We arrived at a secret base for who knows what. I knew it wasn't any part of the army. It probably would've been obvious. Even Ronale said it wasn't an army base, and she knew everything about this type of stuff.

We walked in and were taken to a meeting room. All of us just sat there, not talking. We were all still in shock of what just happened and the new found powers we have. Just as I thought of something to say to take our minds off of the matter, some interesting people walked in. A few of them were these grey skinned humanoids. They had yellow eyes with black pupils, black lips and hair, and their most noticeable feature was the orange and yellow horns. They resembled a type of candy that I like; candy corn.

Then there were the ones who looked almost completely human. The only difference was they had very tan skin (almost to the point of orange) and their lips were the color of honey. There were others like them, but they had more animal looking features like sharp teeth and markings. I assumed the animal looking girls were part of the same group.

The last group looked completely human. However, they must have something interesting about them. Maybe they were like Ronale and had robotic parts in them. I believed this to be the case.

They all sat down at the meeting table and looked at us. Ronale Reva and I just looked down at the floor. One of the orange looking girls started the meeting.

"First of all, I'd like to say that none of this was your fault. Do not blame yourselves for something the Russians and Decepticons have done." Wait, the Decepticons? I heard about these things from Ronale. They must have been the robots. It would make sense if they sided with Russia. We all suspected war from them soon anyways. We just didn't know it was going to be this bad. The girl continued, "Now that we have made that clear, let's explain this whole thing to you.

"We are aliens who have come to Earth for help. Our homes have either been destroyed or in the process of a horrific war that may cause the end. We hoped that Earth would be our salvation place. However, that hope faded when the Decepticons arrived. As you know, they sided with Russia to take over the US and possibly the world. We can't let this happen. We need to find a way to stop them and return peace to this world so all of us, humans and humanoids, can live happily.

"You will be joining us both for security and for service. We will be asking you for your help because of your powers, and in return we will protect you as much as we can. We can't guarantee you safety. It's dangerous to be of an alien race, especially during a war." As she finished her speech, one of the grey skinned humanoids got excited about introductions. She was happy to meet new people. The leader said ok and let everyone introduce themselves.

The grey skinned person next to the leader at the table just sort of looked away and grumbled his name, which I thought I heard "car" and "cat". I must have, for someone at the table whispered "beep beep meow" and everyone grew into laughter, including me. Beep Beep Meow just sank in his chair.

The next person was of the same species. He stated that his name was Eridan Emperor? No wait, he said Eridan Ampora. Maybe he's royal. He went on about himself and was quickly interrupted by another grey skinned guy with blue and red glasses on.

"Eridan, thut up for a moment tho everyone can have a turn!" He calmed down for a second and said, "Hey, I'm Thollux."

"Hey, Sollux," said the kid with the attitude, "When will you be able to say your name correctly?"

"Thut up, Beep Beep Meow!"

"Ok how about we all stop teasing each other and get this over with!" The leader said. Everyone was silent for a moment. The animal girl next to Sollux then said, "I'll continue this. Hello, my name is Anna." She looked at me and asked about my name.

"I'm Isabella." I told her. She told me I had a beautiful name and asked about Reva and Ronale. She loved all our names for some reason. After Ronale, a guy with brown cat like markings continued the introductions.

"Hey, I'm Daniel." He looked at the girl sitting next to him, and she then stated, "I am Maria Shatters."

The little shy boy next to her said, "Uh, hey. I'm Tavros Nitram." He was adorable, but I wondered if his shyness was because he was in a wheelchair. After he finished his sentence, a girl of the same species of grey humanoids immediately said, "I'm Vriska Serket, the greaaaaaaaatest troll you will EVER meet!" She seemed conceited, but she was a pretty person. Question is what is a troll?

Anyways, the animal girl next to her said, "Hey, I'm Moonflower." She wasn't sitting for some reason. Maybe she just liked to stand? Well it doesn't matter. Let her do what she wants.

The excited girl was finally up. She looked like she was going to explode with excitement. She then stated excitedly, "Hello! My name is Feferi Piexis! I'm so ex-cited to meet you!" The grey skinned girl next to her calmed down Feferi, who was of the same species. The girl proceeded to give herself the name Kanaya Mariam. Then in a line, everyone stated their names. There was Terezi, a blind girl of the grey skinned kind. Gamzee looked like a pot head of the same species as Terezi. An orange boy stated himself to be Michael. Then there was Rosia of the animal kind. She looked like a spy. There were three more grey skinned people. One of them, Nepeta, liked cats. Aradia seemed a little bit dead. Her eyes were white instead of yellow. Equius talked in a strong voice.

Now we come down to the mostly human people. There was Joe, who was sort of psychotic. There was also Janice, Hayley, Kyle, and Peter. Next to Peter was another humanoid that was of the same type as Daniel. He said his name was Matt. When it went back to the leader, she said, "And my name is Elizabeth Shatters." Ronale asked if she was related to Maria. "Yes, I am." She responded.

There were other related people in there too. There was Rosia and Matt as brother and sister, Kyle and Janice were brother and sister as well, and apparently Maria, Rosia, Moonflower, and Anna were all somehow sisters without being physically sisters. They told us it was hard to explain.

Elizabeth said, "Ok now you should know the species. As Vriska said earlier, the ones with grey skin are called trolls. They have unique ways of life. However, one thing that we don't allow is discrimination by blood color. Even mutant bloods are safe here. The ones who look similar to you are half Cybertronians, or half Transformers. They can't change into vehicles, but they may use built in weapons. Ronale, we have seen you are half Cybertronian. You guys will get along pretty well. The ones who look like me and the ones who have animal features are called Novians. There are two types of Novians. There are the humans and then there are the anicharisms. We do not discriminate over these two races." We had a little bit more of explanation before Reva, Ronale, and I were told to follow Karkat into the lab. We were tested to see what species we had in us. Of course, Ronale was Cybertronian, but they still needed to test for other species involved. There was none other than human. Reva tested positive for troll of dark red blood and human. I was tested positive for half human and half Novian of the anicharistic kind.

After the species test, we were given rooms so we could stay at the base. By now it was probably dangerous for us to stay at home. We each got our own rooms so I just lay there alone in my bed. I wondered if this was all a dream as I closed my eyes. It only seemed like five minutes later when someone knocked on my door.