This one is especially for Selenak and Speakertocustomers.

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Blue Meanie

by Marcus L. Rowland

"We awaited your return for aeons," whined the furry blue demon. "Conquering myriad worlds. This world was our downfall, perfused with happiness and song. We conquered, but its champions returned and we..."

"...betrayed me," snapped Illyria.

The demon hung its head. "We were seduced by... love. Their accursed music proclaims sentimentality in every note. We resisted, but it was our downfall."

"Hopefully your replacement will do better." Illyria ripped out his spine, and summoned another demon. "Fetch Spike. He will tell you of the ultimate weapon against the music of sentimentality. It is time to introduce Pepperland to... punk rock!"


Crossover with Yellow Submarine, of course.