A Time to Love

By: Revengest

Summary: What is Nanoha to do when the one she loves might not feel the same way? And just when she decides it's time to confess, Nanoha's love interest disappears. When she comes back she has changed and brings another blue eyed brunette with her. What will Nanoha do?

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Chapter 1: What Happened To Fate?

3...2...1...*ring*It was the start of the summer vacation and Nanoha couldn't be happier. It meant more time to spend with family, friends, and Fate-chan.

The young brunette was unaware of when exactly it had happened, but she had started taking an interest in her best friend. Maybe it was the way she smiled, or her flowing blonde hair, or how she always succeeded in anything she put her mind to. Maybe it was everything. Well, whatever it was Nanoha didn't care. All she knew was that she had feelings for Fate-chan. Feelings that she'd wanted to say for a while now, but she couldn't. The brunette was worried that the blonde only saw her as a friend, nothing more. She didn't want to ruin the friendship she had with Fate. So the girl had held back her feelings.

"Ne, ne. We should go get a parfait to celebrate." Arisa suggested.

"Mm. I'm fine with that." Suzuka replied.

A few days later at Midori-ya cafe...

"Hey, Fate. There's a festival coming to town for the next 4 days. They're starting it off with a parade tomorrow and I was wondering if you'd come with me."

"Sure, Nanoha, I'd love to go." Fate replied with a gentle smile that seemed to glow. The brunette quickly looked away to hide the deep blush that adorned her face. After a moment, Nanoha looked back said, "So it's a promise!" "Yup, promise."It was then that a phone started to ring. It was Fate's. Taking it out of her pocket, she answered.

"Hello...Yes?...Now? But, I wouldn't do that...Okay, I'm coming." Fate sighed closing her phone and gazed over at Nanoha. There was a look on the blonde's face that Nanoha could not quite understand. "I'm sorry, but I have to go. I'll see you later, Nanoha." And with that the blonde left the quiet cafe.


It was 7:00 in the morning and the sun was barely peeking over the horizon. None the less, a giddy brunette was dancing around her room deciding what to wear for the parade. The parade was scheduled to start for 11:00, but there was so much to do before then. Like picking out what to wear, what to make for a bento and deciding which dessert parlor to go to, and of course what to say for her confession. Yes, Nanoha had chosen today to tell Fate her feelings. "It'll be right after the parade and outing, on the bridge in the nearby park with all types flowers showing their true colors, and the setting sun behind us." The brunette said dreamily.

Later that morning...

Nanoha had decided on a light turquoise colored shirt with a knitting pattern going on the left. On top, she had a white jacket with different colored square boxes intersecting each other with buttons going down the middle. Dark blue, almost black pants, covered her legs and a pair of sneakers completed the look. She had her hair put up in her famous sideways pony tail. Nanoha had packed a bento that was stylized after a bear. Taking a deep breath, Nanoha stepped out of her house and made her way to the meeting spot. The same spot she was planning on confessing at. She smiled excitedly waiting for her lover to arrive.

It was 1:00 and there was still no sign of Fate. Nanoha frantically checked her cell for any messages. There was none. Not even a missed call. Miserably, Nanoha made the decision of going home.

Next day...

Nanoha waited at the same bridge as yesterday. "Maybe Fate was busy and forgot to call to cancel." Nanoha told herself hopefully. Hours went by and still the blonde known as Fate did not show up. This continued for the duration of the festival. Nanoha decided to call Fate. *ring...ring...ring...ring...*. No response. Nanoha got up and readied herself to go out.

She arrived at Fate's house and just stood there. Nanoha was extremely concerned about this. She wondered what had happened to Fate.

Stepping up to the door, she pressed the doorbell. Fate's mother, Precia Testarossa, opened the door. "Oh hello, Nanoha. Is there something I can do for you?"

"I was wondering if you knew where Fate-chan is."

"Fate? Isn't she with you? She's been going out with some friends since...5 days ago I think.I thought those friends were you."

"Oh I see..." Nanoha was downhearted. Fate forgot about me, because of some other friends... Nanoha swiftly left, tears threatening to fall from her eyes. Fate.

The brunette was never able to contact the blonde for the rest of the summer.

It was a gorgeous day outside with sunlight filtering through many windows and blinds. It seemed like a very peaceful day. It was a day where the world was completely at rest and everyone was saying *ahh*. Even a high school brunette.

Nanoha's POV

"AAAHHH! I'm gonna be late."I immediately shot out of my bed and rushed out of my room quickly grabbing my towel and toothbrush. I dashed down the hall and slammed open the bathroom door and quickly closed it and locked it. Jumping into the shower, I did a few 360s and swiftly lathered myself. Finishing that, I stood there for a few seconds letting the hot water cascade down and take away my drowsiness. The feeling reminded me of her. Snapping back to reality, I realized I didn't have time for reminiscing. It was the first day of school and I, Nanoha Takamachi, was running late. I had set my clock half an hour late (don't ask me how). I quickly toweled myself dry and ran back down the hallway to my room. Scavenging my room, I found some underwear, socks, and my high school uniform hanging neatly on the closet. Throwing it on, I reached for my bag and sped down the stairs. Reaching the main floor, I saw my mother, Momoko Takamachi, already done preparing breakfast and was currently plating it.

