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Chapter 12: The Clowns Request.

It was a another normal day in Fairy Tail.


"Man stealer!"

Who the hell were we kidding? Nothing was ever normal in Fairy Tail.

The guild watched by with looks of fear and disbelief as two scarlet haired beauties fought back and forth within in the guild, smashing everything that stood in their way. Chairs were torn apart, plates and drinks flew up, table were smashed, and a guild member or two was tossed around in the rampage of Erza Scarlet and Erza Knightwalker. It was scene to be seen to believe. No one had ever seen the scarlet knight so jealous before. The words jealousy and Erza simply didn't go together. But there she was, suckered into a cat fight by her parallel self. Wrecking chaos and destruction like a certain pink haired Dragon Slayer currently knocked out, eye's swirling as he was snuggled deep into her twin's impressive bust.

Makarov released a pitied sigh as he wiped away a proud tear. The boy was truly looked down upon the luckiest of goddesses. To have two scarlet haired, busty, twins fighting over him, he was truly blessed. Lucky bastard.

The only reason he wasn't stopping the fight as it ravaged his guild hall, which was going to need some repairs later on, was that it seemed everything had returned to as normal as normal Fairy Tail could get. He didn't want to spoil their fun. And it had been some time since he had seen such a heated cat fight.

"Dammit, Knightwalker! Watch the breasts!"

"Then how about you watch the ass, Scarlet! That's my money maker!"

The old master nodded as he and the rest of the male members of the guild nodded along with bloody noses. Yup, no way was he going to stop them anytime soon.

Lucy and Gray, who had been sitting by far from the fighting, sighed at there friends fighting. For the affection of Natsu of all people.

It was still one hell of a shocker to them. Well, to Gray at least. Lucy pretty much figured it all out after leaving Natsu to finish his training with the rest. Not that she wasn't shocked as well. She pretty much had to sit the two scarlets down in her home and explain it all to her.

A story for another day.

It had only been a week since Natsu finished his training and gotten his magical power under control. And the guild had been using their free time to rest and take up missions to fill up their pockets with some nice carrying around money. After being turned into lacrima the guild seemed to want to take some time to enjoy life seeing as they had been moments away from being reduced to magic rain for another worlds selfish need. Some of the mages had even decided that they needed to step up their game a bit. They felt helpless seeing the state that their friends had been through to save their lives, even though it would have been impossible to help them seeing as they were turned into magical crystal. Not to mention the S-class exams were coming up.

It would be a while before the S-class exams began anyway. The master thought it would be better take a week or two off till he announced he would be looking for candidates. He wanted them to rest before they began rushing off on every mission they could find on the request board.

Natsu, of course, wasn't happy about the exams being being temporarily postpone. Nearly went into a childish fit after gramps had announced that little piece of information. Which was bad seeing as he practiced fire magic. Very destructive fire magic. The type capable of reaping dragon souls. And the rose haired mage could tend to lose control of said magic when angered or upset.

Thank Kami for Erza. Brought his reign of flaming pouting to an end with a quick smack to the head and glare.

With the S-class exams postponed the Fire Dragon Slayer had nothing better to do but train with his new power boost given by Zeke. Something he couldn't ignore after knocking some sense back into the Nothing mage.


"KARYU NO HOKO(Fire Dragon's Roar)."

A flood, a literal flood of flowing, rushing, dragon flames drowned Zeke, crashing into his body with such force he would have been sent flying if it weren't for the tight grip Natsu had on his collar. His vision was blinded by orange-red flames, slowly burning his body within the boy's heart like he was a candle stick.

'S-Such p-power! I-I can't even t-think straight w-within this blast radius!' The roar of flames was making quick work of his body even with the fact that it was mostly composed of a compressed magic. The blast tore a mile long trench within the world inside Natsu, carving the earth in a path of crackling flames.

Zeke shouted in pain for the first time since they had begun their fight. Not even his Nothing magic could stop the agony tearing apart his body in a bath of fire. It should have been impossible. He felt nothing! Not a shred of emotion! His magic made sure of that. Yet there he was shouting his lungs out in total pain when he shouldn't of felt nothing at all. It was as if the world had lost his color but the color of Natsu's flames. All he could see was the raging outline of the Dragon Slayer.

Eventually the roar of flames died down, receding into embers in the wind, leaving Zeke falling to his knee's a charcoaled mess. His mouth was open wide in a voiceless shout of pain and his eye's were white as his body trembled. His body was burned to the core to the point black smoke bellowed from his open mouth as wisps of darkness streamed from his broken down body.

Natsu's knee's buckled after the large amount of magic he just fired off. He panted, sweating in exhaustion from the tough fight.

The bastard Zeke was one hell of powerful prick. He really could make anything out of nothing. The things he created out of his magic were almost terrifying. Natsu was lucky that none of the damage he received in his heart would appear on his body in the real the world. He wasn't prepared for the painful backlash that would come when he woke up.

At least it was all over with. He sighed, wiping the sweat off his forehead before a pained hiss escaped his mouth. Zeke really did a number on him.

Looking back over at the Nothing mage, Natsu noticed that his transformation had faded away, leaving him in his original form. Small embers and flames crawled over his burnt body, the strength of his flames burning his body black. He almost resembled some piece of magma rock. If it wasn't for the faint breaths he released he would of thought Zeke was dead.

White cracks shined through the charred body of Zeke, catching Natsu's attention, causing the world he stood to rumble in a quake that rocked his wounded body. The shaking continued to grow stronger, nearly taking Natsu down. The world darkened as the light seemed to fade away. Beams of light shot of the defeated mage's body, greatly confusing Natsu.

He didn't understand a damn thing that was going on, but he didn't like it. This couldn't be another test, could it? With the defeat of Zeke he thought he would finally be done with all this crap. He didn't want to go another round, did he?

Natsu cracked his knuckles with a grin, "Don't know what's going on, but if it's another ass kicking you're looking for, then bring it."

The ferocity of the earthquakes grew until a large shock wave resonated from Zeke's body, uprooting the trees around him and pushing back any matter close by. Natsu grit his teeth in vain against the shock wave, the pressure hitting skidding his feet back a few feet before the world was silenced.

Zeke's body grew still, not even releasing a breath before his body erupted it a puff of darkness and light.

Now Natsu was really confused. What the hell was going on?

Before the Dragon Slayer could take a step the earth under him cracked, stumbling him forward before a large pillar of earth shot him up high into the air. His breath hitched as the blow sent a bolt of pain to into his legs. Looking back down he felt a cold sweat take over as a large line of cracks ran along the whole world to resemble a mouth. The mouth cracked wide open, grinning with spiked pillared teeth at the air borne mage in the sky.

"Please, don't think that it's over, fool!" The mouth licked its teeth with its muddy tongue, opening wide to devour the pink haired Dragon Slayer.

