Ravenwood Academy was the private school to end all private schools. It's campus stretched for several city blocks in one of the finest parts of the city. A high brick all kept intruders out well the wall and, the rumors. You see Ravenwood Academy isn't like any other school, it's, well, it houses Clint City's most gifted children. Though the type of gift these students have can't me measured on any chart, their gift is a bit more supernatural.

This is the story of a boy, who cried a river and froze the whole world, well at least his high school. Praxie Wasn't a stud, he was short and stocky, with electric yellow hair, but boy he could swim. The day before his team went to the biggest swim meet of the year his powers kicked in. While Praxie was swimming laps with the rest of his team, be became cold, very cold every time his head came for air he could see his own breath like it was the dead of winter. Then bam! Suddenly and without warning the entire swim team was frozen solid in a pool for a week.

Only days after he finally thawed out he received a letter in the mail. It was an invitation to Ravenwood Academy's next school year. In the letter they explained that he was a 'cryomancer' and how with the teachings of the school he could learn how to control his powers so there wouldn't be another incident like this one.

If you'd asked Praxie he'd tell you that the school year couldn't start soon enough, the entire summer he couldn't take a drink, use the toilet, and take a shower without all the pipes in his house bursting.

At least he'd managed to make it. And there he was at the gates of raven wood surrounded by mansions and statues and gated communities. All of the other students seemed nice enough they all chatted and bounced around in eager anticipation for the gates to open. This definitely wasn't a normal school.

Then slowly, suddenly, magically the front gates creaked open. Praxie smiled and picked up his green duffle bag following the rest of the students up the long winding cobble stone path up to the mansions front doors. The grounds of the mansion where breath taking, central park didn't have anything on Raven Wood. Up ahead Praxie could see the tree line opening up and just beyond their branches was Raven Wood Academy! It was an immense Victoria mansion with two large wings jutting out. The left wing Had two giant bronze warriors on it. The left seemed to have a green room on the top floor, seeing that plants of all kinds grew freely on top of the wing. Praxie cringed when he passed the front fountain.

The inside of the mansion was decorated with the same type of elegance you would expect from an Upper's mansion or at least an upper from the 19th century. Elegant Persian rugs covered the hard wood floors from the claws of old couches and chairs. Not to give you the idea that is was old or stuffy. On the contrary the Mansion had electricity and running water you'd be hard pressed to find even a speck of dust most anywhere in the mansion

As soon as you opened the doors you would find a lounge and a huge staircase that led to the upper parts of the mansion. In the lounge many of the students where already sitting down on the plush sofa's and chairs. Every one chatted and twittered about excitedly. "Excuse me." Said a small voice. "Excuse me everyone." The voice tried again. "Guys please just…"

"Shut up!" Shouted a mountain of muscle and flesh.

All eyes were on the Slender Girl on the stair case, and the boy standing next to her. "Thank you Carter." She said wearily. She was a cute little thing tall in thin with short brown hair, with thick framed glasses. "I'm Alyen, Leader of the girl's dorm and captain of, well." She giggled. "Pretty much everything academic." She made a gesture to the boy standing next to her. "And this is my friend…"

"Jay." He said, his voice smoother than the finest silk. His skin was like melted chocolate and his smile went on for miles. "I'm Leader of the boy's dorm and captain of the lacrosse team." He laughed to himself. "That's it that's all of the lines Alyen would let me read, later guys!" He started walking up the steps, with a wave of laughter washing over him as he went.

"Jay get back here you know that's not true!" Alyen shouted. Jay laughed and moseyed on back down the steps. "Sorry about that. Any way Welcome to Raven Wood, finest academy in the entire world, what to you guys think of it" There where jumbled bunch of approving shouts. Alyen smiled. "Trust me this place will become your second home, by the end of summer next year you guys will be chomping at the bit to get back here. But I bet you guys want to know what you'll be up to tonight. Well tonight we host our annual welcoming feast for the new class."

"A feast you say!" Shouted a portly little guy in the front row.

"That's right any food you could possibly imagine will be there, trust me after tonight fast food won't even cross your mind. During the feast the headmaster will give his speech welcoming the new students, then after dessert off to bed, because tomorrow is freshman orientation!" There were a few disgruntled boos. "oh no, no, no this is when you all get to flaunt your skeelz and show the teachers what you've got. After that you'll be assigned to your class."

Jay sprung to life. "But Alyen what are these classes of which you speak?"

"Gee Jay I'm glad you asked. You see at Raven Wood we separate powers into four categories."


"First is combat taught by Master Cley, their color is orange and powers usually affect them in a physical sense."

Jay looked down at his uniform. "Wow I'm wearing Orange, that means I'm in the combat Class!"

Alyen nodded happily. "Right you are jay!" Praxie rolled his eyes he wasn't sure their acting could get anymore cheesier. "Then we have space and time, a class very near and dear to my heart. Headed by Dr. Alian our powers usually affect the laws of physics turning off gravity and stuff like that, and as you can see we have stylish blue uniforms." She twirled around so everyone could get a good look at her.

"I see you're not the president of the drama club." Praxie tracked to voice to a blonde kid sprawled out on the couch while everyone around him was forced to sit on the hardwood floor.

Alyen completely ignore him. "Next we the Nature class head by Mr. Aigwan. Their powers affect, well nature as you could imagine, plants animals, weather, you get the idea, and as you can imagine their color is green."

Jay scanned the lounge. "Do we have anyone in the Nature class out their?"

In the back of the room a boy raise his had. He ran his hand through his purple Mohawk and straightened out his leather jacket. The raven on his shoulder gave a squawk. "Right over hear my man." He smiled to himself he looked like he was in his own little world, his eyes where distant like he was concentrating on something, but the raven on his shoulder seamed to be picking up the slack, as it meticulously scanned the room for threats. "Remember live green, recycle, all that jazz." He spun around and began walking back towards the wall he'd been propped up against, but just before he got there he spun around again and pointed right at Jay. "And look out for this kid; he's uh, heh…" He laughed to himself. His eyes suddenly cleared up and both him and the Raven looked Jay in the eye. "…He's a stone cold killer." He shook his head and laughed as he leaned up against the wall.

Jay toddled on his feet uncomfortably.

"Yes well, thank you for that Corvus, and Corvus's Raven." He let out a light sigh and collected herself. "Which brings us to the final Class, Death! Dun dun dun!"

Praxie couldn't help himself. "What?"

Alyen laughed to herself. "It's pretty much everything else, but usually the more deadly of abilities end up their which is where I believe it gets it's name. It's led by our very own master of the arcane Mrs. Greem, who decided last year that she would change the uniform color from black to purple." Aleyn scanned the room. "Do we have any members of the Death Class?" No one answered. She perced her lips and puffed out her cheeks. "I said do we have any Death Students in here? Danae you said you'd do it!"

Praxie looked over at who she was talking to. Sitting in a chair just about as still as a human could get was a Pale and petite girl. He chair was surrounded by an army of books, whose pages seemed to turn on their own. You couldn't really tell if she was reading or sleeping seeing that she wasn't moving her head and her eyes where covered by thick welding goggles.

Alyan sighed. "She's a member of the Death class. And that is pretty much the end of our speech, anyone have any questions?" No one answered. "No questions? I guess we're better at this than I thought Jay! If there are no more questions then I guess all I've got to say is, get to your rooms and get ready for the best dinner of your life. And Welcome to Raven wood everybody!"

Praxie just stood their for a few moments watching everyone get up and head upstairs, he smiled to himself, somehow he got a feeling he was going to fit in just fine around here, but then again I guess That's the point of welcomings isn't it?