Caelus unbelievably looked even older up close, you could easily fit a playing card between the wrinkles in his face. Though even with this methuselah like complexion he still kept this kind of grace and charm that made him charismatic. In all his years Leading RavenWood Academy he'd had many gifted students and many bad eggs. He always gave himself one or two bad eggs a year. Any more than that and they group up, and once they group up it's difficult to break them of their behavior. Usually the student body beats a bad egg into shape pretty quickly you can't live with a group of people so closely and not have any of them like you, so usually bullying and the like was only a problem for a few weeks. Manfred however it seemed had the willpower of a house cat. The more the student body shunned him the more he would torture them, Caelus was having a difficult time finding someone who hadn't gotten into a scrap with him.

Caelus looked through his tiny glasses at the young man in front of him. It was a shame, he was handsome, rich, powerful, everything he needed to live a fulfilling life, but he chose to act out instead. "Manfred when I invited you to this school, I did so because I saw great potential in you."

Manfred rolled his eyes. He'd seen principals like this before, the Appeasers, they let you do what you want as long and you don't do anything too crazy, they exalt you before they tell you what's wrong with you, it's easy to make them cry because they genuinely care about you, while not as fun to play with as Dictators, it was fun seeing how far you could push them. He propped his shoes up on Caelus' desk. "You invited me here because my parents paid you a small fortune to keep their freak of a son out of the public eye." Caelus shrugged, it wasn't entirely untrue. "You know when I was born I immediately showed my powers, as soon as they cut the cord I started floating into the air." He frowned. "My father refused to let my mother name me after him; he didn't want a freak inheriting his name."

None of this fazed Caelus he'd read the file, and heard all about his little brother Stanford Jr. who single handedly took his prep school down two ratings. "You hardly get sympathy from me, the bugs that Zeke possess eat most of his family alive, the poor rich boy act doesn't work here. I didn't take you under my roof because of the money, I won't lie when I say it was a nice bonus though."

"Then why pray tell am I here?"

"Because I see a great good in you. I've never seen some one so adept at telekinesis, and you squander it all."

"Listen I've heard this speech a hundred times from everyone ever. Can we just cut to the quick?"

"The quick is, that no one likes you, because you're a generally unpleasant person, and you blame the world for not accepting you for how you are. "

"And?" He scoffed.

"I don't understand it." His wrinkled for head scrunched up as Caelus furrowed his brow. "With your money and power you could do so much good for so many people, and I know that you have the will to do it, like when you saved Michael."

"I saved him for my own reasons." Manfred stood himself up. He looked Caelus in the eye. He wasn't going to fool himself into thinking that anything he said could wound him in anyway, no those wrinkles where made by far greater perils than a spoiled rich kid. "The truth is, that I'm not acting out to get attention, I could care less that my little brother is the family favorite, the truth is I'm not bad because I'm lonely, I'm just a bad person." He made his way to the door.

"That's not true." Caelus sounded so sure of himself. "I saw how upset you were when you hurt Chwing."

Manfred suddenly exploded. "That bitch!" He screamed. "Her fucking superpower is stretching but she can only stretch, like four feet? And what with jay! He splits a kid's face open and it's all forgiven the next day, but god forbid I do something on accident! Now every kid here hates me for one mistake?" He let out a miserable scream the kind that echoes through you ears and makes you wonder how you could have possibly made that noise. It's so full of torment and sadness that it couldn't possibly have come from you, you couldn't possibly be that far down. The side wall of Caelus' office explode. "I hate all of you!"

And Caelus as always kept his calm, that wasn't the first wall he'd lost, and it wouldn't be the last. He let out a soft sigh when he felt the evening air caress his cheek. This was the breakthrough he'd been waiting for.

"I hate all you." Manfred wept and burst in to tears, the horrible body shuddering snotty nose, babbling kind. He dropped to his knees and cried, and cried. For an old geezer Caelus was surprisingly quick to wrap Manfred up in a hug. "I hate you." He sobbed. "I hate you."

