Title: Refraction

Rating: M

Pairing: Bolin/ Korra

Words: 3,077

Summary: Bolin has something else in mind as well.

"I have something a little more exciting in mind."

Asami leaves first, after speaking to the butler about making arrangements in a quiet, yet rapid voice. She's a very sweet girl, Bolin thinks, perhaps a little reserved, but there she seems just a little more animated while planning to entertain the avatar, and it makes him smile. He catches Mako's eye and the brothers share their amusement at the heiress' subdued enthusiasm with a grin and a quick cock of a brow. His brother wades to the edge and hefts himself out of the water, excuses himself courteously, and waves to Korra as he walks past her. Korra smiles politely and her eyes stay on Mako for an entirely appropriate amount of time before she looks away, her expression neutral and controlled. They are perfectly proper and purposefully distant; Bolin feels a nauseated heave deep in his gut.

He stretches theatrically in the water, floating on his back and placing his hands behind his head with an exaggerated sigh. He kicks a small splash and rolls his shoulders to stretch his chest. It works beautifully and Korra's proper attitude slips as she snorts at him. Her blue eyes sparkle with laughter like the light flashing in the water he disturbs. He winks at her, because he can, and no one else will know what it means.

"You coming, Bo?" Mako has stopped at the door and is looking at him with a raised eyebrow as he lazes in the cool water.

"You go ahead." He waves his hand absently in the air. "I'll be along."

"You're going to be wet for whatever we're doing." Mako chides him.

"I'm fine." He groans and pulls himself back to a stand. The water reaches midway to his chest and his arms float along the surface, skimming the tiny waves. "I'll just hang out with Korra for a bit while you guys get ready. I'll catch up later." He nods to the lady and smirks. "Besides, my man over there can always help me out again, right?" He grins at the harried butler who minutely twitches around his eyes.

"My apologies, Master Bolin." The man says, not sounding remotely sorry. "I must see to the request of Miss Sato, if you will please excuse me." He doesn't wait for a response and breezes quickly past Mako who is still partially blocking the door. Korra is shaking with small, repressed laughs, and her face clearly says to him, Look what you did. Mako rolls his eyes and waves over his shoulder as he steps out and heads towards the changing rooms.

"Alone at last." He flirts to the unaffected girl shaking her head at him.

She looks at him with a brow cocked high and he grins up at her through his wet hair. "The water really is great." He says. "You should enjoy it while you can."

"I'm good, thanks." She says and gestures towards the choppy surface. From her bench seat she pulls a knee in to her chest and loosely hugs it. Her eyes flicker around the splendid room. "Water is nothing new for me, so I don't think I'll be missing much."

"Oh, but that's where you're wrong." He says gravely. "This is indeed special; possibly the greatest small body of water you're likely to find in our lifetimes! To let it go to waste is a crime against the industry that created this masterpiece of stone and fluid."

"And just what is so special about this particular pool?" she asks, resting her head against her knee.

"It is special because right now, this pool has me." he smirks at her and wags his eyebrows, "And hopefully soon, it will also have you, and that would make it spectacular."

With a graceful movement, a wall of water suddenly hits him from behind, knocking him forward and under. He surfaces and shakes the hair from his face and wipes a hand across his eyes. When he catches her eyes again, he is grinning, but she is watching him curiously. A half-smile plays across her lips and her eyes are intense and unreadable. Bolin is caught in indecision as she studies him, and finally, slowly, she stands. He is frozen in her gaze and when her hands drop to the ties of her fur, his heart begins to pound.

He wants to look confident and controlled, but the lump in his throat is threatening to choke him. Her fur wrap falls to the tile and pants slip to show him the dark skin of her beautifully muscled legs. She kicks them away and walks slowly to the tiles edge, coming to him. Her arms cross over her stomach and grip the edges of her tight shirt and pull it up over her flat stomach and over her head. He gulps at the gleam in her eyes as she watches his face. She undresses for him, stalks towards him, and though he dared her to do it, he isn't quite prepared for it. He is the pursuer. He goes to her. He initiates contact.

This is new.

She stands gloriously naked in front of him, and with a grin, dives into the crystal water. He watches the shadow of her body glide gracefully across the pool before she surfaces again, not far, but still slightly out of reach. The distorted image of her body dances beneath tiny waves and she is beautiful. Her arms sway listlessly below the surface, creating gentle currents that flow over his skin and his hardness is becoming uncomfortable.

"Well now," he says, "Can't say I was completely expecting that."

"I didn't bring a suit," she says, and no one should be allowed to be so smug. "Hope you don't mind."

