making snow angels… It truly is a rather peaceful place.

The scene below drew a small smile on her face. The Krityan couldn't help but marvel at how careful humans can be at times. It's strange really – amidst leaving among them for ten years after her home town was destroyed during the Great War, she only finds a select few of the humans to be interesting.

Of course, she thought as she turned to jump down into the alley, she had spent most of her time with her Entelexia friend, Ba'ul. Rarely does she visit other towns and cities of Terca Lumireis.

As soon as Judith walked out of the ally, however, she then frowned at the thought. That's right…somehow…somehow she is not on their world after all. Rather…another one. One much different than the world she was born on.

She first realized this as when she woke near a cave in this snow covered island – as a Krityan, she can feel bits of Aer in the atmosphere, water and the nature of Terca Lumireis; however, she felt something else coming from the cave she was near. Something that feels…denser than Aer; and yet she felt no ill effects upon her.

The second part to her clue – after traversing the snowfield for who knows how long (the cold is NOTHING to her since she spent most of her life on a mountain that would usually get snow, and of the fact that she always rides on Ba'ul's back for the past ten years) – came when she found this city. She knew of one other place that is always cold at certain times of the year…but it never has a city quite like this.

The third part is that, despite the monsters around this island, the city doesn't have a barrier around it – which is unusual since it's the norm for all human settlements of Terca Lumireis.

And the final part was the lack of Kritya – which is also common around their world.

Judith is not an idiot – far from it. She can easily piece together the clues she had found thus far and she figured out most things – but she liked other people to guess on what they thought and only say the answers whenever people didn't get it yet. So it honestly didn't take her long to figure out that she is no longer on her home world anymore.

The question is, though, is how? Why?

As she walked through the streets of Flanoir – in a coat to cover herself and curled her antennae back (since a lot of people thought she was an 'elf' when they first saw her) – Judith couldn't help but think back around that time when this whole mess started.

Just after they defeated Alexei on top of Zaude – and the release of the Adephagos – they soon heard screams coming from the other side of the giant core that had crashed onto Zaude. They knew who fled to the other side of the core and yet…they never thought it would be the day when they heard Yuri Lowell screaming as if he is completely in pain; and they couldn't help but stay rooted where they are in fear (making, she was sure, most of them to feel horrible at not rushing over to help the man). When the screaming ceased, they feared the worst and made their legs rush over to where the screams are. They honestly didn't expect to see a man in white – with wings made of something…that isn't Aer – standing over the dark haired man; said man is battered and bruised, with some of the wounds that Estelle and Flynn hastily healed having been reopened and had gained some new ones…especially at the back of his head. It was then that the man had somehow summoned a purple sword from nowhere that it happened – Dein Nomos was glowing with a bluish-purple aura as Yuri was prepared to strike at the blonde haired man when said man intercepted the strike. Judith noticed with alarm at the struggle Yuri was putting into trying to force his way through the man's block…until both swords glowed brightly.

The next thing she knew, they were flying through a pure white tunnel and then she ended up here.

Judith isn't sure on what had happened but she knew enough that the man in white had something to do with her (and perhaps the others, wherever they are) being here, in 'Tethe'alla'. A new world with no Aer, Blastia…or even Entelexia – only that their religion revolves around their goddess Martel, and the ancient hero that had put an end to the ancient Kharlan War 4000 years ago. Tethe'alla, right now, is in the state of prosperity – and been that way for at least 800 years now – after he Regeneration ritual. But as she overheard from some of the townspeople, monsters began to appear in Tethe'alla, and they were starting to get worried. Strangely, though, they never go near settlements – unlike the monsters of Terca Lumireis, they would've jumped at the chance to attack a defenseless town. She recalled that the life-force of Tethe'alla is called 'Mana'; not Aer. Does that mean that Mana is…safer for monsters?

To be honest, she can't be sure. She needed solid proof that it IS true.

