Hi guys, hope you like the story. It's my first Hunger Games one so be nice. Also any suggestions for a Hungergames one shot will be much aporeciated. I'm going to make a colection soon.

She didn't used to be like this, angry with the world.

She still remembers her first day at work, the excitement, the popularity, the new outfit.

Back then she was so naive, so entertained by the games.

But now she knew, she hated every waking moment of her job, of her life.

She remembers the first time she watched the 'tributes' lining up in front of her, her first year she mistook the fear in their eyes for excitement. Now she knew.

She remembers the first time she watched the 'tributes' waving goodbye to their mothers and fathers, she thought to herself that this year everything would change and one of them would return home. Now she knew.

She remembers the first time she looked at Haymitch and saw a drunken dirty man from the most awful district, she thought she would never get along with him, ever. Now she knew.

'Effie!' she heard her voice being called from somewhere over in the room.

It startled her, but she tried not to show it.

'Wow.. feeling a little jumpy are we?' He questioned as he rested his hands on the back of her shoulders.

She ovbiously didn't try hard enough.

'Haymitch the games are about to start, come sit down.'

Games. They're not games at all. She knew that very well.

'After all we've been through you're still calling them games?' She felt him slide down onto the sofa, trying to keep a safe distance between the two.

He knew how she felt about 'the games'. She was different to the rest of them. She saw it differently and it pained her because she couldn't do a damn thing about it.

She went through different stages of coping.

She tried everything. Helping them, sighning up a few sponsors, one year she tried to drown her sorrows in alcohol. None of it worked.

Then there was year that changed the way Haymitch saw her, forever.

Three years ago.

They both remember the time vividly, but neither dare speak of it.

Effie had decided to go for a different approach to the childeren that year.

It was an especcially sad year that year, because it was the first year Effie had picked out a twelve year old.

When she read out the name and looked up, her heart sank as she saw all the eyes point in the direction of a small girl in the 12 year olds. Lydia Evans, her name was.

The boy that year was 17, Mark Garreth, she dindnt get to know much about him.

But the girl was diferenet, so young, so small. Blonde hair, blue eyes and beaming the little girl ran up onto the stage.

At first Effie couldnt understand why the girl was so happy. Lydia, instead of shaking Effie's hand gave her a hug.

Effie couldnt understand, she looked down at the girl who smiled back up at her and said in her cherpy capitol voice 'My oh my! You are exited! There's the spirit!'

It broke her heart to say those words, that was NOT the spirit to have.

'Have I won?' Lydia asked her quietley.

Effie didnt know what to say to her, she was about to open her mouth to speak when a woman came screaming from the crowd.

'Get off my daughter, get off her right now! Get your capitol filth away from her you bitch!'

She realised that the woman was talking to her, the girl was still clung to her like a baby.

She pushed the girl off her, not hard at all but enough so she could keep some distance between them.

The peacekeepers were marching towards her but the woman was running to the stage, towards her baby.

'You cant take her! Please you cant! She doesn't know about the games, she's not like the other childeren, she's different' The peacekeepers were wresteling her away as the girl stood ther and watched. Effie knew that the girl had a dissability, the poor thing didnt understand where her mummy was going.

There rest of the reaping finished with the boy being called and the two being sent into seperate rooms for godbyes.

A minuite went bye, two minuites, three, four,five...

It was clear that the girl would not get to say goodbye to mummy, to anybody. Noboy was going into her room.

She was about to walk into the room when she felt somebody grab her shoulder.

Expecting it to be a peacekeeper she turned arround perparing her excuses, but when she looked up it was none other that Haymich holding her arm.

'Don't do this'

'You don even know what i'm-'

'I know perfectly well and so do you, i'm telling you dont do this to yourself.'

'Just get off me, i cant leave her in there alone'

'This is going to end in tears'

With that he walked away, taking a small bottle of brandy out of his pocket.

Who was he to tell her what to do? She couldn't leave the girl alone.

She opened the door and entered the room, she couldnt see the girl and she started to panic.

She was about to leave for help when she heard her in the corner. Lydia had found a small statue on the table and was marching it around on the floor.

'Mummy?' The girl looked up hopefully.

'No sweetheart, it's not.'

'Oh...who are you?'

'I'm Effie'

The way the girl was looking up at her made Effie want to hug her and tell her not to worry. But she knew she couldn't.

'You have to come with me now' Effie held out her hand to help the girl up but ended up holding it until they reached the outside.

She was about to go get the boy when she saw Haymitch already had him. Together the four of them walked to the train station. Lydia skipping infront, Haymitch and Effie walking side by side in silence and Mark walking behind trying to hide the tears.

They were just about to enter the train station when out of the corner of her eye Effie noticed something. The woman from the reaping, Lydia's mother was knealt down with a gun to her head.

Lydia couldnt know, Effie ran to her and pressed her hands over her ears.


'What was that for?' Lydia looked up laughing.

Effie turned to look at Haymitch who had his hand in his hair. She looked hopefully at him for something to say but he shook his head.

'Nothing sweetheart, now how exited are you to get on a train?'

'You're silly!' The girl laughed at her.

