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The crowd parted as I walked through, Fellowship right on my tail. There were many 'Ooh's!' and 'Ahs!' as what they thought were very convincing doppelgangers walked through the space in the middle. Finally reaching the podium, I slowly approached Daniel's side and gestured for the Fellowship to stop where they were. Daniel was whispering with the person sitting next to him behind a table with microphones and glasses of water set on top. He didn't notice me yet. I waited patiently for a minute so they could finish their conversation, yet soon felt awkward about all the eyes of the crowd on the back of my head. I felt it was time I interrupted. "Ahem." I cleared my throat softly. No response. "Ahem, Mr. Samuels?" I said a little louder. He finally looked over to me, raising his eyebrows questioningly. Finally getting his attention, I quickly informed him, "I have some important questions I need to ask you." He smirked slightly in an arrogant way and said right back to me, "All questions can be asked during our panel coming up in fifteen minutes."

"This is about a private manner!" I called desperately.

"Maybe you should talk to agent and schedule a meeting for a later date." He ended our conversation and turned back to the guy he was talking to previously. This was not turning out in my favor. Behind me, I could hear footsteps falling with great celerity. I turned to see Gandalf leading the Fellowship over to where I stood. Once he reached us, he looked up to Daniel sitting behind the table and masked his face with a stern countenance.

"Daniel Samuels," He all but yelled, "we have an urgent matter to discuss with you and I will not be turned away by some mere weak mortal!"

I couldn't stop the amused smile forming on my face at Daniel's stunned expression as he took in Gandalf and the Fellowship behind him.

"I can give you ten minutes." I said leading us off into a long hallway facing outward from the main hall. We were led through a doorway near the end of the hall into a private conference room. Daniel held the door open as we silently filed in, his eyes drinking in the sight of each member as they passed him. Once we were all in the room, Daniel closed the door and began pacing around.

"Okay, so there are two options as to who you all are. One, each of you are the actual actors from the Lord of the Rings trilogy and have for some reason dressed fully in costume to attend a very minor convention in the southern state of North Carolina. The second being that you are all very incredible look-a-likes who have recreated the original costumes perfectly to the T. Both options, however, are highly unlikely, yet I can think of no other logical solution." He said all of this in a big rush, only catching his breath once he finished.

"...Or," I added, "They are all the real characters from the series and popped out of my t.v. And into my living room when I was watching the first movie." Daniel stopped pacing and stared at me like I had two heads growing out of my neck. "Which is what really happened." I informed him.

"'When you have eliminated the impossible, whatever remains, however improbable, must be the truth.'" He mumbled to himself. This was the perfect opportunity for Gandalf to step up and say, "I assure you we are no impostors, and are most positively not from this world, or time period." Daniel looked up at him, a curious expression on his face. Was it an incredulous or amazed demeanor?

"I have no other choice but to believe you." He said. "What can I do for you? I only have few more minutes until I have to go back out there, but if you want to stay and wait we can talk more openly afterwards." This was going a lot better than I ever expected, it did not take as long as I thought convincing him of their genuineness.

I looked over to Gandalf, who nodded at me in agreement to what I was thinking. "We will wait in here, much easier to talk when not under time restraints." I said turning back to the translator.

"Very well, I shall be back as soon as I can. Make yourselves comfortable." With that, he was out the door. A silence hung in the air at his departure, until; "Well, he was a lovely fellow." Pippin amusedly stated.

It was almost an hour before Daniel made his appearance again. The entire time he was out, the fellowship and I sat in sat in anxious silence, lounging in the rolling office chairs seated around the large oak table which filled up most of the room. As soon as the thin man entered, everyone immediately sat up with anticipation.

"Sorry it took a little longer than expected, we had many fans to entertain." He said while pulling out his own chair and sitting himself. He folded his hands and placed them on the table looking to Gandalf. "Now, what was your question?"

"We are obviously not in the correct world, and have been aimlessly living out our existence here for many weeks now. Our lives still await us back on Middle Earth, I can feel it. We need to find our way home, and I am contrite to admit that I, we, need your expertise. I have never dealt with such a situation before and will appreciate any council you may give." The Wizard spoke urgently to him. "I have very limited knowledge on this world's craft of magic, and you may have some idea as to what may aid us, for none of my own spells have worked thus far."