And although this is a rather nice city, she needed to find out if her companions are on this world or not. She already knew that Ba'ul isn't here – she had tried to contact him when she first landed on the world, but the large Entelexia is nowhere to be seen…or heard. That means that either Ba'ul is dead (which she hopes isn't the case)…or that he isn't on the world with them. True she is saddened that her childhood friend isn't here…but perhaps it's for the best.

She recalled from the information she had gathered that the temple she woke up at – the Temple of Ice – is not only home to a 'Summon Spirit' named Celsius, but is apparently a seal that the Chosen of Tethe'alla has to unlock after the world goes into decline for one hundred years. And around there is perhaps the most unusual flower she had ever heard of – that, if you touched it without proper protection, you'll end up getting a frostbite-like burn on you. Not only is it unpleasant, but quite cruel to have your affected limb cut off when it's useless. Even to those that had fought for all of their lives.

Judith would rather not lose any of her limbs, thank you. So she asked if there was a way to safely use Celsius' Tear without having a part of her body permanently frozen solid. They told her to seek out an elder man that knows how to fashion a pair of gloves that allow a person to grab and hold the flower without losing their fingers. So the other day, she went to the elder man who works at the Accessory Shop in the city – another oddity, since the guild, Fortune's Market, run the wares for they sell not only accessories, but also weapons, items, armor and ingredients for food; they also synthesis the first four items.

After asking the man about it, he told her that he can make a pair of mittens out of Penguinist quills. She didn't think she's familiar to this type of monster but the elder was kind enough to show her what a Penguinist quill looks like.

She honestly didn't know how long she'll be out of Flanoir to get the quills, but doing something is better than doing nothing. So after doing a couple of odd jobs around the city, she earned herself enough Gald (which is strangely the same currency of their world, but with different designs) to get enough supplies to go hunting.

It should at least keep her busy until then.

With that in mind, she went off to the inn she was staying at, gathered her supplies and went off to the snowfields.


"It's just as we thought, sir," Botta spoke up as he looked over the report, "The Mana Link between the seals of Water and Lightning have severed."

"Is that so?" Yuan let out, rubbing his chin. He figured that was the case – after all, the summoner from Mizuho used Undine on them to escape nearly two months ago. And there was also the fact that they returned for the Rheairds sometime ago.

But from the last time the Seraph last seen Volt, the Summon Spirit is pissed by the betrayal Yggdrasil had made 4000 years ago – how did they managed to calm him down and forged the pact? When had Lloyd and the others had gotten so strong…?

"Also," hearing his right hand man spoke up again, the blue haired half-elf returned his attention to the dark brunette half-elf, as he said, "our spy told us that Lloyd and the others are now attempting to forge the pacts of the remaining Summon Spirits in hopes of splitting the worlds."

At that, Yuan can't help but scoff. Do they really think they could split the worlds up like that? No, doing that is not only dangerous, but stupid. Sylvarant and Tethe'alla were once two countries of a single world – but after the war that killed off the Kharlan Tree, they were forced to separate the world into two worlds existing on separate dimensions, just to distribute enough Mana to keep the worlds alive…until THAT happened. Yuan couldn't believe just how far people would go if they were desperate enough for something…but just to kill her off to get the last remaining bits of Mana? But of course, he shouldn't be surprised – humans have always been fickle, clinging to something to give them hope…and then Yggdrasil used that hope to control them.

And yet nothing had changed. Half-elves are still hated, and it took him years to figure out the meaning behind Martel's last wish. And her little brother had gone and twisted around…and if Sylvarant's Chosen One succeeded in merging with her soul, then the world will die – when he found out about it, he quickly took action, and sought a way to stop him. Thus, he formed the Renegades – when Sylvarant went into decline 800 years ago, he made sure that they failed, in fear that one of them would be a match. Of course…he spared one of them, and sent her way nearly 100 years ago.

Until he discovered Terca Lumireis…and met her.

"Sir," Botta's voice got him out of his musings, "what shall we do about this situation? Do we still go after Lloyd?"