'Damn. Well let's get round three over with.' Ignoring the weariness he felt after the long battle Natsu dived right into the maw of the earth with flaming fists ready to finish what he started.

Adding flames to his elbow for added speed and impact Natsu shot straight into the mouth of the earth. And with a quick chomp, the earth devoured the body of the mage, swallowing him with a satisfied belch.

The earth grinned in victory, "Idiot. I actually thought he might of survived that. Oh well, one less loud mouth for the world to deal with."

Zeke was actually worried for a second there. Natsu was somehow able to destroy his magical body, rendering it incapable of housing his soul. If it wasn't for his ability to manipulate anything with his magic then he would have been a goner.

The guy was actually very impressive. He was able to put up with his transformed state till the very end. The Nothing mage respected that kind of strength. If he hadn't pissed him off then he would have been long gone with the power he sought. Sad, he was actually hoping Natsu had survived being devoured. The kid showed some real promise to change the world.

Ready to call of his magic, Zeke was surprised when his body composing of the land they had fought on refused to die away. That should have been impossible. Nothing should have been stopping him from canceling his magic unless there was something messing with it.

His earth monster flinched, feeling an odd burning sensation from within. Zeke frowned before his eye's shot wide open in alarm.

'Dammit! How the hell is he still alive!?' the cheeks of his mouth blew up comically, doing its best to hold back the licking flames escaping his earth body. 'What the hell does it take to take him down for good!?'

He was already running low on magic. He exhausted an insane amount just by transferring his soul into the earth, not even his magic was limitless within Natsu's earth. Nothing he could do now could stop the fire mage from running loose.

Like a volcano, the cracked lined mouth of earth erupted in a sea of flames, breaking the hold it had on Natsu. Shooting straight out of the volcanic eruption, Natsu landed back on his feet with a wide grin aimed at the pillar of flames.

"Sorry about that. But I'm not the prey, I'm the hunter." he said with red glowing eye's.

The eruption quickly subsided, receding back into the depths of the earth. Smock bellowed from the explosive escape from Zeke's earth mouth, crackling in the aftermath.

"Impressive. Should of known that wasn't going to work." Natsu's eye's widened in alarm hearing a sigh behind him. Turning around he found the Nothing mage back in perfect shape without a scratch on him. Looking closer he could see why.

Zeke's whole body was pale as a ghost. He could see right through the Nothing mage.

"Surprised?" Zeke chuckled before twitching as the pink head put his hand right through his mouth.

"Knock it off!" he growled trying to slap his hand away, only failing as he lacked a physical body to do it.

"But I just wanted to see if my hand would disappear!" Natsu whined before jumping back from a swing of the Nothing mage's scythe.

"Wait, why'd I dodge that? You're a ghost, you can't do shit!"

Zeke growled like a mad dog at the laughing boy, "Just you wait an hour or two, we'll see who'll be laughing once my magic power returns."

"Excuses, excuses." Natsu waved his hand back and forth with a disinterested look. "You don't need magic to fight. All you need is your fists."

Zeke scoffed, looking away with a smirk, "Whatever you say, kid." One of a kind indeed.

Taking a quick glance around the bleak scenery Zeke watched with disinterested eye's as the world began to break apart in tiny lights, almost as if it were disintegrating before their very eyes. It looked like it was time. He was actually hoping the idiot had broken his magic with his destructive magic. He really didn't like the fire mage.

Zeke, while an entity of Nothing, was pouting like a six year old who had lost a game of tag with their friend. It truly was a sight to see.

"What's going on now?" Natsu asked with a tired look of annoyance, "I thought I was done with all your tests. I hate tests! What the hells the damn point!?"

"To see what you've learned and if you've learned it well?" Zeke sweatdropped. Seriously, where did idiots like him come from? What Kami would create such an empty headed incarnation of fire breathing destruction?

"Yes, the tests over." Zeke sighed once he noticed the Fire Dragon Slayer had raised a fist to his face, "The magic I have over your heart is fading back into its container. You've already attained what you came for, the power to banish those ill thoughts tainting your heart and the control to wield the flames that the very dragons breath onto the earth. There's not much left do." he shrugged as they now stood on a while plane of existence. Tiny golden lights rose from the pearl colored setting, illuminating the blank planes.

"So it really is over?" About time. He was tired of all the drama that had started when he ate his own flames. Now that he had control and cleared his head he could go back the guild his usual self. No more Mr. Emo, thank you very much.

Zeke looked at the Dragon Slayer with an unreadable expression etched on his face.

"What?" Natsu's brow rose in confusion noticing his stare.

"You broke through my magic. Brought in that woman, Eileen. And defeated me at my peak state of magical power." The Nothing mage said flatly, resisting the twitch in his left eye as he stared at the rose head, "No one's ever done that before. I'm honestly shocked. Me. An entity of pure nothingness." he shook his head, "Smarter, holier, stronger, more reasonable men, have tried to attain what they came for by me, and they all failed. Except for you. How?" he asked in disbelief.

Men of Kami had tried to attain enlightenment from him before, only to die by his hands. Yet some hot headed, fire breathing, monster of a mage had defeated him when better men had failed. He was puzzled to no end.

Natsu scratched his head in thought. Truth be told he didn't have a damn clue either. What a surprise.

"I don't know." he laughed only causing Zeke to refrain from tearing out his own hair, "I honestly wanted to give up after my first trip here. What I experienced brought me fear. And I didn't like what that fear had made of me." he smiled sadly in remembrance. Then smiled as two red heads popped into his mind.

"But then two very dear friends of mine snapped me out of it. Well, more like slapped when I think about it." he laughed. He didn't care how different they were, they both hit the same. Very hard. "They taught me that there was nothing to fear, not as long as they were there to drag me out of the fear I was faced with. Compared to the fear of losing the very friends who I had fought for till the bitter end for, the fear of losing control was nothing. Not when they were there to smack the sense back into my empty head!" he knocked the top of his head for emphasis with a wide grin, "Fear is nothing when I've got my friends beside me! Same goes for your tests! As long as I hold the memories of those I love within my heart, then there is nothing you can throw at me that I can't handle!"

Again, those damn silhouettes of the very people the Dragon Slayer held dear appeared behind him, staring the Nothing mage down with the same determined eye's that stood before him. He couldn't help but take step back at the sheer emotions that ran through all those eyes.

Never before had he come across such a human. It was terrifying to witness such raw emotions. A cold sweat took him over as he could make out all the emotions running through the mass of people Natsu held dear. Respect. Belief. Hope. Admiration. Trust. Love. They were all there. Looking him down at full blast.

'This is how he did it?' he thought as the image had yet to fade from the white plain they stood before. 'This was his light? What pushed him defeat me at my most powerful? How? How could something so trifling go up against my Nothing magic when others couldn't!?'

