A/N: Since this is a Hellraiser crossover, you can expect some torture all around. The Cenobites have to have their fun after all. The story is planned for 4 chapters, I hope you enjoy it!

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Rose Tyler carefully moved through the crowded street bazaar. She tried not to bump into any of the wide variety of aliens that filled the streets, but that proved to be quite the impossible task. So she resorted to apologizing with a sweet smile anytime she did. She was starting to get tired, she'd been on her feet for hours, but she was having such a wonderful time seeing all the fantastic wares and foods, that the state of her feet didn't really bother her that much.

She stopped and stood on her toes in an attempt to see over the crowd. With a sigh of frustration, she gave up. Where was he? Rose wondered. She regretted leaving the Doctor behind at a stand that sold some kind of stone he really, really, really wanted. He did tell her to go on ahead, so she did just that and one interesting trinket after another caught her eye until she lost him in the busy street.

At least Rose knew where the TARDIS was, so she wasn't actually lost and that thought was the only thing that kept her from feeling too much panic. While this was supposed to be a holiday trip, danger did follow on the Doctor's coat tails no matter where he went and no matter how much he tried to deny it. She'd already traveled with the Time Lord long enough to know not let her guard down. Eventually she gave up trying to find the Doctor and instead focused on finding her way back to the TARDIS. The Doctor would show up there eventually, no question about that.

Rose wasn't in a hurry, but she didn't stop at any more stands. She just worked her way down the street, weaving around stands and avoiding the people riding those odd hover rods that she likened to broom sticks. Could that be where the image of witches flying on brooms came from, she mused. After a few blocks, Rose spied an empty table in front of a café and took a seat just to get off her feet a moment. She glanced around her and a little shop next door caught her eye.

Curiosity convinced her to go to the store window and have a peek inside. The odd items on display reminded Rose of the sort of things one would find at an antique store on Earth, only these were definitely alien things. She shrugged her shoulder and went inside the store. When the door opened, it brushed across a tiny bell that chimed a pleasant alert. She smiled at the sound. It was so Earth-like.

These were definitely antiques. While Rose doesn't have experience traveling the universe like the Doctor, she noticed the layer of dust on many of the strange objects and the musty smell as a big clue. She meandered down the single isle, careful not to kick or trip over some larger objects on the floor shoved close to the base of the shelving.

A couple items on the shelf peeked her curiosity and she gently picked them up to examine them a moment before setting them back down. One device in particular caught her eye; it looked like the sonic screwdriver, only not as nearly as complicated. With a smile, she decided to buy the item for the Doctor. He would probably get a kick out of it.

The little shop wasn't very large as it took her about twenty paces to reach a polished wood counter built between the side walls. Only a couple feet in the center of the large counter was visible as the rest of it was buried under stacks of boxes and books. Rose wondered how the shopkeeper got around the counter to get to the front of the store, and then reasoned that he must use one of those phase shifting device thingy's she'd seen another alien in the bazaar use.

She approached the cleared spot of the counter and tried to see if she could see anyone in the back. "Hello?" Rose called out. Then her eyes fell on a gold cube etched with intricate black lined patterns and she couldn't look away.

From somewhere in the back room, Rose heard shuffling of feet and fortunately she recovered from the sight of the beautiful cube to see a humanoid alien approach the counter. He was maybe an inch taller then she and he had two vertical forehead ridges, each above his eyes that ran to the back of his head. His long white hair sprouted from between the pair of ridges and right behind his pointed ears. The pair of crimson red eyes that gazed back at Rose stood out prominently against the alien's light gray skin.

"Hello," he said in a creaky, elderly voice. "May I help you?"

Rose nodded and pointed at the gold cube. "What is that?" she asked and bit her lower lip in surprise of how desperate her voice sounded.

The shopkeeper's eyes followed Rose's pointing finger and his face lit up pleasantly. He turned toward the gold cube and lifted it off its glass pedestal with only his index finger and thumb as if it were the most delicate thing. He sat it down on the counter in front of Rose and smiled when he saw she couldn't take her eyes off it. He knew that she was not going to leave the store without that cube. "This, my dear," he waved his hand over it dramatically, "is a Lament Configuration. Ever hear of it?"