The Seraph thought about it a little…then an idea formed in his head. "No Botta, things have changed," he said as he stood up


Yuan looked over at his old friend with his green eyes. "Keep an eye on Lloyd and the others, and see if you can track down the possible location of where they'll be staying…" He crossed his arms, adding, "I think it's time that we struck a deal with them."

"…Even when he is with them?" Botta asked, and the ancient warrior knew who he was talking about.

Yuan nodded. "Yes. The seal is still on him, so I doubt that he would remember much." But…he will unlock the seal when he is ready, he told himself.

"Very well, sir," Botta nodded and left the office to give his leader some peace.

The blue haired man let out a sigh, then looked over at the picture frame lying down on his desk, face down. He gently picked it up and looked over the picture, a fond smile on his face. 'If only you can see him now…' He thought as he traced his finger onto it…


The first thing he had noticed when he entered the city were the strange rings of light over it. He had entered through what is called the 'lower quarter' of this place. Yuan was lucky to find at least a city on this world.

And yet everything is so…strange. From what he had felt so far, this world had managed to survive without Mana, and the monsters looked more…fierce than the ones back in Sylvarant/Tethe'alla. He should look into this later.

He explored the city a little, looking over the rest of the lower quarter, the middle quarter above it, and the upper quarter – and he could see how different the status of the quarters are. The Lower Quarter is consistent of commoners – those that can't afford to pay for their taxes, and are barely getting by (reminds him a little of the slums back in Meltokio) – and the upper quarter is filled with nobles. It is also there that the quarter has the castle where the Emperor currently resides. After eavesdropping on a couple of knights, he found out that this city is the capitol of the two nations of this world – the Grand Capital of the Empire, Zaphias, with the other nation on another continent that is the base of operations of guilds called Dahngrest. Apparently, the two have always been at odds since the guilds were found nearly 30 years ago – the guilds are consistent of people who willingly gave up their citizenship to life a free life – free from the rules of the Empire.

And he also found out that this world uses a type of ancient technology that was found some years ago underground – Blastia. Blastia take in a substance called 'Aer' for them to work – they function as appliances, as a barrier – like the one covering this city right not – and…as the means to fight. In a way, they're a lot like Exspheres…and a lot like magitechnology. Of course, the Blastia are still being researched, and the subject of the research is why they were buried in the first place. Yuan had a feeling there was a reason behind it…a very GOOD reason – but he doesn't know what it is yet.

As he made his way back down to the lower quarter – he needed to find a place to lay low for a while – he heard a bit of a commotion near the entrance to the Lower Quarter. He didn't need to get closer to see what it is, with his superior hearing and all, and merely listened.

"This is crazy! There's no way that we can repair the clinic like this!" One of the men exclaimed.

"Where else can we afford a doctor?" A woman let out, "The doctors out in the Public Quarter won't take us!"

"Not only that, but the knights kept taxing us!" A young man complained.

"Well, what do you expect?" Another spoke up rhetorically, "Most of them are made up of noble pricks! There are only a few knights that came from around here, like Finath and Niren."

"True, but they can't do everything on their own," a young woman spoke up. "The nobles never do help us."

Yuan ran a hand over his face at this – typical, this is similar to the caste system back in Meltokio. The nobles are always oblivious to the suffering of those lower than them – since they believed that they are so rich, they could get away with everything, and get what they wanted. They always thought with a 'holier than thou' attitude towards anyone they think is inferior.

He should really consider letting the Sylvaranti Chosen complete the ritual, and let the nobles get a taste of what suffering really is.

As he opened his eyes, he noticed that there was someone else interested in the commotion. They had a dark colored cloak over them, and they seemed to be watching on, and listening in. He couldn't tell who it was from the shape, but…the Mana signature suggests that the person is a woman. The woman suddenly made a smile, turned and exited out of the Lower Quarter, towards the Middle Quarter.

Yuan tilted his head at this, but shrugged it off. It wasn't his business to begin with anyway. He turned and headed out to find some monsters to kill – maybe a couple of strong ones where their parts would fetch a hefty price.

