Hey chaps, me again, this is something that's been knocking around in my head for sometime. Basically there's two MAJOR OC's in this. Jiah and Fervailia, nicknamed Feathers. Jiah is mentioned in Chapter 10 of Gabriel's Girl and Feathers is mentioned in Chapter 2 of Rubix Cube. Jiah is basically Balthazar's best friend, and Feathers is Gabriel's true love. This is centuries before Kali. Jiah and Feathers are brother and sister. Warning: Child abuse, sci-fi freaky scientist people. (mainly in the next chapters.)

Please enjoy, I promise it will get more interesting in the next chapter!

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Peace and Quiet. Gabriel loved it. He opened his eyes and smiled. The coolness of the bed sheets were comforting against his skin.

He yawned, and stretched a little. Running a hand through his sandy hair. He looked over to his right, and rolled onto his side. Feathers looked over at him sleepily, before smiling and placing her book down on her lap.
"Morning Candy cane." She said, yawning a little herself. When he didn't answer her, she looked over, her face faltering a little when she saw how he was looking at her with a smile on his face, he was lying down, but was propped up slightly on his elbow, his chin resting on his hand.

Feathers knew that look. He was up to something.

"What is it? What's up?" She asked. Gabriel smiled, and rested his head back on the pillow, before closing his eyes. "The sky." Was all he answered with. Feathers rolled her eyes at his bad joke and lay down on her side, so she was facing him. "What was that look for?" She asked softly. Briefly looking over her shoulder when she heard her book slip off the bed and fall to the wooden floor. She looked back at him to see him smile again.
"Nothin'…just thinking how lucky I am."

Feathers smiled and did an over dramatic swoon. "Oh, dear knight you flatter me." Gabriel laughed warmly at this, and kissed her nose. "True though."

The two shared a small smile.

"Do you love me?" he asked.
"well…" Feathers teased. ",….I don't hate you."

"That makes me feel so much better." Gabriel dead panned but laughed all the same. He rested his head back on the pillow again, and closed his eyes.
"You going back to sleep?" Feather's asked.

"No, I'm going to New Zealand." Gabriel remarked. Turning over and pulling the covers over him.
"But we're taking the boys out." She reasoned.

"They can wait. I'm the eldest."

"Sod that!" He heard a voice shout. Balthazar's voice.

Gabriel looked over at them. Balthazar and Jiah were standing in the doorway, already dressed; both had extremely annoyed looks on their faces.

"I thought you said you were taking us to Adrenalin Island…" Balthazar pouted, folding his arms. Jiah did the same.

Feathers smiled at Gabriel. "I hate to say I told you so, but…I told you so."

Gabriel stuck his tongue out at her childishly, before looking back at the younger angels.

"Can't you two just wait a little while longer?"

Balthazar looked down. "But you promised, Gabe…"

Gabriel bit his lip. "Don't give me that, Balthazar."

He rarely said his brothers full name. Gabriel felt a pang of guilt when he saw Balthazar's shoulders slump in defeat. Jiah was looking quite sorry for himself too.

Finally, Gabriel gave in. "Fine. We'll go."
The smile couldn't have spread across Balthazar's face quick enough. He hugged his elder brother tightly around the neck.

"ThankyouThankyouThankyou! You're the best!"

Gabriel smirked and swung his brother from side to side.
"I know."


"I want to go too!" Castiel whimpered.
"You can't…you're not old enough" Gabriel soothed.

"Yeah, you have to be older than 14 to go to Adrenalin Island" Balthazar muttered.

Castiel tilted his head to the side. "A-Am I?"

"No, you're 3 and a half, numpty." Balthazar murmured hugging him gently.
"You'll have fun with Anna..and you can play with Uriel, can't you?"

"I guess…"

"Hey, I'll tell you what, If me and Jiah win anything, I'll bring you back the prize."

Castiel grinned and jumped up and down excitedly, giggling madly and clapping his hands.

Feathers smiled over at Gabriel. Gabriel wrapped an arm around her waist and kissed her cheek gently. He buried his face in her hair and took in the scent of apples and lemons. That was what her satin red hair always smelt of. And Gabriel loved her for it.

She was looking particularly beautiful today.

She was in a gorgeous fifties style summers dress, deep red and patterned with little flowers. Her shoulders were covered with a short thin black cardigan. It was when he saw her like this that Gabriel realised how much he loved her.

