An interpretation of "Matryoshka." Song used is the Rin and Len version. They say Rin is more than a little crazy. How could she have a crush on the cutest guy in school? Rated for safety.

Category: Vocaloid Rating: T Characters: Rin K. and Len K.

"They're in."

Rin pumped her fist. "Yes!" she continued quietly. "I can do it now."

She slipped in behind one of the teachers, pulling her hat tighter over her head. She had come in her regular outfit, and her huge white bow made her too conspicuous.

She nodded at Mr. Gakupo as he passed. He barely acknowledged her.

"Yes," she repeated. "Everything is according to plan."

She snuck downstairs, keeping her head down, acting like everything was normal. She walked casually down the hall until she got to the lockers reserved for her grade. She had already memorized his locker number and knew his combination better than her own.

Oh, Len, she thought as she slipped the note through the locker vents. I hope you know this was me.


Len smiled at Ms. Meiko as he entered the school. Another good day was ahead of him, he was sure of it. The weekend had been great. Mr. Kaito had thrown a get-together at his house, which was large and equipped with any luxury desired by his class. The whole class had come, except for Rin. That's understandable, Len thought guiltily. She's more than a little weird. She talks to herself and is obsessed with her obsessions. I heard that she won't leave her house until her bow makes a 180-degree straight angle. Her locker is messy, but individual items are painstakingly organized.

"Hey, Gumi," he said as he passed her.

"Hey, Len," she replied pleasantly. She had been shy at the beginning of the school year, but she had grown bolder and was a lot of fun to be around.

"What are you doing?"

"Rin?" Gumi looked over, surprised.

Rin flushed. "Er, you didn't go to your locker yet. You're not supposed to talk until you're ready for class."

Gumi looked at Len in apologetic confusion. "Okay, see you later."

As Gumi walked away, Rin gave Len a look that he had only seen in cats. It was a sort of half-lidded glare, like a friendly cat that's been poked once too many times. Rin tossed her hair to make a brazen exit, but her bow bumped a passing person and became crooked. Rin gasped as if her hand had been cut off and hurried away, whispering urgently to herself.

Len turned away from the retreating girl, embarrassed at himself for staring. Not everyone's normal, he scolded himself, setting down his backpack and opening his locker.


A perfectly folded square of paper rested on his science book.

He picked it up and unfolded it.

The writing inside was painstakingly neat. There were no floating dots over the i's or any eraser smudges. Curious at the pains taken to write it, he read the note.

My precious Len,

A matryoshka
Open, remove, and repeat
One is many.

No one understands me besides myself. Everyone in the school thinks I'm crazy. My cousin Neru was two years old when I was born, and she remembers that, every time I came to visit, I'd do some sort of routine that made sense only to me. Certainly, I've always been this way. I feel like a matryoshka. Do you know what a matryoshka is? It's a Russian doll-within-a-doll. You open up the big doll, a smaller doll is inside. You open the smaller one, there's an even smaller one in that.

I live with my mom. She works a lot. I have to do things for myself a lot. I had to pay for my keyboard myself. It's a model 524, so it wasn't that expensive. I know there are better models available, and I can afford them, but I can't bear to part with this model. The music sheet stand forms perfect right angles, and I love the model number. 524. That's my dad's house number, wherever he may be now. Five plus two plus four is eleven, which is half of my house number. And it's your locker combination. 5-2-4. I could steal everything in there, but I'd end up getting upset at myself. I won't break into your locker, don't worry.

I hope you read this message. I can't stop thinking about you. I draw pictures of you in my notebook. I almost dressed up like you on Halloween. I can't believe you ignore me so much. I know you don't want to stare or laugh. I'm not a freak. I'm just a little crazier than usual. I hope you at least remember me for the rest of your life.

With love,

Rin Kagamine

Len almost crumpled the note, but a flash of yellow caught his eye. He turned the paper over and saw a yellow matryoshka fashioned like him. The details were amazingly perfect. Next to the matryoshka-Len was a matryoshka-Rin. Both dolls had stubby hands sticking out of them. The dolls were holding hands with shy, happy expressions on their faces. A sentence was scrawled on the bottom of the picture.

If I am a matryoshka, you must remove your outer doll.

Len rolled his eyes. This is like some sort of obsessive love.

The garbage can was within reach. He was seriously tempted to rip the note into pieces and throw them in separate wastebaskets, but something stopped him.


She's all alone. She only has her own mind.

Len had been doing a report on a neurologist named Sigmund Freud. This man had introduced psychoanalysis. He had needed to look up the word: "a method of treating some mental disorders by analyzing repressed feelings, emotional conflicts, etc. through the use of free association, dream analysis, etc." And a "Freudian slip" was "a mistake made in speaking that, it is thought, reveals unconscious motives, desires, etc."

Maybe Rin has some mental disorder. What has she been through? I don't know if she's made any Freudian slips—I don't talk to her much, and she wrote a note instead of speaking it.

I'll give her a chance.

First Vocaloid story. I actually found some sense in the song, so I decided to write a story about it. Definitions are from Webster's New World Dictionary.

References in the story that are in the song: the note (a message), "certainly, I've always been this way," the matryoshka (I like to think it symbolizes her mind), the craziness, the numbers 5 2 4, and Freud.