(In this Elena is not a vampire, but it was nearly a year after the accident)


Dear Diary,

I had been in the car for what felt like days, but in reality it was only hours. Escaping Mystic Falls sounded like heaven right now. I was with Damon who hadn't let me drive at all since we left. Stefan was at the boarding house with Bonnie, who was his girlfriend.

My life had been turned upside down. My best friend was dating my ex-boyfriend. My other best friend was dating Klaus. (Yes the one that tried to kill me) Apparently she sees something that no one else does something...human. But I guess I can't really judge. I see the humanity in Damon, that no one else sees. No we aren't dating, at least not yet. But through it all, Damon was the one constant thing in my life.

Jeremy was the living a normal teenager's life. He worked at the Grill, he went to school, he had Matt as a best friend, and a girlfriend. Her name was Sophia. Sophia Salvatore, Damon and Stefan's vampire sister, who they thought was dead for 150 years. She's only 15 and was turned 2 years before her brothers. She also had befriended Klaus back in the 1880s. He used a witch to give her original powers. Yes, they were that close. She helped him look for Katherine in exchange for the powers. Ah, the people you meet over time.


I set my diary back in my bag on the floor of Damon's car.

"I have to pee," I said as I turned towards Damon.

"Can't you wait til the next town?"

I thought for a few seconds and responded, "No. I have to pee now."

"Fine." Damon pulled over to the next gas station in sight. "I'm going to fill up the car. Go pee and don't take to long."

I jumped out of the passenger seat and grabbed my purse. I ran into the bathroom and turned the faucet on, so it sounded like I was peeing. I couldn't help but think that I needed to get out of that car before I said something I would later regret. I washed my face and then left. I stopped inside to get some chips and drinks.


I watched Elena walk into the gas station and then bent down to fill up the car. I didn't know what to make of this trip. I know she asked me to come with her and that she was over Stefan. Somehow, though this wasn't enough to convince me. I'd spent practically this entire trip trying to figure it out.

I jumped back into the car waiting for Elena to come out. I saw her diary on the floor. It must've fallen out when she grabbed her bag. I picked it up and skimmed the last page. We aren't dating, at least not yet. What did that mean? Did she want to be together? Was I supposed to make a move? Should I wait for her to say something? Should I stop asking myself all of these questions? Yes.

I put Elena's diary back on the floor where I found it. She came walking out with food and drinks in her arms.

"I got you a coffee," she said as she handed it to me.

"Thanks." She buckled in and then I drove off.


We finally arrived at the motel, we were in Wilmington, North Carolina.

"Thank You."

Damon turned to look at me. "For what?"

"Taking me away from everything." All of the feelings I had built up inside were coming to the surface. I decided I needed to act on them at some point on this trip. The only problem was I wasn't sure how long the trip would last or if we would get interrupted.

Ok. Come on Elena, it's just Damon. You can do this.

"Hey Elena, I need to know what was this trip about? And why did yo..."

I kissed his soft lips for only a second and then pulled back.

"Does that answer your question?" We kissed again, then again. I'm sure you can guess what happened next.


"Wait what? You and Damon did what? Where? When?" Obviously it was Caroline on the other line.

"Yes we did..that. In the motel where we're staying...last night."

"Details. Now!"

"OK, so first we just talked and I interrupted him with a kiss and then he moved me over to the bed and Klaus is listening isn't he?"

"What? No...yes."

I rolled my eyes. "Hi Klaus."

"Hello Elena."

"OK Caroline I'm gonna go. Damon's back."

"K. Love you!"

"Love you too!"

Damon entered the room with 2 coffees in his hands and the sunlight hitting his face perfectly. I was just wearing his shirt. Yep, I dressed up. Damon walked over to me and handed me the coffee.

"Thanks," I whispered.

"You're welcome." He leaned in and kissed me and then went over to the table. He set the coffee down on the table and took off his shirt. He threw it on the bed and went into his suitcase to change. I looked like an idiot just sitting there staring, but he was gorgeous. I couldn't help myself.