Chapter 1

Hey this is a new story I decided to do. Tell me what you think.

Heiji actually caught Kaitou Kid, Kazuha couldn't believe it. She always thought the magician was uncatchable, until now. The young detective went on and on about how he was going to brag to Kudo about it, much to Kazuha and Kid's dismay. The magician just sat there, as if he was waiting, waiting for the right moment, for what, Kazuha didn't know. Her child-hood friend wanted to be the one who put the cuffs on the uncatchable thief, saying he'd feel accomplish doing so, a cocky grin plastered on his face. He reached for Kid's hands, the magician smirked.

Kazuha then reached to Heiji, about to warn him. Snap. That was the only thing the two teenagers heard, plus Kid cackling like a mad-men, before he glided off with his cape. Kid earning back his title "The Uncatchable."It took awhile for the two to figure out what Kid did, they were too busy watching him fly away, wondering how his cape could do such a thing, before looking down at their wrists, both matching a horrified look. They both were hand-cuffed together, just like when they were kids. Kazuha was angry now, at Kid, but mostly Heiji, wasn't he suppose to be the sharpest out of them both?

"Ahou, this is all your fault, you just had to try and cuff him, huh?" she yelled, provoking the boy.

"Well, you wouldn't be in this situation if you didn't come with me!" He screamed back at her, a small vain popping on his head, the girl felt one popping on her head to.

"If I didn't come with you, maybe you'd hand-cuffed to the bench!" Kazuha screamed back, she really didn't have a comeback.

"Maybe I'd rather be hand-cuffed to the bench than you." His eyes widened as he said this, crap, Heiji didn't mean that, it just came out that way. Kazuha's eyes looked hurt, but she covered it, trying to still look mad. With an attitude, Kazuha turned away from Heiji, her pony-tail slapping him across his face softly.

"Kazuha?" she didn't respond.

"Kazuha, come on you know I didn't mean it..." still nothing.

The boy signed, if he was right, Kazuha might not talk to him until tomorrow, she always did this when he slipped up and said something like this. Heiji hopes the silent treatment doesn't last too long, he'd rather be arguing with the girl than having her ignore him. She never really look at him either, that's why she turned away from the boy, not wanting to look at him, she'll end up talking to him, that's something she has to avoid. Kazuha wondered how long could she keep this up, they're hand-cuffed together; she'll have to talk to him eventually. The silence was slowly driving Heiji insane, he Kazuha to say something anything, she could call him an ahou, and he wouldn't care. He felt his cuffed wrist move, Heiji looked up, Kazuha was staring at him, but he couldn't pin-point what were her exact emotions.

Kazuha used her cuffed hand and pointed to a direction, his hand moving with Kazuha's, Heiji looked to where their hands were pointing to. His father and the rest of the officers were now pulling up, rushing to the teenager's side. Heiji wanted to just tell them Kaitou Kid cuffed them together, but Kazuha wanted some type of revenge and told them what really happened. Mr. Hattori snickered, everyone else laughed, poor boy pulled his hat down, like it'll hand him from his embarrassment. His child-hood friend looked at him smugly, he glared daggers at her, and she waved it off, like he could scare her. Kazuha was planning on talking to him; she just didn't want it to look like she lost.

After dropping them off at Heiji's house, told them he'd be back with keys to unlock them. Relief went through both teenagers. The boy wanted to go off to his room, but after arguing, they both decided to watch some television in the living room. Sadly, their fighting didn't end there. When Heiji cut the television on, Gossip Girl came on, he didn't really like the show, would be an understatement, and he loathed it. The boy pushed a button on the remote; unfortunately, Kazuha loved the show, and was mad he changed it, sending a dirty look his way as soon as his changed it. Heiji, though, was unaffected by the Kazuha's menace stare, simply flipping channels, stopping at Criminal Minds, watching it with satisfaction. Kazuha slyly smiled at the boy next to her, taking the remote from the boy, but for some reason not turning it back to her show.

As they watched the show, she waited for the climax, as soon as they were about to say if the charactor survived or not, Kazua flipped the channel back to Gossip Girls. The girl snickered, when she saw her friend's reaction. Heiji, who was leaning toward the television in anticipation, was now gawking at the television like someone had just slapped him across the face. Slowly processing what happened, he glared at the girl chained to him, Kazuha looked away whistling a tune, she couldn't look guilter. Heiji smirked after recovering such an ordeal, Of she wants to play that way then fine, he thought slyly. I'll play her stupid game.

Whistling like Kazuha, he grabbed the chain entwining them, and pulled it down with great force, Kazuha falling next to Heiji, letting at a surpised shriek as she went. Heiji started chuckling, amused at her reaction, but his laughter was stopped when the girl grabbed on to his shirt, pulling him down too. The boy howled as he landed next to his friend, grunting, he fell on top of the girl, she letting out a small squeal, not planning for this. Heiji realized he was on top of the girl, blushing madly, he was going to get up, but her eyes enchanced him, she looked intixicated by him as well. Slowly he raised his unbound hand, cupping Kazuha's cheek in it, she tangled her fingers in his black hair, Heiji just stared passionately at her, she doing the same. They both whispered their name under their breathe, Heiji leaned down to kiss her, Kazuha lifted her head her. Both closing their eyes. Lips just a mere inch from eachothers. Suddenly, the door opened.

Mr. Hattori walked into the living room hastliy, when he looked up at the two teenagers, they both were far away from eachother, well, as far as the chain would let them. The father felt as if he wasn't suppose to come in, Kazuha was looking at the television, her face matching an apples, his son, Heji, looking inattentive, not interested in whatever the girl was watching, but his cheeks were noticeably flushed. Mr. Hattori knew something happened between them, but he decided not to press the matter, they had something more important to discuss. He had a pretty good feeling they weren't going to be pleased. Heiji and Kazuha gave Mr. Hattori their full attention, knowing something was up. The old man didn't know how to tell them.

"We have a problem," he started. "It seems Kaitou Kid is the only one with a key to your chains." He decided to let the teenagers figure out what this meant. Heiji was the first of the two to figure it out, he started muttering under his breathe. Kazuha looked back and forth between the two males, until she finally understood.

"You mean to tell us that were stuck together until you find Kid the Theif!" The girl screeched, making both father and son wince.

Chapter 1 END

This story just came to my head, I had a dream about these two getting stuck together and that's how this fanfic came to life, don't worry I'll continue Jealous Much?
I just wanted to make this and see if people like it, if they do I'll continue.