A Midwest Kind of Love

Chapter 4- The Little House on the Prairie

[Wind is howling. Fang is wandering, looking for a house. Suddenly, he sees a small one in the distance and stumbles up to it.]

Fang's heart beat fast as he ran to the house. It had to be around midnight by then, and he was panting. Midnight had to be cared for soon – she couldn't lie where he'd left her forever, especially with that leg. No, he needed help then.

Stumbling and tripping up the porch steps, he blinked back his tiredness as black spots appeared in his vision. Have…t' get…help… he thought hazily, squinting at the door as he rapped on it noisily. There was some shuffling inside and then a pissed off looking teenage girl around Fang's age opened the door.

"D'you know wha' time it is?" she demanded, hands on her hips, as she blinked rapidly, trying to get moisture in her eyes again. Her voice was slurred from tiredness.

Fang blinked in surprise, before shaking it off and cutting to the chase. "My horse, she got into an accident. Her leg is broken, and she needs help now," he said, and the girl's brown eyes, still glazed with anger and sleep, seemed to sharpen a bit, worry igniting slightly.

Turning around, the girl hollered back into the house, "Mama! Come quick! There's a horse stranded with a broken leg!" Suddenly, a woman in her early forties appeared behind the girl, looking tired and worried. "This is its master," the girl explained wearily. "He says he and his horse needs help now."

Fang nodded and the woman sharpened a bit, nodding and sending the girl for a bag. "Son, you go inside and lie down. There's no time or transport this late at night. You can stay in the guest room while I go and fetch your horse," Fang nodded, blinking, as the girl appeared beside the woman with a black bag.

The woman opened the screen door, gesturing for him to come in. The girl sent a sharp look her mama's way, and the woman shot her a stern look in return, stepping outside. "Show this boy to the guest room, Max." The girl nodded stiffly, still looking tired, pissed, and annoyed as she watched her mama walk down the porch steps. Then, she turned to Fang.

"Follow me," she instructed, shutting the doors and locking them before weaving through the house. After a minute or two, the girl stopped in front of a white door. "Here's your room," she said, opening the door and just about shoving him inside. "Don't come out or bother me until at leas' ten AM."

And then, she slammed the door shut, leaving him standing there, stunned.

What just happened…? He wondered, staring at the door and running a hand through his dark hair. Then, it hit him again. Midnight is stranded in the middle of the desert, in pain, bloody, broken, and alone.

His usually calm heart clenched a little, and he looked out the window, remembering when he first got Midnight, on his tenth birthday.


Ten-year-old Fang smirked a little, blowing out the candles on his cake. Iggy was doing a little dance in his chair, anxious to get a bite, and so he had taken an extra long time in blowing them out. His strawberry- blonde friend hard nearly fallen out of his chair, twice.

After the partygoers had all had their cake slices, Fang's father cleared his throat, standing in front of the stables with his wife by his side. They both had excited smiles on their faces. All of the attendants turned to them, curious, and Fang and Iggy stopped in their attack at the saddle-shaped piñata, curious.

"Fang, we have a present for you," Anne called, smiling brightly. Fang and Iggy shared a look, before walking over to Fang's parents slowly. Grinning, Fang's father pushed open the door to the stables, and there stood a sleek black horse, whinnying and shaking its head around, its' beautiful black mane cutting through the air.

If Fang showed emotion, he would've been gaping, or possibly jumping up and down in joy, like Iggy. "For me?" is all Fang asked, his eyebrows raised high. His mama laughed, rolling her eyes and nodding. Silently, Fang walked forward, hand outstretched.

The horse sniffed his hand, the huge, wet nostrils tickling his palm. Then, the two stared at each other, until the horse' eyes lit up in a strange sort of emotion, and it nudged his hand, trotting closer, its hooves clacking on the ground.

Fang smiled a little, stroking the creature's snout with care and gentleness that made his mother's eyebrows shoot up. Then, he whispered, so only the horse could hear, "Midnight. Your name is Midnight."

The horse whinnied, nodding, and Fang smiled some more, taking it as approval.

[Flashback Ends]

Shaking his head to clear away his thoughts, he tried to think of a distraction as he looked around the room. For some reason, his eyes wandered to the door, and the girl's face flashed in his mind, angry and tired.

He smirked a little, shaking his head bemusedly. Then, he crossed over to the bed and sat on it, tugging off his boots and socks. Show this boy to the guest room, Max.


Her name is Max.

His smirk deepened as he tugged off his shirt, as well, thinking about her expression as she opened the door. "D'you know what time it is?" her voice echoed in his head as he remembered the angry flash in her eyes as she put her hands on her hips and glared.

She was different from the other girls around, the ones that obsessed over him and adored him for saving that little girl and her brother. She didn't even seem to recognize him. I doubt she would've acted differently if she had. He thought, pulling off his pants and climbing underneath the blankets.

He was asleep the minute his head hit the pillow, Midnight's blood on his hand the last thing he pictured before he dozed off into a deep sleep.

[Guest room, the next morning, Gazzy and Angel are leaning over Fang as he sleeps. Max is leaning in the doorway.]

Fang was only half-awake when he heard it.

"Max!" a familiar little girl's voice called. "It's him! It's the boy that saved me!" A boy's voice agreed, and Fang blinked, groaning and sitting up. Then it all hit him, and his eyes shot over to Max, as he opened his mouth to ask about Midnight, when her eyes widened.

"Fang?" she asked her mouth hanging open. The little blonde girl and boy nodded, and he recognized them as the ones he had saved.

"Hey, aren't you the little girl I saved from the cows?" he asked blearily, and she nodded. Max stared at him, seemingly at a loss for words. She opened her mouth, and then closed it again, and then opened it, and closed it again.

And then she seemed to snap out of it and said, "Uh, breakfast is in half an hour." She smirked, pointing to his bare chest. "I'd get dressed if I were you, cause Mama's gonna drag you out to the stables to see your horse the minute you finish eatin'."

And with that, she and the children were gone, and the door was once again shut.

Staring at it for a minute, he just sat there. Then, he shook his head in amusement, standing up.

Max, huh?



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