The Nothing mage had yet to realize something up until now. It was shocking but the Dragon Slayer had proved it. Every monk that had tried to attempt to achieve enlightenment believed in one thing. To attain such power and clear of mind you needed to let go of the ties that bound you to the very earth you walked. Those ties would only get in the way. Yet they had all failed when they had let go of those ties they held dear.

But this boy, who treasured those ties above all others, had kept them and defeated him.

"Do you get it now, Zeke-kun?"

Zeke's eye's widened in shock at the soft voice behind him. Even when her own magic had faded away she was still sticking her nose in matters that had nothing to do with her.

For some reason he couldn't fight the small smile making its way to his face at the thought.

"Eileen, still floating around in this boy's heart I see?" he chuckled as the small balls of light rising up around them gathered together to form the body of the blonde haired girl in front of them.

Eileen nodded her head with a soft smile, "Yes. You wouldn't believe how open this boy's heart is. Even when the last of my magic had faded away, his heart clung onto the last of my spirit." she smiled at the goofy grinning rose haired boy, "He really is something else."

"I know. I'm awesome." he gave a thumbs up at the two spirits with straight face.

Zeke sighed at the boy's action while Eileen giggled, "Oh he's something alright. I'm just wondering it its contagious even to the dead."

"Maybe it is contagious?" the blonde happily grinned as she suddenly hugged the black immortal teen's arm to her chest. Her eye's twinkled noticing him try to hide the blush on his face at the action, "You seem to be more open then the last time we met."

"Maybe it is. Who knows? When it comes to idiots like him, you'll be lucky if you can get your west from your east right again after fighting him." he smiled as he looked down at the woman next to him.

Maybe. Just maybe the world didn't need to be balanced if someone like Natsu could see the value of the bonds he held even if he hadn't suffered enough. Maybe people didn't need to suffer first before they could grow into decent human beings. Maybe what truly mattered for a better future wasn't enlightenment or power.

Maybe it was just the friends that stood by you through the hard times that really mattered.

"Natsu." Zeke called out to the Dragon Slayer firmly as he looked straight at him.

"Heh? Ya need some something, Zeke?" he asked in confusion. He was really hoping it wasn't anything complicated. He had enough fighting for his life for one day.

"I wanna give you something before we leave for good." the Nothing mage nodded, "After all that I've done it's only fair I give you the last treasure I own in this world. I know you'll do the right thing with them in the end." he smirked as he could feel his body and Eileen's waver.

"Take Negai and Kibo. They're the last things on this earth that truly mean anything to me. I have no use for them anymore."

"Negai and Kibo?" Natsu frowned as he tried to think about what he was talking about.

"Yes, Negai and Kibo, the sapphire orb and the crystal pendant. Negai is the true name of the artifact you used to enter this plane. Negai is Wish, the wish that one day I could reunite with the friends I had lost in my attempts to protect the world." Zeke smiled sadly as he held Eileen in his arms softly.

"And Kibo is my crystal pendant you used to protect you within Zeke's magic." Eileen closed her eye's feeling the warmth of Zeke's body against after so long in content, "Kibo is Hope, the hope that one day I could save the man I loved from himself."

"Our souls, spirits, dwell within the two items. They are the keys to enlightenment. With them, you could attain knowledge and wisdom that could tip the worlds scales to your favor. There possibilities are limitless. I'm sure an idiot like you can find good use for them." closing his eye's in content along with Eileen, Zeke gave the fire mage a knowing smirk before tightly hugging onto his own ray of light who smiled in tears as they faded away.

"We trust you, Natsu. We know you'll do the right thing."

The two entities of light and nothing faded away into the white plains, leaving Natsu to smiling to himself. The world went quite, it was almost soothing after all that he went through but it was bound to end the moment he woke up. He could feel his body waking back up, his body growing faint and pale as it began to leave the odd world created by the Nothing mage's magic.

"Hmm?" Makarov hummed beside the sleeping fire mage, noticing his eyebrows twitch in his sleep.

"Stop pulling my cheeks, you big breasted witch!" Erza growled as she found Knightwalker sitting firmly on her stomach from the ground, stretching her cheeks like rubber.

"Then stop pulling my sexy ponytail, armor bitch! And like you're one talk about breast size!"

"You know they really do act like you and Natsu." Lucy sweatdropped from the sides next to Gray, Wendy, Happy, and Carla.

Gray shrugged at the comment, unknowingly unzipping his pants in the process in front of a innocent little girl, "Meh, I don't see it."


"Gray! Don't strip in front of Wendy!"

"I think he likes little girls~!"

"Shut up, Happy!"

Master Makarov sighed at his young ones antics. Where did he go wrong?He was sure he had raised them all the right way.

"Can a guy get any sleep around here? Geez, you guys are noisy."

The mages of Team Natsu suddenly stopped their bickering at the sound of a certain fire breathing mage rising back up from his meditation position, rubbing the back of his head with a tired yawn. He was honestly hoping they would of kept their mouth shuts for a while longer. He needed sleep! However long he was knocked out from fighting Gildarts it wasn't enough. The old man had one hell of a fist.


"Come on!" Natsu whined as he quickly found himself tackled into the ground by three bodies. Two of them being Erza and Knightwalker once again seeming to think his head was some sort of plushie toy and snuggling said toy into their breasts. Happy, seeing as his body was being smothered by two deadly red heads, decided to hug his aching head.

Why was it that every time he woke up he found both Erza and Knightwalker ready to smother him to death with their chests? Was it payback for always challenging one of them and defeating the other in a fight? If so he needed to find a way to get them to stop and forgive him. Death by smothering of breasts was not how he wanted to go out in this world. Though, he blushed as their hugs tightened, it was nice.

Gray felt a sweatdrop come on at the scene, "I don't know whether to envy the bastard, or feel pity for him. I'm drawing a blank here, Lucy."

"And why exactly are you telling me this?" she raised a brow in confusion.

"Do you feel envy or pity for Natsu?"

"I'm not into that kind of thing!"

"You're not? But you wear such sexy underwear."

"What does that have to do with anything!? And stop going through my unmentionables!"

Wendy and Carla smartly stood by the master as they watched the scene. It was smart not to get in the way of an Erza when it came to what she wanted, not to mention it was better not to but in when Lucy's sexy unmentionables were brought up. When the Stellar Spirits mage's underwear was brought up out in the open it was never for good reason.

Erza sighed in relief now that Natsu was awake with no signs of damage. It was horrible just standing by as he went back into his heart to settle things with the beings dwelling in his heart and messing with his magic. She knew whatever he was doing inside wasn't simple. The last time he had done so he had three of some of Fairy Tail's strongest mages guard his body while it was running wild in a mad rage and that hadn't turned out too well. Thankfully enough he hadn't lost control of his emotions from within or they'd be hard pressed to detain him in his out of control state.