Xxx The next morning xxX

Caelus had agreed to keep the little tear fest under wraps, which was cool of him, so for all the Kids knew, was that Manfred was the bad mamer-jammer who just gave Caelus a new skylight.

It was Saturday which meant no classes so he indulged in one of RavenWood's greatest past times, lounging about. The week day usually drained too much energy to even think of doing anything crazy on the weekend. So Manfred was laid down on a couch in the Library. It was just him and Danae, and Redra, but she was held up somewhere in the back room.

He eyed up Danae, her scrawny little body was hidden beneath her bulky uniform, it was at least two sizes too big for her, her hair was a mess as always, and she still had those stupid welding goggles on. He liked Danae, tough she wasn't easy on the eyes, she pretty much refused to talk to anyone, and it wasn't in a shy type of way, it was in a 'You have nothing to say that would possibly interest me' Sort of way, which he liked. She had her own sort of self-righteous aura that he just had to respect. And as usual she had her nose buried in one of her books.

"Yo Danae whatcha' reading?" It was more of an announcement that he was stealing her book than anything else.

"No!" She shouted. Aww her voice was so soft and sweet.

"Don't worry I won't hurt the book." He grabbed the book out of the air and instantly cringed. It was bound in some sort of pale leather; the pages were frayed and yellow and stuck out from the binding. It was begging to be opened. He turned to about halfway past the middle and had a look. A snarling snaggletooth maw met his eyes. It chomped and roared and threatened to eat anything that came close to it's mouth. Manfred was in a daze terrified that this boring little book had suddenly became frighteningly animated.

"Idiot!" Danae shouted slamming the book shut on Manfred fingers. She wretched it from his hands. "Stay away from my Beelzebooks!" She caressed the binding tenderly. "You might hurt them."

Before Manfred could abject the screech of Redra the schools librarian shook the school to its foundation, scaring the two students out like rats on a sinking ship. They didn't want to face the penalty for making noise in the library: one hour with no vocal cords.

Xxx Greem's House xxX

Manfred was a man…fred on a mission. Danae had scurried off too quickly to ask her where she'd gotten a book as dangerous as that from. So he had to go straight to the number one master of weird at Raven Wood: Greem.

Greem's house was very reminiscent of a witches cabin in the woods. It was a cozy little cabin at the edge of the schools park, with a black cauldron bubbling just in front of her house. "Mrs. Greem." Manfred squeaked tapping his knuckles against the oak door." It flew open and beckoned him inside, and when he passed the threshold it slammed shut again.

As soon as he entered the building his mind was bent; the building was infinitely larger on the inside than it was on the outside it was just like looking at two mirrors facing each other it was just room after room after room after room after room, and some how even with all the space in the universe Greem still managed to cover every square inch with papers, or knickknacks. "Manfred what are you doing here?" Manfred leapt out of his skin and crashed through a stack of papers. A cruel smile crept across Greems face, she did so love to see how her students dealt with fear, no matter how much she saw it, it always stayed fresh.

Manfred managed to steady his heartbeat, and get to his feet. Greem graciously cleared a spot for him to sit. "I'm here to talk about Danae."

"Ah, my pride and joy, great student, a little too social for my liking, but I suppose nobody's perfect."

'A little too social? Well that's horrifying.' Manfred shook the though from his head. "I'm actually here to talk about those books she's always reading."

"The Tri-lights and the Cherry Potters? Roughly based on my life I'll have you know."

"What? No, the books with the," He leaned in ready to share confidential information. "You know, the weird ones."

"Oh!" Greem clapped her hands together. "The Beelzebooks! Yes I give those to her."

"You'd give her something so dangerous?"

"I only give her what she can handle, or what would help her."

That struck his attention. "Do you have other items that could help people?"

Greem Suddenly had a cup of tea in her hands, that he could of sworn wasn't there before. She took a long sip from it, savoring the taste. "I do."

"Then why don't you give them to the students? That Peter guy can't control his powers, if you could give him something that would help him control it, he'd be a mean lean freezing machine!"

