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Kazuha seemed startled by Heiji's statement, but quickly recovered from it, she stared at him seductively, licking her lips at him suggestively, the boy was having a meltdown, part of him wanted to grab her and do her right there. He couldn't, it'd be wrong, Kazuha really didn't want to screw him, she just had pent up sexual tension and wanted to take it out on him, Heiji felt Kazuha grab a fistful of his collar and pulled him up, attempting to pull him into a rough kiss, but Heiji pushed her away, softly though, he didn't want to hurt her. The girl looked at him like he was crazy, dejected from Heiji avoiding her signs of affection. Kazuha's sadness suddenly turned to anger, how dare he not want her? She was desirable...When she felt like it.

"Kobito, why didn't you let me kiss you?" She asked, trying but failing to contain her anger. Heiji avoided looking at her, it didn't help her fury.

"Because. You don't want to kiss me." He said finally looking at her; Kazuha was puzzled by his answer.

"Koishii, if I didn't want to smooch with you I've wouldn't have tried to kiss you would I?" She retorted, he was lost, how could he respond to that?

"It's because you're...well...sexually aroused." Heiji muttered, the lustful girl heard him though. Kazuha gave him a lewd smile; he was doing his best to keep his big friend calm.

"You're proving my point, Ahou," He blinked."I'm horny for you." His mouth was agape from her sentence, the girl just kept her lewd smile. Heiji had enough of Kazuha's behavior when she tried to kiss him again.

"Mou!" The spiked haired boy shouted, making the girl cease her efforts to entice him, he glowered at her, she felt herself do the same, she wasn't scared of him, no, she wanted him. And Kazuha always gets what she wants. Ignoring his eyes boring into her, Kazuha started planting pecks on his neck, feeling her ego boost when she heard him gasp in delight. Without thinking, the girl sucked on his neck, long and hard, Heiji would've let out another moan if he didn't realized what she was doing, Kazuha was giving him a hickey, she wasn't planning on stopping there either, the girl wanted to mark all over his neck, to prove that he belonged to her, and only felt slightly disgusted with herself, she couldn't help it though, her body was on fire, only Heiji could cool the flame, only Heiji could excite her like this.

Heiji was losing his cool by the second. He couldn't help it though, the girl's soft kisses on his neck was making him go crazy with pleasure. He had to restrain himself from groaning out in ecstasy, this was encouraging the girl to continue, the boy knew this much, but his was lost in seventh heaven. Unfortunately for the sex crazed girl though, he snapped out of it when she gave him a hickey. Heiji had to stop her before his lower region could go hysterical.

"Kazuha, I said mou!" He grabbed her by her wrists, looking at her disapprovingly, while she looked at him longingly.

"Why?" she demand, Kazuha liked him, and she knew their feelings were mutual.

"I," Heiji couldn't believe he was going to say this, but it was for her own good, "I don't feel the same why as you do." The boy said harshly, wishing he could take back the words coming out of his mouth. Kazuha's world stopped moving for a minute, something stinging in her chest.

"N-nani?" Kazuha asked feebly, feeling pieces of her heart dying one by one.

He wanted to say he was just joking, but he couldn't, it was for her own good, he recited over and over again. Heiji
couldn't just screw her right there; his parent's should be coming back at any minute now. Plus he knew she didn't really like him, it was just her stupid hormones. Since Kazuha went numb from what he said, Heiji was able to shift her off him, and she didn't notice still waiting for him to say something, anything, except for that. Sighing, he thought how this was going to play out; their friendship was at stake here.

"Kazuha," her eyes looked at him, he looked away from her."I don't like you," Everything slowed down. Heiji then grabbed the girl by the shoulders, making her looked into his eyes."You don't like me either." He said bitterly, she flinched, everything was still slowed down, what he said repeated in her head.

He doesn't like me, I don't like him...

He doesn't like me, I don't like him...

He doesn't like me, I don't like him...

...I don't care.

The girl looked at him defiantly, shocking the boy. Determination, it was in her eyes, hope too. Kazuha didn't care, she still loved the Ahou, and she looked at Heiji, shaking her head at what he said. He didn't know how to react to Kazuha, she was supposed to hate him, scorn him, be disgusted with him, but she wasn't.

"Naruhodo." She said. He loosened his grip on Kazuha, his hold on her loosened, shocked at what the girl said.

"Huh?" He answered.

"You heard me," Kazuha retorted firmly."Heiji Hattori, Suki da."