It wasn't the fact that they weren't strong mages, Erza herself had beaten Natsu on multiple occasions and they had the Master with them. No, it was the fact that they would be fighting Natsu, out of control and with no care of the safety of his friends as he unleashed the full potential of a dragon's flames, flames that would reduce everything and anything into ash with no trouble, a friend they all held dear to their hearts as he tried to kill them all. It was a psychological factor that they wouldn't be able to ignore as they fought him with the intent to put him down.

All they could do was stand by and hope he could solve what was troubling him by his self.

And now he had finished what was needed to be done. He conquered his grudge, his hate, and came out victorious against the mage of the spell he was under. Now he could once again be himself again, the man she loved and could no longer deny.

So it was only right that she be the one to hug him seeing as she cared more for him then that twin faced hussy snuggling his head into her chest.

"Knightwalker, will you stop hugging him!" Erza glared sternly, ignoring her own hands pushing the rose head's deeper into her own chest, "Can't you see he can't breath with your insufferable snuggling!"

"Like you're one to talk!" Knightwalker's jaw dropped before growling at her twin, "He's my man! My future hubby-wabbit! My hot ass Dragon Slayer with dreamy pecks! He'd rather be with me then a flat chested snob like you!"

"Who are you calling flat chested!?"

Natsu sighed at his own situation. What were they talking about? It sounded like Knightwalker wanted him to be his husband for some weird reason and Erza was trying to keep him for herself. Did that mean they liked him or were they just finding him as some sort of challenge they wouldn't let the other win over?

It wasn't funny! He had feelings too! Feelings of destruction, love of fish, and beating the snot out of a certain stripping ice mage, but feelings none the less. And right now they were confused about the feelings he was feeling for both scarlet haired woman.

But those feelings could wait. In the whole face smothering against breasts situation going on, he had almost forgotten about what Zeke and Eileen had left him behind before vanishing from his heart.

"I'm sorry, you guy's, but I got something to finish." Natsu grinned apologetically as he escaped the fighting twins grips, squeezing under their chests while also causing a blinking Happy to take his place as he made his way to the master.

Makarov didn't seem to be told anything as he seemed to understand what the fire mage wanted. He could already see it in his eye's and was proud of his child. It was time the right thing was done with the ancient artifact of unimaginable magic and wisdom to change the world.

"Are you sure about his, Natsu?" Makarov asked sternly as he tossed the sapphire orb of ruby markings and runes at the Dragon Slayer.

"Urami is a powerful item. What you're about to do will change the world. For better, or worse."


The old master frowned in confusion, "What?"

Natsu chuckled as he caught the ball, smiling as he remembered his trip to his heart and the fights he fought through, "Negai, its name is Negai, not Urami. It wasn't a grudge Zeke had left behind for the world, and it wasn't Enlightenment. It was a Wish, a wish that the world some mage he left his knowledge and power behind to would create where he would be able to reunite with his loved ones." bringing out the crystal pendant from his pocket, Natsu tossed in his hand a bit as he swear he could still feel the magic of both tragic mages from within, "And this necklace is Kibo. It wasn't a key to needed to conquer and subdue the magic within Negai. It was hope that one day a mage would be able to reunite the two once again. And they both posses unlimited potential when brought together." he smiled at the two items one last time before shocking everyone watching by as he tossed them high into the air.

Makarov already knew what he was doing, so he quickly pushed the others far away with his Titan size hands and watched by as Natsu lite both his hands with dazzling flames.

"Karyu no Koen(Fire Dragon's Brilliant Flame)!" Timing the descent of the the two ancient aftifacts at the right moment, Natsu clapped his two hands together and created a large flame of powerful fire magic the size of his body to devour the items. The items shattered within the large, explosive flame, burning as they were reduced into small pieces. He didn't hold back with the intensity of his flames, allowing for a small moment to let loose the full scorching potential of his Dragon Slayer magic.

The flames raged for a good half a minute before dying down into small embers, crackling along with the remains of the once priceless artifacts in large patch of black, burning grass.

Gray frowned as the master dispelled his Titan magic before moving towards the burning patch.

"Did you really have to destroy those things?" It seemed rather unnecessary from how powerful they described the magical items. They had the potential to save the world from what it sounded like, so why destroy them?

Natsu shrugged as he dusted off his palms with an uncaring look, "Meh, Zeke gave his stuff to me seeing as he was dead. So it doesn't really matter what I do with my stuff. If I feel like breaking it, then I'm breaking, Ice prick." Gray twitched at the comment but decided to let it go this time as he noticed his rival looking softly at the burning remains.

"Besides, I felt like it was the right thing to do. Now they both can rest in peace."

"Master, did those things really have the potential to change the world?" Erza frowned as she stood along side the old mage.

Makarov didn't know what to say as he shrugged, "Who knows? It was said that Negai had the knowledge and magic to shift the world in their favor, but seeing as no one had ever survived the trails within the magical artifact it was nothing but a fable lost in time. I won't doubt the power that is held within Zeke-san's item and the changes one who had attained his power could make, but maybe he meant something else by changing the world."

"Really? How so?" Now Erza was curious. What did Zeke mean by changing the world if he meant nothing by the world?

"It's simple, really." Makarov smiled warmly as wailing Knightwalker hugged a sheepish looking Natsu while Gray was being scolded by Lucy and Carla for stripping in front of a blushing Wendy again, "I believe he meant for his item to change the world of the person, not the entire world. Because if a person can attain peace by ignoring the darkness within ones heart and not be tempted by the unimaginable power his item brought, then it was world he himself would love to live in. For any world that can bring about such a person, was a world he could only dream off along with his love ones."

"Hmm, well such world brought up a very destructive mage with no care for the rules of society." Erza laughed as she blushed noticing Natsu look her way. "But I won't deny that said destructive mage has made my own world a much happier place."

"So, what are you going to do now, Natsu?" Wendy smiled up at the older Dragon Slayer as he escaped Knightwalker's snuggling.

Natsu grinned widely as his stomach decided to answer for him this time.

"Isn't it obvious? Time to get my breakfast on! I'm all fired up!"

A week had passed and Natsu had been busy training in the wild with his new power boost. It was harder then he thought. Shifting his body from its normal state into dragon scales was painful. It felt like the parts of his body he was transforming were being torn to shreds before bathing in flames and popping out new scaly skin. He still couldn't make his whole body into a mini dragon like the first time he had lost control, but he could get parts of his body to temporarily shift into dragon scales to perform some of his new spells without the threat of transforming into a beast. On a side note he lost the odd physical aging effects on his body. His eye' were no longer green and his hair had returned to normal. Now that he thought about it though he never really noticed the change to his face other then that one time in Edolas when they had pointed it out to him and no one really brought it up. In all that had happened they must of forgotten.