Greem put her glass down. "Absolutely not, if I gave Praxie something to control his powers, then that control would come from that item and not himself."


"Control of your powers should come solely from your own willpower, power has to be earned, not given."

Perfect. "How about me then?" She gave him a confused look. "I have full control over my powers, if you could give me something that would make me more powerful than I am now, you couldn't imagine.

"You're right I couldn't, I couldn't imagine the students would appreciate me doing that, and I can't imagine History would forgive me either."

Again with this? Was this his destiny, to have each and every one of his actions questioned for all eternity? "You can't honestly think that I'm going to grow up to be some sort of villain do you? I am nothing if not Chaotic good. The worst part about it is that you won't even give me a chance, you act like you know me, because of the way I act, well you don't!" The house started to shake. "I can take anything you throw at me"

A smile played across her lips a gentle on, not the one she has on when she summons a demon in the middle of class. "I know you can." She whispered gently. "But I can't allow it, you torment your fellow class mates as it if, If I gave you something to increase your power, I'd be responsible for you, and I have my hands full with Danae and Belgosi."

"Whatever." Manfred walked out, he was beyond the point of arguing.


Manfred gave a pleased smile, his private table underneath the hickory tree was unoccupied, for a week or so he had to drive off the vagrants from the choice spot, but now all the students knew to stay away. He was still steamed from his encounter with Greem, how was he supposed to change his ways if no one gave him the opportunity?

Little did little Manfred know that destiny works in strange ways, and that today would be his chance for redemption. Today the horns of destiny blew and their tune was as following: "Get away from me you perv!" Admitidly not destiny's best tune, but hey you take what you can get.

It was that Liam kid harassing a group of girls again. If you had to think of one kid less popular than Manfred it was Liam by a long shot. Liam usually liked to fly under the radar, tough that was hard to do when he was some sort of demented sex fiend, no one really knows what made him harass this group of girls on this particular day, the only explanation anybody had was: destiny.

It was too bad Liam like to stay hidden with his perversions, because Manfred liked to make a spectacle. Even to a brat like him, he knew that women were sacred and that you didn't harm them. Sure he'd tease a girl every once in a while, and Chwing was an accident, but other than that girls were off limits. Then this tool shows up, treats women like garbage, collects their underwear, harasses them in public like this; unforgiveable.

"C'mon just a squeeze."

"Attention everybody!" Manfred shouted. Everyone gathered around, sure Manfred's floggings weren't looked upon with much respect but, dam if they weren't entertaining. They all huddled around to see who his victim was today. "This Mongrel Liam, has been sexually harassing this vision, your name miss."


"Sexy name isn't it?"

Manfred glared at Liam. "You only dig your grave."

"Are we gonna fight or what? I've got places to be."

Manfred cracked his knuckles like a tough guy. "It's going to be a pleasure, peeling you off the wall."

"Fight!" Someone bellowed; before the rest of the crowd could even pick up the chant it was all over. Liam was gone, and a defeated Manfred lay on the ground. His heart boxers stretched over his head and a pair of ladies underwear kept his hands securely tied behind his back.

The crowd was silent, the only noise was of Chiara crying as she ran off, no one knew why, but the popular opinion was that it was her panties that were wrapped around Manfred's hands.

All eyes were on Manfred, his body was trembling, and everyone knew he was crying into the dirt. No one laughed and pointed, no one felt the pure glee that they thought they'd receive when Manfred was finally put in his place; they just hung their heads as they slumped away.


Sorry it's been a while, but school has started back up.

Manfred just wants a little love, and he finally get's the chance to earn some good karma and he is humiliated. That's why the kids didn't laugh, because, they all knew he was trying to do the right thing, plus he was defeated by a bigger villain than himself, which no one wanted.

Yeah! I put a lot of effort into this chapter. 1) because I hadn't updated in a while and I thought you deserved something a little longer. And 2) because Manfred is very near and dear to my heart, I always have him on my team.

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