"Nani?" was the only thing that escaped his lips, it provoked Kazuha. Her urge for Heiji increased, he looked so appealing when he was confused! Heiji had his lips stuck out, his cheeks flushed, eyes wide as saucers; her confession seemed to throw him off. Good, she could try to seduce him again.

Without an ounce of hesitation Kazuha seized his lips. It happened so fast he didn't have time to gasp. The kiss was soft, nervous, and a bashful one. The girl wanted to enter his mouth, but the boy wouldn't allow it. So the duo started to fight again, she tried to get her tongue into Heiji's mouth, while he tried to prevent her from entering his mouth, eventually Kazuha had to end the one-sided kiss, she ran out of air. Still lust hungry for him, the girl didn't listen to Heiji's reasoning.

"Kazuha listen to me," He said while trying to keep her off of him."You don't want to screw me right now; you're just aroused from sexual tension!"

"Heiji," she said ever so sweetly."I want you right now, who cares if I'm horny or not?" Kazuha exclaimed. Her statement struck something deep inside Heiji. Suddenly he grabbed both of her arms and pinned her down like last time. Kazuha yelped from the sudden movement

The surprised girl looked up at him, her eyes big as saucers when she saw the look on his face. Pure heartbreak decorated his face, she could practically feel dejection radiating off of him! A wave of guilt overwhelmed her, why did she say that? She didn't mean any of it, aside from her wanting him, that part was really true. He made no signs of moving, like he was contemplating something, making the girl frustrated by the second, finally Heiji opened his mouth.

"I do." He simply stated, baffling the girl under him, his hurt expression never leaving his face.

"Nani?" Kazuha said, stunned.

"Oh my Kami! What in the world is going on in here?" demanded a feminine voice from the doorway. Kazuha and Heiji snapped their heads up to see Shizuka there, a little blush tainting her cheeks; she was carrying her remedy soup for Kazuha's so-called fever. To both of the teenager's relief though, she seemed to have forgotten about her camera.

"Ano..." The boy and girl said. Heiji looked back and forth, trying to come up with a usable excuse for their predicament. But what could he say? Oh, Kazuha got horny, tried to seduce him multiple times, they fought, he got feed up and pinned the girl down, and was about to confess, but she interrupted? No way in seven hells! Kazuha would be embarrassed...Wait, why should he care if she was embarrassed or not? Heck, he should tell his mother what occurred just to vex Kazuha; if she got upset then he would've said it was payback for harassing him.

"Ha-ha, what happened was," Kazuha looked at him nervously and he couldn't bring himself to tell his mother."Kazuha had a nightmare and started thrashing around, so I tried to calm her down, but she fought against me, I climbed on top of her and then you walked in." He said, blushing slightly from how stupid his white lie was, there was no way she would believe him. Why didn't he just tell her the truth? Because Kazuha
would've been embarrassed after she snaps out of whatever spell the girl's in, why should that bother him? He couldn't grasp why.

"I see, you could've just called me or your otousan," Shizuka said, Heiji deflated in relief that his mother accepted such an obvious lie."Then I've would've had time to get my camera." she murmured the last sentence, but the teenagers heard her anyway. Kazuha decided to speak up, what she said next shocked the Hattori's, aside from Heiji's father, since he wasn't present.

"He did call, I'm surprised you didn't hear him okaasan, he was pretty loud just a few minutes ago, and I didn't know he was a screamer." Kazuha covered her mouth when she realized what escaped from her mouth. She looked up and literary felt herself shrink when seeing their expressions. Heiji's face was getting redder by the minute, gawking at her like she was crazy, Shizuka gaped at her too, but there was admiration also. Heizo, Heiji's father, decided to walk in at the time, holding the thermometer his wife requested.

"Koishii, I got the thermometer you- did I miss something?" He asked noticing the mood in the room; Shizuka shook her head and gave Heiji her remedy soup and the thermometer, leaving with a confused Heizo. They heard the lady mumbling things about having grand children soon; making Heiji blush and Kazuha had a lop-sided grin on her face. It was quiet between the two for awhile much to Kazuha's disappointment, he decided to have the soup cool down before giving it to her even though she didn't need it, neither the thermometer, so he held it, just staring at the stick. Then the girl broke the silence.

"So, are you going to check my temperature?" She purred seductively, Heiji face palmed, just when he thought she had finally calmed down.

"Kazuha," He opened his mouth say something, but Kazuha got on her hands and knees, confusing the boy completely."What in the world are you doing?" Kazuha blinked.

"Well my anata, you have to check my temperature so I was making it easier for you." She smiled broadly when he figured out what she meant. Heiji blushed furiously, he looked like he was going to scream something stupid, blushed again, and then he was just quiet. Kazuha raised an eyebrow at him, expecting to yell something about her hormones.

