Rin twisted the combination lock.

5, 2, 4.

It didn't open.

Rats, I'm using his combination.

She entered her own combination and opened her locker. Tears blurred the edges of her vision.

I can't get him out of my mind. I gave him the note yesterday. I wonder what he thought.


Len shook his head.

"Do you have something in your ear?" Lily grumbled. "That's the fifth time you've done that!"

"Sorry," Len said sheepishly, rubbing his hair.

"I don't appreciate having a locker next to a darn guy who uses lice shampoo."

"It's dandruff shampoo," Len countered with mock hurt. "Or my hair would be snowy instead of flowy."

Lily rolled her eyes, unable to hold back a smile. "Just stop shaking your head," she called over her shoulder as she left.

Len let out a breath. The short-tempered girl had been forced to take a locker next to a younger, albeit cute, guy. She tried to hate Len but obviously failed.

Len shook his hair out one more time before picking up his backpack. Truthfully, he didn't have anything in his hair or ear that made him do that. It was Rin.

I feel like her presence is like a burr in my hair, he thought grumpily as he took his seat. Rin was next to him, studying him with intense interest.

"Did you like the picture?" she whispered, eyes shining. "It's really hard to do!"

"It was very well drawn," he admitted grudgingly.

Her face lit up; she looked like she had won the lottery.

"Class, pay attention," Mr. Kaito called. The students hushed and turned to look at the teacher.

"We're going to have a special project. I am aware of your famous-scientist assignment with your science teacher. This project will not be hard. You are going to, in some way, present to me the formulas in some category of your choice. You can make a poster. You can sing the formulas if you are moved to do so. You may do algebra formulas, geometry formulas, whatever type of formulas. The only catch is that you must cooperate with a partner. I'll pair you up."

Mr. Kaito went down the rows, partnering adjacent students. Len was in the second-to-last row. Oh, I hope I don't get partnered with Rin!

"…And Len and Rin."

Len sighed, but Rin leapt onto her desk and began singing softly in Japanese. Len, fluent in Japanese as his first language, reddened until he figured he had the complexion of an apple. She's singing about me, I know, but the song makes no sense! It's about matryoshkas!

"Yoi tsubuse? Utai dase! Kyou mo hora tsugihagi kurutta matoryoshika!"

"Rin," Mr. Kaito said with a stern smile, "I appreciate your abundance of self-expression, but it will need to wait until we're not in class."

"Yes, Mr. Kaito," Rin chirped, plopping back into her seat. As the teacher continued to explain the project, Rin sang under her breath, staring at Len.

"Rin," Mr. Kaito called. "You can sing to Len after class."

Len put his hand over his face as the class laughed. Rin scoffed nonchalantly and gave Mr. Kaito her undivided attention.

After math class, the class went to history with Ms. Meiko.

"Now, class," she said, "tell me about your weekend."

The whole class burst into chatter. As Ms. Meiko tried to quiet them, Oliver tapped on his shoulder from behind.

"From Rin," he whispered, handing Len a note. Len sighed and unfolded it.

Am I some sort of headache to you? I love you. I'd sing it from the sky if I needed to. Love is a package. I am a headache. A package sung by a headache.


Len looked up, hastily concealing the slip of paper in his palm. "Yes, Ms. Meiko?"

"Did you hear what I asked?"

Len's mind raced. "About the clocks?"


"You asked if every clock was stuck."

"Is every clock stuck?"

Len thought back to math class.

"I don't know," he replied apologetically. "I didn't look at the clock."

Len heard Rin sigh in relief.

Ms. Meiko directed her attention to Gumi. Len carefully took the note from his palm and held it under his desk to read it.

Am I some sort of headache to you? I love you. I'd sing it from the sky if I needed to. Love is a package. I am a headache. A package sung by a headache. Don't tell anyone, but I stopped every clock in the school. Time will still move, but the hands will stay at four. 4:20. Four plus two is six. Four minus two is two. Six plus two is eight. Eight times two is sixteen. Sixteen divided by four is four. The hands will stay at four. Just an advance warning: don't tell anyone what I tell you, or my world will turn-upside down.

I've got an idea for the math project. My number is….

Len sighed and pocketed the note. I'll have to call her later if I want to get a good grade on the project. She is a freak!


Len typed Rin

That's all I have so far. I'm sorry to disappoint you, but this story is creeping me out, and I'm writing it. I've been told that some of Freud's concepts were not exactly Christian, and I am Christian. I don't want to continue this story. I am willing, however, to give it to whoever wants to adopt it. If you are honestly interested in the story, please PM me. The weirdness of Freud combined with the weirdness of Rin's mind does not sit well with me. I did want to say that Rin and Len would have done a song on chords, which are both something in music and something in geometry. (Frankly, I don't know what either type of chord is.)

Thank you for encouraging me on my exploration of Vocaloid stories. I'm pretty new with Vocaloid. I've only liked it for maybe a month or two.