Chapter 5

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Emma awoke with Jefferson's arms secured around her. It was the first time she felt content since the curse broke, she hadn't had a worry or a war to look forward to; but she did have an important dinner. Jefferson's arm draped around her, she indulged in this time and nestled closer against him. He pulled her closer as he sighed. Her body was warm and he relished in it. "You should get home." He murmured breaking their silence.

"Why is that?" Emma questioned, "Are you worried that my parents will start a backlash against you?"

Jefferson chuckled causing Emma to grin. "I think they're worried about their only daughter."

She grinned; currently the largest grin he had seen on her face yet. "I suppose you're right." Emma sat up collecting her clothes around her. After dressing she crawled back on top of Jefferson planting a kiss on his lips. "Do you want me to bring anything tonight?"

"Nope, If there is one thing I'm good at, it's cooking."

"I'm pretty sure you're good at something else," she purred into his lips.

He kissed her once more, "Emma, as much as I want you to stay. I think I should start cleaning this place up and getting ready for tonight."

Emma nodded regretfully, "And I have to somehow convince my parents to come." She stood from the floor. "I'll see you tonight." She smiled turning to the door and leaving him. She couldn't help but lean against the door after closing it. She couldn't believe the night she had with him. On her way home all she could think of was how different Jefferson had become even after their first initial kiss a few nights ago. Jefferson was changing and she hoped her parents could see that.

Without even realizing it Emma was standing outside her house. She really wasn't ready to be bombarded with questions and was dreading entering. Upon opening the door her dad was sitting at the counter drinking a cup of coffee. A smile grew on his face, "Good Morning Emma."

A weight lifted from Emma's shoulders, she had dodged a bullet. "Hey dad."

Emma closed the door behind her when Snow came into the room one hand on her hip. "Where have you been?" Snow was fuming, "Were you with him?" she accused.

Rolling her eyes Emma looked at her mom. "It's really none of your business, but yes I was with him. He is inviting you both for dinner tonight so you can meet him and his daughter. I hope you both decide to come."

Emma turned from her mom towards Henry's room, she couldn't deal with her mom right now and she knew Henry would make her feel better.

"Snow." James said when Emma exited the room. "You should really try to be a little bit more accepting of him. This is the man that our daughter has chosen, we can't come between her potential true lo-."

"Do not say that word." Snow turned to her husband, "He cannot be her true love. He kidnapped Emma and I how can you defend him? And what's even worse is that he knew who he was."

James sighed; both of his girls were so fierce and so stubborn. He had learned that as a father and a husband he would be playing the mediator between the two women who used to be best friends before the curse broke. "She can't help who she falls for Snow, you and I both know that."

It was Snow's turn to roll her eyes but she could start to see where James was coming from. "Fine, let's go to this dinner, be cordial and see just how mad this man can be."

He grabbed Snow's hand and pulled her towards him, "We're not going to be like this." He brushed her short hair behind her ears, "He's redeeming himself, Emma said his daughter would be there too that must mean that Emma's plan was a success and she reunited them. We should be happy for her. Look how much our daughter has opened herself to love."

Snow exhaled, "I guess you're right. I'll be on my best behavior, but… I still can't forget how scared I—Mary Margaret was when he kidnapped us."

James smiled, "I know, but you did kick him out of a window so call it even?"

Snow couldn't help but let out a silly laugh, she nodded and kissed James. "I'll go pick up a couple of bottles of wine we can bring."

"That's my girl."

Emma was beyond nervous. She couldn't believe that Snow had decided to go the dinner but she was very relieved. James had driven them all to Jefferson's. "Emma, why don't you and Henry let Jefferson know we are here while your mother and I find a spot to park."

Jefferson greeted Emma and Henry as they reached his door, "Welcome!" He said before his face fell, "They aren't coming?"

"Oh no." Emma smiled, "They're just parking the car."

Relief washed over his face and he smiled, "Great, please come in." Jefferson waited by the door as James and Snow approached his steps. "Welcome James, Snow."

"Jefferson, it's nice to meet you." James said taking Jefferson's hand and shaking it.

Snow stood at the door holding up two bottles of wine, "We brought wine." She smiled briefly as Jefferson took the wine from her.

"Thank you." He set the wine down and closed the door behind Snow, "It is good to see you again Snow. I want to apologize for our previous meeting. I wasn't myself."

It wasn't what Snow was expecting; she honestly thought this man couldn't have held an ounce of regret for his actions. She took his hand in hers, "Thank you for apologizing." An honest smile appeared on her face. It was hard for her to accept what Emma had tried to tell her about Jefferson; she couldn't believe that he could change but she was starting to see it.

"Please sit." Jefferson welcomed Snow and Charming into his house where Henry had already welcomed himself and was playing with Grace in the corner of the room.

Emma entered from the kitchen, "Would anyone care for a glass of wine." She asked holding 4 wine glasses.

"Yes please." Snow, James and Jefferson all said in unison causing the three of them to laugh.

Emma filled their glasses smiling; for once she had it all. She had a family, her son, and an incredible man and his daughter. She had left her life in Boston with no expectations, in fact she had never meant to stay in Storybrooke but the words that her mother gave her as Mary Margaret had stuck with her and she didn't leave because of it.

As all the drinks were passed Emma nearly took a sip of hers when she saw Snow raising her glass, "To family."

Emma and Jefferson shared a glance across the room; they were back where they started toasting to each other. "To family." They all repeated as they clinked their glasses.

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