"Kazuha I will not check your temperature that way." He said once he calmed down, Kazuha was disappointed by his answer.

"Oh come one, if someone walks in we can say you did it for my health!" Kazuha whined. Heiji couldn't believe he was even having this type of conversation with her.

"I said no." he replied.

"Fine, jerk." She pouted, picking herself up from her position and crossing her arms. The spiked haired boy rolled his eyes in response, putting the thermometer away and grabbing the remedy soup.

"Whatever, here, you haven't eaten anything all day."

Heiji gave her the soup and sat next to her, patiently waiting for the girl to finish the soup. The oddest thing happen while she was eating, her eyes lost the lecherous look she'd been giving him for the majority of the day. The look in her eyes changed, well, back to a Kazuha-like look, it baffled Heiji, but decided to wait and see her reaction. When Kazuha looked up at him he expected her to yell 'Koishii!' or 'Koibito!', but she surprised him by narrowing her eyes at him and frowning. His eyes widened when she spoke.

"What are you looking at Ahou? Never seen someone eat before?" She said hotly, Heiji just gawk at her, making Kazuha nervous. Suddenly he embraced her into a big bear hug. Now if she was sex crazed Kazuha the girl would be hugging back with a big content smile on her face, but she wasn't sex crazed Kazuha at the moment, so she did what she would normally do. She punched him, hard, making him let go of her and grabbing his head in pain, mumbling a few curses under his breath, he looked back up at Kazuha, smiling, she was taken aback from his reaction to her hit.

"Kazuha," She felt her heart start beating faster."I'm glad you're back." Oh kami, the smile he just flashed at her, it made her melt, but wait, glad she's back? Back from what? Kazuha raised her eyebrows at him quizzically, he shrugged it off, his mother's soup was a remedy, and he'd have to thank her later. The girl noticed something on Heiji, his neck to be specific, it was reddish- Is that a hickey? What the hell did he do while she was unconscious? All kinds of possibilities popped up in her head, they weren't pretty, by the time she was done imagining what could've happen the girl was fuming.

She tried to calm, really she did, but a green big ugly monster called jealousy took over, images of Heiji being with another girl appeared in her head one by one, each one worse than the last. Kazuha pictured them kissing, cuddling, spooning, touching, she wanted to kill the unidentified girl without even knowing if she even existed or not. When she almost calmed herself down, she looked at his neck to discover even more hickeys! Okay Kazuha, keep your composure, stay calm, count to 10. 1, 2, 3, 4- Screw this! The girl was ready to attack Heiji, but thought about something first.

How could he have got a hickey while he was chained to her? That single question stopped her from injuring the boy in front of her; she pondered on it, but couldn't think how it was possible. She looked up at Heiji; he was just sitting there not looking at anything peculiar. Okay, when she looked at him he didn't look guilty of anything, but every time her eyes found their way to his neck where the hickey was, then he looked guilty of something. Guilty of what? He wasn't dating her, so why was she so pissed? Because...Her eyes widened.

"Heiji," Kazuha said menacingly, scaring the boy."You hentai! How dare you sleep with some girl in here, while I was sleeping!" She exclaimed, the boy wasn't not expecting that kind of answer from her, he was about to protest, but heard a beeping sound. To his horror, there was a video recorder; it seemed it had been playing there for some time, maybe since they've entered the room. Kazuha caught on eventually and started panicking.

"Did she?" She asked, already knowing the answer, but in denial. He nodded his head grimly.

"Hai, she's been recording us this whole time." Heiji replied. Both teenagers were scared for two different reasons.

Heiji was panicking because he didn't want Kazuha to know what she did, what she said, and the fight they had, what was the other reason? His mother, she could do all kinds of things with the footage. As the possibilities went on and on, Kazuha started freaking too. Kazuha was frighten at what the video held. Scared she'd see Heiji screwing another girl. While she was sleeping on the other side of the bed, oblivious to what was going on around her. Well her guess was half right.




Hai- Yes/Now!

Koishii - beloved, darling, wanted.

Koibito - lover, sweetheart.

Anata - Honey, Dear.

Mou- Already. Exclaimed, "Enough!"

Nani- What?

Naruhodo- I see.; So.

Suki da-I like you

Haha-Mother(When talking to or about your mother.)

Okaasan-Mother(When talking about or to someone else's mother.)



Otousan-Father(When talking about or to someone else's father.)

I think I covered all the japanese terms. :P

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