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Chapter One: Talking Purple Cat Cliché

The more she thinks about it, the worse her headache gets. After all, her day started out simple enough. It was the last Sunday before she started up her new semester of school and she was going to a new café with her best friend, Soul Evans. She had met Soul years ago, when they were but little kids, and they'd simply been stuck together ever since. The main reason for going to the café was that she had beat him at a game of War and the deal was winner buys the other a treat wherever they want; it was also their final hoorah before they'd be spending less time together. Soul's family was rich and demanded that he attend a private music academy to hone his skills. Maka would be attending a normal high school. She had picked this new place and grinned widely at herself in the mirror; new things rarely happened in Death City.

Plus she wanted to tell Soul she liked him since this may very well be their last time to see each other for a while.

She had put her hair up in her usual pigtails with lavender colored ribbons with frill along the edges. She partnered it with a sleeveless pink dress with a white stripe along the midriff. A little golden chain with a small round pendant rested against her collarbone; a trinket her mother had left in her care before she left to see the world. She smiled and put on some pink flats to finish off the outfit, grabbing her little white purse. She had pulled out her best outfit just for this occasion.

"Maka, there's a shark-toothed excuse of a boy here claiming he has plans with you! Shall I chase him away?" The voice of her father echoed up the stairs, turning her attention from her reflection. She shook her head and walked down, raising her eyebrow as she slipped past her father. She had to give him mad props over how he could pull off the pink, frilly apron he was wearing as he did the house work; not many men would feel comfortable in that.

"I'll be home around four or five for dinner tonight, Papa. Try not to lose track of time with whatever bimbo you invite over; I won't be accepting any guests to dinner tonight," She said simply, brushing past him without a second glance. She chose to ignore the offended little whimper her father made at the harsh comment. She felt no pity since it was his fault her mother had left anyway. She headed to the door and spotted her companion for the afternoon leaning against the doorframe.

Soul Evans was an interesting specimen of the male race, to say the least. He had hair as white as freshly fallen snow during winter partnered with luminous red eyes that Maka swore could glow in the dark. He was wearing a black tank top with a maroon tinted jean jacket that helped accent the shade of his eyes. He finished it off with casual blue jeans that had faded spots and a random square of a navy blue fabric stitched over the left knee. Black boots were on his feet and he had accessorized with a thin, dark brown belt that was set too wide and tilted off one of his hips to rest against in his thigh. He gave her a once over before smirking and revealed matching rows of jagged shark-like teeth. "You look passable," He said while pressing off of the doorframe.

"Gee, how wonderful I got your seal of approval," She scoffed with a roll of her eyes. He grinned while heading out, Maka right behind him. She locked up the door behind her then tossed her keys back into her bag. "So I want you to know I'm probably going to pick the biggest, most expensive dessert they have to offer."

"Why?" He groaned lowly, already feeling a sting in his back pocket. It was going to be so terribly light if that was her angle. She grinned at him.

"We could just share it," She suggested calmly. He made a face and she made a face back in response. "What?"

"Sharing a dessert with a flat bookworm like you? That'd be totally uncool," He said with a small laugh. Emerald spheres shifted a bit, widening in hurt, before narrowing into a glare and she started walking faster than him. He blinked, immediately noticing the shift in her attitude. "What's your problem now?" He asked flatly.

"Nothing!" She snapped without looking back, her fists clenched at her sides. She had almost forgotten why she had thought about not telling him she liked him; Soul was "cool" and Maka… Well, she wasn't the epitome of said word like him. Hell, she wasn't even on the same playing field as him. He always made jokes like that and normally she'd either hit him or laugh it off. It normally didn't affect her this badly but this was their last outing together for a while. Couldn't he at least try to take it seriously?

"If you're going to be like this what's even the point?" He asked with a scowl. She stopped and looked at him, glare still in place. "If all you're going to do is act like a prissy little brat and act like this over one little joke – a joke, I'd like to add, I make all the time – then we aren't going to have any fun. Maybe we should just say it's all over now and end it on this note." He said, rolling his eyes at the sarcasm in his last words.

"Maybe we should," She mumbled softly, looking down at her feet. What did she do all of this for, anyway? After all, he would never like her back. Her feelings would only get in the way, complicate their comfortable bond, and she couldn't stand that thought. Having no relationship would be degrees better for her than to have to try and make sense of a forced, twisted version.

"See, now you're thinking st- Wait, what did you say?" He said quickly, body tensing up as his mind caught up with him. He was expecting her to agree with him, to admit that he was right and she was wrong. Then they could go to the café, enjoy some desserts and that would be that.

"I said it's over, done, finished. We're not each other's problem anymore," She said before turning and running away. She heard him call after her and start to follow her but she merely started going faster. She had always been faster than him, gotten marks that were a few points higher than him during the running sessions in school, so she didn't fear him catching up. Then all she had to do was throw in some turns and twists, get lost in a crowd, and she'd be fine.

