Chapter Four

"What?" both Gravelyn and Alteon said, shocked. So was Dawn.

"You can't do that!" Gravelyn said.

"I can," Link said, "and I did. I got the idea from the story Dawn and I read as children."

"So, you will fight for both sides?" Alteon asked.


"You do realize you will have to pick from one or the other in the end?"


"Well, I don't see how this is wrong. Link Junior1 shall be the Champion of Good and Evil."

Alteon looked at Gravelyn who was sitting in a chair, leaning back with her arms crossed, and a frown on her face.

"Fine," she said.

"Now that that's settled," Alteon said turning to Link, "I have a quest for you. One of my once most loyal knights that I sent to the Citadel to be the Grand Inquisitor has started to use his superior ranking for evil intentions."

"Ugh," Gravelyn said disgusted, "I hate that guy. He stole Belrot the Fiend from my army. "

"Link, I want you to travel to the Citadel, kill Belrot the Fiend, and bring back the Grand Inquisitor alive."

"Okay," Link said, "I'll go tomorrow."

Link Junior1 stepped to the bottom of the cold, damp cave that was once the Green Dragon's of Greenguard. It was until Link slayed it, and now all that's left of the dragon is its skeleton in the middle of the area.

He knelt down and placed his hand on the ground. A circle burned into the rocky ground around the skeleton. Runes burned on the outside of the circle. The circle and runes glowed dark red.

Link stood as the eye sockets of the dragon's skeleton started glowing blood red. The limbs and tail twitched.

It was early in the morning, Dawn walked from the Magic Shoppe carrying a bag of potions.

"Dawn!" she turned around to see Mazumi the ninja trainer running toward her from Greenguard West.

"Link has left for the Citadel," Mazumi said as she caught up to Dawn.

"How?" Dawn asked.

Before Mazumi could answer, a tremendous roar that shook the trees came from the forest. Up from the trees, sprang the skeletal form of a dracolich. It flew in their direction which was also the way toward the Citadel.

As the dracolich neared, Dawn smiled and threw the bag of potions into the air. The dracolich swooped down and Link caught the bag. The wind from the dracolich's swoop whipped around their hair and Dawn's robe.

The dracolich landed near the entrance of the cave at the Citadel. Link Junior1 jumped down, and the dracolich sunk into the ground.

A wizard with a long gray beard and a pointed hat walked over to him.

"Greetings, hero!" Murry said, "Are you here to fight the Grand Inquisitor?"

"Yes," Link replied.

"He's over in that tower there," Murry pointed to the tall tower in the distance, "I suggest going through the cave."

"Thank you."

Link Junior1 started walked to the cave entrance. There were two Inquisitor Guards in his way. The guards readied their spears as he approached.

"Halt!" one of the guards yelled, "You do not have permission to be here!"

Link Junior1 clenched his right fist as he continued to walk toward the guards. Shadows swirled around his arm. He stopped walking a few yards away from the guards.

"Leave now!" the other guard yelled.

Link did nothing. The guard on the right charged at him. He lifted his spear to strike. When he brought it down, Link grabbed the blade of the spear with his left hand. He stepped forward and punched the guard with his right hand. The guard flew back into the cave.

The other guard ran forward and thrust his spear. Link smacked it down and jumped forward, kicking the guard in the chest. The guard fell onto his back.

Link walked past the guard into the cave. He stopped at the three cave ways. Magical shadows covered the entrances so he couldn't see past them.

A low and menacing growl came from one of the cave ways. Link couldn't tell which one it came from.

He pulled his sword from the sheath and walked through the shadows of the middle cave way.