Because we had all actually forgotten about it.

He had actually gotten back from one of his new training sessions with Gajeel before heading in for some lunch. He still didn't like the Iron Dragon Slayer, but he really helped out with developing his magic into its next level. They were both Dragon Slayers, so it seemed like the smart thing to do. Though most of the training involved both of them smacking each other around with a few hard fists and spells till their stomach grumbled.

Which was how he found himself now in the hands of Knightwalker, dizzy from the constant movement as she dodged Erza's attempts to take him away from her.

Sad thing was he didn't even have a change to dig into Mira's awesome cooking.

Aiming a well aimed strike for Knightwalker's leg's, Erza smirked as her twin did exactly what she wanted. In mid-air she could do nothing as the knight brought her other leg to kick at her hands, the pain causing her to flinch and sadly let go of her precious Natsu. The force of the kick sent her flying into a table, sending the mages sitting down up in the air as she crashed.

"Feeling any better now, Natsu?" Erza smiled softly as she hugged the dizzy Dragon Slayer.

"Whaba shama limdong."

The armored mage sighed in content, "Love you too."

"What you say?" Natsu quickly shook his head, frowning in confusing as he tried to catch what his best friend said. Erza blushed, her face turning a deep red as her body trembled while still clinging onto the pink head's arm.


"What's wrong, Erza!?" Natsu panicked as he shook the knight's shoulder, "What are you saying!? Are you saying cat? Crab apple? Crumpet? Gray is a stupid pervert worth a damn!?"

"Oi! You say something, flame shit!"

"Kyaaaaaa!" Ahhh, tsunderes. You had to love them. It was just to bad Natsu didn't understand what a tsundere was or he would of known to dodge the punch coming right at his face in blinding speeds.

Knightwalker quickly used the opportunity to catch the Dragon Slayer as he went sailing straight towards her, "Catch!"

"Damn!" Gray cursed from the sides, somehow finding himself a baseball hat as he chomped on a hot dog, "It was almost a home run!"

Lucy sighed from the bar at the commotion in the guild that seemed to become a regular occurrence since Erza's Edo counterpart joined the guild. Was it her, or was the guild becoming more and more crazy as the days passed by?

"Foolish Scarlet! You have let your guard down against my love, now you have lost him for good!"

"Dammit! I was too careless. Lucy! Please, strike me for my foolishness!"

Yup, she nodded her head as she ignored the heated glaring between the scarlet twins, the guild was losing its mind. If it ever had one.

"Enough!" Makarov sternly shouted at the two Erzas. Enough was enough even for him. While watching twins fight over a guy was entertaining, he loved his guild more. And he also loved the feeling of his pockets full instead of empty. It cost them thousands to fix the place.

Erza and Knightwalker glared at another one last time before huffing and looking away from another. Natsu sighed in relief seeing as Knightwalker had let him go. Finally the room stopped spinning! He hadn't even had lunch yet, but breakfast was about to take its place splattered on the floor.

"You know you two can just join me for lunch instead of fighting with each other." Natsu said as he cracked his neck and made his way to the bar to eat alongside them both, "Why were you two fighting with another anyways?"

Erza frowned as she tapped her chin in confusion, "I honestly don't remember. I don't usually fly off the handle like that anymore. Not since my younger days with Mira."

"Mira-chan?" Knightwalker held in her laughter at the thought of her rival fighting with the kind, bubbly barmaid, "Why would anyone fight her? It's like picking a fight with a cute puppy!"

"See?" Mira pouted at Team Natsu as they were now seated with each other, her cheeks puffing cutely with a blush, "I told you people still think of me as a puppy! I'm not defenseless, you know! I'm a threat not worth messing with!" she nodded her head while still pouting, her face not helping in trying to strike fear into her friends.

Knightwalker nearly cracked up in laughter at the sight. Mirajane was nice, but there was no way she was a frightening mage. Though maybe she was missing something seeing as the guild seemed to slightly shiver in what she guessed was fear at the cute glare she was sending the others.

Seeing that she got the message across to everyone but Knightwalker, who only needed time before witnessing the hidden devil in her and fearing just as the others did, Mira clapped her hands together with a happy smile at Team Natsu.

"So, are you guys finally taking on a mission?" she asked cheerfully now that Natsu was well once again. "It has been a long time since I've had to send you all out on one. I'm sure Lucy's wallet would be happy!" she giggled as said mage dropped her head in depression.

"Don't remind me. Rent's due in half a week! And I've only got enough to pay for half of the bill!" she cried waterfall tears as she turned her crying eye's to Natsu, "Please, I need money, badly! Don't make me beg!"

"But you are begging." Happy grinned as he plot down on the dramatic blonde with a fish already in his mouth.

"Fine! I'll beg!"

"I pity you, Luigi."

"Lucy! It's Lucy! Who the hell is Luigi!?" she cried before her head fell back into against the wooden table in depression.

"Meh, why not?" Natsu shrugged as he bit into a flaming chicken Mira had brought out. He swallowed before grinning at his down in the dumps best friend who looked up at him with hopeful eye's.

"It has been a while since we took on a mission. And I can't say that some Jewels wouldn't sound too bad right about now. I'm running low on walking around funds since Erza and Knightwalker keep dragging me out for dinner."

Erza scoffed as she sipped her tea, "It's only fair that the man pay for dinner. You are a man, aren't you?"

"That's right! A real man wouldn't whine about taking out two beautiful woman on a night out the town!"

"Elfman!?" Mira gasped at the the loud familiar voice shouting out in the guild before jumping in joy and running off to the front of the doors.

"Nee-chan!" Elfman cried out in joy before catching his older sister in a hug and spinning her around as she laughed. Putting her down he grinned as she patted his arm.

"Man, did I miss ya! Those two weeks out in the wilderness can get really lonely sometimes."

"Oh, really? And what am I, chop liver?" another voice pouted from behind the doors.

"Lissana!?" Natsu suddenly grinned as he and Happy shot out their seats and went running after the smiling short short haired girl standing behind the Beast Soul mage.

The younger Strauss sibling didn't have much time before she was tackled by her two childhood friends, thankfully being caught by Elfman who shouted at the two for attacking his sister.

"Natsu, Happy! It's unmanly to be hugging a girl so roughly! Learn some manners, like a real man!"

"You're lucky I don't send you flying with my fist, like a real man!" Natsu growled as they both found themselves glaring at one another in a head butted stare down.

"Boys." Lissana sighed as she hugged Happy went to the bar along with her sister, smiling at Team Natsu as she took a seat.

"No matter how cute they can be, they're still a handful when they start fighting over turf."

"I kinda understand that." Lucy said flatly before pointing at the glaring mages, now three with the addition of a certain stripping ice mage, "But how exactly did Gray get dragged into their little spat?"

