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Chapter One

Link Junior1 stood over Drakath, the tip of his blade to the Chaos Champion's throat. It was a long battle that lasted for hours. The battle was a relentless bombardment of blade strikes and magic blasts from either warrior.

Link Junior1 wore a simple black robe with enchanted steel shoulder pieces. He also wore enchanted steel boots that covered his shins and enchanted steel gauntlets that covered most of his forearms. He is a Sorcerer Warrior.

He wielded an Ethral dual-bladed sword. One blade was straight; the top-front of it was curved back. The second blade was right behind it, spaced away by about a centimeter. They were connected by thin bridges. The second blade was identical to the first one, but half its size and turned around.

They breathed hard, making tiny ice crystals in the cold void.

Drakath smirked and chuckled. Link Junior1 stared intently at him.

"You fought hard and bravely, hero," Drakath said, "Too bad you refused my offer to be a Chaos Lord. You would have been the greatest. No one would have been able to defeat you, and after experiencing this battle, not even I would have been able to."

Without Link Junior1 knowing, a tiny purple light floated down from the nothingness of the Void.

"A memento from me to you," Drakath said, but he was not looking at the hero as he said it; he was looking at the purple light.

The hero looked up at the light and let out a shout of surprise as it grew in size, blinding him. As he slowly fell to unconsciousness, he could hear Drakath's wicked laugh slowly fade away.

Drakath was defeated. There was no more chaos, except for the occasional Chaos Shard that floats in the Void. After the whole war with Chaos, no one, no creature, not even the most powerful of Void creatures would ever touch one of those Chaos Shards.

When Link Junior1 awoke, he found himself in a tent in the snowy village of Guwio. The tent was big enough to stand and spread out in.

"I found you floating around in the Void out cold." Nythera the Purple Mage was standing over him with her arms crossed, "Lucky me, rather than a Void Giant or Dragon."

"Nythera," the hero said, "I can see up your dress."

Nythera kicked him in the side. He yelled in pain.

He sat up and crawled out of the tent, then stood.

"King Alteon and Empress Gravelyn are waiting for you in Battleon," Nythera said following him out.

"I can't believe this," Link Junior1 said, "After endless battles against thirteen Chaos Lords, I finally fought Drakath and defeated him. Chaos is over."

"You have to get to Battleon," Nythera insisted, "I can fly you there."


Her skin became purple and scaly; her teeth sharpened; horns grew from her head and wings tore from her back. Her dress tore off as she grew and changed into a dragon.

Link Junior1 jumped onto her back in between two of her spine spikes.

She roared then jumped into the air, flapping her wings hard to get higher. She took off South toward the mainland, and where the hero would have to make the ultimate choice whether to fight for Good or to fight for Evil.

A/N: Just in case you were wondering, the reason why my character is called Link Junior1 is because of an awesome, short animated series on . Just so you could know.