"No, no." he coughs into a fist and swallows thickly, trying desperately to overcome the unfamiliar nerves that spasm in his chest. "That's perfectly fine." She is smiling at his unease and he struggles to pull himself together. He needs to be confident and alluring, but it's hard.

She floats gracefully, her arms dancing beneath the water. The water flows with her so perfectly that he wonders if she is even trying to bend, or if in fact, she is just so natural in her element that it comes without conscious effort, drawn to her. He feels the pull and is drawn in as well, slowly coming nearer, and lost in impossible blue.

"So now you've got me here," she says, "what next?"

He blushes a bit and admits, "I haven't got that far yet." Water flows around him, and through his legs, and he knows it has to be on purpose. She grins devilishly at him and he feels a twitch in his groin, and he fights within his head to get it together.

He can do this.

He comes to stand in front of her, looking down into her confident expression that could very likely end him. A thin barrier of cool water separates his chest from her dusky, pebbled nipples. He is a guest in this house and their privacy is in no way guaranteed. The danger of a person walking in on them sends a shiver down his spine. Korra is not afraid, and the challenge in her expression pulls him in. He swallows against his apprehensions and drops his lips to hers.

She wraps her arms around his shoulders and presses against him. His hands run over her sides, the dip of her back and over the swell of her ass, as he brings her flush against the hardness of his body. She smiles against his lips, touching him teasingly with her tongue, but retreating when he tries to deepen it. She toys with him through tantalizingly shallow kisses and small steps back, leading him until he presses her against the cool tile on the edge.

"That's a start." She says while pressing kisses against his lips, then down his jaw, to his neck. Her teeth graze against his pulse point and he surges against her.

"Getting there." He says as her mouth traces over his collar bone.

He strokes her sides from her hips up to the sides of her breasts and her fingers slip beneath the straps that cover him and trace along his shoulder blades. His eyes dart to the empty entryway over and over until he can no longer keep them open, with her teeth and her tongue on his skin and the water swirling around them.

He feels her hands trail down his body, over his ribs and to his hips where they dip beneath the thin belt holding his trunks at his waist. Her thumbs trace along his abs, following his hip bone. The wet fabric is tight against his body and her hands have very little room and the need to be touched is torture. He buries his face in the crook of her neck and she leans to the side. He breathes her name against wet skin and sucks at her gently. He brings a hand to her breast. His fingers slide over her skin so smoothly with the reduced friction. She arches back with the sensations, opening herself wider to him.

With a strong grip on her waist, he lifts her further up and out so that she reclines against polished glass. He kisses and licks down her neck and chest until he catches her breast and sucks gently at her nipple, caressing her with soft strokes of his tongue. Her fingers are tangled in his hair and her soft pants egg him on. He nudges her legs apart with a knee, straddling her leg and pressing intimately against her thigh.

He grips her waist in the water and pulls her right against him with a squeeze of her ass. He thrusts up, confined within the tight shorts, but relishing in the feelings of the warm girl in his arms. He gets a cheeky grin from her as a reward. He loves the pride she takes in driving him crazy. He loves how comfortable she has become so quickly and can't believe he gets to see this side of her. It's not perfect yet, but it's getting there.

He touches her gently, between her legs, and thrills at her sharp breath and the way she tenses throughout her body. He strokes softly, from top to bottom and she quickly relaxes. The water makes it all so smooth and slick; the cool a drastic contrast to the heat against his fingers. She roughly pulls his head up into a messy kiss and slides further down into the water. His hand cups around her; his fingers sliding up and down, pressing more firmly and further in with each pass. Korra whispers encouragements between open mouth kisses, "Yes. Bo, Yes." When he slowly sinks his finger inside her, she lets out a throaty moan that brings a chill of fear in his chest. He kisses her to muffle the sound and checks the door again.

They are still alone, and he lets out a sigh of relief until he notices laughing blue eyes looking up at him.

"Scared, Bo?" she says and runs a bare leg up his calf all the way to his hip. She tightens around his finger and he shudders, imagining another part of his anatomy in its place.

His grin is sheepish as he kisses her sweetly. He gives a long, slow pump of his hand and guides her leg around his waist. "Maybe a little." He says, rocking her hips in time with his movements. "Not sure how long we'll be alone."

"Stop playing around, then." She says and dominates the kiss. She slides down in front of him, dislodging his fingers and forcefully tugs at the shirt of his swim costume, which does not budge easily.

"Off. Now." She says and he rushes to comply. It is made of two components, not easily removed while soaking wet and in an extreme state of arousal, but he manages to peal the tight fabric away. Her hands grab at the bottoms, a little over zealous in his physical state, and as she rips them down, he hisses in discomfort. She lets go immediately, jerking away for a moment. She presses against him, slowly, and hugs him. Her breasts flatten against his chest and she rises on her toes to press a soft kiss beneath his ear.