And yet, the next day he woke up, he found himself surprised to see a larger crowd of people in front of the same building from yesterday. Once again, he listened in.

"Did you hear? Someone left 500,000 Gald here this morning!" A man let out in surprise.

"But who would leave something like this out here?" An older woman asked.

"Well, who cares right now? We have just enough to repair the clinic and distribute to other people who needed the money!" A young man exclaimed.

"Oh, bless the person for their kindness…!" A young woman exclaimed.

Yuan blinked at this. Why would someone go out of their way to give out that much money to these people? Sure it's to cover the costs of repairing the building, but…that much? Who could it be?

He suddenly felt something bump into him, and heard an 'Oof!' before looking down. It was the same cloaked figure from yesterday. The person backed up and looked up at him.

It…really is a woman – and quite beautiful at that. She had light bluish-grey eyes, and short length dark purple hair. Despite the hood covering her head, he was able to see her face up close…and for some reason those blue-grey eyes caught his attention the most.

"Oh…! Sorry about that!" The woman let out before she went past him and took off.

Yuan watched her go, still entranced by her eyes.

And if he had been paying that much attention, he would've noticed that the woman had a small blush on her face.

For the next few days during his stay at Zaphias, he kept seeing that woman in the dark brown cloak. He saw her watching over a problem of sorts in the Lower Quarter…and the next day, the people would find themselves surprised by the money, food and medicine that they had found in certain places – and every time, that woman would be there. Is she the one doing this? For what purpose?

One day, however, as he was going into the Public Quarter, he saw another commotion. Only this time, the knights were crowding around the cloaked woman, who was on the ground. And from the sounds of things, these knights came from noble families.

"Bitch what is with you? You shouldn't interfere with the affairs of the Imperial Knights when they are punishing the criminal!" One of them said, the leader by the looks of it, with his helmet-less head, and how different his uniform is compared to the others…and now that Yuan noticed, the knights with the man had the same coloring as the man speaking. Is he the captain?

The woman looked up at them, the hood miraculously still covering her head. "The criminal?" She asked with an incredulous look. "The kid? He was only getting medicine for his mother."

"Yes, the medicine he didn't pay for!" One of them spoke up – and Yuan could've sworn that night has a bit of powder blue hair sticking out of his helmet. "He should know the penalty of stealing."

"Look I can pay for him," the woman insisted. "Will you at least let him go?"

"Sorry, but those are the rules," the captain said, reaching out for a boy in rags-

Until the woman suddenly lunged forward and delivered a punch to his face – surprising even Yuan at how the man staggered back a little. 'She's got a mean right hook…' Yuan couldn't help but thought, impressed.

But it was short lived as the captain looked livid and snarled, "You…!"

As if it was a silent command, the other knights gripped the woman by the arms – and Yuan noticed that the kid had ran off; did the woman deliberately done that to let him get away…?

"I will teach you some respect!" The captain said as he drew a sword out and raised it to strike her-

Until Yuan caught his hand – when he saw what the man is about to do, he quickly rushed over to stop him; why, he doesn't know. As soon as he got the captain's attention, Yuan spoke up with, "Isn't it a bit extreme for a knight to draw a sword to a woman?"

"Shut up! This woman disrespected me and deserved some discipline!" The man shouted, trying to tug his hand out of Yuan's grip – but the Seraph has a rather unnatural strength (thanks to his Cruxis Crystal), so the man isn't going anywhere.

The blue haired man narrowed his eyes. "'Respect'?" Yuan repeated, and squeezed his hand – and hearing the bones in the captain's hands crunch a little and ignored the man screaming in pain. "So it's also the Imperial Knight's duty to teach respect to people who stands up to them? Honestly…I think it's you people who should show respect for other people around you!" He released the man's hand, and the man accidentally hit himself with the pommel of his sword, knocking him out.

"C-Captain Stalin!" One of them cried out as two of them released the woman, staring in shock. The one who spoke up drew his sword. "You bastard…! How dare you do this to our captain! !"

