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Harriet Coulson: Avenger

Chapter 27

There was a rhythmic pounding of feet on the cobbles, shouts called out trying to pinpoint a location, but he was smart. Not as smart as Otter, but smart enough to know when a trap was being laid out. He held the small pin on his cuff to his mouth, "Otter, this is Terrier, requesting extraction."

There was a small moment of static in his earpiece, and he prayed to Merlin and Morgana that the tiny electrical device didn't break on him, "Copy that Terrier, Otter says to proceed to extraction point as planned, Gemini are on distraction" He nodded to himself and moved from the cover that he had found, carefully picking his way along the street, doubling back when he thought he may have been spotted.

He waited, observing the extraction point for a few moments before casually walking across the open street and into the alley, where his portkey was meant to have been placed by Mandrake. It wasn't there; instead there was a shadow and a beam of red spell-fire.


"You really need to stop doing this Harriet." Maria closed the door to room 102 and entered the lock down code; it would stop people from getting in but may alert Fury to where they were.

"Old habits die hard." Harriet grinned before slumping into one of the chairs in the smallest meeting room that the Helicarrier held, "Are you okay? You got hit too by the looks of it."

"I'm fine. Why did you run from what he said?" Maria brushed her fingers over the scrapes on the side of her head before concentrating on the woman in front of her.

"I didn't run" Maria gave Harriet a deadpan stare, "Okay, I may have run a little. It's just what he said. The darkness on my core, I've never really thought of it. What if it's not mine? What if I've had this parasite attached to me all this time?"

Maria stayed silent by the door as Harriet got up from the chair and paced back and forth, in all honesty the agent had no idea what to say. Magic wasn't something Maria really understood, it was a part of her friend and she didn't question what it could or couldn't do because for Harriet it never did what was the norm.

"Maria, what do I do? What if it takes over?"

"Now you are being stupid Harriet. It will not take over we would have seen signs of it before if that was so." Maria paused as Harriet pinned her with her emerald gaze, "It's always been there right? Never growing, staying the same. What if it's residual energy from the first time you were ever exposed to black magic? Also, doesn't everyone have a bit of dark and light inside?"

Harriet paused and smiled sardonically, Maria was right of course. The dark part of her magic had been there her whole life; it could very well be the exposure from the killing curse as an infant. There was nothing to worry about, unless it got bigger or started to cause problems.

"How do you always know what to say?"

Maria smirked, "I learnt from the best."

The two women shared a sad smile at the thought of Philip Coulson, the man who had helped them so much and taught them so much more.


The next few days were a frantic buzz as Dr. Banner and Tony Stark worked on a way to use the Tesseracts energy to get Thor and Loki back to Asgard. Natasha and Clint watched their friend put on a strong front but was always there to help when Harriet needed someone to spar with, spending many hours on the mats in the training room. Fury and Severus shut themselves in Fury's office away from the prying eyes and ears of everyone. Draco spent his time between wandering the Helicarrier and getting to know the Girl-Who-Lived, learning of her training and sparring with her in magical combat. It was obvious to everyone that Harriet outclassed the pure blood but didn't mind teaching him things that Britain never felt the need for the students to know.

"We've received word from Britain."

Harriet ducked under the leg locker curse and sent off a banishment charm, which had Draco flying across the room as she turned to face her uncle. Severus Snape looked imposing in the black suit he'd managed to get from somewhere, and as Draco groaned in the background Harriet hastily scrambled down from the platform.

"What news?" She came to a stop and tucked a few flyaway strands of hair behind her ears, emerald eyes focused and all tiredness gone from her posture. Severus turned dark eyes to the blonde man that was currently trying to get up from where he'd landed on a bunch of mats by the wall, getting a slight wave as Draco rolled off and hit the ground with another groan.

"Weasley has been captured." Harriet frowned, not knowing of any Weasley's but the snort from Draco had her turning to face him.

"Weasle-by got himself captured? What was he doing, selling them hand-me-down robes?"

"He was on a mission for Dumbledore." Severus spoke with a slight frown as he moved to the youth who was currently struggling to stand, "He was ambushed at the point of extraction."

"Can't even portkey out properly, and he calls himself a pure blood." Draco muttered as Harriet wandered over to them and aimed a stinging hex at her cousin's ankle enjoying his yelp as he promptly fell back onto his arse.

"Even the best of agents can have someone get the drop on them." Harriet spoke solemnly a she held a hand out for Draco, helping him to his feet as Severus ran a diagnostic. "Does Fury know?"

Severus nodded as he placed freshening charms on the two and they walked to the exit, Harriet was happy to note the limp that Draco sported and couldn't help but grin when he glared at her for it.

"So… Will we be heading over to help with the recovery mission, or does Fury want us to stay out of it for a while longer?"

"Fury is going to debrief you, Widow and Hawkeye. As agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. he can send you first, not the Avengers as it's not of a worldwide nature." Harriet nodded, it wouldn't be right for Iron Man to show in the middle of England for something that required the skills of proper agents.