She shook her head and the fascination doubled in her eyes. Sitting the antique sonic screwdriver down, she picked up the gold box and slowly turned it in her hand.

"Well, it's a puzzle, you see," he said. Rose didn't notice the hint of malice in his voice. "And it's said to bring you the greatest pleasure you could ever know if you solve it."

Rose was impressed, even though she did have a feeling the shopkeeper was being overly dramatic to make a sale, but still she was genuinely intrigued. "That sounds very interesting, but it looks like it's already solved." She studied the patterns on the box.

"Alas, it is not solved." He gave his head a little shake and slightly pouted his lips.

"How do you know?" she asked quickly. "Do you have instructions or something?"

"Yes." The alien brightened up. "As a matter of fact I do. Let me show you." He bent over and rummaged around behind the counter a moment. "Ah ha! Here it is." He smiled and unrolled a worn sheet of parchment showing several different diagrams of the cube, or according the images, box.

Rose looked between the paper and the box. "Oh yes. Look," she whispered, "the patterns are different. Hm. How much do you want for it?"

The shopkeeper's smile widened. "100 credits and I'll even include the diagram. And the vintage sonic screwdriver as well?"

Rose nodded and beamed happily as she dug a cred-stick out of her pocket and handed it to the shopkeeper. "That'll be one hundred and twenty-six creds." He processed the transaction and returned her the cred-stick, then pulled out wrapping paper and a small paper sack. "Oh you don't have to wrap them," Roses said abruptly, interrupting him.

"As you wish." He smirked and again Rose missed the menacing look in his eye.

Rose folded and stuffed the illustrated paper and sonic into a jacket pocket and gingerly picked up the gold cube. "Thank you, Mister…" She paused and held out her hand.

"Shloke," he said and shook her hand. "Mr. Shloke's Shop of Past Universes."

"I'm Rose Tyler. Have a good day, Mister Shloke." Rose turned and nearly skipped out of the store.

"Have a good day too, Miss Tyler." He purred after her with a wicked grin.

Once outside back on the street, Rose quickly got her bearings and continued toward the TARDIS. It was taking a bit longer then she hoped to reach the time ship, and she felt a certain anticipation of getting to her room so she can work on the puzzle.

Finally, she spied the familiar blue box parked just inside an alley behind a fruit stand. Before she entered the ally, she glanced around for the Doctor, and didn't see him. With a shrug, she made sure no one was really watching her and discreetly entered the TARDIS.

"Doctor?" She called out once she closed the door behind her. No answer. She listened a moment and heard only the soft hum of the ancient time machine at rest. Without wasting any more time, Rose walked through the console room and down the hall to her room, the gift for the Doctor forgotten.



The TARDIS door flew open and in rushed a very excited Time Lord. "Rose! Look what I bought!" The Doctor shouted as he closed the door and dashed to the console. "It's a galaxy stone and you have see it! Rose?" He paused and listened a moment, then frowned wondering where she could be when he heard nothing from his companion. He took a couple of steps toward the back of the room. "Rose?" He called out again.

He looked at his watch. There were still a couple of hours till sunset and they agreed to meet here at sunset. She must still be out shopping, he supposed, and it was entirely possible since the bazaar is so huge, it would take a week to see it all. He thought about calling her cell phone, but thought better of it. She would call him if she needed help…unless she couldn't. In an instant his phone was in his hand about to dial her number, but he stopped himself again. They agreed to meet here at sunset and it wasn't time yet. He didn't want to come across as, well…weird.

So, he dropped the phone back in a pocket and plopped on the bench next to the console. He rested his feet up on a section free of buttons, and pulled a thick book from a paper sack. With a satisfied smile, he slid on his glasses, opened the book across his lap and settled into a story about space travelers, quirky aliens and towels.

He was three chapters in when he heard the blood curdling scream.



To be continued.