Dinner on the train was usually quiet but with Lydia constantley asking questions, it was far from.

She asked Mark all about his family, when she asked if he had a girlfriend he told her about his girlfriend Lauren and how then were going to have a baby soon.

Effie was on the verge of tears, but he smiled and politley asked to be excused from dinner. She couldnt say no.

With Mark gone she started talking to Haymitch. When she was done with her drink

she looked up at Haymitch and the bottle in is hand.



'Please can i have another drink?'

'Yea do what you want'

Haymitch didnt know what to say when she reached over the table and took the whisky from his hand.

Effie, despite everything what had gone on burst out laughing. Haymitch even managed a small chuckle.

'Wow, i dont think you'll like this one, why dont we get you some juice?'

Effie couldnt believe what he she saw next, Haymitch took her and and walked her to the juice table. He pored her a glass and patted her on the hear, she was sure she saw him smile.

After dinner was over Effie showed Lydia to her room.

'When do i get my present?'

'What present?' Effie asked her, confused.

'On my birthday, every year, mummy gived me a present before i go to bed'

Her birthday... Her twelth birthday... If she was born just a day later she could of had another year.

All she wanted to do was cry, just run and cry. But she couldnt do that to her.

'Come with me, i have just the thing!'

Effie lead Lydia to her room and told her to close her eyes. After a few minuites of seaching Effie found it.

'Open your eyes' she said exitedly, genuinly happy for a moment.

Lydia opened her eyes and looked at the small thing Effie had place in her hands, a small wooden ball.

It had the words Effie Trinket carved round the edje, she was given it as a child.

'Wow! I've never had a ball before!' Lydia threw herself at Effie for the second time today and huged her tightly.

When Effie was alone that night, she convinced herself for once that she'd done a good thing , made that girls last few weeks alive happy. Little did she know that

the ball she gave her would kill her.

'Haymitch it's starting!' Effie had been sat in her seat anxiously waiting for the begining since she waved Lydia away into the hellicopter over an hour ago.

'Alright, alright.' He was prepared, he sat closer to Effie that he normally did. He knew that there was no way the girl would make it past the bloodbath and he was ready to help Effie through it.

The contestants rose from the gound into the arena, it was a farly basic arena just a forrest.


The coundown started.


Effie dug her nails into the sofa as the camera showed shots of all the childeren.


They stared at the screen for what felt like an eternity.

Effie hand had found Haymitch's knee and her nails were starting to hurt him.


Suddenly all the cameras swung to Lydia.

She was fumbelling arroung trying to get something out of her pocket.


All cameras were still on her. She managed to force something out of her pocket. A small wooden ball.


She droped it.

'Oh no! Effie's special bal-'

It all happened so fast.

Haymitch threw one arm arround her sholders ,the other accross her wasit and pulled her close to him, burying her face in his chest but it was too late. She saw everthing.

She tried to strugle away from him, kicking, screaming but he just held her, stroked her hair.

'NOOOOOO!' She screamed into his chest, her hands clawing at the matiriel of his shirt.


'Shhhhhh, everythings going to be ok..' He wispered to her.

'NO IT'S NOT!' she sceamed at him between the sobs. Suddenley she took off her shoe and threw it at the tv, unable to watch any more.

Haymitch held her in his arms until she calmed down. She was shaking, unable to cry anymore.

She was a murderer, she killed that child she thought.

When Haymitch was satisfied that she had calmed down he lifted her chin so he could she her face.

Her eyes were red, makeup ruined on his shirt but he couldnt help thinking she was the most beautiful women he'd ever met.

What she did next took them both by surprise.

'Have you calmed dow-'

He was cut off by her lips on his. She was kissing him on his lips, across his cheek , donw his neck.

'Effie what are you doing' He asked her confused.

'I dont know..' She admitted.

'Make it stop'

'Just make the pain go away' She took his hand that was on her knee and guied it up to the hem of her short skirt, pushing her body closer to him.

He had wanted her for so long, to feel her skin beneeth his fingers, kiss every inch of her. Just not like this.

Effie felt herself being pushed away from him oh god, what have i done? she thought.

She expected him to get up and walk away, disusted. But he didnt.

He picked her up and carried her to her room.

He then started taking off her clothes. When she was left in just her underwear she began to feel woried, was he really going throught with it?

He reached his hand up to her stroke her face and slowly removed her wig, allowing her natural blonde hair to tumble out around her.

He picked her up and carried her to the bathroom.

'Haymitch, what are you-'

'Dont worry sweetheart, i'm making the pain go away'

Carefully, he lowered her into the bath.

He then washed her body, washed away the pain. Even thouth his hands were everywhere on her body it felt so right.

They both knew he wasnt taking advantage.

Her golden curls were soft under his fingertips. He took a flannel from the side and wiped her face clear if and remaining makeup.

Once he was satisfied she was clean, he found the biggest towel and scooped her up in it.

When she was dry he pulled back the covers and tucked her in. Before he left he bent over to kiss her soft lips. It only lasted a few seconds, but that was all they needed.

He was about to walk away when he felt her tiny hand in his.

'Stay with me'


He swore from that moment in thst he would never let anything hurt her.

There relationship was never quite the same again.