"Sorry." She says, a soft color blooms in her cheeks and she rubs her hands down his side. Hesitantly, she reaches between them and cups him, running soft fingers along the underside of his cock. She tugs his head down and he meets her in a tender kiss that is all together perfect. He can't stand it and wraps his arms around her, hugging her tight and trapping her.

"S'alright," he says and presses her against the wall again, kissing her desperately.

"Korra," he says. "You're so damn amazing." He loses himself in her soft skin, her firm body, her shallow breaths, and her strong legs wrapping around his hips again with no barrier to block the feel of her. He rubs against her, and it is perfect. He is sliding against her, so close, just slightly pressing into her until she tilts her hips just right and he slips inside. He loosens his grip, letting her slip down and the cool water is replaced with tight heat. He watches their joining bodies through the water, the image dancing in waves they create.

She pulls him up to her again, rocking her hips in a way that makes his eyes roll back and he thrusts into her. He has no room left for thoughts or fear. There is only Korra and her hands on his shoulders, on his neck, and in his hair. There are only her legs, wrapped around him, and her hips in his hands, rocking with every thrust. It is glorious heat and wet and friction and he is murmuring adulations.

"So amazing, Korra." He buries his head in her shoulder. "So fucking amazing." He feels like he's climbing, moving steadily higher to the peak where he'll have no choice but to fall. Her soft moans vibrate through him and pressure builds inside him.

"The best." He says. "Fuck, Korra! The absolute best."

He is losing it, but he needs her to go off first. He tilts her hips, grabbing her knees and pressing them forward, folding her body and thrusting up quickly. He hits a spot deep inside her and she braces herself with her arms and lays her head back against the tile, moaning in abandon. Her fingers splay across the glass and her head whips from side to side and she is begging for release.

He's so close and desperately, his reaches between them, stroking her along with his wild thrusts and she goes off beautifully. Her back arches and her entire body snaps tight and rhythmic spasms encase him. Relief washes over him and the tightly bundled coil of nerves in the tip of his cock sends electricity down to his balls and he lets go with a groan; he feels like he is flying.

He pants against her skin, his heart banging against his ribs and his head too heavy to lift. He could drift down into the water so easily if not for the strong hands that have found their way back to his neck, holding him in place. He kisses her wherever his lips can reach, hugging her tight. His foggy mind replays the moment, straight out of his fantasies. He jerks a bit, recalling the words he spoke and finds the strength to look at her face. He expects to see questions, perhaps jealousy, but Korra is always full of surprises. She is content, sated, and perhaps a little proud. He wonders if she did not notice that which he did not intend to share, lost in the moment. He hopes so.

If she had, he wonders, surely there would be some sort of reaction.

She pulls him down, pressing a chaste kiss to his lips and moving to stand. She grabs his hand and grins at him, and he feels the tightness leave his chest.

"Come on," she says. "We'd better hurry before someone comes looking." She points across the way where a piece of his swimsuit has floated and heads in a different direction to grab another. He swims quickly to grab the piece of clothing, his shirt, and wonders absently if his ass sticks out of the water. Korra is out and bending the water away from her skin and hair as he turns around, his trunks laying in a heap by her feet. She winks at him, and dresses quickly, tugging on her boots and jumping off towards the entrance.

"See you outside!" she says with a grin and a wave and he swims to the edge, watching her run off with his head on his arms. Things may not be perfect, yet, but Bolin has faith that they are getting close. He can see the goal ahead and trusts that eventually, they will get there together.

The next day, he learns that Korra has accused Hiroshi Sato of involvement with The Equilists. The police force will launch an investigation of the industrialist and search all factories and warehouses tied to Future Industries. Korra, as the avatar, will assist Police Chief Beifong and Councilman Tenzin in the hopes of finding evidence to condemn the father of Asami Sato, because currently, there is none. Mako is furious. Asami is hurt, and he is confused. It just can't be true, so what is Korra thinking? Hadn't she had fun yesterday? Hadn't she let go and given Asami a chance? Hadn't they shared something that made him quake on the inside. She had felt it too. He is sure she had. He'd seen it so clearly there in the water.

Korra has absolutely no evidence to support her claim. What can be her reason?

Only one reason comes to mind, and the room feels as though it is quickly running out of air. His breathing is short and suddenly, he's standing on top of the arena with flowers in his hands and his heart on his sleeve. Water has a way of distorting an image, bending it. He'd seen it all so clearly, but it seems as though he's missed the mark.