It didn't take a lot of effort since there were tons of people milling about in the area, given it was the very last day of summer.

She stopped by a small cupcake stand and got a chocolate one with pink frosting and matching sprinkles. She took a bite before sitting down on the edge of a fountain, watching other people as they walked through. A group of elementary kids carrying baseball bats, gloves and tossing a ball came from her left, implying they were probably heading to the park to play. She saw an elderly woman shuffling past with a large paper bag. And then she saw the happy couple breeze past, absorbed in only each other and content with that. "This is only making me feel even worse," She mumbled lightly, taking another large bite of her cupcake and licking some frosting from the corner of her lip. She watched the couple pause to exchange a quick kiss before they rushed off into one of the nearby shops. She responded by shoving the rest of her cupcake in her mouth.

"Didn't do as much as it usually does, in the way of comfort food," She grumbled lowly. She tossed the empty yellow wrapper into a nearby trash can and dusted off her hands.

"Mew," She heard behind her. She turned around to find a small purple cat sitting next to her, golden eyes gleaming merrily. Maka cautiously reached out and scratched beneath its chin, awarding her with the fluffy creature pressing its head into her hand and purring loudly.

"It's certainly nice to see a friendly face," She chuckled, perking up when her fingers brushed against a little piece of metal. She carefully picked the cat up and looked at the little silver pendant. It was a circle that had apparently been detailed to look like a pumpkin. Jade orbs widened a bit at the sight. "Huh, that's a strange tag for a kitten." She said softly, her eyes barely catching on to an incoming flash of light and suddenly terrorized screams surrounding her. She looked up just in time to see a neon yellow ball of a meteorite collide right into the fountain.

She was sent flying, crashing into the abandoned cupcake stand and passing out from the force of the blow.

When she opened her eyes, however, she was not laying in the rubble of the cart covered in a mix of pastry and icing, but in a pure black area in which she was the only source of light. Her clothes had magically disappeared yet none of her girly bits were specifically revealed and her skin was glowing. "What the Hell?" She yelped, frantically moving to cover herself. Another little spark caught her eye and she turned to see the silhouette of what seemed to be a rabbit with glowing blue eyes.

"Shalt thou choose the path of a warrior? Shalt thou stand against thy enemies and protect ye world from the beings of chaos in its purest form?" A voice whispered in her head, causing her to look around frantically for another source. Who else had shown up, aside from the glow-in-the-dark bunny? She was answered by no one and her eyes trained back in on the fluffy ball of light. "What say ye?" The rabbit's eyes narrowed a touch as the words were spoken, forcing her to accept her fear that this was indeed a glowing, telepathic Shakespearean-speaking rabbit.

She took a deep breath and swallowed hard. "I shall," She said simply, though in her mind she had planned to ask the animal of light what was going on. She clamped a hand over her mouth, eyes widening, as she tried to figure out what that was about. The rabbit's eyes widened a bit before returning to the position previous, which she assumed was meant to seem bored or even regal.

"Then I shall lend you my powers and skills for this task, my mistress," It said before leaping at her. It went through her midriff like a wisp of smoke but she felt a strange rush of energy surge through her, blossoming from the spot the rabbit had fazed through. "I wish nothing but the best of luck to you, my mistress." Were the last words Maka heard before she was swallowed up by darkness for what felt like hours.

When she opened her eyes again, she was staring at a pair of worried red and cheery yellow eyes fixed down at her. She let out a startled scream, threw out her fist, and felt it connect with something. She sat up and blinked, perking up when the cat from before hopped on to her shoulders and curled around her neck like a fluffy purple scarf, her eyes like large golden buttons. "What the Hell was that for?" The familiar baritone of Soul boomed as he glared at her with one hand pressed to his cheek.

The sight of him reminded her of the argument from early and snapped her away from what was left of her dream-like daze. "Why do you care?" She huffed, standing up and blushing at the plop of a cupcake falling from the portion of her dress that covered her rear end. She had a growing suspicion it would be an embarrassing walk home (and she would most likely not be able to effective stomp away from him). She tossed one of her pigtails back over her shoulder, getting bright blue frosting on her fingers, and turned on her heels. "I'll see you around, young Soul Evans." She clipped quickly while starting off on the march home.

"Oh, no you don't! You aren't getting away from me that easily!" He snapped angrily, taking back up the previous chase. This time, however, he was prepared; he grabbed her arm before she had a chance to take off at a full run and begin her game of duck and weave. He turned her around, causing both she and the cat to make startled noises. "Why did you freak out so much on me earlier over that one little comment?"

"Let me go!" She snapped, trying to yank free. If she had a book in her hands she could win this little bout with the greatest of ease but she sadly had nothing with her. She hadn't thought she would need to make use of it, after all.