"Wait Alexander, don't!" One of them called out as the knight – the one with the power blue hair – charged at Yuan. The ancient warrior kicked up the sword that was out of the man's hand and deflecting the young man's swings without much effort. The other knights soon joined in, but Yuan is too quick for them (he fought in the war after all and still trains himself to keep himself from rusting like Kratos), and he let the knights take themselves out before he simply knocked out the last one with the pommel of the sword he was borrowing.

The knights let out moans as they lie on the floor, in pain and humiliated as Yuan simply tossed the sword back to the ground. 'Is this the best that the knights can do?' Yuan asked himself as he stared down at them with a raised brow. 'It must be if they had to rely on Blastia, so much.'

He heard the people chattering around at the scene they had just witnessed. He heard awes and accusations; some of the people are whispering to each other, speculating that he's a part of a guild – feh, the fools-

Iron hitting against stone caught his attention and he – and he was pretty sure that everyone else had – heard a man exclaiming, "It's coming from over here! Hurry!"

They must have heard the commotion, he thought – and he didn't want to get involved with the knights of this world, not after the stunt he did. He was about to leave- until he felt something grasping his hand. "C'mon! We'll lose them in the alleys!" The woman exclaimed, and – despite himself – he was surprised by the touch that he allowed the woman to drag him off somewhere.

It felt like hours that they had been running, but, really, it's only for a couple of minutes; when they found themselves in one of that alley ways within the city. It was hidden by the crates and barrels and big enough to fit a single person. They went in, and waited for the knights to rush pass their hiding place, all of them none the wiser.

A few minutes after all of them had passed – since they had to wait if anymore are coming (but Yuan heard and sensed that none are coming any time soon) – before Yuan pulled himself out of the alley. He looked around for a moment, for the woman's sake to see if it's safe. Deeming it, he turned his head to her. "It's safe enough now," he said.

He had to wait a few moments until the woman slowly walked out. Glancing at her with his green eyes, he saw that the woman is looking around, as if wary – not that he could blame her. But the woman looked as if she can take care of herself – with that in mind, he turned and walked off in the opposite direction-

"Hey wait!" The Seraph paused and looked over at the woman, the hood having been fallen to reveal her face fully – her skin is fair, and the light of the sun catches her hair, making it a purple color. "…I just want to ask, why did you help out? Many people in Zaphias doesn't stand up much to the Imperial Knights," she looked rather huffy at the mention of the knights – it seems that the knights aren't well liked.

Yuan's eyes narrowed a little. "I'm not from around here," he told her. "And I didn't help out because you're merely a damsel in distress or any of that nonsense."

The woman jerked – as if she was insulted – and…reacted differently than he thought she would. "A 'damsel in distress'?" She repeated, putting her hands on her hips with narrowed eyes. "I may be a damsel, but I'm far from being helpless unlike most of the women around where I live!"

Yuan raised a brow. This woman is…feisty. Well…whatever – he didn't care. "I never said you are," he clarified, "I merely jumped in because they needed to be taught some manners in respect." He went through all of that himself when he grew up in his hometown – now named Asgard – when the Kharlan War began to climax, YEARS before the tree died. He turned his head back forward. "We probably won't meet again," he added as he began to walk off.

He was only a couple of feet until he heard the woman shout out, "Hey! My name is Sophia! What's yours?"

Again, he paused – well, he might as well humor her. "…Yuan." He didn't provide her with his last name – and neither did she; it was fine, though.

"Well, Yuan, thank you for helping me when I was helping that boy," the woman said. "I'll be seeing you." He heard footsteps as the woman walked off. The blue haired man looked over his shoulder to look at her, seeing her putting a hood over her head as she does. He rolled his eyes and resumed walking.

Foolish woman – there is no way it's possible that they'll meet again. Once he examines this city, he'll move on to the others to see how different they are in comparison. And it'll be the last time he'll see that woman.

Or at least, he thought it was. He never realized that the first encounter will spin forth events that he never knew possible…

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