"Who knows?" Erza sighed as she fought with straight out marching over to the three and pummeling some sense back into them, "I'm more concerned with the matter of my cheesecake. From what Mira had said earlier, we're out of the necessary ingredients for any of my precious cakes."

The white haired barmaid smiled apologetically as she served her younger sister a chicken salad, "Sorry about that. I was meaning to go out later to buy some more flour and fruits, but I was needed here." she giggled as she winked at the two red heads who laid there heads down in depression over no cakes or pastries, "This usually doesn't happen, but I'm not feeding one scarlet with a heck of a sweet tooth anymore. I got two mouths to feed now."

"So, are we going on a mission or not!?" Lucy huffed as she puffed her cheeks. She really needed the money. The landlord wasn't going to go easy on her. She'd straight out kick her cute ass out the door if she was a second late with the Jewels. She was too pretty to be out in the streets!

"Are you in need of money that badly?" Lissana mumbled as she chewed on her salad, the fork still pressed inside her mouth as she looked back her friend with curiosity.

"I only got half the rent right now. And I'm not even counting the bit I've saved for food and cute clothes." Clothes were important too! If she was going to be homeless, then she'd at least be a well dressed, cute, sexy, homeless girl. That and she needed to eat too. With all that Natsu and the rest ate when they sneaked in, she needed to pay for two trips to grocery store if she was going to have enough to survive.

"What about the money for the circus carnival coming to town?" Knightwalker asked curiously as she lifted her head back up before her twin.

She loved sweats and pastries just as much as her, but she was once a captain of a royal army. She had long since trained her self to go hours without a cake. It was still hard, and she had nearly lost it on several occasions, but she had more restraint then Scarlet at least.

Lucy closed her eye's with a sigh as she waved her hand around, "Yeah, don't worry. I got enough to still go, regardless if I don't make the rent on time. We've been planning this for a week now. No way I'm missing it for the world." she smiled back at the ex-fairy hunter.

"The circus is in town!" Lissana smiled happily as Happy nodded in her arms.

"And the carnival too! I'm going to catch me so much fish from that vendor!" The blue haired Exceed giggled evilly, slightly freaking out Lucy. How could Lissana just continue to happily sit their and eat her lunch when her pseudo child was planning the harvest of so many innocent fish?

"Don't worry." the white haired girl giggled quietly as she whispered to her friend, "He never really catches any. We usually have to buy him a grilled, crisped fish after he loses seven times in a row."

"That's it!" Natsu shouted in outrage as he brought his flames to clad his fists in and pointed his finger at Gray and Elfman.

"I've still got four more plates of flaming food to go, so I can't keep this fight going on any longer!" his face was shadowed by his licking flames, illuminating the evil expression he wore, "I'm taking you all out in the name of flame spaghetti!"

"I'm game." Gray smirked as an air of chilling frost spun around him, already freezing the ground he stood on as he punched his fist firmly with a grin, "I've been meaning to see how my training's been going. What better way then kicking your ass around a bit?"

"Don't think I'm the same as before!" Elfman grinned wildly, his body seeming to prepare to cast his Take over magic as his skin seemed to break down into golden blocks, "I'm much manlier then before!"

Crap. Another fight was going to break out. And it looked like these three weren't going to hold back. Only one person had the power and authority to stop them!

"Master, stop them!" Lucy cried out to the old man, only to face fault catching him spinning around on one foot with a drunken blush on a barrel of Cana's booze.

"Look at me! I'm a beautiful flying fairy! Bow before by glittery, manly glory!"

Never mind. There was only one person who could save them now, and she wasn't a drunken old pervert who was being thrown Jewels at by a laughing brunette.

"Erza, please talk some sense into them!" she shouted to her only hope who was still sitting in depression.

"No strawberry cake? My life is ruined! I can't go on! Please, put an end to me!"

Lucy fell to her knee's in tears, pulling her hair as they were now hopeless.

"We're doomed!"

"I'm sorry, but it this were I fill out a mission request?"

The guild froze what they were doing as they turned their heads to the sound of the voice near the three mages ready to duke it out. Even Natsu, Gray, and Elfman stopped their fists from connecting with another as their heads moved to the woman standing in front of the door.

She was a tan skinned woman with long gray hair and small streaks of black hair, deep blue eye's, and stood a few inches taller then both Natsu and Gray. She wore a female circus tamer's outfit, consisting of a white coat tailed open shirt and short black tank top, tight fitting white short skirt with a black trident tipped whip, and white boots and black-white stripped fedora.

She blinked in confusion as she noticed she was in the middle interrupting something, the men's fists mere inches from smashing into the others face.

"I could come back another time if you're all busy. . ." she said slowly as she stepped back to leave, only for the grinning pink haired man to grab her arm and pull her back, somehow still being able to send the other men flying with a flame coated kick.

"Did you say mission request!?" Natsu grinned with a twinkle in his eye's, making the gray haired woman sweat slightly in fear. She dealt with enough insanity in her life, she wasn't ready to deal with one that had pink hair.

"Uhhhh, yes?" she squeaked as she slightly blushed the the closeness his face was to her.

"We'll take it!"

The gray haired woman blinked in confusion. Was it really that easy?

"But you don't even know what it is." she said flatly, getting Natsu to stop to think, "And you don't even know the name of your employer for Kami's sake."

"Does it matter?" Natsu asked bluntly as said woman's jaw dropped.

Faster then normal speeds Lucy dropped kicked the idiotic Dragon Slayer away from the gray haired woman, kicking up a small dust cloud where he once stood as she smiled apologetically at the woman.

"Sorry about that. My friend can be a little excitable when it comes to missions." she scratched her head as she laughed nervously, quickly changing her attitude as money signs could be seen popping out of her eye's, "So, what's this about a mission?"

"First of all, my name is Hana Silva, and I'm the manager and animal tamer of our traveling circus carnival, The Phantom Parade." After making their way to the second floor of the guild hall, Team Natsu sat around the woman now known as Hana as she began to explain the details of her mission request. Erza had made sure that they heard her out before they even accepted the request since they had no idea if they even had the skills to carry out the task. There were some mission they just never took. Mission dealing with fortune telling were Cana's specialty, missions that took problem solving, speed, and some force were Team Shadow Gear's specialty, and mission that took action, thinking, investigation, and from time to time, straight out bull rushing the specialty, were their specialty.

Of course they would take normal missions that didn't involve hunting dark mages, or terrorizing monsters, but they didn't want to find themselves fighting an entire dark guild while they were out on a mission waiting tables again.

"Wait, the Phantom Parade?" Lucy said in realization, "Isn't that the one we were planning on going to?"

"Oh?" Hana smirked, "Well we can give you free passes if you accept our mission. Its only right seeing as to what you'll be doing."