"Answer my question and I will!" He growled loudly.

"Because we're not going to get to hang out anymore, that's why!"" She snapped, finally breaking free and facing him with a defiant scowl. He blinked, alarmed and confused, while she looked off to the side. Her hands curled into fists at her sides and she looked down. "We're… Not going to be going to the same school anymore so that means we won't really get to see one another. Plus you'll probably get a girlfriend and she'll take up all your free time and you won't have time to hang out and your relationship could go sour if your girlfriend found out time you weren't with her was spent with me and-" He suddenly pressed a finger to her lips, forcing her to look up at him and fall silent.

Her heart skid to a stop as she watched him, his eyes glinting with sincerity and certainty. "Maka, you're my best friend and the only one that really gets me. I'm not going to just ditch you; whether I have a girlfriend or not," He said gently, his hand dropping to give her shoulder a reassuring squeeze.

Best friend. Oh, yeah, that word stung a little.

However, she had always been a good actress so she smiled and they rescheduled their little dessert trip for tomorrow, after their first day of school.

Maka didn't want to think about her first day as she waited for Soul to pick her up for their trip to the new café. That night had ended terribly, with her father freaking out and accusing Soul of "trying to hurt his precious little angel"; Soul has responded by making a remark about how if anyone was abused in he and Maka's relationship it was him. After Maka said she had been knocked over by a group of men playing football her father had settled down. Soul quirked an eyebrow and told her, in a low whisper that Spirit would not hear, that he didn't expect that lie to last long given the crater that meteorite had left in the ground; he pointed out it would probably be all over the news soon enough. Top that off with having absolutely no friends (or even acquaintances) in her classes and the last two days added up to being the worst of her young life.

The only plus was that she now had a pet cat that liked to follow her around. In fact, the fluffy purple ball was curled around her neck at that exact moment.

"Oh, little kitten, you're the only good thing in my life right now," She said with a small sigh, leaning against the brick wall in front of the entrance. She glanced at her watch. She had gotten out of class about twenty minutes ago and she knew Soul got out at the same time. "Shouldn't be too much longer for him to get here. It's about a twenty minute drive." She was saying it more to herself than her newfound feline friend; she was worried he might not even bother showing up.

When another twenty minutes went by, she sighed and pushed off of the wall. "Let's get home, kitten," She said quietly, starting to walk away. She heard a noise behind her and turned, hopeful and smiling, but then she froze. Only one word could be used to describe the thing before her; monster.

It was like a wolf only it was the size of a tiger. Its main features resembled a wolf and it appeared to have the thick auburn coat of one as well. However, it seemed to have an extra row of teeth and all its teeth glinted like tiny blades. A strange, gross green slime was oozing from its jaws and dripping from its light pink tongue. From the base of its neck, along its spine and to the tip of its tail were black points that had red tipping them. At the tip of its tail was a ball made of the red-tipped spikes. What bothered Maka the most, however, was the empty eye sockets that still managed to somehow follow her every move. It let out a low snarl as she started to back away, panic forcing her heart to pick up three more speeds.

"Oh, God, what is that?" She gasped softly, a hand coming to cover her mouth. Her kitten growled lowly, tail fluffing out like a chimney sweeping tool. She took a step back and the beast launched with a shaky, rattling noise that sounded like a mix between a wolf's howl and the screech of nails on a chalk board. Maka grabbed her ears and stumbled back, letting out a loud cry and watching the approaching monster with wide eyes. It was then that familiar light from her strange hallucination returned, although this time it appeared from her forehead.

Light enveloped Maka, somehow blinding the beast and forcing it to stumble back a few paces. She felt a strange surge of power rush through her as the light did whatever it planned to do. She relaxed her body and simply let her body do what was needed, following the steps as if she had always known them. She felt herself twirl in circles while ribbons of the light that were a darker yellow, bordering on orange, wrapped around her. In an explosion of little golden sparkles, they formed into a strange outfit.

The first thing she noticed was that her hair had turned a bright, powdery white but remained in the usual pigtails. Next was that she now had a pair of fluffy white rabbit ears situated atop her head. Finally she turned her attention to the costume itself. It was mostly black, with a piano pattern along certain points. The top was long sleeved and covered her chest well, with the additional help of a large white bow. It went to the space a few centimeters below her breasts before it stopped, revealing quite a bit of her midriff with the ends of the bow adding very little coverage. Right at her hips was where the skirt started up, and it reached to about her knees. The cuffs of her blouse as well as the entire skirt held the piano pattern, appearing as the keys of said instrument were. She had leggings that went with that were also piano patterned. The last two things she noticed were the black dress shoes and little cotton tail she just noticed sticking out from a slit she couldn't see in the skirt.