She was just…perfect. And he didn't care what all the other angels thought.

He didn't know what he would do without her. It would probably end with him losing it completely. But that was never going to happen. He was always going to be there. And she was never going to get hurt. Not on his watch….Not while he was still breathing.

After they said their goodbyes to Castiel, and left him playing with Uriel and Rachel, the group walked through the streets of heaven, heading to the gates where they could gain access to earth.

Balthazar and Jiah were running ahead. Racing each other down the street. Gabriel shook his head.
"Be careful you two!" he shouted after them. He held Feathers' hand and swung it back and forth with his own. Smiling at her from the corner of his eye.

"How long are we staying at this Adrenalin Island then? It all sounds a little bit much for me….maybe I should go back and get my book…." She said, glancing back over her shoulder.

"Oh come on, Sweetiepie, live a little! It'll be fun. Besides, like you said, I've been promising the boys this for a long long time."

"I suppose you're right." Feathers agreed, nodding. "It's just a theme park isn't it? What could possibly go wrong?"

Gabriel wrapped an arm around her waist and beamed down at her. He looked just as excited as the boys did.



It had only been about a half hour and Gabriel was already feeling sick. Why oh why did Balthazar like to go on what claimed to be the worlds fastest rollercoaster so much?

Gabriel didn't mind the whole speed bit, it was the fact that it was upside down 50% of the time. He felt like a hamster on the spinning wheel of ultimate doom.

"C'mon Gabriel, its only a ride!"

"You said that the last ten times!"
Gabriel moaned, digging his feet in as Balthazar pulled him along.

Feathers smiled down at Jiah.
"Are you not going on again?"
Jiah shook his head, his blonde hair bouncing around slightly. "Nah, I feel a little sick."
Feathers laughed, laughed warmly "It was all those donuts you ate."

"Hah! You think?" Jiah smiled warmly.

Both Angels looked up when they heard the excited shouts and screams from Balthazar and some humans as the roller coaster whizzed past.

Feathers laughed when her eyes fell on the sight of Gabriel as they shot past. His cheeks were already a deep shade of green.
Jiah rolled his eyes. "If Gabriel throws up one more time…"

"He's not very good with the upside down rides is he?"

"Dude, he's thrown up 3 times already….ewwww!"


"You kiss that mouth?"

Feathers flicked her younger brothers temple.
"Shut Up, Jiah"

"I am never ever ever setting foot on a roller coaster ever again." Gabriel wheezed as he slumped down onto the bench next to Feathers.
"Did you have a nice time?" She asked.

"Shut it, Boo."

Gabriel felt sick, his head was spinning and his eyes were darting around unwillingly. He buried his head in his hands. "Balthazar, why did you make me go on that ride."

Balthazar shrugged. "Well Jiah doesn't feel well, and Feathers got sick when she went on the teacups…."

"Well congrats kid, I'm as sick as a pig." Gabriel muttered through his hands, his head was still lowered. Feathers frowned down at him. "You ok?"

"Friggin Peachy, Hun…."

Jiah rolled his eyes. "Please don't throw up."

Gabriel looked up to glare at the younger angel. "Don't worry I'll aim for you."

Feathers sighed. "When will you two grow up?" Balthazar laughed a little at this, and ran a hand through his short hair.

Everything went wrong when Gabriel sneezed. It was an abrupt one. But one that changed everything all the same. Like I said, Gabriel was feeling sick, and when angels feel sick they cant really control anything. So when Gabriel sneezed, his wings unfurled.

"….Whoops…" Gabriel babbled, staring at his viewable wings in shock. "Not good."

"Gabriel!..." Feathers hissed, and Gabriel could practically see the fear rising up in her eyes.

"Mommy, Mommy, look! That man has wings!"

Balthazar whirled, staring in horror when he saw that a group of people had been standing a few feet away from them, and they had seen Gabriel's transformation.


"I thought we were trying to blend in!" Feathers whimpered, standing up, Pulling Jiah close to her.
"When have we ever bloody blended in?" Balthazar gaped, whimpering slightly when he saw the cameras come out…and then the cell phones.

Cell phones that would be calling the authorities. And Authorities meant sciencetists and experiments somewhere down the line. They had well and truly screwed up this time.

Double bollocks.