Author's Note!: Hi there (: This is my first (sort of) story, I had previously made a Harry Potter one, but in the middle of writing my laptop crashed so I gave up on that.
But I decided to try writing again. And right now I am on a Lord of the Rings craze (which isn't so bad) but I wanted a funny fanfic of the Fellowship coming to our world, but I couldn't find that many, so I decided I will write one. I hope you enjoy it! Review if you wish. It would be nice. And I will bake you a cake if you did. I like cake (:

Disclaimer: I do not own Lord of the Rings, nor Harry Potter, sadly. :(

One hot Summer day in the suburbs of Raleigh, North Carolina, all was normal at the home of Celestial Denning. The 24 year old up-and-coming fashion designer was sitting around her office working on her new line that was going to be shown in the magazine Raleigh Fashion and Style.

Needing inspiration, she hastily stood and ran into her living room, skipping a few steps on her way down the stairs. Looking at her collection of Sci-fi, fantasy, and comic book heroes' movies, she settled on her absolute favorite trilogy, the Lord of the Rings. Satisfied with her choice, she popped the disc in her player and ran to the kitchen to grab a bag of rice cakes (she was on a diet, no chips for Celeste!). Walking back into the living room, she noticed her white Persian kitten Crookshanks sleeping on Celeste's usual spot on the couch. Sighing to herself, she gently picked the adorable creature up and placed him on her lap.

With the Fellowship finally playing, Celeste sat back into the couch and prepared to yet again experience the wonderful world of Middle-earth. When she was younger, she absolutely loved these movies and read all of Tolkien's books, she still reads them once in a while. But most of all she wished she could join the Fellowship on their dangerous journey, and be a part of that world. She loved it so much that she took archery and fencing as P.E. Classes in college. Those were pretty fun though. Definitely worth it.

Her reminiscent thoughts were cut off all of a sudden when the television started to shine a very bright white light onto Celeste. It was on the part of the close up of all the members of the Fellowship, and the light soon became so bright that Celeste could no longer look at the t.v., and Crookshanks leapt off of her lap and hid under the kitchen table. As soon as the light went down, Celeste glanced back at the television and nearly fainted.

Standing in the middle of her living room were three tall men, one of them extraordinarily attractive, four children, a midget, and an old man with a tall gray pointed hat. All nine of them had some sort of medieval weapon pointed right at her.

Celeste drew up enough courage to yell, "Holy crap! You should probably put those away before you hurt someone!"

They all looked startled when she spoke, and the old guy stepped forward, nervously glancing around.

"State your name and business and we shall be on our way."

Celeste was starting to get slightly angry, and that doesn't usually happen easily,

ME? State my name? Ha! They were in HER house.

"Uh, well actually you should tell me about you first, seeing as you're IN MY HOUSE!" she screamed out the last part.

"Very well, that seems the fairest. I am Gandalf. Gandalf the Gray. This here is Aragorn, son of Arathorn, Boromir of Gondor, Legoalas Greenleaf of the Woodland Realm, Gimli son of Gloin, Merry, Pippin, Frodo and Sam."

The whole time Gandalf was stating the names, Celeste just sat on the couch in shock, staring open-mouthed at all of them.

One of the hobbits (for Celeste now realized that was what they really were) took a timid step forward.

"Is she alright Gandalf? She looks slightly vacant." said the one she guessed was Pippin.

Celeste shook her head slightly and stood up, looking at each and every one of them.

"Oh my God. You ARE real."

Then she fainted.

Well, there she is. I thought it was successful. What are your views? And just to let you know, I based Celeste off of myself, but it is not my real name and age. I was ALMOST named Celestial, but my dad didn't like it as much . thanks dad. But anyways. I will try to update again soon!