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When they were safely back in his house she turned around, closed the door and leaned her back on it. Haymitch turned around and looked at her curiously. 'She said I had a nice smile.' Effie said proudly.

'Who did, sweetheart?' Haymitch asked, walking closer to her and taking her hands in his. 'Prim, she was so sweet.' Effie said smiling.

'Well she was right about that, but dont get to attached. I dont think her mother would be to crazy about you being BFFs with her daughter.' Haymitch chuckeled and put his hand on the door behind Effie's head. Effie leaned forward, closing the gap between their lips.

Haymitch moved his hand from the door to behind her neck, placing his other hand on her back. Effie broke off their kiss and pressed their foreheads together, their noses touching. 'You promised that you'd tell me what's going on, Haymitch.'

'Ok.' He said and lead her to sit on the couch. She sat on the couch and he sat in the chair, he took her hands in his and told her about the rebelion.

'I dont believe you.' She said with tears in her eyes. She tried to squirm away but he held her hands tighter.

'Why would I lie to you?' He said simply. 'The rebelion has been being planned for a very long time, she was just what we needed to get it started.'

'Does she know?' Effie said, wiping a tear from her eye. Haymitch got up from the chair and sat next to her. 'Not yet, but it's safer for her that way.' He said, pulling her in for a hug. They sat there in silence for a few minuits, just wrapped up in eachothers arms.

'Wait.' Effie said looking up to him. 'Do Cinna and Portia already know, because the other night Portia said we were on the same side.'

'Yes, they know. They've been waiting with their flames idea for years, we just never found the right one.' Haymitch said, running his ringers through her hair.

'Thank God, I was beginning to this she was a lesbian.' Effie chuckeled, resting her head on his chest. Haymitch chuckeled and kissed her on top of her head, squeesing her tighter. 'Are you kidding? Her and Cinna are so getting it on.'

She was about to reply when Katniss burst through the door. 'Haymitch?'

Effie jumped away form Haymitch but it was too late, Katniss had already seen them together. 'What the hell is going on here?' She asked in disbeleif, completley forgetting why she came in the first place.

Haymitch stood up, leaving Effie sat on the couch. 'More importantly, what the hell are you doing in my house?'

'You and her?' Katniss said, completely ignoring his question.

'Yes, Katniss, me and her. Problem?' He said taking Effies hand and pulling her to her feet. Effie wraped her arms around his waist, this angered Katniss even more.

'Yes. I do have a problem, I didnt think that you would have any interest in some ditzy Capitol bitch!' Katinss shouted at him, completely ignoring Effie.

'No! I'm not like that!' Effie protested, with tears in her eyes.

'Shut up!' Katniss snapped at Effie. Effie gripped Haymitch's hand tighter.

'Katniss please, just calm down.' Effie said, walking round to the other side of the couch and reaching out to her.

'Yes, Katniss, this has been going on long before you came around. I love her and you having a tantrum isnt going to change that.' Haymitch said, walking round and re-claiming Effies hand again.

Katniss sat on the steps and took a miunit to calm down. 'Sorry.' She muttered to Effie. 'I didnt realize you guys were so serious.'

'It's ok. I understand.' Effie said, helping her up.

'I should go.' Kainiss said, walking towards the door. Just before she left she turned arround and looke at Effie.

'Oh and thankyou.' Katiss said to her .

'What for?' She asked, confused.

'Prim, she said that you said you liked her hair. That made her happy.' Katniss said smiling slightly.

'Any time Katniss.' Effie smiled placing a hand on her arm. 'Goodbye.'

'Bye.' Katniss said, and quickly left.

'Now that she's gone, where were we?' Haymitch grinned, pulling Effie into a kiss. He found her hand and slowly lead her towards the stairs. Both grinning, they hurriedly made their way up to Haymitch's bedroom.


'That was fun.' Haymitch chuckeled, tracing circles on her bare stomach.

Effie sighed and looked up at him, 'what happens now?'

'Well... I'm kinda hungry.' Haymitch said confused.

'No Haymitch, with us?' She said, moving away from him, feeling uncomfertable. Haymitch sighed and intertwined their fingers.

'Can I join the rebels? I can help.' Effie asked, turning to face him.

'No.' He said blankly, staring up at the ceiling.

'Haymitch!' She winned.

'Effie, this isnt a game. I dont want you to get hurt.' He shouted, but then lowered his voice when he realized he scared her.

'I wont-' She protested, but he cut her off.

'Just drop it for now, It's late, try to get some sleep.' He said, moving closer to her. She rested her hed on the pillow but faced the other way. Sighing, Haymitch wrapped his arm around her waist and pulled them even closer together.


He woke up and reached his arm out, longing for her warmth. He painked when she wasnt there, but looked at the clock and saw it was almost ten, she was probably awake already.

He draged himself out of bed and put some random clothes on, then wandered out of hi ps room on his hunt for Effie. He didnt have to look for very long, she was in the first place he looked, the kitchen.

