After the little mishap in the bathroom, they teenagers weren't tired or ready to go to bed, of course the only reason they said this was because they'd both would have to sleep in the same bed. Heiji was giving Kazuha the silent treatment after the bathroom event, still pissed at her for messing with his bath time. The girl really didn't care that he was upset, he had it coming eventually, plus if it was silence that mean no fighting, that's a good thing...Right?
She looked at him, he felt her eyes on him, but ignored it. The girl was starting to panic, Heiji wasn't the type of person to hold grudges, so if he does everyone knows it might take awhile before you're forgiven, she might as well start asking for-Wait, this is Karma isn't it? Kazuha almost made him beg for forgiveness, no, she'd play hard ball to.

So their little silence game continued for some time, even when they turned the television off to got bed, said goodnight to the adults and headed upstairs, still quiet they were. Though, Kazuha was close to her breaking point, she didn't think she'd miss Heiji's voice this much. To make matters worse she couldn't even remember why they were fighting, something about a toilet. Kazuha was slightly scared that the boy was actually upset with her this time, she usually was the one giving the silent treatment, making her child-hood friend apologize first, the girl wasn't used to it being the other way around. When the teenagers reached the bedroom, they didn't go to bed just sat on it, the thick silence still in the room, the girl finally decided to break it, much to Heiji's disappointment.

"Hey, Ahou." Kazuha called.


"I'm talking to you!" She exclaimed, waving her hands back and forth for effect.

"..." still nothing.

"You spiked haired obsessed Ellery Queen-" Heiji cut her off by slamming a pillow into the girl's face, earning a surprised shriek from her, he grinned.

"Yes Ahou?" The boy replied as the pillow fell off Kazuha's face.

"Ahou!" The girl exclaimed grabbing a pillow off his bed, lifting it above her head and attempted to strike Heiji, but it's hard to do that with one hand and it didn't help that Heiji grabbed a pillow too.

So that's how they spent their night, hitting each other with pillows, both smiling and laughing, they never felt so alive, it was refreshing. Heiji was starting to lose against Kazuha, they were standing on the bed, he was at the edge, a nervous look on his facial features, and Kazuha was closing in on him, a mischievous grin on her face. Heiji was about to protest, tell her if she made him fall that they'd both would end up on the floor since it seemed the girl had forgotten this. She slammed the pillow, hard, across his face, he lost his footing on the bed, swearing as he felt Kazuha fall with him, she gasped, surprised at the sudden motion. The teenagers grunted, mostly Heiji since he had extra weight fall on him, the girl on top of the boy winced, before opening her eyes to get up, gasping yet again to see the position they were in. The spiked haired boy opened his eyes too, wanting to know why she gasped, only to have his face heat up, they just laid there, looking in each other's eyes, he
reached out to her, ready to pull her into a passionate kiss, but a click and snap sound stopped him.

Dazed and startled, they both shot their heads up to see a kimono rushing away from the door. Shizuka, was the only name that crossed through their minds as they stumbled to get up, the heat never leaving the teenagers faces, they ran out the room to chase the woman, screaming her name as she laughed. Heiji's father came in and tried to retrieve the camera from his wife, but she was too fast for any of them, the father did something totally out of character, he pulled his wife to him, closely, whispering something in her ear, making her face go red, she handed the camera to the her son, before walking with her husband to do something. All this didn't go un-noticed to the teens, both wondering what he said to the women, but dismissed it, not wanting to look a gift horse in the mouth. Kazuha and Heiji looked at each other, not sure what to say after that...intimate exchange between them. They looked around, noticing that their chase leads them in the middle of the hall.

"I..."Kazuha trailed off, what was she suppose to say?

"Well, I'm ready for bed, you?" Heiji asked, stretching his arms while yawning, she nodded, happy and a little upset that he didn't want to talk about every little moment that they had since being stuck together.

"Let's go," she said, yawning too."You made me tired."

It was yet another silence heading to the bedroom, though this one was a comfortable, the pair was too fatigue to have a quarrel of any sort, not even a small ahou was available. When they entered the spiked haired boy's room, the child-hood friends literally collapsed on the bed.
Kazuha decided to wait awhile to make sure he was asleep, before even daring to do what she was about to do, she softly, yet audibly, called his name, she got no response, good, that meant he was out cold. Slowly and shakily, she reached her bound hand out to Heiji, cupping his cheek in her hand, he felt so warm, and did she say smooth too? The girl blushed, bashfully, she leaned forward, ready to capture his lips in a kiss, but Heiji moved unexpectedly, surprising the girl, swiftly, her hand found its way back to her sides. The girl waited for another few minutes, maybe this wasn't such a great idea after all, and she tilted over again, closing her eyes in anticipation...

Heiji snapped his eyes open, looking at his bed partner, she was facing away from him, her body breathing slowly, indicating she was asleep, maybe it was his imagination, the boy was sure he felt something wet and soft peck his cheek, he wasn't sure what it was though. Forcing out the thoughts in his head, before he drifted off he brought his hand to his cheek, whatever it was, it was really warm and soft. Kazuha wasn't sleeping, her slowly breathing was actually her panting, and she was exhausted from moving back and forth trying not to get caught by Heiji. Okay, that plan was out of the question, even if she was able to carry out a small portion of the plan. How could she do the real thing if she's already losing it from pecking him on his cheek? Kazuha looked over at Heiji, he was out like a log, maybe one more time she- No the girl couldn't! If he woke up she'd be dead, it would be even worse if he rejected her while they were chained together, it'd be uncomfortable for him and her.

Kazuha found herself tilting over yet again; just one more then she'd go to sleep. The girl puckered up her lips going to just kiss him on the side of his face, but strong firm arms grabbed her, pulling her down, the girl let out a small squeal, shocked from the sudden motion. She found herself on top of Heiji, their lips just a mere inch from- Stop, she really needs to calm down her hormones. Wait, the ahou pulled her down? So that must mean something, that he wants it too, right? Kazuha opened her eyes she didn't even realize were close and looked Heiji in the face.

The girl heard a loud snore come from her bed partner.


He's sleeping? That little prick, Kazuha was doing everything to contain her anger, but she was losing to it. Kazuha tried to lift herself off Heiji, but his grasp on her was hardened every time to attempted to move. Finally giving up the girl crumbled onto the boy's chest, heaving in a big sigh as she clinched a fistful of the sleeping boy's shirt, he continued sleeping as if nothing happened. The girl glared at him, but it softened into a blissful smile, closing her eyes she snuggled closer into Heiji, only because he was so warm. Kazuha knew all the problems this would probably cause in the morning, but the girl didn't care, the only thing that mattered to her was this moment right now and that was enough to contain her desire for Heiji Hattori. For now.

Chapter 5 End


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