"Do we know when we can send Loki and Thor back to Asgard?" Draco asked as they turned a corner nearing the labs and the main control room.

"Soon, I should think." Harriet replied, just as there was a call of "Gopher!" from inside the lab they were passing.

"Yo, Boss. Finished playing with the glow stick of destiny and the cube of doom and gloom?" Harriet entered the room to see both items on the lab table; Draco curiously looked in before Severus pulled him away.

"Not really, but we've got a way to get Thor and Loki back to Asgard." Bruce spoke as he came out from behind one of the screens, adjusting his glasses as he tapped on the pad in his hand. Tony slung an arm around Harriet's shoulders and dragged her further into the room, and although there was a screen separating them from the two artefacts the glow they emitted brightened significantly.

"That's good, but I got to get to Fury." Harriet ducked back out of the room, frowning as the glow dimmed and Tony tried to call her back in while explaining what the two scientists were doing.

"You seemed to brighten their day." Draco smirked when the three magic users were a little further along the corridor, causing Harriet to punch him in the arm and Severus to roll his eyes at the pair. They arrived in the main control room where Maria tilted her head towards the main table where Clint and Natasha were currently sitting, Fury stood at the head.

"We need you to go to England with immediate effect." Fury left no room for argument as the three sat at the table, Clint and Natasha instinctively curling their bodies to keep Harriet in their sights.

"Can they not locate this Weasley?" Harriet asked as she leaned forward to pick up one of the manila folders that had the name of the missing wizard.

"Black Widow and Hawkeye are to be your eyes and ears. You are to locate Ronald Weasley, get the information he has obtained and get to a secure location where we will extract you." Harriet blinked at the small amount of information in the file before looking up at Fury, "Getting the target out is secondary. You know what to do. You leave in 24 hours."

"Why can they not extract this information themselves?" Harriet asked, "The British Ministry surely have more operatives than we do."

"All of their assets are working on other missions. They have no one available to do this."

"Bull shit." Harriet responded and pinned Fury's one eye with her own, "They know. They know and they want their saviour back on the board."

"That's no-"

"With all due respect, Sir, I know how these organisations work. How was my location and identity leaked?"

Fury closed his eye and took a breath, "We were compromised during the fiasco with Loki. That is when we can assume this information was leaked."

"Was that also why you were in New York the day of the Chitauri invasion?" Harriet turned towards the two British wizards and huffed as they refused to look her in the eye, "Fine, we will go and extract this information from Weasley, but know that once the mission is over I will return here and continue training until my next assignment."

Standing from the table she held her file to her chest as she left the way she had arrived to the room, not sparing a second glance towards the other occupants she moved along the corridors until she reached her room. Throwing the file on the bed she turned to the wardrobe and removed the standard pack all agents had already packed for missions, she only needed to place her toiletries into it and she was ready to go.


Hermione Granger was known as the smartest witch of her age. This meant she knew when things weren't right, like how Severus Snape and Draco Malfoy dropped off the face of the earth. There was also how Dumbledore began to hold small meetings with select members outside of the usual Order meetings. Her brown eyes narrowed in consideration as she watched the door, at the bottom of the stairs, close behind Dumbledore and strong privacy wards flashed into existence.

Turning sharply on her heel she took the required three steps and knocked on the door that all younger members of the Order had called their HQ for the past few weeks. Especially since Ron's capture and their complete shut out of all Order business.


"For Merlin's sake Fred I have no time for this." She snapped before hearing laughter from the other side of the door, then a thud and then the door was opening. She quickly moved into the room shutting the door behind her and placing her own extensive list of privacy spells up.

"We don't even have a password." Neville muttered as Hermione stepped over Fred Weasley, who was rolling around on the floor clutching his stomach, she took in the haunted faces of those she'd grown up with at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry.

"He's in another meeting. Is there any progress on finding out how this mission when to shit?"

"Whoa! Little miss prefect swore…" George gulped and pulled his twin to his feet at the glare Hermione threw his way, "There's nothing. The residual magic has now left the area and without using Ministry resources there's no way of tracking him this long after the fact."

"What about our spies? Any rumours from His side as to where Ronald is?" Hermione turned to a dark skinned individual in the back, Blaise Zambini was an unlikely ally but with no word on Snape and Malfoy he was the only one they had.

"Nothing. He has spoken nothing of Weasley, at least not in the meetings I've been called for. Maybe the inner circle knows something but I do not know for definite." Hermione nodded and took a seat placing her chin in her hand and she thought of what to do next.

"Dumbledore knows something; it's why he's become a little more active in the past few days. It's also why He has stopped the majority of his raids. There's a change coming, but for whose side it will benefit." She looked up and saw the worried gazes of the resistance, "It's too early to call. We need the information Ronald had. We need to find him and if Dumbledore continues to do nothing we will do it ourselves."

There was a determined glint in her eyes as she leaned back and carefully studied the faces of those around her. Hermione Granger wasn't the smartest witch of her age for nothing after all; she knew how to stage a coup if it was needed it was what she had been trained to do after all.