Daniel sat in thoughtful silence for a few moments, all eyes intently on him.

"You may be successful with a ritual spell. They mostly involve a bit of candles and chanting. Provide an object that belonged to your own world, set up a circle with the candles where each of you must sit inside, then chant out a certain phrase. I have seen a few ceremonies myself that have used this attempt of magic. Though of course, it never worked too well for them since there isn't such thing as real magic in this world, just weird science. But if you gave it a try, Gandalf, I couldn't see why it wouldn't work."

"Do you have any ideas as to what this phrase we need to say is?" Aragorn asked him.

"I suppose it could be a prayer to one of the Valar to bring you home. As long as Gandalf feels his magic working, it should do as you wish. In this case, take you back to your world." Silence, again.

I was beginning to feel slightly depressed at his words, they sounded pretty believable and confident. The ritual might actually work, and then I would be all alone again. Of course I would have Alece, but we would both be left feeling empty after our encounter with the Fellowship ends. How horrid it would be to sit and watch the movies again and again after actually meeting them, and dating some, and making lasting friendships with them all. This is not something I want.

The silence was broken by Aragorn. "Thank you, mellon nin, for everything. We will put to test this theory of yours. I think it is best that we go." He said standing up from his seat.

"Agreed! I am beginning to get terribly hungry. May we stop and eat somewhere on the way back home Celeste?" Pippin asked hopping up out of his own chair. I couldn't help but smile at his cute innocence and Hobbit ways.

I nodded to Pip and began shepherding all of the Fellowship out of the room.

"Oh! And one last thing," Daniel said stopping us in our tracks as we were in the hallway, "I think it would be best to attempt in on a night with a full moon. It may seem silly, but in most adaptions and beliefs, magic seems strongest on nights with full moons. Just a suggestion."

"Thank you very much for your input mister Samuels." I said genuinely.

"No, thank you. No one will ever believe I actually met my true literary idol; Gandalf. I wish you could stay to answer my many questions! But alas! You have not reached many of the points in time I wish to question you on. I hope everything works out for you though, and I will keep your existence a secret, for may not work out well if I didn't." Did he really say 'alas'? Wow, he really is a nerd.

We made our way back into the main room, which was even more crowded than before, just as they were announcing the winners for the convention wide costume contest. I wasn't paying much attention to the announcer until I heard, "...and for the first place prize: The Fellowship of the Ring and their Elleth companion!" I froze on the spot as a spotlight shined right onto our group, stopping everyone else in their tracks. The crowd roared in approval and I shyly smiled and waved as people turned to awe at us. "Bring them up on stage!" The announcer gestured for us to come forward. I tentatively stepped forward and slowly made my way towards the stage with my cheeks aflame. I glanced back to see the confused faces of my acquaintances and motioned for them to follow. We finally made it up to the stage and stood awkwardly as hundreds of camera flashes went off and I was handed a check and certificate. Merry, Pippin, Boromir, and Gimli looked like they were enjoying all the attention and smiled and waved out to the crowd, while Gandalf and Aragorn looked bemused. Legolas just had a cheeky half smile on his gorgeous face. Sam and Frodo looked a little stunned and slightly terrified.

"What are your names?" The announcer asked me stinking a microphone in my face.

"Um... Celestial, Gandalf, Aragorn, Gimli, Legolas, Boromir, Pippin, Merry, Frodo, and Sam." The crowd laughed in response, thinking that I was joking around.

"Of course you are!" The announcer man said chuckling. "Everyone give it up for the Fellowship!" Another round of tumultuous applause.

"Let's get out of here before something else happens." I whispered to Gandalf as I pulled Pippin back from his adoring fans.

"Agreed." Said the wizard, already heading towards the stairs off the stage.

With that, we left the building, piled into the Suburban, and made our way home. I complied to Pippin's earlier request and stopped at Subway for sandwiches on the way. I was at least satisfied for the moment, I just received a check for $1,500, and the next full moon was almost a whole month away. I had all that time to decide what I was going to do about the departure of the Fellowship.

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