He couldnt help but smile at her when he walked in. She was wearing one of his old t-shirts, her hair was pulled back into a pony tail and she was trying in vain to reach something off the top shelf.

He couldnt help but feal bad awout the way he spoke to her last night, he knew he had to put things right.

He walked up behing her and snaked his arms arround her waist. 'You can join.' he said, and kissed her neck. Effie turned around in his arms and looked up at him.

'honestly?' she asked him.

'Honestly, I'm so sorry about before-' he started, but she interupted with a kiss. They kissed passionatley for a minuit untill Effie pulled away.

'Thankyou so much.' She sighed, and leaned her head against his chest.

'I wish you didnt have to go.' Haymitch wispered, and stroked her hair.

'I know, but I'll visit you, and you'll visit me. It wont be long before the victory tour, I promise.' She said, as if she was talking to a child.

'How long do we have?' He asked her, clutching her against him.

'A few hours.' She replied. In one swift movement, he picked her up bridal style and carried her over to the couch. He sat down and swung her leggs accross him.

'If we only have a few hours, I want to spend them here, like this, with you.' He wispered, kissing her neck.

'I wouldnt have it any other way.' She said, shuffeling closer to him.


Enough was enough, he had been screaming for the past hour. It had only been a month since Effie left and he was already loosing it. Stomping her feet, she marched ut of her house and round to his. She marched up to the front door and banged as hard as she could.

'Haymitch Abernathy, you open this door imedietly!' She yelled at the top of her voice. She tried the door but it was locked.

Suddenly the door flew open and she was pulled inside. A hands was clasped over her mouth the door was slammed shut. She tried to kick and scream but he put a strong arm accross her body over her arms, trapping her.

When she calmed down he leanded in close to her ear, 'Shhhhhhhhh they'll hear you.' he snarled.

He moved his hand from her mouth down to accross her neck, slightly chocking her.

'Who will?' She stammered.

'THEY will, dont be stupid!' He roared, pulling her through the living room and into the kitchen. In one swift movement he dropped to the floor and crawled under the table, pulling her with him.

'Haymitch? What what are we-' He clasped his hand over her mouth again.

'It's ok sweetheart. You're safe now, I'm here. You're going to win.' He wispered, stroking her hair.

Realizing that Haymitch was having a halucination, Katniss tried to snap him out of it.

'Haymitch, it's me, Katniss. What have you done to your house?' She asked looking around. His had made his kitchen into a 'hideout' by pulling all the sheets of his bed and draping them over the table. The chairs were on there side surrounding the table and the contense of his cupboards was in a pile on the floor.

All the knives from his draws were in a pile next to the food and a packet of paracetamol next to that.

She tried to wriggle away but his grip on her was too tight. 'Dont leave me on my own, please.' he asked her.

Wiping the tears from her eyes she managed to crawl away, 'I'll be right back, I promise.' She reassured him and ran upstairs. All the houses were the same so she ran to where she knew the phone was upstairs. She looked around on the desk and found the number she was looking for. Effie Trinket.

He hurriedly punched in the numbers and waitdd for the sound of her voice.

'Hello, this is Effie Trinket, whos calling?' She said in her usuall chirpy accent.

'Effie, it's Katniss. Come to 12, now.' She wispered, still scared that Haymitch would run after her.

'Katniss darling, how are you? I assume life as a victor is fantastic!' She said, completely ignoring her.

'Effie this isnt time for your Capitol chat, just get here now. It's Haymitch.' She said a little louder, still sniffeling.

'One moment' She then heard her excuse herself from the room. It clicked then that she must be in a group of people and she couldnt talk.

'Katniss, what's happened?' She wispered.

'It's Haymitch, he's gone mental. There's no alcohol left, he just keeps screaming, he can see things that I cant Effie, I dont know what to do.' She said, sobbing now.

'Shhh, calm down. It's ok, I'll be there as soon as I can. If I leave now I can be there tomorrow morning, Ok?'

'Thankyou Effie.' Katniss managed, then hung up the phone. Just one night, that was all he had to wait.

Slowly, she crept back downstairs. She couldnt see Hatmitch so she panicked, but then she remembered his hiding place and slowly tiptoed into the kitchen. Lifting up the corner of the sheet she peered under the table where Haymitch was hid.

'Haymitch?' She causiously asked. He looked up at her.

'Effie's coming soon, she'll be here tomorrow. Why dont you try to get some sleep?' she asked, holding out her hand.

Ignoring her hand, he crawled out of a different exit and sprinted over to the couch, looking over his shoulder. He then threw himself onto the couch and pulled a loose blanket over himself.

Katniss made her way to the other side of the room and curled up in the chair. She thught he was finally asleep when suddenly he said to her 'I wont let them get her, not the girl I love.'

She though he was having flashbacks but the more she thought about it, the more she thougt he was talking about Effie.