So here is the first chapter to the start of a new series. Mordecai, Rigby, and the others are portrayed as sixth graders in this story. Hopefully anybody reading this will give it some thoughts and will enjoy it.

The First Day


Mordecai sniffed the morning air inside the middle school. He was surprised how big it was and just looked at everything but his feelings changed when he saw a certain bird. A red breasted robin named Margaret. Her beautiful red glowing feathers, how she walked, and how she smiled.

"Man she's bea-

"Mordecai stop checking out Margaret", said a certain raccoon. Interrupting his thoughts.

"What do mean. I wasn't checking her out", said Mordecai trying to act innocent.

"Dude come. Says the person that always stares at her and always gets love struck whenever you stare at her", Rigby said now with a smile on his face.

" Okay fine you got me. It's just that she's bea-

"Yes yes she's beautiful. Yo've been saying that for the past two years". Rigby interrupted earning a glare to him from Mordecai.

"If you like her so much why not ask her out".

"Dude she's always with some other guy" Mordecai said this with an angry tone.

"Well now is your chance because she's coming this way".

Mordecai started to warm up and sweat. He really didn't want Margaret to see him like this. Once he turned he saw nobody coming to them. All Mordecai can hear is a laughing raccoon.

"Oh man you should have seen your face. It was all like oh man hopefully she doesn't see me wet my pants" Rigby said now cracking up on the floor.

But his laughter was stopped after one punch to the shoulder from the blue jay.

"Ow" Rigby said after getting a punch to the shoulder from Mordecai.

Mordecai stared at the hurt raccoon and was pleased but Rigby in pain just rubbed his shoulder and got back up.

"Hi Mordecai" said a familiar voice.

Mordecai warmed up and tried to swallow his nervous feelings. Once he turned there she was. The beautiful red robin just staring back at him.

"Oh h hi Mar Margaret", Mordecai said now in a nervous voice.

"Are you ready for the new year", Margaret said excited.

"Uh uh yeah Ma Mar Margaret", Mordecai said now getting more nervous as usual.

"Your going to have to excuse Mordecai here, he has a hard time expressing himself", Rigby said earning another glare to him from Mordecai.

"Okay well bye Mordecai and Rigby see you at nutrition", said Margaret waving good bye at the two.

Once Margaret left everything went back to normal. Well define everything.

"Dude why did you say that. Made me look like a complete fool towards her", Mordecai said still looking angry.

"Jeez man take it easy besides you weren't going to actually tell her something", Rigby said.

"I could have. I just didn't want to and besides school starts in a few minutes", Mordecai said feeling offended.

"Excuses", Rigby mumbled.

"What did you say", Mordecai said curios in what the raccoon said.

"Oh nothing. Ow! Dude that's the same shoulder", Rigby said now staring at the happy blue jay.


After twenty minutes of talking all the students went to their first class of the day.

"Ah man why does our first class of the day has to be math. Man you don't know how much I hate", Rigby said sitting in a seat.

"Dude Rigby you hate everything", Mordecai said with a little laugh.

"That's not true", Rigby said with a mad face eying Mordecai.

Just then a man with a grayish mustache came in the class. He looked like he was in his fifties and had a case in his hands.

"Hello class as you can see today is the first day and you can call me Mr. Walters", Mr. Walters said writing his name on the board.

"Dude this class bites already", Rigby said bored out of his mind.

"Anything to add student", Mr. Walters asked Rigby now in a serious voice. Rigby now was quiet and speechless.

"Anyway back to the lesson", the teacher said moving back to the board and writing more different equations on the board.

After one hour and forty five minutes of Math and English it was time for nutrition. The two friends sat at the same table eating the school food.

"Is it just me or is that girl staring over here", Mordecai said uneasy.

"What where", Rigby said looking trying to find the girl Mordecai was talking about.

They both saw a girl talking to Margaret.

"Dude she's staring at you", Mordecai said.

"Mordecai man stop staring. If you keep staring then she'll come over here", Rigby said not trying to get the girls attention.

But it was too late. Margaret and the girl came walking to the table they were sitting at.

"Margaret and that girl are coming over", Mordecai said to Rigby.

"Ah great just great. You made too much eye contact and now we have to "introduce" ourselves", Rigby said not looking too pleased.

"Rigby come on man it can kinda cool", Mordecai said trying to convince his stubborn friend.

"Hey at least you'll talk to Margaret but the other girl looks kind of weird", Rigby said still looking mad.

"Dude just give it a chance", Mordecai said this time staring right in the red robins eyes.

"Hi Mordecai how were your two classes", Margaret said.

"They were alright. If Rigby didn't sleep in the middle of English then it would have been better", Mordecai said glaring at the raccoon.

"Hey that woman was annoying and very boring. I should have slept in the Math class as well.

Right when he said that the girl standing besides Margaret let out a giggle.

"Oh I forgot to tell you guys. This is my friend Eileen", Margaret said.

"Oh hi Eileen", Mordecai said with a greeting smile.

Rigby on the other hand didn't show that much of a greet until he got a punch to the shoulder from Mordecai.

"Whats your name",Eileen said excited to hear him say his name.

"Huh oh it's Rigby", Rigby said not to happy talking to the new girl.

After twenty minutes of talking to one another they split their own ways. Mordecai and Rigby walked out of the school after having History, P.E., Science, and Art class.

"Im telling you this Mordecai this day was very boring. I don't know how I'm going to last the whole year", Rigby said barely keeping the strength to walk.

"Well if wouldn't sleep in class then this day would be a little better plus you missed the due date of an essay", Mordecai said not feeling any pain towards Rigby.

"Its the beginning of the year how bad could it be", Rigby said not caring about the essay.

"What ever you say dude", Mordecai said.

The two walked for twenty minutes reaching their homes. Mordecai walked to his room tired and still thinking.

"Hey Mordecai how was your first day of school", His mother spoke up from the hall.

"It was great mom. Just great",Mordecai said.

Mordecai was still thinking about Margaret. How she was and was he ever going to have a chance with her.

Sorry if this first chapter was boring to any of the readers. its my first time and i promise i'll make better when i get into the story. i will have 12 chapters with them being in the sixth grade through out high school.