Chapter 5... Sorry if its a bit short, this one kind of stumped me content wise.

Title: The New Halfa

Genre: Adventure

Author: writergirl142

Central Characters: Daniel "Danny" Fenton/Phantom, Kim Sander/Specter, Mitchal "Mitchi" Sander/Specter, Danielle "Dani" Phantom, Cody Calloway

Main Antagonist: Vlad Masters/Plasmius

Pairings: Danny Fenton/Sam Manson, Tucker Foley/Jazz Fenton, Mitchi Sander/Cody Calloway

Summery: *Sam & Danny are together, but Phantom Planet hasn't happened yet* As Danny is walking home, he meets a girl named Mitchal "Mitchi" Sander, whose eyes are covered by black sunglasses every time he sees her. He discovers that she is new to Amity & offers to help her out. Later, Phantom encounters a halfa by the name of Mitchi Specter. Could Mitchi Sander & Mitchi Specter be one & the same?

Chapter 5: Battle

Danny, Sam, Tucker and even Vlad stared at Mitchi in pure shock.

"The little blind girl," Vlad started. "Is half-ghost." Suddenly, Vlad was knocked back against the wall, a move brought on by a now furious Mitchi.

"Why is that so surprising?" she snapped. Danny and his friends looked at each other and Tucker hissed.
"Remind me never to get her angry." he said as Vlad stood up.

"I must admit, you surprised me, Mitchal." Vlad said, dusting himself off. "But I assure you, that, just like Daniel, you're way out of your league."

Mitchi seemed to ponder his words then laughed. "Have you ever faced someone like me?" she asked. Vlad grinned, his fangs poking from his lips.

"Of course, dear girl." he answered. "I wouldn't be much of a villain otherwise."

Mitchi rolled her eyes, or, did she? Nobody could tell what was going on behind the sunglasses. Danny sighed and stood, immediately transforming into Phantom. "Just stuff it, Plasmius." he said. "Mitchi and I can kick your butt any day, Mitchi being blind or not." Mitchi grinned at Danny.

Vlad grinned wider, his grin actually morphing into a sneering smile. "You're on Daniel." he said and shot a pink ghost ray at the two. Both were hit, flying back into the wall.

Mitchi growled at Plasmius as Danny attacked, managing to hit Vlad with his own ghost ray. He then punched Vlad right towards Mitchi who kicked him as hard as she could in the face. He clutched his nose, where it had begun bleeding ectoplasm. He looked up at Mitchi. "Surprising girl." he said, stand up, one hand still on his nose. "I actually didn't expect you to be as tough as Daniel, though even that is still weak."

Mitchi growled again and charged at Vlad, repeatedly punching and kicking him. "Quit thinking me weak just because I'm blind!" she yelled. Vlad grabbed her fist as it went towards him and jumped up into the air, holding Mitchi by her fist.

"But you are." He said and kicked her straight out the window and firing several ecto blasts after her. Danny, Sam and Tucker looked out the window in shock and then turned to Vlad, angry expressions plastered on their faces.

"Plasmius!" Danny exclaimed and charged up to Vlad, intending to pound him until there was nothing left.

"Sorry, Daniel." Plasmius said, sneering. He brought his cape around himself and, as he disappeared, yelled. "Perhaps another time!" And with that he was gone. Danny landed on the ground and, seething with anger, transformed back into Fenton.

"I really hate him." he said. Then he blinked and gasped. "Mitchi!" he exclaimed. The trio ran outside and found Mitchi lying in a collapsed car, back in human form and battered with multiple injuries. Her eyes were closed, but thankfully she appeared to be breathing. Her sunglasses had flown off her face and were a good many feet away from her. Tucker walked over and picked up her sunglasses bringing them over to Danny and Sam. Danny then picked Mitchi up. "We'd better get her home." he said and transformed once again. He took off into the air, Sam and Tucker following him from below.

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