It's here! The ball is finally here! Oh, guess what I did to Sevvy? I poured strawberry milk all over his white shirts! Ha ha ha ha ha! I am soooo evil! The dye will never come out!

I was getting dressed and forced Draco to stop eye-fucking Harry long enough for him to put my hair up in an elaborate little bun. I made sure that a couple of strands were hanging out, because I literally live in hell as Persephone, and I should at least look the part!

Draco was going as the angel of death, and I will assure you, that he looks almost as sexy as Severus. Harry is going as the angel of life, which was obvious, but I figured I'd still tell you guys that.

"C'mon Draco! Pick Harry up and let's go!" I shouted at my gay best friend. Sure enough, Draco came out of the room with Harry in his arms. How cute.

"So, Hermione, I got this interesting letter from a certain godfather of mineā€¦." He said, staring at me with a slightly annoyed expression. I raised my eyebrows innocently.

"What are you talking about?"

"You know what I'm talking about! Why would you tell him that I'm bisexual? I am as straight as a fucking curve and you know that!" He yelled, making Harry cringe.

"Geez, Draco, sorry! I was just trying to see what would piss him off more." I glared at him until he sighed and apologized to me. It took a long time.

"Oh great! Now we're going to be late!" Harry shouted, making both Draco and I start heading for the ballroom as quickly as we could.

Let the games begin.

"Now the Head Boy and Head Girl will have the very first dance to start off the night!" I heard Dumbledore announce to the people in the ball as they looked around for us. We burst through the doors, Draco panting because he was running with Harry, but me looking very much like a goddess. Of death. How fitting. Me and Draco joined together after he and Harry broke apart with a kiss following with Awe-ing from most of the girls.

The music came on and since both Draco and I could dance like no other, we both began circling around each other before gliding across the floor, Draco twirling and picking me up while I spun and danced around him when he wanted to do his stupid little "solo" thing.

When the dance was finished, everyone clapped. Except for Severus. Dammit, he's still angry? How? It's not like I was sexing Draco up on the dance floor or anything!

We both went our separate ways; Draco went back to Harry and I went to go find Severus. I looked for his arse all night and eventually found him destroying the rose bushes, sometimes finding the hiding spot of a couple going about their teenage ways. Severus would sneer at them and deduct fifty points from their respective houses, making them scurry off, sometimes putting their clothes back on.

I walked up to his rage-filled form, tentatively placing my hand on the small of his back.

"Severus?" I called out to him softly. He quickly spun around, pointing his wand at me before realizing who I was.

"Oh, did you finally remember me?" His voice gave away some of the hurt he felt, and I wanted to cry.

"You know damn well that I would have never forgotten about you, you grumpy arse!" I told him, placing my hands on my hips as he slowly turned his head to look at me.

"Well, it certainly didn't seem that way!" He said, ready to walk away. I grabbed his shoulder before he left and shoved him against the stone wall with roses on vines twining up the stone.

"You, Severus Snape, are a nasty piece of work, you know that?" I growled at him while he took in my costume; a long, torn, black dress with black stilettos, and my mother's black pearl ring.

Slowly, so painfully slow, he leaned in and kissed me.

"You're lovely when you're angry." He whispered in my ear. His breath was hot, in contrast to the cool air surrounding us.

"No, I'm not! My face gets all blotchy, and my hair frizzes, plus, my bossy, know-it-all voice comes out and it sounds absolutely dreadful!" I said, denying it more to myself than to him.

"I think you're beautiful." He told me, kissing my cheek. I smiled softly, and kissed his forehead.

"And I think that you are absolutely sexy." I purred, snaking my fingers through his frock coat, deftly unbuttoning his shirt. I was pretty sure that it was either white, or green.

"Not here, love. One, it's freezing. Two, we are supposed to be setting an example." I huffed and crossed my arms over my chest.

"But that's stupid!" I insisted, hiding a giggle when he took my hand and led me into the castle like we were both nervous sixth years going at it for the first time. However, we were both adults, and we both knew exactly what to do and what we were doing.