"And what exactly will we be doing if we accept?" Erza rose an eyebrow curiously. Why would a circus want help from mages?

Folding her hands together, the animal trainer smiled at the seven mages gathered around her, "It's actually quite simple. Sadly a few of our performers have had unfortunate accidents during our last performance in Hargeon. And we can't perform the show without their acts, or some new acts." by now Hana seemed to get the point across as looks of shock and realization came to everyone's faces. Well, everyone but a certain dragon mage.

"Hargeon?" Natsu frowned as he could still remember the night he had talked with both Gajeel and the Master about his training. He looked back at the gray haired tamer with curiosity, "So you were there before the town was nearly demolished by some dark mages?"

"Wait, what?" Lucy covered her mouth in shock as her eye's trembled with unshed tears in the wake of the news.

Hargeon was a very special place to her heart. It was where she had met Natsu who had taken her to her dream guild. If she had never stepped foot in the seafaring town then she would of never met the friends she had now. She would of never had the courage to stand up to her father, never would of made friends with her new Celestial spirits, and would of never gotten as strong as she was now. It was the starting point of where she was now, with a new family that loved her even with some of the faults she had. Just hearing that it had been nearly brought down was enough to nearly make her cry out loud.

"What happened to Hargeon?" Erza asked Natsu as she saw him look down with clenched fists.

"The place was nearly burned down to the ground." he growled as he thought back to Gajeel's description, "Whatever went by the town had demolished whatever had crossed its path. People lied in the rubble of their homes with no memory of what happened to them and people had died in the flames and chaos that took over their homes. I wouldn't be surprised if it was all because of some dark mages. They must have had some memory mage with them seeing as not one person could remember the last ten hours."

"Yes, I've heard about that." Hana said sadly as she looked down, "We had arrived their a day before the tragedy. It was quiet a shock to us all as news arrived to us about the peaceful seafaring town. It was such a nice place and the people loved our show. We feel it's only right that we offer a tribute to those lost in that tragic incident during our performance. But as I said, some of our members can are in no shape to perform. And seeing as Fairy Tail is widely renowned as a partying guild, I thought you all would be suitable for filling in some of the more exciting roles."

"Partying guild?" Erza pinched inbetween her eyebrow's with a sigh. So that's what they were known as now? Well, it was slightly better then the guild that trailed a path of destruction behind them. But still, a partying guild? Maybe they had too many parties. She could of sworn they held one for the smallest things.

Lucy wiped away the dampness in her eye's as she smiled, "A tribute, huh? Sounds nice. If anything that makes me want to take the job. In memory of the memories of Hargeon."

"But a mission performing as circus actors?"

"Meh, why not?" Knightwalker shrugged from besides her twin. Was it really that strange? She heard about the mission where they had gone to wait tables for a restaurant and act in a play. How was this any different then the other odd missions they went on?

"Well for one we aren't circus actors." Gray decided to point out, seeming to forget stripping in front of a woman who wasn't apart of Fairy Tail was a no-no. Hana twitched at the sight of the black haired man nonchalantly unzipping his pants like it was no big deal. Maybe she had made a mistake in searching for helpers from a magic guild.

"So? If someone needs us to perform a few tricks with our magic what's the big deal? We're mages of Fairy Tail, if cant' take on a simple mission like this then we'd be dragging our guilds name in the dirt." Besides, Natsu really like the idea joining the circus. They probably had monkeys on unicycles flipping through flaming hoops. That was just bad ass.

"Of course a pink haired monkey like you would jump at the chance to join a circus. It's where you belong, flame freak."

"What you say, you sad sack of a stripping clown!?"

"Are you deaf? I called you a monkey! Or do I have to speak like one for you to understand my language!?"

Erza sighed at the two idiots arguing once again in front of a potential client. It was a miracle that the clients had still stuck by them even after witnessing how chaotic their team could be.

Nodding her head at the circus manager, the scarlet knight wordlessly stopped Natsu and Gray's fighting with two quick, swift, smacks to their faces.

"Fine. Seeing as it has been a while since we last took a mission as a team, we'll take it. It will give us the perfect opportunity to work better as a team with our new addition of Knightwalker. I can't pass up the offer of raking the spotlight once again." her eye's shined with stars as she shook Hana's hand with a smile.

Hana nervously smiled back, making a mental note to watch out for the scary redhead as she noticed smoke rise up from where the two fighting mages now laid on the floor with swirly eye's and large bumps on their foreheads.

"Thank you, my friends back at the circus would feel very grateful. And I'll have your free passes ready for you all by tomorrow. Though I would like to speak to you in private tomorrow before the mission starts, Natsu-san." Hana smiled warmly at the pink head as he slowly got back up from Erza's little love tap.

He blinked as he pointed to himself, "Me? Why?" he tilted his head in confusion as she chuckled softly.

"Your reputation precedes you, Salamander-san. We all know of the great deeds you, and your team have done. From stopping dark guilds, such as the Oracion Seis, to straight out helping those in need. Your name is well known through out the magical world as the man who single handily took down the master of the Six Demons, Master Brain. My own master is actually a big fan of yours, as am I." she winked, bending over her seat to grin at the blushing mage.

"I don't think I like her." Knightwalker growled as Lucy slowly backed away from the seething pony tailed ex-captain.

"Well, I am awesome." Natsu grinned bashfully, scratching his cheek as he puffed out his chest.

Hana smirked, "And strong. It's still a mystery how you still haven't achieved S-class status yet."

"You know about the S-class status?" Erza rose an eyebrow at the woman who shrugged her shoulder's as she made her way next to Natsu.

"I do practice magic with my animal training act. I'm a practitioner of Dobutsu no Shokon(Animal Evocation) magic. As do several of my friends working in the circus. It's only right that I know a few things about what goes on in guilds concerning magic even if I'm not in a guild myself."

"And why would you want to talk privately with Natsu?"

"Well I myself wouldn't mind talking privately with him, but it's mostly on my master's orders. I'm just going to talk to him about a few acts he would like him to do with his fire magic. Nothing too big. I still don't know what they are, but my master will inform me as soon as I get back." she smiled at the knight, ruffling Natsu's scarf as she grinned back at the Dragon Slayer.

"So will you meet me tomorrow in front of our circus tent? I'll give you the location so you won't be lost."

Natsu shrugged his shoulder's, not really seeing a problem.

"Sure, why not? As soon as I get my breakfast from the guild I'll meet you and your boss."

"Sorry, but my master will be busy as he prepares for the performances for the end of the week. So it'll be just you and me." she said with a Cheshire grin.

'I'm going to kill her.' Lucy gulped nervously as now a dark aura could be seen wavering off Knightwalker's body. Maybe they shouldn't of gotten her a new magical spear?

