Disclaimer: I don't own Golden Girls. This takes place in between Miles To Go and the sequel episode

Dorothy was in the kitchen when Blanche came in.

"Dorothy," Blanche said, "Can I speak with you for a minute?"

"Unless someone took out a pair of scissors and cut out your vocal cords," Dorothy replied.

"It's about our fight last week," Blanche said.

"I'm not going to get into this," Dorothy said, "I'm really annoyed-"

"About the increase?" Blanche asked.

"Blanche you've been a complete bitch to everyone lately," Dorothy said, "Am I supposed to not be angry?"

"I know I've been a little moody," Blanche said, "I had a bad week. Look Dorothy I'm s... I apologize for last week. You know I didn't mean it."

Dorothy pressed her lips together.

"I was just in a bad mood is all," Blanche said, "You made it impossible for me to return my dress."

"Blanche here's a tip," Dorothy said, "When you're trying to apologize don't make accusations."

"Look my point is I was angry when I spoke and I don't want for us to fight."

"THEN STOP BEING SO DAMN SELF CENTERED," Dorothy said, "I mean do you have any idea what a friend is? A friend is someone who talks out their differences. A friend is someone who forgives her friends despite small mistakes and large ones at that. A friend does not act hurtful because they happen to be in a bad mood."

"Okay maybe that was a little out of line-"

"A little? You acted hurtful to ROSE and you know what she's going through with Miles!"

"Rose forgave me," Blanche said, "Look Dorothy I was going through something that I don't even want to talk about. I didn't handle myself well."

"Fine," Dorothy said, "I forgive you but you have to do something for me."

"What's that," Blanche asked, "I'll do anything"

"You have to forget about this stupid argument we had. I can't handle it that much longer. Right now I can't hardly handle it at all."

"Nothing would give me greater pleasure then to forget this damn fight," Blanche said.

Rose came into the room.

"Oh Rose," Blanche said, "Honey I want to talk to you. I'm sorry about the way I acted the other day. I was having a rough time and I shouldn't have taken it out on you."

"Hey," Rose said, "We all have those days. Don't give it a second thought."