We both went down to the dungeons and into his private quarters, making sure no one followed as we shut the door and cast the silencing charm. Let the games continue.

When I woke up, I was in my Head Girl bed. Apparently, since it was a big risk, I couldn't sleep in my professor's room. Gee, I wonder why?

Today, I think I am going to sneak out to go to Hogsmeade so that I can have me a couple drinks to calm myself and my nerves down. I'm just getting sick of all the stupidity of my school. All of the kids are just simpering fools, bragging about how they got to be in a conversation with third years since they have a sibling that was a friend of the group.

The lot of them are pathetic and stupid. I don't know how long I can take it any more. I travelled out of the secret area to get to Hogsmeade, tripped, and found myself being helped up off of the ground by a pale hand with long, white fingers.

Shit. Severus.

Why would Severus be here?! My mind raced with all the possibilities, but it all boiled down to one thing. The sneaky, Slytherin bastard had realized what I was up to! FUUUUUU-

"Erm, hello Severus. What brings you here on this fine day?" I asked him, trying to look as innocent as possible, which is hard when you look like you desperately need some fucking alcohol.

"What are you doing here, little one?" He questioned me, playing the part of the completely innocent interrogator, when in reality he knew exactly why I was here. Well, he kind of did, but that's beside the point.

"Oh, you know, just gonna go to a bar. See how many table dancers are there." I lied casually, laughing inside when I saw how annoyed he was.

"Well, you aren't going to be one of them, are you?" He asked, running his hands through his hair as if it pained him to think of me with another. I smiled. He really did love me! However, I still had more pranks to play on him, so I had to practice tough love.

"Well, of course I am!" I told him in one of those 'valley-hill girl' voices. I think he eventually figured out that I was messing with him, because he smirked and led me to the Three Broomsticks, pulling out a chair for me to sit in and sitting across from me.

"So, why are you really here?" He asked me. I shrugged my shoulders.

"I just needed a stiff drink. Life is getting too tangible, and I don't like it." I explained to him, knowing that he of all people would understand what I was saying. Severus nodded his head and ordered himself a scotch and me a glass of Firewhiskey. I knew that it would burn, but I found that it was a refreshing taste, and it made me forget about my parents, at least, it did for a while.

The bartender brought over our drinks and we both began sipping at the beverage in the glasses. It burned, like I knew it would, but I really didn't care all too much. I could already feel my head getting lighter. It felt nice.

Severus could hold his liquor much better than I could, but he was also older than me and he has drank longer than me as well. When we had finished, he helped me out of my seat, on the account that I could not walk in a straight line. He apparated us to Hogwarts and got me into my room before leaving me with a soft kiss on the forehead.

"Goodnight, Hermione."

"Bonne nuit, Severus." I called back tiredly.

I woke up with a headache, but I really didn't care all too much. A simple hangover potion would work, since my hangover wasn't too bad. I got out of bed and found the potion, drinking it, and putting on some clothes before going to my classes and skipping breakfast.

I went into Snapeadoodle's class and sat down at Draco's usual desk, earning a strange look from him until everyone came in. Draco immediately noticed where I was and decided to use his 150 pounds of muscle to sit on me and make me move.

It worked.

I got out of his seat and went to my own which happened to be right beside him and Sevvy! I carefully transfigured a jack-in-the-box to look like him, winded it up, and waited, putting it on Draco's desk.

"Whoa! Cool, what is this?" He asked, putting his face close to it, getting hit in the head when the toy opened. "OW!"

"Miss Granger! What is the meaning of all this?!" Snape yelled at me. I smiled and showed it to the whole class. Everyone was afraid to laugh, but some couldn't control it. There were snickers from left to right, which irritated Severus even more.

"Why, it's a Jack-in-the Box! Only, I transfigured it to look like you, so it's a Snape-in-the Box!" I told him cheerfully. He rolled his eyes.

"Granger! Out of my class!"

I grinned and left the box on Draco's desk, skipping out of the classroom and into the hall, awaiting for the class to be over so that he could chew me out on good behaviour or whatever.

Oh, well. As long as it made him feel better about himself.