The monster let out another noise while Maka let out a startled noise and shifted to run. "You have to stand and fight, Maka," A voice said. She looked to see her kitten was watching the beast intently before her gold eyes shifted to the teen girl. "Your powers have been given to you for a reason. You must use them against beasts like this one nyah!" Maka swore she had to have developed a concussion because her cat was talking to her.

"What the Hell are you talking about?" She yelped, jumping aside just as the wolf-creature aimed to bring its paw down upon her.

"The White Rabbit spoke to you, didn't he? Your hair color changing to white, your eyes turning blue and this whole transformation is the evidence of that nyah!" The cat called back as Maka continued hopping away from her attacker, whom seemed to suddenly forget whatever reasoning he had against attacking her in the first place.

"You mean the rabbit I saw in that crazy dream I had after what happened at the park?" She asked, glancing at the cat. It was just long enough for her opponent to backhand her to the left, causing her to crash into the ground roughly. The cat had jumped off at the right time and now darted back to her side, watching as Maka recollected herself.

"Yes, that was the White Rabbit. Look, this is no time to explain the whole origin of what's going on. For now, you need to call to the power of The Musician and take that monster out nyah!" Her cat ordered while the wolf let out yet another howl. It shook its head and let out a wheezing noise, as if it were laughing at the situation. "My name is Blair, by the way."

"Okay then, Blair," Maka said while swallowing hard, "what the Hell am I supposed to be doing now? How do I tap into this power you keep talking about?"

"You have to think about the attribute of your power; so, basically, think about a piano," Blair said, watching the beast as it started slowly walking toward them. She glanced at Maka, whom had closed her eyes as she thought about the piano. "Now, if a piano was to be compared to a weapon, think about what it reminds you of the most."

Maka's mind flashed through several memories of sitting with Soul on the bench of his piano. He would play a piece while she would read a book and, though she rarely knew what inspired the song he was playing, she would just enjoy it. They would grin at each other at the end of a chapter or the end of a song, just enjoying the other's energy. She called that sense of security, sense of ease being able to be herself, to the front of her mind and forced it into the form of something that could be used in defense or offense.

When she opened her eyes the ribbon of her blouse had started to glow and unknotted, falling to her grasp. Once her hands tightened on it, it took the shape of a large scythe. The main pole was a bright silvery-gray that glinted in the afternoon light. At the notch where the blade broke out from the staff portion was a red oval designed to look like an eye, and a small bar with three holes in it on the opposite end of the eye as the blade. The blade was decorated in red and black like a row of sharp, pointed teeth. "Impressive," Blair beamed from the sidelines as the wolf jumped again.

Maka, however, was prepared this time around. She held the staff of the scythe up to block its paw before pushing up, sending the beast back on its hind legs. She twisted the blade in her hands and brought it into the creature's tender, exposed underbelly. It shrieked in pain but she ignored the noise and focused on ending it. A current of energy rushed through her to the blade and, she wasn't sure why, she declared, "Keyboard Clash!" She pulled the blade the rest of the way through and the creature split in half. Before the two halves could fall to the ground, they disintegrated into grey smoke and floated away with a breeze.

Maka watched before the golden light returned and she was herself again. She looked herself over, smiling when she found herself against a fiery blonde in her school uniform, and turned to the smiling cat at her feet. "Wonderful display for a rookie, such as yourself nyah~!" Blair announced as she hopped onto Maka's shoulder. The green eyed maiden calmly plucked the cat off and looked at her with an evil grin and matching glint to her eyes. "Nyah?" She asked nervously.

"I think it's time you answer my questions, what with that monster being gone now," Maka said with a low chuckle. Blair's ears flattened against her head in fear of what was to come. "Like, for starters, how is it you can talk?"



Oh, yes, I'm totally going to enjoy this. And I mean more than I should. Like, so much it hurts. I want to make this clear; I love the magical girl genre (grew up on Sailor Moon, Cardcaptor Sakura, and Tokyo Mew Mew) so I do this out of love. :3

And, I need to point this out, but ever notice how characters in anime get thrown in to shit all the time in yet rarely have a mark on them? Also, ever notice how the girls in these shows typically just say "Okay, sure! I'll endanger my life on a regular basis and listen to these talking animals!" I swear, there has to be a special toxin released that forces them to agree. :T

Consider Blair to be a strange cross between Luna from Sailor Moon, Kero from Cardcaptor Sakura and Ryou from Tokyo Mew Mew; she'll be the group sage (or, rather, as close to a sage as Blair can get) as Luna was for the Sailor Scouts, she will occasionally be able to tap into her own powers to help while the girls improve like Kero, while having the ability to change between cat and human pretty much at will as Ryou from Tokyo Mew Mew could (if you're going by the comics, that is. After 4kids shafted the English dub as bad as they did I decided against watching the anime so I don't know if he can do that still.)

Last little note, please check out my little update on my profile. I've made some decisions in regards to future projects and I want to keep you all informed. :3

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