"I see you finally decided to join us." My sister Miyuki joked.

"Why didn't anyone wake me up! School starts in half an hour and I still don't know what class I'm in." I yelled grabbing a pancake from a plate and chugging some juice down with it. I didn't waste a second in the front room slipping on my shoes. With that done, I quickly checked myself, and then left the house at light jog.

Jogging down the street I thought to myself. I can't believe school's here again. I hope I'm in the same class as all my friends. Arisa, Suzuka, and...Fate...

I wonder what happened to Fate-chan. I hope she's alright. Coming back to reality, Nanoha realized she was at the school's gate.

TSAB High School was regarded as a top rated school. I took a moment to look the school over. It was one big building With 3 stories and many windows. Turning to her left she saw the tennis court, track and field , and the swimming pool. She saw another building. It was smaller than the main building, but big none the less. I'm guessing it had all the indoor courts.

Normal POV

Looking around Nanoha, noticed the large group of people crowding around one spot. "The class lists must be over there. Swiftly, Nanoha made her way over to the big group and attempted entry. She threw herself in. Moments later she was shoved back out. "looks like I'm going to need more force. Standing up, Nanoha wedge herself in and pushed her way in. After what seemed like hours of being squeezed and jostles around, Nanoha was able to make her way to the front.

Scanning the lists she came across Arisa's name in class 1-D. Going down the list, she saw her name. Continuing her search she saw 'Fate Testarossa' right under her name. Yes. She thought to herself. Now for sure I'll have a chance to talk about what happened. She also found Suzuka's name in the same class. Nanoha was very excited that they were all in the same class again.

"Yo, Fate!" Nanoha perked up at the name that was being called. "Fate's here?" Nanoha asked herself. She immediately turned around and made her way out of the mosh pit like crowd and followed where she had heard the voice. There was only one thing on her mind: Fate. Once out of the crowd she sought out her best friend. Out of the corner of her eye, she saw it. Blonde almost glowing blonde tresses. Her smile threatening to fall off her face, she swiveled around and ran after the blonde.

"Fate-chan!" She yelled. Once she reached the blonde, she was panting lightly and hands on her knees looking at the ground catching the breath she had lost. "Fate I've missed you over the summer." She decided to leave at that for now. Nanoha was going to ask in more depth later. She chose rather to talk about something else. "Guess what. We're in the same class again. Fate must want us to be together huh." Nanoha laughs at the double meaning of her friends name. Looking up, the brunette notice Fate isn't facing her. "Fate-chan?" she asked confused.

Nanoha hears an exasperated sigh coming from Fate. Slowly Fate turns around and gazes (or was that a glare) at Nanoha. "What?" She says annoyed. Nanoha is taken back at the response she received from Fate. She was much more accustomed to a more gentle and kind response from the blonde. Something more along the lines of "What, Nanoha?" with a sweet tone to it. Pure interest in what the brunette was going to say. Not wishing she was elsewhere.

It was after the shock that Nanoha noticed something else about Fate. The TSAB uniform for girls was a white undershirt with buttons. On top of that was an earthy brown vest that also had buttons. On top of that was a beige colored blazer with pockets on the side. Then a red ribbon was put underneath the collar of the white shirt and tied to make a bow.

While Fate it in a different way. She had the undershirt. She put the vest on but only had the first two or so buttons buttoned. The rest of the vest was left open. The blazer left open as well. The red ribbon was left dangling around Fate neck. On one ear there was a small earring, and on her face there was a little white band-aid on her cheek.

Nanoha was unprepared for this. She was Fate would always button up her school uniform and make sure everything was worn properly. And the earring only on one ear? Fate has changed a lot over the summer.

While Nanoha was openly staring, one of Fate's friends, the ones she was hanging with before Nanoha came, called her over. "I'm coming!" Fate shouted back. The blonde then turns to the brunette. "If you're done, I'll be leaving now." She then turns to leave, but Nanoha grabs her arm.

"Where were you over the summer? You didn't show up for the festival. I was worried." Nanoha looked into deep burgundy eyes. Nanoha thought she saw a flicker in the blonde's eye. Anger or sadness. The brunette couldn't quite tell. Fate opens her mouth to responds, but gets interrupted when a girl latches on to Fate's other arm.

Nanoha glanced over at the new arrival and observed the girl. The new girl had brown hair and blue eyes just like her. There were two yellow clips in her hair to the left. There was also a red string that bound a few hairs together on the same side.

"Fate, I've been looking all over for you. You promised we'd meet at the entrance gate. Promise. That word brought back memories for Nanoha. Fate had promised to meet her for the festival.

"Sorry I got side tracked." Fate responded with a gentle smile towards the girl. Sorry! She hasn't apologized to me yet!

"Just a sorry isn't enough. Your punishment is eating lunch with me."

Fate laugh and says, "That doesn't sound like a punishment, more like an honour."

The girl lets out a soft giggle. "Come on Fate. We're going to be late and I want you to take me to our classroom." She pulls Fate towards the school's main building. "It'd be my pleasure." Fate responds.

The girl and Fate walk away leaving a sad, dumbfound, and confused Nanoha behind.


AN: I hope you liked it. This is just my second fic so any constructive criticism would be very appreciated. Thanks

BTW: I don't know if I described it well, but Fate is supposed to look more rebelish. If you know what I mean.