This is set after the first book, and it's told from Bronwyn's point of view. (for this chapter, anyways.) Thanks to anyone who reviewed my other Miss Peregrine's story, it meant a lot :)

"Speed on ahead!" Horace ordered, perched on the very back of the boat. "Put your back into it!"

Fiona harrumphed and shook her head.

"Horace, you're not even doing anything!" Emma spat.

He lifted up his head with dignity and said, "I am the captain of this ship. That is a very important position, and it definitely counts as doing something."

I glared at Jacob. It was his stupid idea to make Horace captain anyways. While the rest of us were breaking our backs trying to row our tiny boat double time after our beloved Miss Peregrine (while wearing a stupid, impractical skirt, I might add) Horace gets to join Olive and Claire doing zip.

When we first began our sea voyage, Olive's peculiar power of levitation put our expedition in a predicament. She couldn't ride in the boat with us (her weighted shoes weighed the boat down) and Horace and Claire couldn't hold her down without her shoes, so we eventually came to the solution of tying a rope around her waist and tying the other end around the stern of the boat. So now, three days into our voyage, Olive has stayed tethered to the boat like a balloon, even sleeping there, an eerie site like a levitating corpse.

But, unfortunately, that means Claire is left alone on the boat without her Olive to play with. So instead, the little curly head has been chatting my ears off. For 72 hours it has been, "Bronwyn! Look at this!" or "Bronwyn! What is that?" And my patience has worn thin. On my breaks for rowing (we get three one-hour breaks per day) Claire has gone so far as to beg me to play dolls with her. I have not obliged. Then she will go sulking to Fiona, who will throw a dirty look at me, then play a few games of patty cake with Claire before returning to flirting with Hugh.

Another thing driving me crazy about this whole "sea voyage" has been Millard. He constantly likes to sneak up on me and scare me. He insists I sound like a mouse when I scream. Oh, sometimes I wish I could strangle him.

I was snapped back into reality as Horace and Emma were fighting. Emma insisted that Horace was well old enough to row, and Horace insisted that if he had a vision whilst rowing, the result would be fatal.

They were interrupted in their verbal brawl by Enoch's frantic pointing. "You guys…" her panted, and pointed at the water. "What is that?"

I looked over to the direction he was indicating. The water seemed a little bit unsettled, but nothing serious. Jacob, on the other hand, recognized Enoch's alarm and ordered us to row backwards.

"Back, back guys!" Jacob shouted. "It's a whirlpool. Give this all your strength!"

A whirlpool. I've read about the normal ones, but I can tell by Emma's face that this was no normal one. We were all fighting against the strong pull, even Horace and Claire picking up an oar to help, but it was no use. The pull won and us ten peculiars were tumbling down into blackness.