Winking one last time at the Dragon Slayer, Hana dusted off her uniform before deciding it was time to leave. She had already set up the mission request with the nice white haired barmaid and informed the mages taking on the mission. It was about time to get back to working on her own act.

"It was pleasure meeting you all and I'm glad your team has taken our mission. Hopefully we'll be able to perform an unforgettable show the likes of which Magnolia has never seen." she smiled before making her down the second floor.

"Oh? And one last thing." Hana poked her head out from stairs, catching Team Natsu's attention as she wore a wide grin.

"One of you will have to dress up as a clown for our beginning act. I'll just leave that up to you all before I go." she chuckled before leaving for the guild door.

Immediately all eye's were on Natsu and Gray who blinked at the attention.

"What? I ain't dressing as no stupid clown! Make him do it!" they shouted in sync, shoving their fingers at another before butting heads.

Erza sighed as they were once again in heated battle of glares. She honestly didn't know what to do with them anymore. She did know for a fact she wasn't going to be the clown. A knight such as herself wouldn't be caught dead wearing a puffy red wig.

So it was actually good that she let them fight it out. One of them had to be the clown, might as well let them do their thing.

After passing through the main part of the circus tent and greeting her friends, Hana stopped in front of a tall tent. It was still odd that he would want a tent inside an even larger tent. It didn't really make sense when he could just have a small room made inside. But then again he was a clown. Clowns never really made much sense to begin with. Everything was a joke to them.

The tent was pretty big. It was decorated with white and black stripes running down and she could make out what she guessed was a dragon wrapped around it. She couldn't really tell. The dragon had seven eye's on its head and looked like some grotesque wyvern that had its wing ripped apart by claws. Nothing like the majestic beasts that once roamed the world.

It was pretty creepy for a clown. But it did suit him.

Moving the flap of the tent open, Hana was suddenly blinded by rays of light from the spotlights inside the tent. She squinted, trying make out everything as the lights died down.

"Hohoho! Hana-chan! You're finally back, I see! I can only guess you brought good news for me!" an almost high, clownish voice laughed merrily as said silver haired woman tried to smile though the painful lights.

"Yes, Master Pulcinella. The guild, Fairy Tail, has accepted your request and will be meeting with us tomorrow."

"Excellent! And please, stop with Pulcinella, I told you to call me Bozo! I swear, Hana-chan, you're too up tight. You need to find a man to calm you down a bit."

Stepping out from the blinding lights as they died down to a suitable setting was an odd man. He wore a white face mask with eye holes showing off the complete white of his eye's, red eyeshadow painted the corners of his eye holes, no facial features could be seen on his mask. His clothes were pretty much clown based. He wore a purple and pink stripped open collared, long sleeved, buttoned shirt with red frill replacing the collar and lining the end of his sleeves. He had baggy dark purple pants with red and yellow spots on them, wore curled tipped shoes with bells on the tip, and white gloves with happy expressions on the back of his palm.

His eye's crinkled in a smile as he noticed the animal trainer slightly blush at his statement.

"Oh? Do you already have someone in mind? Tell me. Tell me, tell me, tell me, tell me!" Bozo clapped his hands together with giddy.

"Master Pulcinella! Please, can we just get on with the mission?" she mumbled in embarrassment.

"Poo, you're no fun." Bozo sulked before straightening back up with a glimmer in his eye.

"So, you got the Dragon boy on the mission too, right?" he jumped with joy.

Hana smirked, nodding her head, "Yes, I did. Luckily it was his team that accepted the mission. I still don't understand what you want with him." she frowned as her master made his way to his desk. "I understand it's because he's a Dragon Slayer, but won't that fact hinder your plans?"

"Natsu Dragneel is special. So are Wendy Marvell and Gajeel Redfox. It's only natural that I keep my eye's on them. But those other two aren't true Dragon Slayers yet. They won't be much of problem, but the Fire Dragon boy will be. I just want to make sure we have our eyes on him during our little final performance."

"Final performance? So the ceremony will be ready?"

"Of course! Why else would we make Magnolia our last stop? This is where it all ends and begins! Oh, I'm just so giddy I could pop right out of my underwear!"

"Please, don't."

Calming himself down, Bozo leaned his head against his palm and looked back at his right hand with closed eye's in what she guessed was a happy expression, "Remember, I want you specifically keeping an eye on Natsu-kun. And when the time is right and I got him at his most weakest, SHANK!" he playfully stabbed his hand in knife hand into his chest, rolling his eye's dramatically as he fell back on to his chest.

"You stab his heart! I'm sure even he won't come back from a direct kill like that! Hooray!"

"And that will be it, right?" she smiled sadly as she wrung her hands, "We won't have to kill anymore people after that, right?"

Bozo sighed, dropping his happy attitude for a moment and got up from his seat to walk to the slightly trembling silver haired young woman. He stopped in front of her, patting her shoulder in comfort as he looked into her eye's.

"Trust me, Hana-chan, we won't have to resort to anymore unnecessary deaths after we're done here. More people will honestly die while we are here, but after that we will of acquired the power we need to make anything possible." he tilted her head up by her chin with her fingers, smiling sadly at the poor woman tearing up at the memories that seemed to play through her mind.

"With Legion, even Zeref and his worshipers will fall before us And they will never hurt others like you ever again."

Sniffing back the tears, Hana sternly nodded her head as she composed herself. She trusted her master more then anyone else in the world. Anyone that could make someone as broken as her smile and laugh was good person. Even if their actions were deemed evil by others. It was all for the greater good.

Giving one last smile to her master, the animal tamer bowed before excusing herself from his tent of operations. She had work to do. And mages to trick.

As he watched his young right hand leave his presence, Bozo couldn't fight the smile hidden by his mask.

Young people were so soft and gullible.

All was going according to plan. Now they just needed to extract Loki Trella's magic from his dead body and set up the ritual on opening night. All he needed now was a few souls to offer up.

Magnolia was in for a show. And he would make sure that their last show went out with a roaring bang.

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Moving on, I've also finished the first chapter to my first crossover. It's a Kingdom Hearts crossover with Fairy Tail. Natsu as a Keybearer. You know that world is fucked when he starts swinging a big key while breathing fire.

With these four stories I'm hoping to dominate Fairy Tail fanfiction and become God-king of this section of manga! I want to show the other manga fanfictions that we're not just made up of crappy Nalu stories, that we also have stories that aren't made by fangirls going crazy over their favorite pairing.

So help me, by reviewing my stories and showing up those Nalu bastards that while they have numbers, we have quality over quantity! Review other authors stories too. I want the crazy Nalu fans to lose over where it counts. The sane ones I'm alright with, but the crazies must go.

Well, I got to get some shut eye. Got work in the early morning. So many coffees to flip, not enough pretty girls to flirt with.

Remember to review! It's common courtesy.

NeoShadows fading in and out.